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Brenda, Kennel Bitch - Part I

2023-01-23 00:02:05

There was still ice on the puddles in the alley, black tipped piles of snow crunched under her shoes. Brenda looked around again and shivered. It was getting dark and she could hear the vicious snarls, yelps and growls coming from the garage that she was watching. She was a first year journalism student and wanted a story that would catapult her into recognition. She had dated a boy last semester who kept talking about the money he was winning at these dog fights he went to on the outskirts of Detroit. A few weeks ago she had followed him here and tried to go inside.

Brenda had brazenly walked up to the door that time, but one of the men standing at the door asked for a password. Her eyes widened and she shook her head. She hadn’t thought anything through. All four of the huge black men gathered close around her. There questions and comments were rapid and hostile.

“Who are you?”
“What are you doing here?”
”Did someone tell you to come here?”
“What do you want?”

She backed up until she bumped into one of them and he backed away letting her squeeze between him and one of the others. She ran back down the alley and out into the street. Breathlessly she let herself into her car and sat there shaking. Her heart was racing in fear and excitement. There was definitely a story here, animal cruelty and gambling, possibly other illegal activities. Then, she sucked in her breath and stared in disbelief at the man walking quickly into the alley. He was wearing sunglasses, on a mid February evening, but the arrogant bastard was still recognizably Senator Garrison.

He was followed by two men in suits who looked up and down the street. Brenda dropped her head hoping they hadn’t seen her. After they had all disappeared down the alley she started her car and drove away. Last year, Senator Garrison had barely come out on top after being implicated in a gambling scandal. Brenda was really excited now. She would go back to her dorm room and the next time she came, she would be better prepared.

Well she had come back, this was her third time. The last time she was here she had taken notes and some pictures through a window at the back of the garage after she had scraped the black paint away. What she saw inside that garage sickened her and frightened her. The dog fights were horrendous, but there were also fights between men that people bet on between the dog fights and there were scantily clad women moving among the crowds and now and then one of them would go off with one of the on-lookers into a part of the garage she couldn’t see.

She was back tonight hoping to see Senator Garrison again. She already had all she needed to bring this place down, but if she could get pictures of Garrison here, maybe she could skip the rest of college go right to CNN. She had been hiding behind a bunch of boxes and crates at the very back of the garage and she was cold, the dirty snow had soaked her shoes and feet. Finally the action was underway and she used her cell phone to video as many of the people as she could. Her heart started jumping when the tall bald black man in sunglasses entered the garage. His power was immediately evident in his stance and in the way everyone deferred to him in one way or another.

She made sure that she had the senator on video, as he walked up to the pits and shook hands with various people, then lit a cigar and roared with the rest of the crowd while the dog they called Bruno brought another vicious pit bull to the ground. Brenda shuddered as his jaws snapped and slobber flew from his bloody teeth, then froze when she heard one of the men walking up and down the alley.

“Did you hear that?”

Brenda dropped down and huddled behind a crate. She forced herself to breathe slowly. Her scream was abruptly cut off when she was snatched from behind the crate by one of the guards and his big hand clamped down over the lower half of her face. A few seconds later she was struggling for air, kicking frantically at his shins. He carried her into the alley and passed her off to another. This one at least held just her mouth so she could at least breathe. The one that had handed her off talked gruffly into a cell phone and then snapped it shut.

“Take her to the kennels. He’ll be there when he gets there.”

She struggled again and the huge man holding her wrapped his hand around her throat and squeezed until she was still. They took her further down the alley and into a large metal warehouse. He half-carried and half-dragged her down makeshift hallways between rows and rows of cages and penned areas housing what looked and sounded to be nearly a hundred dogs, rottweilers, pit-bulls, shepherds and mixed breeds of all kinds.

He hauled her through a door at the back and pushed her onto a low couch.

“What you got there, T?”

There were at least three other men in the room and the one who asked fell dramatically onto the cushion next to her. She screamed and tried to get up but he laughed and pulled her back by a handful red hair.

“Shut that bitch up and make sure she stays put.” T gave instructions over his shoulder and dumped her bag onto the table in front of him. Of course her note book was in there and he flipped through it stopping to read now and then, shaking his head.

His big friend pulled her jacket off her and threw it onto the floor on the other side of the couch. Brenda was in shock and she sat there trembling and quiet. She sat there watching as T and the other two thugs went through her purse and then T grabbed her cell phone and came to sit by her, pushing the other guy aside.

“Things aren’t looking so good for you right now.” He ran his huge dark hand up her arm, stopping at her shoulder. He ran one large thumb over the pulse ticking in her throat and she swallowed.

“I think we should look at what you’ve got here. You want to show me, or do I need to make you?” His hand tightened on her throat and she quickly shook her head and held her hand out for the phone.

He handed it to her but kept his hand on her wrist while she flipped through the pictures she had taken. She was fascinated by his huge dark hand on her ghost white skin. When she started the video she had taken for him he took the phone back and watched it, then looked at her and smiled.

“Well, little bleeding heart, you’ve gotten yourself into some deep shit.”

Brenda’s heart pounded and a tear ran down her cheek. He stood and pulled her up from the couch. He sat her in one of the wooden chairs at the table and tied her hands behind the back of the chair and then tied her ankles to the two front chair legs. He pushed one of the knitted mittens from her purse into her mouth.

T nodded and the other three left the room, the one who sat next to her on the couch looking back at her when he turned to close the door and T yelled.

”Go feed the dogs, Bone, now.”

They were left alone and Brenda sat there stiffly, her eyes darting all around the room, looking everywhere but at the big black man in front of her. She would never have considered herself prejudiced in any way. She grew up in Oklahoma, in a small town that was actually a pretty fair mix of black and white, there never seemed to be a problem that she knew of, except for the few rednecks who hated everyone. But these guys, seemed different somehow than the southern boys she had known. These guys were dangerous men who lived by the streets and she was terrified.

She had no idea how much longer it was when the door burst open and four or five men came in laughing and talking loudly. Brenda jerked awake and coughed and gagged against the mitten in her mouth. Senator Garrison walked into the room and pulled one of the other chairs close to her and sat down. He stared at her for a few minutes and then looked over at T.

“She has notes,” he handed her notebook to Garrison, “and video.” He held the cell phone up.

Garrison looked at her again. Just sat there studying her, paging through her notebook and raising his eyebrows at some of her notes.

“Sir,” one of the men in the back stepped forward. “I’ve seen her before.” He told Garrison about her trying to get in the door a few weeks back.

The senator stood and walked behind her chair and grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling it back roughly.

“Have you told anyone?”

She shook her head frantically, her eyes pleading. He laughed cruelly.

“Good, I believe you. That means no one knows you’re here.”

The realization of that flared in her eyes and he laughed again.

T spoke again, “what are you going to do with her?”

Garrison reached down and ripped her shirt open. “I’m going to keep her.” With one large hand he grabbed her bra right in the middle and yanked. It cut into her back and one shoulder before ripping away from her. “It’s been a long time since we’ve had a kennel bitch.”

Brenda’s face was blanched white and she was whimpering and shaking her head, tears running down her freckled cheeks. She had no idea what he meant, but T stood up and smiled, rubbing his crotch. Garrison looked at him and laughed, he pinched her bright pink nipples between his fingers and tugged at them until her full breasts were stretched tight.

“Go get a pen ready, give us some time alone.” He rolled her nipples and she trembled in fear and pain. “I’ll bring her out when I’m done.”

Brenda was crying frantically causing her nose to clog. She was struggling for breath when Garrison pulled the mitten from her mouth.

“You can scream all you want here, red.”

He untied her and hauled her to her feet pulling at her jeans. Her skin was pale, creamy white and pink covered in tiny pink-brown freckles. Her chest, neck and face flushed an almost cherry red. She stood there trembling with her jeans down around her knees. Her fists pressed up against her mouth. He slapped her with a cupped hand and she fell to the cold floor. She was sobbing and her ears were ringing. He stood above her opening his pants.

She looked up at him and then screamed and tried to crawl away. He laughed again at her and reached down to grab her hair. He pulled her up to her knees and held her there with one hand fisted in her hair while he slapped her over and over with the other. He was talking while he slapped her but she couldn’t focus on the words. His cock was getting harder and harder, it was the longest one she had ever seen and black like dark chocolate, the skin around the head a little lighter, a dark red-black color. Her cheek was cut and she felt warm blood oozing down the side of her jaw and the skin underneath one eye felt like it had exploded.

He lifted her by her hair and slammed her chest down over the table and bent to rip her jeans the rest of the way off her legs. Her crying gasps and screams were uncontrollable. He kicked her legs apart and rammed his cock into her pussy from behind. She screamed again as he pounded at her. Her legs started to quiver and she rocked her hips, mortified at her body’s response. It felt like he was deep into her stomach and his cock rode against her clit with every long thrust. She fought it as much as she could until she felt his first spurt of thick hot cream and then she dropped herself onto the table and had a shattering orgasm. He thrust and groaned until he was finished and then backed away from her and pushed her back onto the floor.

He stood above her putting his long softening cock back into his pants. “Get everything off.”

She dropped the pieces of her shirt and bra to the floor and removed her shoes and socks, it was all that she had left on. She sat there on the concrete shivering and bleeding.

“You’re so worried about these dogs. You think they have horrible lives and its cruelty?” He went to a drawer in the counter along one wall and brought back a collar and leash. He affixed them to her neck and backhanded her and she screamed. He pulled on the leash until she was stretched half up his body. “I’m going to show you how good I am to my dogs. I’m inviting you to stay a while and be my new kennel bitch.”

He pushed her back to the floor and she turned to him, tears streaming down her face.

“Please, I won’t tell any” his hand connected again with the side of her head and she sank to the ground in pain and shock.

“You will never speak, unless you have permission, which will be never. You’re one of my dogs now, nothing but a filthy bitch.” The toe of his boot pushed at her swollen pussy and then he kicked at her ass. “Get up, on your knees, Red. Come meet your new friends.”

The cold cement scraped her knees and hands, it was dirty and she crawled through damp spaces and she didn’t even want to think what they were. He pulled her along and she crawled as quickly as she could. The dogs were so close, barking and snapping and howling in their cages right next to her face as she crawled by them. Garrison kept yelling out to them.

“Look what we got for the boys…ohhhhh yeah, boys, look what we got for the puppies.”

She heard the other men laughing and she began to sob again. Her mind wouldn’t even imagine what he was going to do to her. He led her, pulled and hauled her to a large pen with straw on the floor and a large mesh cage in one corner. The five other men stood around in the pen and Garrison handed her over to T. He pulled her over toward the middle of the pen and she saw four small metal posts with rings coming up out of the cement floor.

Brenda began to kick and fight when the one they called Bones began to fasten leather collar like straps around her thighs and upper arms. T wrapped his hands around her throat and pulled her face to his. Choking her for a few seconds while he looked directly into her eyes.

“Be still, stupid bitch.” He spit into her face and then dropped her back to the floor where she knelt trembling while Bones clipped small chains onto rings in her straps and then to the four posts in the floor. She was on her hands and knees staked to the floor. The hay was rough and cut into her palms and knees.

Garrison’s voice boomed. “Where’s my champion? Bones, get my Bruno.”

Brenda screamed and struggled violently at the posts knowing…knowing. Garrison and his friends stood around rubbing themselves and laughing at her. She heard the dogs nails scraping at the floor and the men laughed harder. She screamed again when she felt his huge wet nose push at her ass and then between her legs. He was sniffing and lapping at her and she struggled and wiggled screaming no over and over.

“Get her Bruno, go boy, get her.” They yelled and urged the dog on and then the dog jumped up on her back humping at her.

She felt someone’s hand behind between her and the dog and then screamed and struggled again as she felt the tip of the dog’s dick pushing into her pussy. It was fat and hot, hotter than anything she had ever felt inside her in her life and he rammed at her. She felt him getting thicker and thicker. He was panting above her and she felt his hot breath and wet tongue on her back. Her body shuddered and she shook her head over and over in denial of the orgasm rocking her. Suddenly she was flooded with jet after jet of hot thin cum. Her pussy was stretched at the base and she knew it was the dog’s knot wedged into her. He bounced against her and then dropped off, standing behind her panting. His fat dick and the big knot throbbed inside her and he spurted a few more streams into her which ran down both of her legs.

She knelt there swaying stuck to a dog, and then she flinched as a hot glob of cum landed on her back and then again. She shook and looked up and around and three of the men were standing over her pulling frantically at their cocks, all them monstrously long and one of them so big almost screamed. Another one of them began to cum, his moans short and grunting and then his seed landed in a thick dollop on her low back, then she felt some hit her hair and one shoulder on the other side. All three of them were cumming on her and then the dog’s cock slipped out of her and he ran to Garrison.
The senator leaned down and petted the dog’s huge head then looked at Brenda with his most winning politician’s smile.

“See, little bitch, I take good care of my dogs.” He nodded to Bones who took Bruno and led him away. “You’ll be a good little treat for them.” He stood and spoke loudly to the group of men standing around her.

“This is the new kennel bitch, Red. She will be left staked here for three days before you let her bed down in her cage. Get Tyrone to take care of her. I don’t care what you do to the little cum bucket, just don’t mark her up and don’t kill her. We’ll be able to have some shows with this one.”

He bent back down to face her again. “Tomorrow, I’ll be back for more of her training.” He licked his lips and stood up, then spoke quietly with T. She heard his footsteps walking rapidly away, then the rest of them following him. She knelt there in the hay, covered in slobber and cum and she cried.

A little while later she felt someone watching her. She raised her head and looked behind her, and Bones stood there stroking himself. He smiled at her, his big white teeth shining in his dark face. He shot a look over his shoulder and then came toward her, dropping to his knees behind her. “My turn. We’re all alone.” She felt his hands at her hips and then he pushed one finger into her ass. She threw her head back and gasped and he quickly covered her mouth with one hand and stuffed his cock into her ass with the other. He pushed at her grunting and she tightened and fought him, but she couldn’t move away at all and he thrust into her, ripping her tender flesh. He fucked her hard and deep and it didn’t take long before he poured hot cum into her burning ass. He backed away from her and stood and she felt drops of his cum land on her ass and back as he shook himself over her.

He quickly zipped himself up and ran when T screamed his name from somewhere in the warehouse. Brenda was again left there alone, sore and filthy. Her world no longer existed but somehow she would get through this and get back to it. Her head drooped and she rested as best she could.