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Craving for Dog Meat: It Runs in the Family

2022-10-20 00:50:03

Despite her young age, Joy was no stranger to the act of bestiality. Her mother had been fucking the dog while her daddy watched for as long as she could remember. Usually, it was in their bedroom with the door wide open, but she'd walked in on them in other parts of the house, too. She didn't know they often had dog sex parties with a neighbor couple down the street, though! Recently, she'd been taking peeks at her parents' pornography, which included lots of shocking and hot bestiality videos.

Her parents were sexually active even without the dog. She'd seen them fucking in the kitchen, her mom up on the counter while Daddy pounded into her. Twice they were fucking on top of the kitchen table where the family ate meals. Many times they fucked in the living room right in front of their daughter. Once Joy saw her dad fucking her mom while she was spread wide on top of the clothes dryer. Her parents were very comfortable with their sexuality, and encouraged their young daughter to explore her own natural feelings of sexual curiosity as she grew.

Joy was eager to learn the pleasures of her body, and began masturbating during elementary school years. Her parents had given her dildos and vibrators years ago, and she enjoyed playing with them for hours. She didn't know her parents would listen to her soft moaning from outside her bedroom door, smiling with pride. Sometimes Joy would go to school with one of her dildos buried in her young pussy, tucked away in her white cotton panties. She was growing into a very horny girl!

Joy's parents explained sex to their young daughter and how babies were made when she was a pre-teen. Recently, after her 13th birthday, they'd asked if she was interested in taking birth control. Joy, the young, still-developing teen, hesitated awhile before agreeing. She had seen her parents having sex, and knew it must be pleasurable, as addicted as they were to it. If she was on birth control, she knew she wouldn't get pregnant if she decided to have sex with a man -- and she felt she may soon be ready!

Furthermore, Joy knew that their pet German Shepherd, Rusty, wouldn't get her pregnant. She also knew about anal sex, and knew anal couldn't get her pregnant either. For years, Joy had been making herself cum all alone in her bedroom. Lately though, she had begun to long for sexual interaction with another mammal!

Rusty could fuck her mom several times a night, for almost an hour at a time. Joy began getting hooked on her parents' dog sex porn, taking their movies and watching them on the TV in her room while she fucked herself to orgasm again and again with her fingers on her young clit. Every time she heard her mom fucking the dog through the bedroom walls, she masturbated as she listened and peeked in from outside their bedroom door.

Joy's parents, Tom and Marissa, realized their daughter's growing interest in bestiality and were pretty excited. They hoped she'd soon want to experiment with dogs. Marissa wished she could fuck her own family dog when she was a young girl, becoming obsessed with dog sex after watching the neighbor dog knot his bitch and then his female owner in the backyard. But Marissa's childhood pet dog was neutered, so she didn't get to fuck it.

Marissa fucked many guys through her teens, trying to quench her insatiable craving for cock meat, getting knocked up by some guy before high school ended. She'd estimated it was Tom's, and he married her soon after graduation. Finally, when she began fucking dogs soon after Joy's birth-- with a little help from the neighbors-- Marissa's cock cravings were fully satiated. She knew what it was like to be Joy's age and longing for cock -- especially dog cock!

One day, Joy came home from school and walked into her bedroom to find her mom knotted to Rusty on her bed! Her dad was filming it, naked with a huge erection. She'd seen her dad's cock before and knew it was a good size and he was a quite fit and attractive older man. Marissa was a beautiful woman, in her early thirties with strawberry blond hair. Currently, their huge German Shepherd was draped over Marissa's back while his cock was knotted securely in her pussy.

"Why hello, Joy," said Marissa. Tom stopped filming when his daughter walked into the room so that they could have a talk with her.

"Hi Mom, Dad," said Joy, eyebrows raised at the sight of the dog sex on her bed. A puddle of dog sperm had formed on her pink bedspread. She was stunned at the raunchy sight, but also already starting to feel aroused. The dog must have just given her mom quite a fucking on her bed!

"Joy, your mother and I have noticed your interest in our dog sex porn. We've noticed you peeking in to watch the dog fuck your mom at night..." Tom began calmly.

"Sorry, I'm sorry --" Joy said, averting her eyes.

"No, no, it's alright. We figured we'd bring the dog sex to you so that you could get a front row view, since it's something you seem to be interested in," said Tom. Joy was surprised. She knew her parents were kinky, but wow! Her head spun with all kinds of filthy thoughts, heart beating fast.

"You don't mind, do you, honey?" asked her mom.

"Uh, no, uh-uh---"

"Good. Joy, as an experienced dog fucker, I can tell you it is certainly incredible. It's intense, it's fulfilling. Don't get me wrong, I love your father, but I love dogs, too!" said Marissa breathlessly as the dog weighed her down hard, his nuts swinging at her slimy pussy gash. Tom laughed. They were having such a calm conversation with their daughter that it was nearly absurd. Joy's kept thinking of her mom's cunt being so stuffed full of dog meat right there a few feet in front of her, and how it'd feel to have her own cunt stuffed so full of living cock!

"We just want to let you know that we're here for you if you want to try it with the dog, Joy," said Tom. Joy's heart pounded hard. "It can be tricky to fuck a dog on your own, without anyone's help. We're here to help you if you want to explore your interest further."

"That's right, honey," grunted her mom under the dog.

"In fact," Tom continued, "if you are interested in sex with a man, I can even help you with that, honey."

Joy's eyebrows raised further -- her dad was offering to have sex with her? With his young, virgin daughter? She looked him over. A glob of pre-cum oozed from his purple cockhead. He was quite attractive... Even though he was her father, she knew he was a sexy man. She'd seen the way he powerfully fucked her mom, and knew he was capable of quite a pounding.

"Joy, have you ever let Rusty lick your privates?" said Marissa, still tied to the German Shepherd.

"Uh, no, uh-uh..." said Joy softly. She wasn't very sexually experienced aside from masturbation. Thus far, she'd only kissed a few boys, and a few times had let a boy on her schoolbus finger her on the way home.

"You should give it a try," said Joy's mom. "Start there, see how you like it..." Just then, Rusty started trying to pull off his human bitch. Marissa moaned loudly. Tom calmed the animal down as it struggled to pull out of his wife. More sperm leaked from Marissa's hole, dripping down her thighs and onto Joy's bed.

"Maybe one day, you'll take the knot, like your mom," said Tom to his daughter, with a wink. Rusty panted and pulled again, making Marissa moan louder. Tom started rubbing his wife's clit from below as she was tied to the struggling beast. Marissa grinded her stuffed pussy against her husband's hand.

"Oh yeah, yeah honey, oooh ohhh I'm gonna cum again, oh yeah, yeah, I love cumming with this dog knot stuck up in my pussy! Right here on our daughter's bed! Oh! Oh! Ahhh! Oooh!! Arrrrrgh! Yes, yes, oh fuck yes, that knot is plugging so much sperm up in me, fuck, feels like he let out gallons and gallons of cum in me! I'm cumming so hard!! Ahhhh!" Marissa exclaimed, her breasts swinging as the whining dog continued trying to break free, ass to ass with her now. She gasped as her orgasm pulsed through her body.

"Mom, are you okay? That doesn't hurt?" asked Joy with concern.

"Ohhhh, uhhhh, no baby, it feels good! It's hurts so good!" shrieked her mom as she orgasmed with the dog knot still lodged in her cunt. Rusty tugged her around on the bed, cum oozing down the back of Marissa's thighs. The animal pulled again, this time successfully breaking free of Marissa's cunt. Joy gasped at the huge dog prick that emerged from her mom's cunt.

"Oh my God! It must be 8" long!" exclaimed Joy. The dog prick was pink and shiny, veins covering it. The huge bulbous knot at the base a lighter pink color, and about the size of her dad's fist!

"Yes, ohh, my, he is amazing!" sighed Marissa, cum leaking from her womb and onto her daughter's bed.

"His knot and cock do get pretty large, Joy," said Tom. "That's why I suggest you fuck a man, like me, first. Not some boy your age, but a man. Feel some real pleasure! Get your hole ready for some dog sex action -- go beyond the rubber and double A batteries!" Tom and Marissa laughed. Joy's head was swimming; her eyes fixed on the subsiding pink dog meat. Rusty jumped from the bed and licked his prick in the corner.

"Dogs cum a lot, Joy, it's incredible! It feels really good to be so full!" said Marissa to her daughter. "The human vagina expands to accommodate cock, even dog cock. Think about it -- if a baby can get out of a vagina, a dog cock can certainly fit into a vagina. There's nothing evil about bestiality, it is quite pleasurable, I'm sure for Rusty as well -- but any kind of sex is private, so we don't go around talking about it to just anyone. So it is important for you to be discreet, no matter what you want to do, honey. You don't kiss and tell."

Joy looked at her mom, who was sitting in a puddle of dog semen on the girly pink bedspread. Marissa looked spent and very well fucked. She was sweaty, her pert breasts heaving. Joy's mind was racing as she processed her parents' words on bestiality. And her father's offer to initiate her into the realm of sex with men, not lame finger sex with boys on the schoolbus! Her eye was on her dad's throbbing meat.

Tom saw his daughter checking out his erection and smiled. Even though she was still flat chested and slender hipped, he knew his daughter would be a knock-out someday soon. She had blue eyes and flowing blond waves, wavier than her mother's hair, and a smattering of freckles. Marissa knew Tom would love to take a crack at his sexy teen daughter -- he'd been fucking around with Marissa since she was younger than Joy's age, and he loved a fresh, tight cunt.

Marissa called Rusty to the bed in between her legs and commanded the dog to lick the sperm from her cunt. Rusty happily obliged, and Joy's parents motioned for her to come closer to the bed to get a better look. Marissa held her cuntlips apart for the dog to lick deep into her hole. Joy was watching her mom's cunt getting devoured. Cum leaked down her asscrack and the animal hungrily lapped it up. Marissa rubbed on her clit while the dog ate her out, making her moan softly.

"Honey, you've seen your mother and I kiss each other all over, right? All over each other, even on our genitals?" said Tom. Joy nodded. "It feels very good to be kissed all over. Particularly the genitals." Joy nodded again, looking at her dad's hard cock. It stood proud and straight with veins throughout, with balls large and furry. Joy's teen cunt was wet from the raunchy sights in her bedroom.

Tom began rubbing his wife's breasts as the dog licked her pussy clean. Joy continued to watch, fascinated by the large beast's intensive work on her mother's slit. Marissa moaned in ecstasy as her dog ate her out, her husband pulling her nipples, with her daughter watching the entire scene. Joy watched as the animal's tongue penetrated the delicate looking folds of her mother's vagina. The tongue slurped over the entire gash. Marissa was so aroused that her bald pussy was pink, her cuntlips swollen.

"Ohh, yeahhhh, yeah, doggy, oh yeah! Eat my cunt, eat it boy, good boy! Lick that pussy, yes, suck that pussy! Oh! Ooooh, ohhh, I'm gonna cum again, oh yes, yes, oh that feels so good, oh yeah, here I cum! Ohhhhh! Ahhhhh! Oooooooh! Yes, yesssss! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oooh......." Marissa's wails filled the house.

Joy watched as her mother writhed on her bed with the family dog eating her cunt. Joy did wonder how it would feel to have someone -- or something -- kiss her own pussy. She wondered what a penis and cum tasted like, too. Tom pulled the dog away and gave him a treat for licking Marissa's twat so clean. Marissa was breathing hard on the bed, laying on her back on the cum puddle. Tom's prick was now aching for release.

"Joy, I'm gonna fuck your mother here on your bed, okay?" said Tom. Joy looked at her dad's hard cock which was now in his big hand, and then she looked at her mom on her back, who was now spreading her legs wide in anticipation of her father's cock invasion. Tom looked over at his daughter, who was frozen in place as she stood near the bed.

"Why don't you give the dog a taste of your pussy while Daddy and I fuck, Joy?" said Marissa. Joy swallowed hard. Her eyes went to her dad's prick, poised for penetration. He was rubbing his meat along his wife's wet gash as she squirmed on the bed. Slowly, Joy began peeling her jeans off. She was aroused, but she was also nervous. To take the edge off, she retrieved her favorite vibrator and sat on the carpet as her parents began fucking on the bed.

Tom placed his purple prickhead to the entrance of Marissa's cunt and pushed himself inside her cuntlips. Her wet hole began swallowing his steel rod, making him shudder as he sank further into her depths. She felt like the softest silk around his hard-as-steel member. Tom looked away from his wife down to his lovely teen daughter who had stripped and laid out on the floor. His eyes went to her bald, tight cunt as she rubbed her pink dildo against her slit, dipping it into her hole. Her cuntlips were so pink and delicious looking, swollen with her arousal. Joy's eyes were on her rutting parents. They were making love on her bed in a puddle of dog sperm!

Joy moaned with the pleasurable feeling of the dildo against her cunt. Her dad's long, stiff pole had sank into her mother's womb, and Marissa was moaning loud while being penetrated. Joy watched her dad's balls press against her mom's ass, his cock inside her as deep as it could go. Marissa was howling and moaning with pleasure. She could never get enough of her sexy husband's prick meat!

The sound of Tom and Marissa's fucking filled the room. His balls slapped noisily against Marissa's ass and pussy gash as his plunged in and out of her, his eyes on his hot teen daughter. Joy grew more aroused as the squelching sounds of her father's prick in her mother's hole filled her ears. She fucked the dildo harder into her pussy, moaning out loud.

Rusty perked up at Joy's moans and trotted over to her as she was thrusting the hard rubber dildo in and out of her cunt. She jammed it in and left it inside her, deep in her hole, and fingered her clit hard. With the dildo hard in her pussy, Joy screamed at the first flick of her dog's tongue on her aroused cunt. Rusty proceeded to lick from her clit down to her stuffed slit, and Joy moaned even louder.

"Yeah, Joy, ohh, yeah, you'll love it!" moaned Joy's mom. Joy moaned steadily as the dog licked up and down her pussy with the rubber dildo still up in her hole. She was indeed loving it! Meanwhile, Tom was giving Marissa a pounding on his daughter's bed. His balls slapped against her again and again as he plunged in and out of her wet hole. He was eyeing the dog as it ate out his young daughter's tight hole. It was hot! Tom badly wanted to get in that sweet, virgin pussy of his daughter's and was imagining his daughter's tight depths as he fucked his wife. Marissa moaned loudly as her husband's raging cock thrust in and out of her hot hole.

Joy's moans intensified as an orgasm built up inside her slender body. She held her cuntlips open for the dog like she'd seen her mom do, and was relishing the long tongue as it delved into her most sensitive spot. Joy was aware of her father's eyes on her pussy as the dog ate her out. They locked eyes as the climax began exploding through Joy's petite body, her legs shaking in the air. Joy's eyes then moved to her father's pounding cock, delving in and out of her mother's womb, as she orgasmed intensely under the dog's adept tongue. The sudden thought of being fucked by her father crossed her mind as the climax pulsed throughout her body. Joy's screams filled the room, the powerful orgasm washing over her.

Joy had to push Rusty away from her hyper-stimulated pussy as her climax subsided. Her thighs were trembling. And her dad was still pounding away at her mom's cunt. Tom was still eyeing his sexy young daughter while his prick delved again and again into Marissa's wet hole. He hoped Joy would take the dog knot -- it was hot seeing the canine eat her teen pussy! Joy watched her parents intense rutting upon her childhood bed. Marissa's moans intensified as her orgasm neared.

Tom could tell his wife was going to cum soon and was ready to cum with her. Soon he'd be unloading his sperm up into her velvety depths. He loved cumming up inside a pussy, inseminating a woman. His prick was about to burst, it was aching to explode. He also loved cumming up inside a tight asshole, too. And sperming in mouths and throats, of course. He imagined cumming in all of his daughter's holes as his orgasm intensified.

Tom looked down at his sexy wife, watching her tits heaving with his precise thrusts. He was pounding deep and hard into her hole, his seed ready to spew into her womb, her blond hair matted with sweat. Marissa was moaning and writhing and rubbing her clit as Tom fucked deep into her pussy, ready to cum. Her toes were tingling. Tom bent down and began sucking her nipples and breasts, encouraging Marissa's orgasm to erupt through her body. She screamed as she came hard around Tom's thick cock, her cunt muscles spasming. Tom felt her pussy convulsing around his prick and knew she was orgasming. His cum was about to spurt deep into Marissa's womb as they fucked passionately on their daughter's bed.

He looked down at Joy, sprawled out naked on the floor fucking herself with her rubber sexy toy as she watched her horny parents having sex. The pink dildo went in and out of her tight hole, swallowed up by her delicate pink folds. Marissa writhed on the bed, humping back hard at Tom as her climax surged throughout her body. Tom groaned as his own orgasm began. His cock pulsed in Marissa's wet cunt, his prickhead deep in her womb, pulsating inside her. Marissa moaned at the feeling of Tom's cock erupting jets of cum inside her cunt. She loved the feeling of being spermed on and in!

Marissa's orgasm subsided as Tom's prick throbbed its last streams of cum in her womb. She moaned and breathed hard underneath Tom's solid body. His prick was still deep inside her. He bent towards her to kiss her passionately before pulling his cock out of her hole with a sexy sucking sound. Joy shuddered, pulling the dildo from her cunt. Rusty was happily observing the humans playing around in Joy's bedroom.

"Wow, you guys are hot, Mom and Dad!" exclaimed Joy.

"You are too, honey," said Tom, licking his lips at her tiny pert nipples, sticking upward from her budding mounds.

"Let us know if you have any questions," said Marissa. With that, Joy's parents walked out of the room, her mom taking the bedspread to run it through the washer. Tom's cum started to ooze from her cunt as she walked away. Joy's mind was in quite a daze. She was trying to process what had just happened -- her parents had always been fairly open, but never really involved her in their sexual play.

Joy was certainly curious. She masturbated herself to sleep that night with thoughts of her mom knotted to the dog, thinking about the dog's tongue all over her entire pussy and licking at her asshole, fantasizing about getting knotted herself. Then Joy started thinking about her dad... he'd offered to fuck her. Should she fuck her dad? He was sexy, strong, loving, a great provider for the family... and he looked like a great fuck! She adored her father. Visions of his perfect, hard, powerful dick danced through Joy's mind as she rubbed her teen cunt to orgasm.

Joy moaned as she came, trying not to be too loud. Tom happened to be walking by his daughter's cracked bedroom door after retrieving some water from the kitchen. He peeked in, seeing the moonlight faintly streaking over his young daughter's naked body as she writhed on her bed. The floor suddenly creaked under Tom's foot and Joy turned her head in surprise, her pretty face illuminated in the pale light as she stared up at her father.

"Dad..." said Joy softly, coming down from her climax.

"Sorry Joy, I was just walking by to get some water..." her dad said quietly.

"No, it's okay... I was just thinking of you..."

"Really?" said Tom. They were speaking in hushed tones so as not to wake Marissa.

Joy sat upright on the bed, letting the sheets fall away from her nude body. Tom admired her taut form in the moonlight, her muscles well defined in the shadowy darkness. His dick was beginning to stir in his robe at the sight of her lithe, nude body. Tom walked slowly into the room towards the bed.

His heart pounded hard as she faced him on the bed and spread her legs wide open as he stood in front of her. Tom took it as an offering. His mouth fell agape as he looked down at the succulent petals of her flesh lit by the moonlight. Joy looked up innocently at her dad as his eyes were on her pussy. He looked up at her as she licked her finger and began trailing it down her firm belly and to her creamy pussy mound. Tom watched as his daughter laid back on her bed with her finger on her pussy slit.

Her beautiful cuntlips glistened with her arousal in the light of the moon. Tom took a deep breath; he could smell her pussy as he stood before her. His cock hardened further, poking through his robe. Joy eyed the piece of hard flesh that protruded from her dad's parted robe. It was his cockhead. Pre-cum dribbled from his prickhead, and Joy could see it glisten in the light. Both of them were silent.

Joy sat up again, legs still spread, and reached out towards her dad's exposed prickhead. Tom sighed as he felt his daughter's small hand on his hard knob. Her hand encircled his cockhead and pulled gently. She coaxed more of his cock free from his robe, pumping more of her hand along his shaft. Joy had never given a handjob before, but she'd seen her mom do it and had seen lots of pornos. Tom groaned at her fist upon his shaft, wondering where she learned to give handjobs and whether or not she sucked dick.

Tom didn't want to cum yet, so he pulled away from Joy's hand and joined her on the bed. At first they just laid silently next to each other, holding each other and staring up at the moon. Tom's cock refused to deflate with his sexy, naked teen daughter by his side. Joy ran her fingers over her dad's strong, hard body, observing his rippled chest in the moonlight. His robe was wide open with his cock standing hard and erect in the air, like a steel pole between his legs, casting a dick shadow onto her belly. Tom was in a tizzy. His head spun with thoughts of what was going to come next. He waited for her to make a move. And of course she soon did.

"Daddy," Joy said softly, interrupting their naked moonlight reverie.

"Yes, honey," Tom said quietly.

"Will you kiss my pussy?" she asked sweetly. Tom's breath caught in this throat. He'd been waiting for this moment... To taste his daughter's sex!

"Oh yes. Yes, honey, I will..." said Tom. He crawled down in between her legs on the bed and looked up at her, his face inches from her moist cunt, inhaling her sex deep into his brain. "Honey, I will devour your pussy..."

Joy threw her head back at the feeling of her dad's breath on her cunt. He teased her, moving up to kiss her belly, then her breasts, and her shoulders and neck and then kissing her briefly on the lips. Joy sighed as he then licked a trail down from her budding breasts to her pussy mound. She gasped and jumped as he planted a kiss on her pubic mound. Tom smiled, his mouth lightly kissing her soft, hairless mound as he looked up at her.

Joy writhed as her dad kissed further down, right on her clit, making her moan. He went further, kissing upon her pussy slit. Tom was relishing the scent of her hot sex in his face. He suddenly licked his tongue out at her pussy slit, making her moan out loud. Tom's tongue curled up into her slit, parting her pussy lips. She was musty, sexy, creamy, and perfect.

He proceeded to delve his tongue into her depths, exploring the dark wetness of her pussyhole. Joy moaned as her dad's mouth kissed deeply into her cunt. He began licking her clit and flicking it with his tongue. She was so aroused that her clit was a small, hard nub protruding for Tom to play with. Joy was squirming around on the bed with delight. Tom lathered her clitty up with his saliva, stopping to suck on her clit while running his fingers over her slit. Joy shuddered at his mouth on her clit and his fingers strumming her pussy.

Tom's index finger parted her delicate pink folds to sink knuckle-deep into her dark hole. Meanwhile, Tom flicked, licked, sucked, and kissed Joy's clit. He continued doing so as his finger went further into his daughter's vagina. Joy was breathing harder and starting to grind her pussy into her dad's face. Tom slipped a second finger into Joy's teen hole. He licked all over her clit and then down to her pussy. She was very wet, leaking pussy juices onto his hand. He patted her clit with one hand and the fingers of his other hand in her cunthole.

Tom began fucking her with his fingers while teasing her clit with his tongue and lips. Joy moaned louder, feeling an orgasm building up inside her again. Her dad was a great pussy sucker! She humped her crotch at his face while he ate her cunt hungrily. Tom's finger's fucked her with a steady pace, encouraging Joy's orgasm. She moaned steadier with the fingers penetrating her hole and his tongue slurping all over her pussy. He pinched her clit lightly with his free hand and licked at her clit while fingering deep into her hole. Joy's legs trembled as she held them wide in the air, her climax surging through her petite body. She threw her head back, clutching her tiny titties with her cunt in her dad's face. He didn't let up his pace finger fucking her cunt.

After she came down from her intense orgasm, Tom sat up on the bed, wiping his face on his sleeve. He loved the scent of her engorged cunt. His daughter was certainly blossoming into a sexy young woman! As Joy's breathing calmed, she looked up at her dad with amazement on her face in the pale light. Tom smiled and looked lovingly at his daughter.

"Hope you enjoyed," he said.

"Oh, yes. I sure did..." she whispered.

"I'm glad."


"Yes, love?"

"Can I... can I taste your cock?" Joy asked timidly. Tom raised his eyebrows. His cock was still hard and in need of release. He wouldn't mind getting sucked by the sexy teen!

"Sure, honey,"

"Daddy... I've never done it before..."

"That's okay, honey," he said soothingly.

Tom laid back on the bed, his cock standing straight and proud, his balls large and soft and covered with fine hair. Joy looked admiringly at her father's prick. She could see the veins coursing throughout its length. It was wider than her fingers could fully encircle when she placed her hand around the base of it. Tom sighed at her touch on his shaft.

Joy was on her knees on the bed, bending over with her father's cock in her hand, her mouth inches from his cockhead. Tom took a deep breath in anticipation. He exhaled, heart pounding, as he felt her lips on his shiny cockhead. Joy stroked her dad's thick meat with her small hand as she kissed the head of his dick all over. He groaned with pleasure as she kissed underneath his cockhead and then along his shaft.

She began stroking him harder, her hand beating him steadily while her mouth started sucking around his cockhead. Tom moaned -- she was doing an excellent job for a novice! Joy was encouraged, and continued to jerk her dad's cock like she'd seen so many sluts do in the porno movies she watched.

As she pumped his shaft steadily, she began sucking more of her dad's cock into her mouth. Tom groaned, loving the oral attentions his daughter was lavishing upon his cock. He could see her gazing innocently up at him in the pale moonlight while she swallowed his meat. Tom closed his eyes as she continued licking and sucking along his shaft, all over it, up and down the sides and underneath of it.

Joy was encouraged by her father's moans and groans, and enjoyed the taste of his salty cock. She licked his entire length, from tip to base, savoring his hard meat. Her mouth was small, and she wasn't able to swallow too much of Tom's cock as a result, but Tom didn't care -- he absolutely loved the restriction of her tight mouth around his throbbing member. His prickhead reached into her throat a few times as she choked as much of his muscle into her as possible, making his thirteen year old daughter gag and sputter.

Her sucking sounds were filling the room. Tom knew he was going to cum soon, and wanted to unload his sperm into Joy's gullet. He really wanted to sperm up in her womb, but he wouldn't mind filling her mouth up with his seed, either. Joy continued her steady strokes on Tom's shaft while her tongue licked all around Tom's hard shaft and cockhead. Tom groaned again, his cock aching to burst.

"Joy, I'm gonna cum soon... I'm gonna cum in your mouth, honey," Tom hissed through clenched teeth. He was breathing hard and he started to sweat a little as his orgasm approached. His balls were tightening. Joy looked up at him but didn't stop her steady pace jerking his cock and sucking his knob.

Tom gasped as his cock twitched on top of his daughter's tongue. Joy could feel her dad's cock throbbing in her mouth and then suddenly erupting jets of his cum into her throat. Her father's semen coated her tongue and lips as he exploded inside of her warm, wet orifice. He groaned as his cock pulsated, releasing thick ropes of sperm into his daughter's mouth.

Joy pulled her lips off her dad's cock, swallowing. She didn't mind the taste at all -- it wasn't bad! A little salty, that was all. Tom smiled at his daughter as they both sat up on the bed. Suddenly they heard a floorboard creak and looked over to the doorway, where Marissa was peeking in. Marissa smiled at her husband and daughter.

"Well, well, what have we here? Late-night snacks, eh? Joy, you look like a natural cocksucker! You must take after me!" laughed Marissa. Tom laughed too.

"Mom!" exclaimed Joy.

"You were great at sucking cock, Joy! That was awesome! You really must take after your mom," said Tom.

"Don't forget to suck the balls next time, too," Marissa chuckled. Tom nodded. He loved getting his nuts suckled and gently squeezed.

"Thanks, glad you liked it, Dad," said Joy.

"Sure did, honey."

Marissa walked into room near the bed where her husband and daughter had been pleasuring each other orally. She was naked, and Tom admired her form in the pale light. Her tits were perfect, more than a handful, her nipples hard. Marissa kept her pussy bald, and Tom could see her slit was wet with her arousal as her pussylips shimmered in the moonlight.

Tom looked up at his naked wife and then over at his naked teenage daughter and knew there was no way his dick was going to deflate even though he'd just cum. Joy's nipples were hard, delicious looking little nubs -- he could see them standing erect in her shadow as it cast across the floor. Her body was so lithe and petite, he wanted to drill it so badly! And his wife looked incredibly sexy, too. Tom's prick stayed hard, needing a pussy to unload in, badly.

Marissa could tell her husband needed a hole for his prick. She sauntered over and sat down on Tom's steel hard pole, facing away from him, as he sat on the bed. Joy sat on the bed right next to her parents as they fucked on her bed yet again. Marissa was quickly bouncing hard up and down on Tom's cock as he groaned. Tom squeezed his wife's tits from behind as she rode him hard and fast. Marissa then laid back flat against Tom as she was on top of him, her legs spread wide.

Joy got on the floor on her hands and knees for an extreme close-up view of her parents' rutting genitals in the light of the moon. Her dad's long pole delved into her mom's womb again and again, her mom's engorged pussylips swallowing the meat. His balls thrust upward, slapping against Marissa's gash with his steady dick thrust into the warm, wet cuntmeat. Marissa was moaning as Tom's cock penetrated hard and fast into her hole.

Tom suddenly gasped as he felt wetness on his balls while his prick was lodged in his wife's cunt. It was Joy -- she was sucking his balls as he fucked Marissa's pussy. Tom moaned at the pleasurable feeling of the soft tongue caressing his nuts while he penetrated Marissa's womb and slowed his thrusts. He then felt a small hand rubbing and caressing his nuts, making him moan and sigh.

After licking her dad's balls awhile, Joy began licking her mom's pussy slit as she lay spread wide open and impaled on her dad's stiff cock. Marissa squealed at the sudden tongue flicking upon her clit as her pussy was stuffed. Joy licked her mother's clit enthusiastically, trying to imitate her father's efforts upon her own cunt only a little while ago.

Marissa moaned louder and bounced wildly on Tom's steel rod as Joy ate her clit. She was subconsciously grinding her cunt into Joy's face after a few moments. Joy was pretty good at eating cunt just like she was a natural at sucking cock -- her parents were both very proud. She flicked her tongue all up and down Marissa's slit while rubbing circles around Marissa's clit.

Moans and the slapping sounds of Marissa's ass on Tom's thighs filled the room. Marissa was breathing heavier, her breasts heaving and bouncing with Tom's slow, forceful thrusts underneath her. She knew she would soon cum in her daughter's face.

Joy continued strumming her mother's clit and slurping up and down her stuffed hole, with one hand rubbing her dad's nuts. Both parents were moaning and writhing on the bed from the penetration and Joy's oral pleasures. Marissa's thighs trembled -- her orgasm was about to explode throughout her body. She moaned and shrieked that she was about to cum. Tom didn't stop his forceful thrusts up into his wife's womb, loving his daughter's hand cupped around his balls while his penis was buried deep in her mother.

Marissa writhed and screamed as she orgasmed intensely, with Joy sucking on her clit. The climax surged through her body, her pussy wet and creaming her husband's cock. After it subsided, Marissa hopped off of Tom's lap and stood unsteady on her feet., her pussy over-stimulated. Joy looked up at her sexy mother and then began sucking her mother's pussy juice off her dad's cock.

"Oh, yeah, baby, fuck your tongue feels so good, but I want to cum in a pussy badly, honey, ohhh..." moaned Tom as Joy bobbed up and down on his cock. He pulled himself away from Joy's small sucking mouth. She looked up at her dad, thinking hard.

Joy had never fucked a man before. She had played around with lots of toys though, and was seriously thinking about fucking the family dog soon. But her dad was a sexy man, not a boy her age... he had a sexy, virile, strong prick. She was wet from watching her parents' fuck, and from her father eating her out for the first time and her first blowjob. She loved trying these new things, and she finally decided she wanted to keep it up and try going all the way -- with her father!

As Tom sat on the bed, Joy laid down next to him and opened her legs wide. Tom gazed over his daughter's slender, tight body. Joy began fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit in the wan light. Marissa stood and fingered her own clit while watching her daughter playing with herself. She suddenly had an idea to make the scene even hotter, and left the room only to come back moments later with Rusty! She turned the light on now so that they could all see each others' nude, aroused bodies.

Joy looked over at her mom, who was laying on the floor now and spreading her legs, beckoning to the dog. Rusty parted her legs and quickly dove his head into her crotch, inhaling her musky pussy. Marissa laid back on the floor, spread eagle, letting the dog breathe deep the scent of her cunt. She gasped and moaned as Rusty flicked his long tongue out and started licking up her slit, from her asshole to clit. Joy watched as the family dog's tongue parted her mother's cuntlips and she shuddered, wishing the dog was licking out her own cunt.

A glob of pre-cum glistened upon Tom's purple cockhead. He needed to cum, badly, and jacked his cock to the sight of Marissa letting the dog eat her out. Marissa was moaning on the floor, grasping her tits as the beast licked her slit from top to bottom. She was grinding her pussy in Rusty's face, encouraging the dog to lather her pussy up with saliva. Marissa held her pussylips wide open so the animal could slurp deep into her hole.

Rusty was well trained. He licked Marissa's cunt clean, becoming excited with by the smell of her aroused cunt. The dog knew licking his master's pussy would usually lead to humping the pussy soon after. Joy and Tom watched as Rusty grew further excited -- he was bucking his hips now while lapping up Marissa's twat. Tom reached over and slipped one of his fingers into Joy's slick cunt while she was on her back masturbating next to him. He licked his lips; her creamy pussy juice covered his fingers, and she moaned when he wiggled his fingers inside her hole. In the light, he could see her bald cunt was pink and swollen with her arousal. He could smell her pussy, and it was making him wild!

"Fuck me, Daddy," Joy suddenly moaned as Tom's fingers dipped in and out of her juicy hole. "I'm ready for you..."

Tom groaned, his cock hard as steel and aching for release in a womb. He was definitely ready to fuck the horny, sexy teen! Rusty was humping the air more fervently now, too aroused and distracted to keep licking Marissa's cunt. Marissa laid down, putting pillows under her back to tilt her hips and cunt upwards.

"Yes, honey..." said Tom with lust in his voice.

"But I wanna watch Mommy and Rusty fuck..." said Joy, her eyes on her mom who was spreading her legs wide for the humping dog as she lay on her back. Marissa looked up at her daughter, their eyes meeting in a lustful glance.

"Well honey, do you want your first time to be doggystyle? I can take you from behind with you on all fours while we face your mom and the dog," said Tom, grasping his cock. Joy smiled widely.

"Doggystyle! Yeah, that sounds appropriate now for my first time!" laughed Joy. She then got on her hands and knees on the bed, facing her mom. Marissa looked back at her husband and daughter on the bed. Rusty was now wrapping his forepaws around her waist tightly and humping in between her spread legs. She had forgotten to put socks on the animal in the heat of the moment, and the dog's claws were starting to scratch her -- too late to do anything about it, though.

Marissa grinded her pussy against the dog's sheath, encouraging Rusty's prick to emerge and fill her up! Meanwhile, Tom got behind his sexy daughter as she presented her ass high in the air while on all fours. Tom slapped her asscheeks playfully, making Joy giggle. Then he bent down to get a taste of her moist pussy again, burying his nose in his daughter's ass as he parted her cunt petals with his tongue.

Joy moaned when she felt the tip of her dad's tongue on her sensitive clit. His fingers rubbed at her pussy, pulling her cunt meat wide open for his tongue to reach deeper into her hole. Joy watched as the family dog humped at her mom's cunt. Marissa was grinding against the dog, encouraging it to fuck her pussyhole. Rusty had yet to get in her as of yet, though he was certainly trying.

Tom pulled his face from Joy's wet gash, taking his steel prick in hand and flicking his cockhead against Joy's engorged cunt meat, teasing her with his prick. He pressed his cock against her clit and slit, rubbing himself his daughter's hot sex. Joy moaned beneath him. Tom held onto her hips from behind, his cockhead close to the entrance of her young pussyhole.

Down on the floor, Marissa grunted and started shrieking as Rusty suddenly slammed hard into her -- his prick had finally found her hole! Rusty's prick expanded quickly after finding a bitch hole. Marissa moaned and writhed as the animal pounded her at a manic pace. Almost instantly, Rusty began pushing Marissa around on the floor as she lay on her back. He was actually pushing her closer towards the bed so Joy and Tom could get a really good look at the beast fucking his human bitch.

"Damn, Mom, he's fucking you like a jackhammer!" yelled Joy. Tom smiled, his cock rubbing against Joy's cuntlips.

"Joy, I'll do my best to fuck you that hard and fast, if you want," said Tom to his daughter. Joy smiled, heart pounding, pussy slick as oil.

"Yes, yes Daddy... Do me, come on, get it in..."

Tom held his breath, his cockhead parting the virgin's cuntlips. He exhaled as her cuntlips swallowed his cockhead. Joy's pussy was tight and incredibly wet. Once the head of his dick was inside, he felt the instant need to get the rest of himself inside of her hole. While his daughter was on her hands and knees on the bed watching his wife getting hammered by the strong, panting German Shepherd, Tom slammed the rest of his prick inside her cunt until his balls smashed against her wet pussy gash. Joy's breath caught in her throat at the sudden penetration into her womanly depths.

She felt so good, Tom even loved the feeling of his balls pressed against her cuntlips while his meat was stuffed inside her. Joy moaned with her first male penetration. She had fucked herself with dildos many times over the years and felt no pain, just pleasure. Her father began thrusting steadily deeply into her then pulling out nearly to his cockhead before slamming hard back into her again. Both Joy and Marissa were wailing with pleasure. The sound of Tom's balls slapping against his daughter's ass and cunt filled the room. Joy was so wet, Tom shuddered as he heard his prick squelching around in her hole. Marissa was shrieking on the floor as the dog cock grew in her pussy.

"Oh, oh yeah, yes, fuck me, good boy, oh my God, yes, his cock is getting huge, his knot is growing, ooh shit my pussy is so full of cockmeat! Oh yes, fuck me dog, God I love dog cock and sperm and knot! Yes, arrrrgh, ohhh! I can't wait to see my baby knotted to this big dog, ohhhh..." moaned Marissa.

"Yes, Joy, your mother and I can't wait to see you fuck the dog," her dad said in a low voice in her ear as he penetrated her hard from behind. He rubbed her clit hard to match his intense pace fucking her teen hole. Joy moaned at her father's deep voice talking dirty in her ear while his prick reached deep inside her womb. "You gotta take the dog cock, honey... the cock, the knot, the sperm, oh yes, yes, fuck we want to see your hole filled with dog sperm, yes, ohhh fuck I love your young teen cunt, honey, yes, shit you feel so good..." Tom groaned in her ear. Joy shivered with pleasure. His huge nuts slapped lewdly at his daughter's gash as his cock delved deep inside her again and again.

"Yeah, Daddy, oh you feel good too, I do wanna try the dog, it is fucking hot watching Mom getting screwed... Ohhh yeah, you fuck so hard and good, Daddy! Ahhh, yes, I wanna feel your sperm up in my womb too, give me my first load of cum, yeah....ohhh, ahhh.... I think I'm gonna cum soon, keep rubbing my clit, Dad, and fucking me hard!"

"Oh, you got it, baby!" said Tom with a grunt, nailing Joy hard doggystyle while reaching below her to rub her pussy fast. He took his other hand off her hip to squeeze her tiny tit, rubbing and tweaking the nipple. Joy's cunt was tight as a glove, and Tom knew his prickhead was reaching deep into her cervix. Her pussy muscles were convulsing around his cock as his daughter screamed that she was cumming.

"Yeah, cum, baby! This dog's about to cum in my cunt, too!" yelled Marissa as the dog hammered hard at her pussy. "His knot is huge, it's plugging me up!"

Joy screamed as her orgasm washed over her. She collapsed under her bucking father, who continued pounding into her pussy athletically after she collapsed onto her face on the bed, her ass still in the air. Tom grunted. He looked down at his knotted wife, the sexy sight of bestiality encouraging the orgasm that had been building up inside of him for so long now. Then Tom thought of his teen daughter knotted to the dog and couldn't hold back any longer. He threw his head back and thrust deep inside Joy's young womb, staying still while his cock pulsed and spewed semen into Joy's hole. She moaned beneath her father on the bed as he filled her with his seed from behind. Her head was raised weakly to observe her mother, now tied to the dog.

"Oh fuck, here he comes, yes, cum boy, yes, good doggy, give me your sperm, shoot it in me, shoot it in me! Yessss!" screamed Marissa. "Fuck, he's erupting! Ohhh yeah, good boy! Give it all to me, yes, oh fuck I love that throbbing cock, those jets of sperm!" Marissa grinded her pussy at the panting dog while it filled her cunt with semen, knowing she was going to cum, too. "Ahhhhh, yes, I'm cumming, ohhhhh yeahhhh knot me like a bitch! Like a fucking whore! Yes, fill my cunt, fill it up, ohh I feel dog cum dripping down my fucking asscrack into my asshole! Ohhhhh oooooh ahhh!"

Tom stayed still inside his daughter's pussy, his cock twitching the last globs of cum into her womb. She was breathless below him, eyes on her knotted mother. Tom stayed in her pussy a few minutes longer, watching his wife stuck to the family pet. Joy was weak from her powerful orgasm -- she loved the feeling of her dad's hard meat inside her teen hole, and was eager to try the dog soon.

Tom finally pulled himself from his daughter's glorious cunt with a delightful sucking sound, some cum oozing from his cockhead. He slapped it against Joy's cunt to wipe it off. Tom went down to the floor and crouched over Marissa's face as she lay breathless and knotted to the dog, making her suck their daughter's pussy juice off his cock.

Marissa was knotted for several more minutes before Rusty started trying to pull away. Tom called Joy down to the floor as Marissa braced herself for the cock and knot to be pulled from her womb. As Joy rose to her feet, she could feel her father's cum start trickling from her pussyhole and down her thighs. She got up close to her mother's stuffed cunt as Rusty struggled to break free from his human bitch. Tom squeezed Marissa's tits as she sucked his cock clean and moaned at the knot pulling on her insides.

Suddenly, Rusty was able to break free with a final strong tug and Joy gasped as the huge pink cock and knot were torn from her mother's pussyhole. Marissa shrieked, her mouth full of Tom's cock, as the dog prick was yanked out of her cunt. Joy's eyes were on her mother's pussyhole, gushing copious amounts of dog sperm out of her cunt and down to the floor in a puddle. Marissa's hole was gaping as the dog cum ran out of it and into her asscrack. Joy was wide eyed at the sight of her mom so full of seed!

"Well, Joy, hopefully soon you'll be just as full of dog cum as your mother!" said Tom as he noticed Joy staring at her mom's inundated cunt, and they all laughed, starting to calm down after hours of hot family sex. Joy shuddered as she looked at the huge, pink, deflating dog cock. Soon, she thought to herself, very soon, that meat would be inside her own young pussy...

To be continued