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Teenage Hormones Pt. 5

2021-11-27 02:00:03

Jim Mitchell travels his medical sales territory in weekly cycles. Every fifth week he would work in Nashville. Being on the road so much was tough on his family. He had been an absentee husband and father for most of his adult life. Now that the children are grown and in college, his wife, Lucy, can travel with him, which made life much easier. Except when it came time to work the Nashville portion of his sales territory.

Nashville presented its unique problem if he let Lucy accompanied him on that business trip. In Nashville, Jim had met Maggie Wilson, a nurse practitioner at the Vanderbilt University Hospital. Jim had known Maggie intimately for about five years. She was for all practical purposes his wife away from home. In Nashville, he stayed in Maggie’s condo, and she assumed all the sexual duties a wife would ordinarily fill. So, you can understand the dilemma Jim would have in if Lucy ever met Maggie.

A few months after Logan and Becky left for college, the next trip to Nashville came due. Jim was able to convince Lucy to spend that week visiting Becky at her college. That would allow him to come up with a permanent plan to keep his wife and mistress apart.

Lucy was excited about her visit with Becky and Logan, so she chose to leave the following Saturday afternoon. She told Jim she wanted to get there early enough to meet Becky and Logan for dinner. What Lucy didn't tell Jim was that Keith Barrett lived near Becky's college and she had secretly planned to meet him without Jim’s presences. She planned to spend Saturday night in Keith’s bed before meeting with her children on Sunday morning. Keith had awakened the slut in Lucy when she and Jim had a threesome with Keith in Birmingham. She found herself now looking at other men and fantasizing about having sex with them. Her sexual appetite had grown to the point of fantasizing about being with women also.

Jim didn’t know Lucy was fully aware of who Maggie Wilson was, and the part she played in Jim’s life. His affair with Maggie had bothered Lucy at first, but she learned to live with it because Jim was a good provider, a good husband, and a good father. Lucy didn't care if he got a little on the side as long as he returned home to her. Since her threesome with Keith and Jim, she seriously considered asking Jim if she and Maggie could have a threesome with him.

Lucy stopped at a full-service filling station before leaving town to meet with Becky. While the station attendant serviced her vehicle, she found a private place to make a phone call. She had Keith Barrett’s business card in her purse and gave him a call.

Keith didn't recognize the number, so he answered on the third ring using his most professional voice.

“Keith Barrett here.”

“Keith, this is Lucy Mitchell, Jim Mitchell’s wife. Do you remember me?”

Keith laughed, “Yes, of course, I do remember you, Lucy. That week with you and Jim in Birmingham will forever be etched in my mind, and you don’t have to sound so formal. Are you and Jim back in Birmingham?”

“No. Jim will be in Nashville this next week, and I’m on my way down to spend the week with my daughter and son.”

“Ooooooh…. does that mean what I think it does?”

“I don’t know. What you think it means,” Lucy teasingly asked?

“I’m imaging unbridled sex between you and me all week,” Keith crowed?

"That is a distinct possibility if you play your cards right," She giggled.

Keith was silent for a minute then asked, "Is this the first time you’ve visited Becky at school; You know just the two of you?

“Yes, it is. Why?”

“I’d like to meet your daughter. Is there any chance the three of us can get together while you are visiting?”

"Why the sudden interest in my daughter," Lucy asked?

"I was just wondering how close the two of you are?"

"We are very close," Lucy answered with a suspicious tone in her voice, "but I have not visited her at school yet because she has been away at school for only a few months. It's her Freshman Year, and I wanted to give her time to adjust to college life."

"Do you plan to spend more time with Becky than with your son," he queried?

"I supposed I'll spend most of my time with Becky because I’m supposed to stay in her dorm room. Why do you ask?"

"Oh, ...nothing. I’ve had this amazing fantasy ever since you told me you were fucking your son."

Lucy suspiciously asked, "And that amazing fantasy is what?"

"Oh...It's just a recurring fantasy of mine." He paused a moment and then said, "I’ve always had this fantasy about participating in a mother-daughter threesome. Since you told me about you and your son having sex together, I let my mind run away with visions of you, your daughter and me."

Lucy's face turned a crimson red, and the rage she felt inside startled her. She looked around to see if anyone was close enough to hear her phone conversation. She had to restrain herself from going off on Keith over the phone. Keith could sense her wrath even over the phone.

"If you think I'm gonna let you fuck my daughter, you can just get that thought out of your mind," Lucy scolded!

"Just calm down and hear me out," he urged. "There is nothing wrong with listening to what I have to say."

Lucy struggled with Keith's innuendo. A thousand thoughts raced through her mind, but none of them ever made it to verbalization. The silence coming from Lucy's end of the conversation was interpreted by Keith to mean she was open to listening to his suggestions. He continued with his explanation.

"Just keep an open mind for a minute and let your imagination wander into sexual fantasies that you may or may not have dared to contemplate."

Lucy mumbled to herself, “Okay, I’m listening.”

"When we were in Birmingham you told me that you and Becky are close as a mother and daughter. Now keep an open mind and tell me if you have ever had any fantasies about your daughter or wondered what Becky tastes like?”

Lucy was shocked and appalled at his question. She looked around again to see if anyone was close enough to hear her phone conversation. “I know what Becky tastes like," Lucy fired back. "I have tasted her many times on Logan's cock. Sometimes almost immediately after they've had sex together."

"Wow… what did you think about her taste?"

"What do you mean; what did I think?"

"I mean, did you like her taste? Did her taste excite you? Just what went through your mind when you first realized you were tasting your daughter's sweet nectar on Logan’s cock?"

Lucy didn't respond immediately. She thought back to that first time she had slipped into Logan's room after hearing him and his sister engaged in what could only be described as a passion-filled carnal session. Lucy remembered laying in Logan's bed, fingering herself while waiting for him to return from his sister's bed. As soon as Logan slid into his bed with his mother, she took his wet sticky cock as far down her throat as possible. She tried to recall her first thoughts when she realized she was tasting Becky on him.

"I don't know," Lucy paused and then continued, "I suppose it excited me. I remember my pussy twitching like crazy when I first realized what I was tasting."

"Have you ever thought about tasting that sweet nectar direct from its source," he quickly asked?

“How do you know I haven’t” Lucy teasingly asked?”

"Have you, uh… you know,… have you licked her pussy," Keith excitedly asked?

"No," she barked!

“Are you saying you haven’t tasted her nectar from the source or if you haven’t thought about going to the source?”

After a minute of deliberate thought, Lucy said, "Uhhhhh...I mean,... I… uh, well...maybe for a brief moment I may have entertained thoughts of maybe sampling her juices from its source, but neither of us is a lesbian. So, I quickly dismissed it."

"And you have never given it another thought?"

"Well...I have to admit that I sometimes think about her taste. Sometimes I even get an earnest desire to taste her again; especially when I'm having sex with Logan or Jim, and I think about her coating their cocks with her juices."

"And the thought never occurred to you about having a threesome with Becky and Logan or maybe with Becky and Jim?"

"No!... I have never entertained any thoughts about a threesome with either of them, period. It's just something I have never done or ever even thought about."

“You didn’t seem to mind having a threesome with me and Jim in Birmingham.”

“That was different.”

"Well, think about a threesome with me, you and Becky," Keith said. "Just think of how thrilling it would be for Jim if you could tell him about a threesome between you...me...and his daughter, Becky. I bet that would cause his balls to explode literally. It would be something the two you could talk about during sex and enjoy for decades."

Lucy thought about it for a moment, and her heart starting beating faster, and she could feel the moisture in her panties. She whispered in the phone, "Let me work on it this week. I'm fairly sure I can convince Becky, but we can't let Jim know about it until we've done it. If we do manage to have a threesome with Becky, I’ll spring it on him the next time we’re having sex. That’s always been the best time to reveal stuff like that to him."

Keith decided to quit while he was ahead. Lucy was at least seriously thinking about a threesome with him and her daughter. “My cock has been hard ever since I last saw you in Birmingham,” Keith admitted.

“And my pussy hasn’t been dry either,” she whispered in the phone.

“When will I see you,” Keith asked?

“In about three hours,” she answered. “I hope to get to your condo in time to have dinner with you. And…and, … if it's alright with you, I… I… would like to spend the night at your condo before meeting up with Becky on Sunday.”

“If it’s alright with me,” Keith bellowed? … “Are you fucking kidding me? You know damn well it's alright with me. I insist you stay with me. I look forward to it. I'll count the minutes until you get here, my damn cock will be counting the minutes,” Keith realized he was rambling like a teenager, “I’ll shut up now and let you be on your way. My address is on the business card I gave you.”

“I know,” She acknowledged. “I've done a MapQuest and have the directions to your place on the front seat of my car. I'll see you in a couple of hours. We can go out for dinner and talk some more about our threesome with Becky.”


Lucy and Keith dined at the Historic ‘Red's Little School House', a family restaurant that is housed in a renovated old schoolhouse that was originally built in 1910. The restaurant specialized in Southern home-cooked meals featuring fried chicken, or pulled pork along with an assortment of freshly grown garden vegetables.

They were seated in the front dining room at a window table. The window was a floor to ceiling picture window overlooking the front parking lot. Lucy chose to sit beside Keith rather than across the table from him. She ***********ed the outer chair which put her in a position to block the other diner’s view of Keith. Lucy's reason for taking that chair was because she was dying to fondle his hard cock without being seen by other patrons. Several times while they waited to be served, she would slide her hand under the table and squeeze his cock. After the waitress served their meal, she convinced Keith to free his cock from his pants so she could feel the hot throbbing desert she intended to enjoy later.

Lucy wanted a glass of wine with her dinner, but the restaurant only served beer. They were on their third beer and almost through with their meal when Lucy received a shocking surprise.

“Mom? … I thought you were coming down tomorrow,” Becky huffed. Her voice was full of surprise, anger, and suspicion.

Lucy sprang to her feet, spilling her beer as she stood and faced her puzzled young daughter. The first thing Becky took note of was her mother’s red guilt-ridden face. The next thing was the mysterious young man seated next to her mother. Becky’s questioning eyes danced between her mother and the unfamiliar man. Lucy babbled incoherently about arriving earlier than expected and her plan to phone her after dinner.

Becky was at the restaurant with friends from school to have dinner. She never in a million years expected to run across her mother there. Her friends quietly moved on to give Becky the privacy she needed with her mother. They had witnessed the same thing Becky had seen from the parking lot and didn’t want to add further embarrassment to Becky.

"Honey, this is Keith Barrett," Lucy began to explain. "He is a friend of your Dad. They both work in medical sales. I ran into Keith at the filling station, and he invited me to have dinner and…"

“Just stop it, Mom! Just stop it!” Becky was trembling with anger and very near to tears. "You are sitting in front of a floor to ceiling picture window facing the parking lot, and I could see you were playing this… this man’s dick under the table. Everyone in the whole damn parking lot could see you had your hands full of this,… this,… this man's you know what!”

“Uh…oh! Busted,” Keith snickered!

“Shut up, Keith!” The fire in Lucy’s eyes conveyed to Keith she meant business. “I can explain, Honey. Just sit down and listen to me.”

Becky was so angry she was shaking. Becky jerked away from her mother when Lucy placed a hand on her arm and tried to calm her. Becky's face was fire engine red, and her eyes were beginning to tear up.

“Please, Honey, just sit down and hear me out,” Lucy pleaded.

Becky hesitantly sat down in a chair across the table from them but continued to glare at her Mom and Keith Barrett angrily. Her eyes danced between the two of them. Becky’s jaws were tight with anger, and it was apparent she had more to say.

“Becky, Honey, I am so sorry if I embarrassed you in front of your friends. I had no way of knowing you would show up at this particular restaurant.”

“Duh… It’s only the most popular restaurant in the area, Mom,” Becky sneered. “Logan and I eat here often on weekends. It is halfway between his school and mine. This restaurant is where all the kids at my college eat.”

“I didn’t know that, Honey. Again, I’m sorry.”

“This restaurant is where you and I are supposed to meet Logan tomorrow night for dinner.” Becky sobbed. “And while I am thinking about it, Logan won’t be able to make it to dinner; he has other plans. He will meet with us later in the week."

Lucy took a deep breath and said, "Becky, I have somethings I need to discuss with you, and some of it may shock you. I guess the only way to tell you is to be direct and to the point."

“You and Daddy are not getting a divorce or you,” Becky cried?

“No, nothing like that. Your Dad and I are fine.”

“Okay… I’m listening,” Becky snarled! She wondered what could shock her more than finding her married mother dining alone with another man miles from home.

“Keith IS a friend of your father,” Lucy explains. “And I suppose I should refer to him as my friend also. We met Keith a couple of months ago at the hotel in Birmingham, and the three of us became good friends."

“From what I saw through the window he appears to be more your friend than Daddy’s friend,” Becky smirked.

"Okay… I deserved that, and again, I am sorry if I embarrassed you. Keith and I did become quite good friends, but only after your Dad insisted. And yes, to your next question. Keith and I had sex with each other at the hotel in Birmingham. Your Dad knows about it. It was his idea, and he watched as we did it."

Becky gasped and snarled, “I don’t believe you, Mom! Why would Daddy do that? Keith is not much older than Logan.” Becky looked Keith in the eyes and scowled, “How old are you anyway, Keith?"

Keith didn't answer. He knew it was Lucy's show, and it was best to let her answer all of Becky's questions.

“I think your Dad probably encouraged us to have sex for the same reason he wanted me to have sex with your Brother,” Lucy sighed. “He was afraid I would find out about his mistress in Nashville and wanted to be able to justify it by pointing out that I was having sex with my own son.”

“Daddy has a mistress in Nashville?” Becky tried to sound surprised about her Dad’s mistress but was not very convincing.

“Yes.,” Lucy replied and stole a quick glance at Keith.

“Is Daddy aware that you know about his mistress?”

“No… And I don’t plan to tell him.”

Becky’s eyes lit up at her mother’s shocking admission even though she already knew about her Daddy’s mistress; Logan had told her. "Who would have thought,” Becky laughed? “I had no idea you and Daddy were so kinky in the bedroom. Good for you, Mom!"

Lucy was surprised that Becky didn't lose it altogether. Her temperament change from angry to jubilant. Becky was taking the news much too calmly, and that worried her mother.

"First of all, we're not kinky," Lucy insisted. "Secondly, at our age, it's nice to try something new. We needed something to put the spark back in our bedroom. That's what this thing with Keith was all about. It was something new to try. You'll understand someday, Honey.”

Keith looked as though his pride was hurt. He thought he had seduced Lucy with his charm, but now Keith realized Lucy and Jim had used him for their amusement. They had manipulated and seduced him. He started to say something but chose not to. He liked fucking Lucy and wasn’t about to jeopardize their arrangement by showing his feelings were crushed.

"Someday? … Fuck… I already understand, Mom,” Becky declared!

The tone of Becky’s voice showed she was over her initial shock and was now hoping to hear more about Keith and her mother.

“Did you and Dad have a… a… a threesome with,… with…"? She realized she was stumbling over her words and just nodded her head toward Keith."

The excitement in her daughter’s voice surprised Lucy. She had no idea that Becky even knew about threesomes. She was beginning to have second thoughts about the concept of bringing Becky into a threesome with her and Keith.

"I've wanted to try a threesome for some time now," Becky admitted. "You know, with a guy and another woman."

Becky could feel Keith staring at her; studying her features. At first, it annoyed her, but then the annoyance soon turned to excitement. She had observed Keith's large cock through the window and was now visualizing herself bouncing up and down on it while her mother either sucked her tits or kissed her passionately. Her panties became so wet she was afraid her Mom and Keith could smell her arousal.

Once again, hearing her daughter talk so brazenly about sex was disturbing to Lucy on many levels, but she found herself slowly getting used to it. After all, Becky had always been an adventurous girl. Lucy’s panties were moist even before Becky caught her with Keith’s cock in her hand, but now they were flooding with excitement.

Lucy looked at Keith and then back at her daughter. “Are you really interested in having a threesome with another woman and a man?”

"Hell, yes! My roommate and I have fantasized about doing that with a guy for weeks,” she disclosed. “We’ve been looking for the right guy to bring to our dorm room as the lone male in our first threesome.”

“Your roommate?” Lucy tilted her head and studied her daughter’s facial expression. “You and your roommate are not…?”

“Mom… of course we are,” Becky interrupted. “That what college is all about. We came to college to learn about life. That's part of life; a part of life I have come to enjoy."

“Honey, I want to talk with you more about a threesome, but not here in a public restaurant. We can talk about it some more tomorrow when I come to your dorm.”

“Tomorrow? I thought you were going to stay in my dorm room during your visit.”

Lucy glanced at Keith and then back at her daughter. “I’m spending the night at Keith’s place. I hope you understand.”

“Oh… I understand alright,” Becky smiled. “My Mommy is going to ride a hard young, cock tonight and I don’t blame you." Becky looked at Keith and winked. “Keith is quite handsome, and I wouldn’t mind riding his big cock myself. It looked large and inviting when I saw it through the window from the parking lot.”

Keith and Lucy looked at each other, and both blushed. Becky gave them a thumbs up and then rushed away to join her friends before Lucy had a chance to respond. Keith looked out the window at the people getting out of their cars. There was no doubt in Keith’s mind that they could see what’s going on with Lucy and him. He quickly put his dick back in his pants and laughed a nervous laugh.


Lucy arrived at Becky's dorm room at ten o'clock on Sunday morning. She could hear moaning coming from her daughter's dorm room, followed by an occasional giggle. She was hesitant to intrude at first but decided to knock anyway. There was a short silence followed by whispers, and then a rushed scrambling in the room. Lucy was just about to leave and come back later when a red-faced Becky cracked the door and peered out into the corridor.

“Oh… it’s you, Mom,” Becky said as she moved aside and allowed her mother to enter. “Katie and I usually sleep until about noon on Sunday.”

Lucy stepped into the room and could see Katie, Becky’s roommate, in the small kitchenette fixing their morning coffee. “I’m so sorry I woke you two up. You should have told me last night not to come over until after lunch,” Lucy apologized.

“Don’t worry about it, Mom. We both have things we need to do rather than laze around in bed all morning,” Becky replied. "Oh… by the way, let me introduce my roommate, Katie. She’s back there in our kitchenette brewing our morning caffeine fix. Katie this, my Mom.”

Lucy nodded her head to Katie. Both girls appeared nervous and were blushing, which gave Lucy the distinct impression she had interrupted something private. Katie glanced over her shoulder with a sly red-faced grin and waved to Lucy. Katie is a 5’ 4” brunette in contrast to Becky, a 5’ 9” blonde. Both girls are slender but shapely with well-developed breasts. The first thing that caught Lucy’s attention was that only one bed appeared to have been slept in.

The next thing Lucy noticed was both girls were still in their sleeping attire, which consisted of cotton t-shirts and cotton panties. That wasn't unusual in its self but the fact that Katie had her nightwear on inside out and it appeared she had Becky's t-shirt on because it came down longer than it should. The nightshirt Becky was wearing barely covered her butt and belonged to a much shorter person. Lucy was now sure that Becky wasn't just trying to shock her the previous night when she alluded that she and her roommate had been experimenting with each other sexually. When Lucy observed Katie copping a quick feel of Becky's cute ass, she was confident they had been in bed together. After all, this was college, and most young women used the time to explore their newfound freedoms, Lucy thought to herself.

“Would you like a cup of coffee Mrs. Mitchell,” Katie called from the kitchenette.

"No, thank you. I've had my quota of caffeine for the morning. And please call me Lucy. I’m just one of the girls this week.” Lucy smiled.

Becky went to the kitchenette and poured herself a cup of coffee. “Mom, where is your luggage,” Becky inquired?

“Oh… I decided to stay at Keith’s condo this week. He’s working in this area all week and will be home every night,” she explained. “That way I won’t crowd you and Katie, and I will be close by so we can spend a lot of time together shopping and doing other girly stuff."

“You wouldn’t be crowding us, Mom, but I can understand you want to sleep in Keith's bed. From what I saw through the window last night, he is quite a hulk of a man," Becky giggled. “I could warm up to his charms real fast. And his big cock looked tempting also.”

Lucy blushed, when visions of her daughter bouncing up and down on Keith's cock, flooded her mind.


Becky and her Mom spent most of the afternoon browsing the shops at a nearby shopping mall. Keith had invited them to have dinner with him so Becky wanted an outfit that would get his attention. She tried on dozens of outfits before finding one that suited her needs. It was a colorful sundress with built-in support that would allow her to go braless and conspicuously display her breasts. Lucy felt a moment of jealousy and guilt when she saw Becky so excited about a threesome. She was tempted to call it off, but her secret desire to have sex with her daughter prevented that from happening. Lucy chose to wear Bermuda shorts and a white polo shirt that allowed her nipples to make little tents when they were hard. Neither Lucy nor Becky intended to wear undergarments.

Keith picked them up around six o'clock at Becky's dorm. They went to dinner at The Cheese Cake Factory. The restaurant was packed with college students. The three were seated in the dining room near the restrooms. Becky could feel Keith undressing her with his eyes. That made Becky feel like a woman; a sexually desirous woman. Lucy was aware of Keith's interest in Becky and was beginning to have mixed emotions about sharing her daughter with him.

There was plenty of talking going on in the crowded restaurant so that they could speak freely about last night's unexpected encounter at Red’s Little School House Restaurant. Or at least they could try, without feeling too awkward about what Becky and her friends saw through the window.

Becky broke the ice. "So, can we talk more about a threesome?”

There was a sudden silence between all of them. Lucy blushed, and her face froze. Becky smiled at the idea.

"What?" Lucy gasped and then glanced at Keith.

"You know what I'm saying . Have either of you ever had sex with multiple partners at the same time in the same bed," Becky repeated?"

Lucy looked to Keith, hoping he would answer, but when he didn't, she turned back to her daughter and said, "Like a threesome?"

"Exactly! Like a threesome," Becky replied.

"It sounds like it would be a lot of fun," Keith added.

"Just because it sounds fun doesn't mean it's appropriate," Lucy sighed.

"Don't be such a prude mom," Becky grinned. "I honestly think it sounds like so much fun. I know it's 'inappropriate' and all that, but no one is ever going to find out. So why not take advantage of it?"

Every time Lucy's better judgment and maternal instincts kicked in, and she tried to refuse the offer, both Keith and Becky became even more adamant. They rebutted everything Lucy said with a series of rapid counter-arguments:

"It will be an entirely new experience," Becky replied.

"Think of the pleasure," Keith added.

"Mom, I'm old enough. I'm my own woman," Becky remarked.

"No one will ever know, but the three of us," Keith said.

"Yeah mom, no one will ever know. It will be our secret," Becky repeated.

"Our secret," Lucy asked?

"Yeah, mom, our secret."

It had gotten to the point where Lucy was outnumbered and outmatched. They had brought up good points. Lucy was there to enjoy some girl time with her daughter and expected to have a memorable time. No one would ever know Lucy told herself. And if Lucy were honest with herself, it would be an amazing sexual experience to share with her daughter.

Lucy sighed in defeat, "I don't know how I let you talk me into these situations."

"Come on, mom, I can tell by the look on your face, you're feeling mixed emotions. Admit it; this conversation is making you wet."


"It's true; isn't it? Or should I reach below the table to find out for myself?"

Becky jokingly reached under the table, towards her mom's crotch, and her hand was swatted away with a hard slap.

"Fine, you're right," Lucy reluctantly admitted. "I am a little moist down there."

"Then I think it's time," Becky stated.

Lucy looked at Keith. Keith looked at Becky. And Becky looked at her mother. There was an undeniable sexual tension between all of them and Lucy knew that her relationship with Keith and her daughter was about to be taken to a whole new level. To a place where it should never be. But if the dampness between her legs was to be believed, it felt like something she had to experience.

The thought of experiencing her first lesbian experience with her own daughter made Lucy’s pussy twitch a little. A lesbian tryst was something Lucy had been dying to experience since she was in college when she was Becky's age. The chemistry was right, and Keith made the offer, which caused Becky and her mother to both blushed.

Keith grinned, "I've had several threesomes, but I don't think your mother had ever done anything like that before your Dad got us together in Birmingham."

Lucy turned abruptly to Keith and said, “I thought you said it was one of your greatest fantasies. You led me to believe it would also be your first time. That’s one of the reasons I agreed to let Becky try it with us.”

"I lied," Keith smugly gloated. "I've had many threesomes but not with a mother and daughter. I was afraid you wouldn't agree to drag your daughter into a threesome with us if you thought it was something I regularly did."

“And you’re probably right, you lying bastard,” she scolded. “I thought we were all going to experience our first threesome together.”

The thought of the three of them having sex together made Lucy's pussy clench, even if Keith had misrepresented the facts. She tried her best to hide her nervousness about it.

“Mom, does that mean we are not going to go through with it,” Becky asked with obvious disappointment in her voice.

Lucy thought for a minute, then replied, "Okay, why not do it. I can see how excited you are about your first threesome. Besides, I think I should be present for your first time to be sure everything goes off right.

Lucy couldn't help but smile inside, almost to the point of wanting to laugh out loud, because she knew she was anxious to taste her daughter’s pussy and was reasonably sure Becky was just excited about tasting hers. It even made her blush to think of what was going to happen next; mother and daughter were enjoying each other carnally.

The three of them headed back to Keith’s condo as soon as their dinner was finished. There was a sense of excitement in the air because they all knew sex would be involved, but none of them knew how far things were about to go. Lucy and Becky were venturing into new sexual territory together.

Upon arrival at Keith's condo, they went straight to the bedroom. There were no more discussions. No formalities. Lucy and Becky both turned to give each other the same look, wondering if they could actually engage in sexual relations with each other. And it only took a second for both of them to realize that they could.

Becky nodded her head and sighed, "Well, I guess that settles it. There's no point in standing around wasting time."

Lucy stared into her daughter's eyes and said, "Are you sure you want to do this? It will be a major leap for us. We can never undo this."

"Mom, I've wanted to do this with you for a very long time," Becky confided, letting her hand stroke her mother’s hair. “I wanted to do this ever since you coached me on how to seduce Logan.”

Becky took a step towards her mother and kissed her on the lips. It was a kiss which caught Lucy totally off guard, making her suddenly turn stiff as a board. As Becky pressed her lips tighter against her mother’s, Lucy tried her hardest to relax and enjoy it. When Becky and her mother’s tongues finally intertwined, they enjoyed their first sapphic kiss. They each loved the soft and tender feeling of kissing another woman’s lips.

Within moments, as Lucy began to accept the kiss from her daughter, it was no longer just a kiss which showed that it was their first time together or that they were mother and daughter. They kissed each other as if they had done this a thousand times before and they were tired of holding in their lust. It was surprising how their tongues moved in concert.

Even more surprising, after more kissing on the lips, Becky started to strip her Mom. It wasn't hard for Becky to get her mother undressed since she wasn't wearing a bra. Becky began by pulling off her mother's Polo shirt and then unzipping her shorts. Becky dropped to her knees to assist her mother in completing the task by sliding them down to her ankles. Lucy lifted one foot then the other to complete the undressing. The only thing left to remove was Mom's sexy black bikini style panties. Becky inserted her thumbs in the elastic band of her Mom’s panties, quickly leaned forward and kissed her Mom’s pussy through the fabric and slipped her panties down and off; tossing them carelessly to the side.

Becky stood and stepped back, leaving her Mom’s beautiful naked body exposed for her and Keith to admire. Lucy had kept in decent shape for a housewife and mother. Naturally, at her age, she was a bit self-conscious about being naked for them to see, but the hunger in their eyes let her know that her naked body was arousing them.

The admiration of Lucy's nude body continued as Becky ran her fingers across the sides of her mother's breasts as she visually admired her mother's figure from head to toe. She loved her mother's shapely, but slightly sagging breasts with large caramel-colored areolae. She also got a kick out of seeing her mother's newly shaven pussy.

"Well, what do you think?” Lucy nervously asked her daughter? “Do I meet with your approval,"

"I think you're so sexy, Mom,” Becky cooed and then winked. “You look good enough to eat. Don’t you think she looks good enough to eat, Keith?”

Lucy put her hands on the hem of her daughter's sundress. "It's your turn now, Honey. I want to see what you look like," She said as she lifted the dress up and off.

This time, it was Becky's turn to get naked as Lucy and Keith watched in awe. It didn't take long for Becky to get naked either, considering she didn’t have on a bra or panties. Off came her dress revealing her thin but athletic body, with her 36C breasts and nipples that were the mirror image of her mother’s. Becky was also cleanly shaven but had the same bikini tan lines her mother had because of all the sunbathing they had done together that summer.

"Well…what do you think?" Becky asked this time, pretentiously displaying her naked body to her mother and Keith. “I shaved down there after finding all the girls in my sorority sport shaven muffs.

Lucy's eyes were wide with amazement. She had never really scrutinized her daughter’s body. "Beautiful. You look,... gorgeous," Lucy gasped.

Lucy and Becky appraised each other's bodies and overcame any reluctance they previously had about sucking each other’s tits or licking each other's pussies.

"Why don’t you show me how beautiful you think I am, Mom."

Becky took a step closer to her mother and gave her a quick peck on the lips. Mom took the hint, and the two went back to kissing, but this time, in a far more passionate way. It was as though they had always been lovers. Becky became the aggressor. They hungrily hugged and kissed until they lost balance and fell across the bed, continuing to make-out.

Keith would never admit it to Lucy, but the thought of she and her daughter having lesbian sex together had become his deepest and most intense sexual fantasy. It was that fantasy that sparked the idea of getting Lucy and her daughter to agree to a threesome in the first place. Now that fantasy was coming true right before his very eyes, with both women altogether abandoning their inhibitions and enthusiastically making out with each other in his bed. Keith hurriedly got naked and sat down on the edge of the bed to watch the performance. He couldn't believe his good fortune, watching this erotic mother-daughter coupling which was unfolding before his lustful eyes.

Keith observed for a few minutes and became so aroused he could no longer sit and watch. He laid down beside Lucy and stroked his hand across her back. He whispered in her ear, "Watching you two girls kiss, has gotten me incredibly hard. I want to join in the fun."

The kiss ended seconds later when Lucy pointed to his hard cock and said to her daughter, "Let's see if we can take care of that for him."

Lucy and Becky both sat up on the bed, and Lucy suggested they orally satisfy Keith together. It would be the first time either had sucked a cock in the presence of the other. Another first for the two. It started with Lucy taking Keith’s hard cock inside of her mouth and bobbing her head on it a few times to get things going. Lucy had enjoyed sucking Keith's cock that first time in Birmingham, but this was different. This time, Jim wasn't watching from the balcony, but her daughter was sitting right next to her, watching every suck and slurp, which only made things much more intense and arousing than before.

Lucy, a proud mother, sharing a juicy cock with her daughter for the first time, took Keith's cock out of her mouth, and pointed it towards her daughter's mouth. Another first for the mother and daughter.

"For me?" Becky asked, feigning astonishment and surprise.

Lucy assented, "All yours, for now, Honey... but I want it back after you have enjoyed it for a while."

It was Becky's turn now to demonstrate her prowess with cock-sucking, and demonstrate she did. It came as a surprise to Mom that Becky was the superior cocksucker of the two. Becky had gotten plenty of practice with her brother and her dad; not to mention several guys she had dated in high school. Becky had also gotten quite good at licking pussy when she was a member of her high school sorority.

Becky was a far more sexual person than her Mom, and it showed as she sucked Keith's cock more robustly, more passionately, taking it deeper into her throat. Becky's head bobbed rapidly, and it was clear that she was a woman with plenty of cock-sucking skill; sucking intensely and swabbing her tongue all around it. It was equally clear to her mother that this was a real passion of Becky’s. The fact that her mother was watching only made it more erotic for both.

Becky took Keith right up to the edge and then stopped before he could climax. She popped his cock out of her mouth and pointed it back to her mother as if it were a game to prove who was the most skilled at delivering an oral orgasm. It was if she was challenging her mother to beat her impressive demonstration and see who sucks cock the best. It appeared as if Becky was competing with her mother for Keith's approval.

"All yours again," Becky smiled.

Lucy was puzzled at Becky's behavior but didn't respond. Instead, she took Keith's throbbing cock back into her mouth, more or less tacitly accepting her daughter's unspoken challenge. Lucy found it very arousing, tasting her daughter's warm saliva all over his shaft. Both mother and daughter became extremely wet watching each other suck cock and tasting the other's saliva in the process. It became a competitive duel between mother and daughter to out-perform one another. Keith came close to dumping his load several times, but every time he came near to a climax, they seem to know and passed off to the other.

Eventually, it came to the point where they realized the humor in what they were doing to poor Keith. They began to take turns licking the base of his cock, sucking his balls, and sucking the head of his cock — teamwork at its finest. Lucy and Becky joined forces to orally pleasured Keith at the same time, with great enthusiasm. Keith couldn't hold off any longer with that kind of teamwork. Becky deep throated his cock while Lucy took his balls in her mouth and swabbed them with her tongue. The results were a massive orgasm that caused Keith to lose consciousness for a moment. When he came to it took a minute later, he had to re-orient himself.

“Now I want both of you to taste each other again, but in a different area this time, if you know what I mean. And then we're going to fuck," Keith panted. The reason Keith wanted to get the two together was to watch mother and daughter go 69 on each other.

Becky gave a sly look to her mother. "You heard him, Mom, we have to taste each other again. I'm going first. I want you to lie on your back now and enjoy what I'm going to do for you."

Before Lucy could comment on the matter, Becky pushed her mother onto her back, then dropped down between her mother's legs. Becky buried her face in her mother's pussy and went to work, creating a dizzying feeling for her mother. Becky licked, sucked, and kissed her Mom’s pussy in the way that she had perfected in her high school sorority. Eating pussy was one of the requirements of joining the high school sorority. Becky raked her tongue up and down her Mom’s labia before sticking her tongue inside to suck and pleasure her mom's most intimate area. Meanwhile, Keith sat on the bed and held Lucy's hand as her daughter was pleasuring her. He leaned to suck both of Lucy’s nipples.

As the oral assault continued from her daughter and Keith, Lucy felt as if her body was on fire. She couldn't move. All she could do was lay back and enjoy. She no longer cared that this was wrong or immoral. Her body and all her senses were enthralled with the sexual pleasure which came straight from her daughter's mouth.

Lucy peered down to the delightful sight of her sweet daughter, eating her wet pussy. She also observed Keith positioning himself behind her daughter, preparing to shove his cock into her teenaged pussy. Keith rubbed the head of his cock up and down the folds of Becky's pussy, mixing his pre-cum with her natural lubrication. While orally servicing her mother, Becky suddenly moans into her mother's vagina when Keith's cock entered her cunt from behind; causing Lucy to orgasm again.

It was a sight which Lucy never dreamed she would’ve witnessed, much less have a powerful orgasm over. Her heart felt like it would burst as she happily watched her beautiful daughter's mouth on her pussy, and Keith’s cock was sliding in and out of her daughter's pussy. The expressions on their faces said it all. Lucy knew that her daughter loved all of this based on her tongue action and whimpering noises she made as Keith hammered his cock into her young pussy. Lucy also knew that Keith was enchanted with Becky's young pussy just by the way he was grunting and sweating.

Keith didn't try to hold back and released his hot sperm in Becky's pussy, causing her to climax. Becky felt his sperm and pulled her mouth away from her mother’s wet pussy and smiled. It was a lustful smile which you wouldn't expect from a girl like Becky because she had such an angelic face. But make no mistake about it, she's as nasty as they come.

Lucy knew by the expressions on Keith and Becky’s face that they both had an orgasm at the same time. She insisted they switched places and Becky gleefully laid on her back, welcomed her Mom’s tongue. Lucy got between her daughter's legs, looking at her freshly fucked wet pussy full of Keith’s cum. It was a beautiful looking glowing pink, and was so very wet from and being fucked.

After a moment of examining her daughter as if she were a gynecologist, Lucy put her face down and returned the oral favor. She eagerly sucked Keith’s sperm from her daughter’s pussy; licking and sucking, causing Becky to moan out loud. Lucy was new at pussy licking, but she was game for anything at that moment. Especially after the favor, her daughter had just done for her.

Keith did his part, getting behind Lucy as she ate her daughter's pussy. He raised Lucy's hips to align his raging hard-on with her pussy, guiding himself to her hole and entering her. This time, Keith fucked Lucy from behind, while Lucy's face was buried in her daughter's pussy. She did her absolute best to return the favor to her daughter while getting pounded hard from behind.

"Oh fuck, mom," Becky moaned, rubbing her fingers through her mother's long hair. "This was the best idea ever!"

Lucy was too busy to respond. Keith was ravishing her cunt. And her mouth was occupied servicing her precious daughter. The pounding from behind went harder, causing her tits to sway back and forth as she remained bent over. Before, when she had sex with Keith, the intense, delightful feeling in her pussy was all she wanted to focus on. Now, she had her daughter's sexual pleasure in mind. It was the least she could do since her daughter had so skillfully serviced her.

"I'm about to cum," Keith moaned loudly. "Get ready...oh god..."

Lucy knew exactly what was coming next. He shot his massive load into her pussy. It was indeed an enormous load from their super erotic event, and with each shot, Lucy moaned into her daughter's pussy. The vibration was enough to send Becky spinning into her next orgasm. When it was over, the girls looked at each other with their mouths coated in cum. Becky still looked dumbfounded, while Lucy looked like she had just had the time of her life.

"Aren't you two going to kiss?" Keith asked.

Becky gasped, "But..."

Instead of allowing her daughter to finish, Lucy dove forward and devoured all traces of cum around her daughter's mouth. They tongue kissed again, passionately and with raw sexual energy. This time, however, they swapped freshly produced male cum from her daughter's pussy, along with their vaginal fluids from eating each other's pussy. The kiss ended, and they embraced for a moment before Lucy said, "That was... Ummm,... remarkable," she said.

"Well, we're not done yet," Becky replied.

"We're not?"

Lucy was roughly pushed on her back by her daughter. Then Lucy watched as Becky positioned herself in the opposite direction so that they could enter the “69” position, with Becky slowly lowering her pussy to her mother's face so that they could please each other at the same time. Keith's cum dripped out of Becky's cunt into her mother's mouth. Lucy began to vigorously dig her tongue into Becky's pussy to retrieve as much of the delicious man juice as possible. Becky dropped her face into Mom's pussy, and robustly tried to suction Keith's baby batter from her mother. At that point, Keith knew better than to interfere. He had already done his part. All that was left was to watch the girls go at it and fulfill his major fantasy of a mother-daughter incestuous relationship.

Their orgasms were timed perfectly. They fell to their sides and lay there panting profusely. Both were covered with sweat. It took roughly five minutes for either to draw a rational thought. Becky was the first to speak.

“Mom, Katie wants to join in a threesome next time.”

“With you and Keith?”

“No. With you and me.”

Lucy smiled and said, “I like that idea. Do you want to do it before I go home on Saturday?"