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The Virgin Squad

2021-11-22 01:49:39

Fbailey story number 717

The Virgin Squad

My daughter Valerie just turned thirteen a week before school had let out for the summer. Her five best friends forever were in attendance as expected. The six of them all have names that start with a V and they are all virgins so the rest of their classmates call them the Virgin Squad. They are Veronica, Virginia, Vanessa, Vivian, and Vicky. Now that my daughter has had her birthday they are all thirteen as well.

Everything had been arranged in advance that they would spend the entire summer staying at one another’s houses one day a week, plus Sundays at home. They went by age so Valerie and our house became their Saturday stop and stay over.

Every night I got a phone call from Valerie wishing me a good night. Everything was going according to plan as far as she was concerned.

That first Saturday I was awakened by a loud heard of teenage girls trampling through my house. The stomping, screams, and loud singing were probably what had done it. Then my door opened and all six girls entered.

Startled, I said, “Get out of here. I sleep naked.”

They each seemed to laugh and tell me that they also slept nude so I should just chill.

Valerie then said, “Daddy, I need for you to make love to me.”

My eyes bugged out, my mouth went dry, and my cock stood straight up under the covers.

Valerie said, “I’m the last one to loose my virginity and all I have is you. So you have to have sex with me.”

I just stared at her unable to comprehend what she had said.

Veronica said, “My older brother took my virginity on Monday.”

Virginia said, “My younger brother took my virginity on Tuesday and then my older brother fucked me too.”

Vanessa said, “My two older brothers fucked me on Wednesday.”

Vivian said, “My younger brother took my virginity on Thursday.”

Vicky said, “My two younger brothers fucked me yesterday.”

Then Valerie said, “You see, I’m the last one and I really want you to have my virginity.”

By then my cock was twitching in time to my heartbeat. I was thinking it over when Valerie said, “You have to do it in front of them. I got to watch all of them loose their virginities and to watch three of them get fucked a second time.”

Veronica said, “Next week we will start sleeping with each other’s brothers one day a week. Oh, and you too. You get me every Monday until school starts up again.”

Virginia said, “You get me every Tuesday.”

Vanessa said, “Me every Wednesday.”

Vivian said, “I’m Thursday.”

Vicky said, “Just call me Friday.”

I had always wanted to fuck the bunch of them but I never really thought that it would happen. I was excited enough to cream the bed however, I said, “Okay. If you really want me too.”

Valerie said, “Oh yes, Daddy.”

Then Valerie started to get undressed and to climb under the covers with me. She turned to the other girls and said, “Come on, get undressed. I had too for your brothers.”

So as my daughter climbed in bed with me I watched the other five girls get undressed. As I checked them out all I could do was imagine fucking each of them for the next two or three months. I was not even concerned that eight boys would be fucking my daughter each week. All I knew was that my dreams were coming true.

When Valerie grabbed my hard cock she said, “Oh Daddy that’s nice.”

Without any hesitation on her part she threw the covers down to my feet and straddled my cock forcing it into her pussy. She was so anxious to get it in her that I was startled and taken off guard. It was probably thirty seconds or more before I could feel her sliding up and down my cock. I looked up at her tiny breasts and smiled. They were sweet. She had tiny nipples centered in tiny areolas, just like her mother had. I reached up and placed my palm over one and it didn’t even fill my palm but her hard nipple scratched at my palm and caused me to explode inside her tight little pussy.

Valerie jerked and thrashed around on top of me for several minutes before she rolled to my side.

Veronica said, “Do it again as often as you want to today and tomorrow. Her pussy is all yours. On Monday my pussy will be all yours and my older brother will have hers.”

Valerie said, “No one will ever call us The Virgin Squad again.”

Vanessa said, “Six girls, nine cocks a week for twelve weeks…maybe we should start calling ourselves Six Nine Twelve.”

Vivian suggested, “How about simply NCW?”

Virginia said, “Nine Cocks a Week…I like that.”

I was thinking, ‘Six girls a week. Hot damn!’ As my mind thought about fucking six girls every week for the next twelve weeks…I got hard and rolled over on my daughter. Valerie spread her legs and let me in. I slammed into her pubic bone causing her to gasp as I jabbed at her uterus. I pounded into her repeatedly, I caused her to open her legs up even more which also allowed me to penetrate her a little bit deeper. I could feel each hit when it happened. She was going crazy but it was not from pain, it was from excitement, extreme excitement. She went into multiple orgasms long before I was ready to cum. It felt so good to have my cock inside a girl, it had been over fifteen months since her mother had died. I didn’t think I would ever stop cumming.

Finally Valerie said, “OMG! You guys are going love my Daddy’s cock.”

The End
The Virgin Squad