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College Sex Chronicles: Taxicab Ride

2021-11-25 02:51:11

Back in college, I used to frequently party downtown at various friends' places, sleazy clubs, and bars -- my fake ID went a long way back in those days! Since I was usually pretty fucked up on some kind of drug or alcohol, I rode around in taxis from one hotspot to another fairly often and eventually became familiar with several of our city's taxi drivers. My parents were providing me with enough money so the fare was no issue -- I was just looking to have as much fun as possible!

The ride of my life came one dark and stormy Spring night. Rain was coming down steady when the bars started closing for the night, and one of the girls from the bar and I went outside to catch a taxi back to our dorm. Everyone else we'd been hanging out with had left already, leaving me and Kimmy to stumble forth and fend for ourselves in the dark, wet, city streets. We didn't mind, though-- we were buzzed enough that the rain didn't bother us too much.

It was pouring pretty hard, and as Kimmy and I stood around on the street I couldn't help but admire her tight body as her rain-soaked dress clung close to her curves. She was wearing a sleeveless light blue dress that went mid-thigh, and I could clearly see her hard nipples through the thin dress fabric -- she didn't appear to have a bra or panties on. Rain dripped down her face, giving her eye makeup a sexy, dark, smudged look as her blond hair quickly became matted against her head.

Her body was fit from playing on our school's volleyball team; I could see her clearly defined abdominal muscles under the wet dress. My cock twitched as I admired her sexy figure amidst the raindrops. We had hung out a few times previously, but this time she was flirting with me like she'd never flirted with me before. All night at the bar she was teasing me -- her hand occasionally rubbing my thigh as we sat at the bar, grinding against me on the dance floor, pulling me close to talk low in my ear amidst the noisy bar.

I was ready to take her back to my room and try to fuck her. She stood close to me in the rain as we tried to hail a cab. I boldly took my arm and put it around her -- to my delight she moved closer to me, pressing against me. My arm wrapped around her shapely hips, my fingers feeling her hard body, making my cock twinge once more.

We stumbled around a few more minutes before we finally flagged down a taxi. Stepping inside, I recognized the driver as one of my favorites -- a cool guy, he often told me stories of the crazy people he's given rides to. Little did I know, I would soon give him a story of my own!

"Hey man," he said to me, recognizing me from previous rides.

"Hey," I greeted him, sliding into the cab.

"Have a fun night? I see you have a pretty little lady with you this time!" said the driver.

"Yeah, sucks we're all wet though!" I said. Kimmy slid in next to me, right up against me, alcohol on her breath. She pulled her wet blond hair back into a tight ponytail as she settled on the seat.

"Hi there!" Kimmy said sweetly to the taxi drive. He nodded and smiled, his eyes roving all over her body as he turned to look at us, paying particular attention to her rock hard nipples before turning his attention back to the road. The radio was playing softly, hard to hear over the steady pattering of raindrops on the car.

The taxi lurched into motion and Kimmy slid closer to me as we slipped around on the wet vinyl backseat. Her hand was instantly on my thigh, getting my cock's attention. She rubbed the inside of my leg, her hand inches from my crotch, and smiled at me.

I turned to face her and she kissed me. The driver made no comment as we began passionately tonguing in the backseat of his cab as the vehicle moved slowly onward. Kimmy's hand rubbed closer to my crotch, making me gasp. I wrapped my arm around her, cupping her breast in my hand as she sucked on my neck. Her fingers were nearly reaching my cock, which was now stiff in my shorts.

As she brushed the bulge in my crotch with her hand, I slipped my own hand under her short, damp dress. She moaned against my neck as my fingers touched her wet slit. Just as I suspected, no bra or panties! She was shaved totally bald. I slipped a fingertip inside her juicy slit and rubbed it around, massaging her cuntlips, feeling her cunt juices really start flowing.

I saw the driver's eyes on us occasionally looking at us in the rear-view mirror, but he said nothing. Kimmy and I kissed passionately as my fingers slid further in her hot hole. Her hand was now on top of my crotch, rubbing my stiff meat through my shorts.

She began moaning louder as I finger fucked her harder. I looked at the rear-view mirror and saw the driver's eyes on Kimmy writhing around on the backseat. Still, he said nothing to us. My fingers strummed her clit, making her moan a little louder.

Her dress had slid up, nearly exposing her bare pussy. She had her legs spread for me, and I saw the driver glance in the mirror at her taut bare thighs. We were stopped at a traffic light when Kimmy suddenly asked if she could take her clothes off.

"Hey driver, can I get naked in your taxi? We're so wet from the rain!" said Kimmy. I could see him raise his eyebrows in his mirror reflection, his reflection reddened by the traffic light.

She began taking her dress off, and the driver did not protest. I watched as the little blue dress was pulled over her head and wadded up into her purse. Her small hard nipples stood perched upon her perfect breasts, begging to be sucked. A diamond belly button piercing sparkled in the dim light. She was now completely naked except for her little gold sandals. My prick stiffened further when she suddenly sat her naked ass on my lap.

I noticed the driver was taking us the long way back to the dorm. He was also stealing glances at us whenever he could in the rear-view mirror. Kimmy faced away from me as she sat on my lap, her ass grinding hard against my bulging cock. She bounced playfully on top of me, making my prick strain in my shorts. Her tits were perfect -- firm, a little more than a handful, maybe a B or C cup, with rock hard nipples standing at attention.

She wriggled her naked cunt against my hard prick as I pulled and twisted her nipples, making her moan and squirm even more. I kept one hand grasping a tit and moved the other hand back down between her legs, my fingers slipping inside her moist slit. She ground her pussy against my crotch even harder, making me moan out loud, and threw her legs open wide so I could have easy access to her cunt. One of her feet pressed against the back window. I kissed her neck hard, gently biting her shoulder while I fingered her pussy and squeezed her breast.

Kimmy slid off of me and I pushed her onto her back against the seat and stuck my head between her legs. Her foot was again up against the window. I licked my lips at the sight of her gorgeous shaved cunt, the lips slick with her juices and glistening in the dim glow of traffic lights and street lights as we rode along. She was so aroused that her engorged cunt meat was protruding from her labia, the meat looking so succulent, I had to have a taste.

"Damn, Kimmy, you have a beautiful pussy," I said, admiring her shimmering gash. She smiled and opened her legs wider for me.

My tongue flicked her clit, making her sigh. I lapped at her cunt, tasting her salty juices, and she moaned loudly. She writhed around as I nibbled and sucked on her labia minora, teasing the cunt meat as it protruded from her labia majora. Her cuntlips parted for me like flower petals, letting my tongue dive into her tasty teen hole. We were paying no attention to the taxi driver, but I could tell he was going very slow and taking out of the way streets to get us back to the dorm.

She squirmed below me as I ate her cunt, her breasts heaving as she moaned and sighed. I was licking and sucking on her clit while I fingered her cunt. My fingers delved in and out of her hole while my tongue flicked her clit hard. While still eating her clitty, I pulled my fingers out of her cunt and stuck them into her ass, making her squeal.

I sucked on her clit hard as I buried my fingers in her puckered asshole up to the knuckles. Then I lapped up her entire slit from ass to clitoris, my fingers going deeper into her anal cavity. I was noisily eating her out in the backseat, the sounds of her pussy being sucked and her ass finger fucked filling the entire cab.

"That is so fucking hot," said the cabbie, finally speaking up.

"Oh yeah?" I said in between slurps. "You wouldn't mind if I fucked her then?"

"Nah, I'll even keep driving around for you! I won't even charge you. But on one condition -- I want that little blond slut of yours to suck me off before I drop you off at the dorm!" said the driver. I looked up at Kimmy as I pulled my fingers from her ass.

"Sure!" she said without hesitation.

I exchanged heated glances with Kimmy as I took my shirt off and then unzipped my shorts and pulled them off, watching as she squeezed and cupped her firm breasts with her legs spread wide in the backseat of the taxi. She was a hot, slutty sight, for sure! My cock sprang mercifully free, hard and straight as an arrow. We continued riding along in the night, shadows and strange street lights shifting constantly over our nude bodies.

Kimmy and I kissed passionately as she stroked my exposed cock meat, 8" of muscle. She rubbed my balls gently while she pumped my shaft, making me groan. Her hands grasped my asscheeks hard as she got on her knees and started sucking my cock. I watched streets go by, realizing we weren't anywhere near the campus. We'd have plenty of time to fuck around and enjoy it!

I held onto the seats as Kimmy jerked my cock off hard into her mouth, her tongue caressing the underside of my cock. She kissed all up and down my shaft and twirled her tongue around my cockhead when she reached the tip. Meanwhile her other hand cupped my sack. I reached behind her and started finger fucking her juicy hole -- her cunt was so wet that I took my finger away and made her lick it clean in between sucks of my cock. My prick was hard as steel and aching to be up in her pussy.

My pace in her mouth quickened until I was face fucking her, making her gag on my solid prick meat. After a few minutes of roughly fucking her throat, I pushed her onto her back and spread her legs wide. The driver was staring at her exposed gash in the mirror as we were illuminated with passing street lamps, my cock poised to penetrate her hole. She looked up at me with a sexy smile, rubbing her clit with her fingers.

I slapped my prick against her bald cleft and then rubbed my cock all along her wet slit. She arched her back, raising her pussy mound to meet my cock while squeezing her tits. I took my steel hard prick in my hand and pressed it against her hot cuntlips, her slit feeling so soft and wet around my hard purple cockhead. My prick was so engorged, veins pulsing throughout it, yearning to deposit seed up in this cunt.

Kimmy moaned as she felt my cockhead parting the lips of her pussy. She wiggled her hips, making more of my cock slip inside her. I shuddered as I felt her hot hole start swallowing my shaft, feeling my prick sinking further into her velvety depths. Below me she was pulling on her nipples and moaning while taking more of my 8" cock inside her. As I reached deeper into her, I rubbed her clit hard with my thumb which made her grind against me harder, forcing my dick further into her.

"Oh, yes, yes, fuck, oh, oh, that's good, yeah, ughhh, uh, uh, ohhhh, aaahhh..." Kimmy was babbling as I began thrusting into her harder, holding her hips hard with both hands now. Her tits bounced wildly with my thrusts.

We were stopped at a traffic light, and the driver turned around in his seat to get a better look at me and Kimmy fucking. I held her legs open wide and picked up my pace, my balls starting to noisily slap against her. There were a few other cars out on the road on the rainy night; I wondered if they could see into the cab?

I watched my steel rod sliding in and out of her juicy depths in the dim street lights. Kimmy was meeting my thrusts hard with her hips, her ass slapping against my thighs while my cock pounded deep into her hole. She felt tight, her pussy muscles the strongest I'd ever felt. Her cunt walls squeezed against my dick as if trying to seal it up inside her dark velvety hole. I slammed into her repeatedly, giving her everything I had, pounding her pussy hard.

She moaned as I abruptly pulled my cock out of her juicy snatch and sat down on the seat, pulling her on top of me. I then impaled her pussy on my cock while she sat facing away from me, gazing absentmindedly out the window, watching cars pass by while moaning. All I could really see through the foggy cab window were streaks of light: tail-lights and brake lights and red lights and green lights.

Kimmy athletically bounced on top of me, my prick sinking into her again and again while her ass slapped against my thighs. She rubbed her clit hard while I fucked her pussy, her strong pussy muscles soon spasming around my cock as she shouted that she was cumming.

I had to try very hard not to spill my load up inside her while she was riding and cumming on my prick. Breathlessly, I managed to hold off on shooting my sperm as she rapidly lifted herself up and down on my meat, her cunt sucking my cock deep inside it. She was moaning loudly as she came down from her climax, the windows in the back of the cab now completely fogged up.

When she was finished cumming, I lifted her off of me and helped her to her knees on the backseat, keeping my cock inside her cunt. Once she was in position on her knees, I slammed my cock into her hard to fuck her doggystyle. She cried out loud, her tits slapping against her chest with my powerful thrusts. My nuts pressed hard against her wet slit as I filled her with my cock. I reached below her and fingered her clit, making her moan even louder. A few more minutes of fingering and fucking her and she was screaming that she was cumming again. Her pussy again spasmed hard around my meat, making me struggle not to sperm up in her right there and then.

I didn't give her any time to cool down, maintaining my rapid pace fucking her pussy from behind. The sounds of my cock in her squelching cunt filled the cab. Periodically I'd slap her ass and rub her asshole with a couple of my fingers. I then slid my fingers further into her ass while pounding her cunt steadily, making her writhe below me and groan. She didn't seem to protest, so I proceeded to push my fingers deeper into her rectum. Feeling bold, I removed my prick from her cunthole and pressed the tip of it to her small puckered asshole, spitting down her asscrack to lube her up.

She wiggled her ass against my cock as she felt my prick seeking her shithole. I reached below and flicked her clit now with my fingers while my cock entered her ass. She was tight as fuck! My balls jiggled as I struggled to shove more inches of my fat cock into her butt. I had to hold her asscheeks apart, prying her open, forcing my meat into her asshole. Below me she was grunting like an animal, face now pressed against the seat with her ass raised in the air to meet my cock.

Half of my 8" prick was in her asshole. She was almost painfully tight around my cock, and I was trying to go slow so as not to hurt either of us. Her ass clenched my dick in it like a vise, swallowing me up. I got another inch of my shaft in her chute, my balls swinging, both of us grunting.

"Yeah, come on, fuck my ass, fuck my ass, let's go, yeah, ohhhh, ughhhh..." Kimmy moaned into the seat. I was nearly all the way in, her ass relaxing more around my cock, allowing me to start thrusting in and out of her bowels. Soon my balls were slapping against her asscheeks while my cock slammed as far into her chute as I could shove it. I fingered her clit hard, making her writhe and grind against my crotch while my dick was lodged firmly into her ass. Her tits were jiggling with my powerful thrusts.

I then pulled my cock from her asshole with a loud, crude popping sound and shoved it into her pussy. She cried out beneath me as my cock plunged into her womb after freshly fucking her shitter. My thrusts into her cunt were just as hard and powerful as my thrusts into her asshole moments earlier. Our moans and the slapping sound of skin on skin filled the taxi. The driver was turned around staring at us again -- I realized now we were pulled over on the side of a street so he could more closely watch me fuck Kimmy's holes in the back of his cab.

Kimmy moaned and cursed as I wildly pumped my meat into her pussy, fingering her clit again. I spit in her asscrack and then started alternating my thrusts between her cunt and asshole, making her scream loudly. Then I fucked her ass hard for a few moments, balls slapping against her asscheeks. The driver was breathing hard, and I realized he had his dick out and was jerking it while we were parked, street lamps illuminating us. I had a difficult choice ahead of me -- which of her holes should I finally unload my sperm inside of?

I abruptly pulled my prick out of Kimmy's ass, her once tight shithole now gaping a little as I removed myself from her guts. Sitting down on the seat, I had her sit on my lap, straddling me, my cock again settling into her cunt. We kissed passionately as I fucked her pussy hard. I watched as the driver, who'd been turned around looking at us, reached his fingers out and started inserting them into Kimmy's asshole while I fucked her cunt.

She moaned as she realized the driver was stuffing his fingers inside her gaping chute. I continued fucking her with a hard and fast pace, feeling her pussy getting tighter as more of the driver's fingers slipped into her ass. Her tits bounced around at my face so I grabbed them, squeezed them, and started sucking and biting them while I fucked her cunt hard.

I held her close to me and saw that the driver nearly had his whole hand in her ass. Kimmy was wailing as she rode my dick, her body pressed hard against mine, her ass becoming full of fist. She was sweating, her holes getting stuffed. Her fist filled ass made her pussy so tight around my prick, it was intense -- I knew I was going to unleash a huge load imminently. I heard her grunting as I watched the driver pumping his arm, her asshole swallowing him up to the wrist!

I knew I had to cum soon in Kimmy's tight cunt. Her cries intensified, and it seemed she was about to orgasm, too. The driver kept his hand in her asshole, sealing her holes up. Kimmy bit my neck hard and let out a long moan, then cried that she was about to cum. I shouted that I was about to cum, too, and as her pussy spasmed hard around my cock my seed erupted deep up into her womb. She moaned as my cock throbbed within her hole.

Jets of sperm erupted from my cock, my shaft pulsing inside of her tight walls as she collapsed weakly against me after her intense orgasm. Cum leaked from Kimmy's pussy onto my nuts and thighs. The driver pulled his fist from her ass with a lewd sucking sound, and after my cock stopped throbbing I lifted Kimmy off of me.

She was breathing hard, looking spent, but knew she still had an obligation to the taxi driver. His prick was out, pre-cum glistening on the tip of it as she eyed it. Kimmy stuck her head between the front seats while kneeling on the backseats, her ass nearly in my face. The driver raised his meat to meet her lips as she scooted up further between the seats to suck him.

He began fucking her face as she held his balls and jacked his shaft, groaning. I buried my face in her cunt from behind and tasted her pussy juice mixed with my cum, making her moan around the cabbie's cock as I lapped her up. Her lips were so engorged from her arousal, so succulent, I nibbled and sucked them up. The smell of her hot cunt filled my nose as I licked her cunt meat clean.

A few minutes later, the driver grunted and I could tell he was sperming in Kimmy's mouth. I heard her gag and sputter around his cock while slurping it down her throat, swallowing his cum. The driver was breathless and smiling as she pulled his cock from her mouth.

Kimmy settled into the backseat again and we started to get dressed as the driver took us back to the dorm. We were quiet, all coming down from intense orgasms. I looked at the clock -- we'd been fucking around in the cab for hours, it was nearly 4:30am!

When we finally arrived at the dorm, the cabbie gave us his number and told us to call him personally whenever we needed a ride again. We thanked him for the offer and the free ride -- as it had certainly been the best taxicab ride of our lives!