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Annie's Craving for Cum

2022-01-17 02:00:03

[b][/bAnnie’s Craving for Cum

A true story about an former girlfriend of mine.
(names changed of course)

I met Annie right after her divorce. She owned a small business and I struck up a conversation with her when it was slow that day. She was really hot looking. Pretty face, nice tits, hot legs and long red hair piled up on the back of her head. She was 22, and 5’2” with strikingly beautiful green eyes.

We were both divorced and talked about it. I am 6’2”, blondish hair and had a thing for redheads. We quickly connected and we started talking very personal. My wife had left me for a woman, who turned out, only wanted money. Annie divorce her husband because he wouldn’t do anything but regular sex in bed, and she had desires longing to be fulfilled. After spending a long night talking at her house, we lay on the floor on pillows and her desires slowly came out.

Annie had seen her dad jack off one time, cuming on her panties, spread out on his bed. This gave her a new thrill in her pussy, watching him shoot streams of cum all over them. He took her panties and hid them in a drawer.

He thought Annie was spending the night at a girlfriends and he was alone upstairs. He didn’t bother to close his bedroom door. Annie was in her bed starting to go asleep when she heard him moaning. She got up quietly to see. Her room was dark and his back was turned a little to her room, so he never saw her.

Mom slept in another bedroom downstairs , they didn’t sleep together for some reason. The next day mom and dad went to work, and Annie couldn’t stop thinking about dad cuming on her panties. Finally she snuck in his bedroom and opened his drawer. There was a black plastic zip bag. She opened it and she immediately smelled the aroma of his cum. She got a jolt in her pussy from the aroma, and chills ran through her body. There were 3 of her cum stained panties in there in separate plastic bags, but the top one she could see was still wet.

She felt jitters in her hands and fingers as she held the bag, staring at his wet cum on her panties. She felt rising tingles in her pussy plus she felt a pulsing in her clit. This was all new to her and she took a big breath and savored the feeling to make the thrill last as long as possible. She pulled on the bag and unsealed it. She put her nose the bag opening. The aroma of his cum caused a strong twinge in her pussy that almost made her orgasm. She quick sealed the bag shut, to keep the aroma in.

She felt a little dizzy and gasp for breath. He whole body tingled from her sneaking this look. She wanted that bag, and bad. Her mind raced with ways to get it. Dad would surely know if she took it, and questions might be asked. She got an idea. She went and got another pair of her panties just like the cummed on ones in dads bag. She wiped her wet pussy with them to get her aroma on them. She went back and with her finger wiped some wet cum on the new ones, and then switched them. Her fingers trembled as she carefully put everything back just like it was.

She got a plastic bag and put the cum soaked panties in it. She hid it on her school back pack. Now she could have it at all times and places.
She laid down on her bed to masturbate thinking about her dad cuming on her panties again. She had just enough time to cum before leaving for school. Her secret prize loomed in her mind as she fingered her clit. She grabbed her bag and got the panties bag. She slowly opened it and out came the aroma.

Her orgasm was peaking as she put her tongue on the wet panties. The taste of his cum sent her over the top as her finger rubbed her clit fast. Her body bucked and twitched and the climax took her over. Her tongue tingled as she savored the taste over and over. A wave of euphoria jolted through her body, and she lost her breath, and gasp for air.

She lay stunned that this had really taken place. Her pussy dripped as it twitched inside with new feelings. She lay quiet. Savoring the feelings as long as possible.
At school she had the urge to tell her best friend Stacy, her new discovery, but feared she would think she was weird. She kept her secret to herself. She smiled all day knowing their were her wet cummed on panties in her back pack.

After school Stacy came over to hang out. Ann slowly led the talk to talking about having sex with guys. She ask her what she thought about the aroma of a guys cum. Stacy said the aroma made her hot, and gave her tingles. Ann now couldn’t resist asking: “What about the taste?”
….Stacy said she’d never tasted any, but other girls said they liked it, but some said it was kinda salty and didn’t have much taste other than it was slick, but yet exciting to taste. Ann’s heart started beating faster and she gulped and asked Stacy….”Would you like to taste some?” Stacy said: “Yes!….then I would know what these girls are all talking about”. She decided to tell Stacy about her dad cuming in her panties, and hiding them away.

Stacy’s eyes got real big and said: “Oh my god!….Lynn told me her dad does that too!…he has the hots for her and she wants to have sex with him, but she’s afraid they‘ll get caught.” Stacy whispered: (“…has your dad made a move on you before?…”) Annie said no, but she said she would love it if he did. Stacy said she wished her dad had the hots for her, but he just ignores her. “Mine does too.“, Annie said.
Stacy looked at Annie puzzled, and said: “Well, if he jerks off on your panties, he must have desires for you, don’t cha think???”

Annie got to thinking about that. She heard that guys think about the girl they’d like to fuck the most when they jerk off…..she wondered….

(‘Does my dad have a secret desire to have sex with me? I have to find out someway.’) She decided to talk to her mom about why dad and her don’t sleep together, and maybe find out something about mom and dad’s sex life.

She told me…….

“ That evening I went into mom’s bedroom and said she had some questions for her. Mom was sitting up in bed said to close the door. “Annie, your dad and I have a problem. You must keep this to yourself. I love oral sex. I love the taste of cum and the smell of it drives me wild. Your dad just wants regular sex. He won’t even lick my pussy, so I’m not about have oral sex with him. Just face to face sex, that all we do. I found a man who likes oral sex and keeps me satisfied.

I don’t know if he has a girl to have straight sex with. I know he tries to hide the fact that he has thoughts about you.
------( When she said that, I felt a trickle of wetness in my pussy.)

----- I found some of your panties hidden and they had been cummed on. I also found two pictures of you in your bathing suit and they too had been cummed on.
So he goes his way, and I go mine in the sex dept.
I sat stunned and thanked mom for telling me all this.
So dad has some real desires for me.

I know now where my desire for cum comes from, my mom. The thought of my dad’s cum shooting on my panties keeps repeating it self over and over in my head. I get a twinge in my pussy every time. I have to talk to dad in private.

I’d had dreams about having oral sex with my dad since then. He shoots his cum in my mouth and I climax. I wake up all hot and have to masturbate instantly picturing his tongue in my pussy as his cum fills my mouth. I can almost smell the aroma and taste it.
I was racking my brain on how to get my dad to let me have oral sex with him.

I got a break.

I was in the kitchen and dad in the living room when mom announced that she was spending the weekend with her sister. She giggled to me and pinched me on the butt. She whispered: (“Sis is covering for me, its an oral weekend for me.”) I smiled…but not for her. Dad and me alone this weekend, now’s my chance. I devised a plan.
Mom had left and that evening, I started in teasing daddy a little, rubbing up against him and acting sexy. He smiled but no move on me. I waited until bed time. I put on my skimpiest nightie and waited in my room with the door open. I heard daddy get out of the shower and saw him in his robe go in his bedroom and close the door.

I waited for a minute and then got up and went in his bedroom and closed his door. He looked up shocked. He was naked, holding his robe in front of him. I sat on his bed and looked at him. “What is it sweetie?” he asked. I held up a pair of my panties that he had cummed on. His face went white, as he froze. I smiled big and said: “Daddy, you don’t need to do this anymore. I can take care of you.” He gave a big sigh of relief and walked over to me. I pulled his robe away and reached out and held his dick. I began to stroke it. It got hard instantly.

He didn’t say a word, but I pulled him closer. This was my first time to touch and feel a dick, and my heart was pounding away. Now also for the first time,…I was going to lick and suck on one. I started in as he closed his eyes. I felt his balls gently and started licking everything. The excitement that I knew I was going to get his fresh cum in my mouth was making me dizzy.

My stomach and hands were trembling as I was in my personal heaven. He ran his fingers through my hair and moaned softly. I had several mini-orgasms going on in my pussy, which was now soaking the edge of the bed. I tasted his pre cum, and swallowed it down, savoring the taste. His warm hands were all over my face and thru my hair. He reached down and fingered my pussy.

I jumped as he rubbed my clit gently. I felt a big climax coming on. I stroked him faster as I put my lips over the head of his dick and let my mouth get it wet and slick. My climax was coming and my pussy twitched on his fingers. I moaned out of control as I felt him getting ready to cum. I jacked him as fast a I could and pushed his dick in my mouth as far as I could get it. My whole body began to shake as my climax was here! I yelled a muffled yell with his dick deep in my mouth…..then I felt it.

Hot slick cum pumping in my mouth as he moaned real loud. I tasted it first, then the overflow came out the sides of my mouth. It provided the aroma I longed for. My pussy started dripping juice on his fingers as I moved it back and forth on them. I saw heavenly bursts of light go off in my head.

The feel of his hot cum was the ultimate for me. I swallow some and felt the heat go all the way down my throat. My tongue was going crazy wallowing in his cum as he pumped more and more. Our moans keep up it seemed like forever. I couldn’t stop moaning from the pleasure beyond anything I had ever known. I put my other hand around his butt to hold him in me. I didn’t want to ever let go.

His fingers cause jolt after jolt my pussy as I fucked his fingers over and over again. His knees began to weaken and he slowly dropped to his knees. I followed him down, still sucking him for every drop of cum he had. I had a mouth full of his cum and I let it savor in my mouth. I shook with more jolts of pleasure. This was what I craved all along, and now I sank to the floor going weak. I pulled my mouth off his dick and leaned my head back and let his cum slowly slide down my throat.

He lay there, a passed out man with the most wonderful smile on his face. I rested my head beside his dick, licking the overflow, until it was all gone. I tried to hug him, but I was just to weak. We fell asleep just as we lay.