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Dragons of Arma (re-edit)

2022-09-28 00:10:40

Ok everyone here is the first chapter again my wife is helping me edit this and she brought up some questions about stuff i fave written later on so i had to revise i a little i will also be posting the next part. i have no plans on Stopping my end goal is to get this "series" published what i am writing now is the first book i plan on four more (one for each year of his university) and then more after that i plan on this being a massive under taking so i hope you will stick around and enjoy it if you have any question about the story let me know your questions help me to fix and make this story better and keep the comments coming if i get enough questions i will start a forum post so i can get your opinions. your Comments do help me write i talk to my wife all the time and she helps suggest things all the time though she states she want me to write it on my own but reading your comments and suggestions does help me finalize everything in my head so keep them coming

thanks again



A word of Reference for anyone reading on literotica too there is a story line about AE users the author has stopped writing on it I love the thought of this universe I am not stealing his story I am writing my own it will have none of the characters or links to his story I have even given a detailed beginning of the world I am sorry if this offends some but his idea was marvelous and I was saddened to see his storyline stop if you do want to read his story line because of how amazing it is go to lierotica and find the story series called Badass by Dionysosk and thank you for reading mine and to Dionysosk if you read this I hope you like this and think I at least did a good job thank you now on to the story


The Dragon of Arma


In 2025 the earth was dying. Plants began dying left and right. The water turned to sludge. Animal life started to die. Humans in their last desperate attempt created 3 Arks similar to the ones Noah built in the bible. Humans harvested DNA and embryos from every species of the animal kingdom. They also raided the doomsday vault in Norway for the plant DNA and seeds.

The militaries of the world came together to throw the greedy politicians out of their offices. The four generals of the world armies came together knowing they had to think about the best chances of survival of the human race. The generals sent part of the military to collect every bit of knowledge that had been discovered thus far; with orders to bring it back to the ark. Another part of the army was tasked with testing all the children and adults under the age of 38 for men and 40 for women. The tests were for Intelligence, strength, and survivability. Priority was given to those having these skills. When those who were considered sick and frail found out that only certain people were going to be saved; they revolted against the militaries. When the last human was chosen; only 1/8th of the human race were chosen to take the trip. Everyone saved went into a deep sleep chamber that would slow down the aging process; meaning a year’s time was equal to a minute of deep sleep. The Arks launched in three different directions. 10,324 years after earth death the Artificial Intelligence of Ark 1 awoke the command crew from deep sleep. They found a new world waiting for them. Arma was a lot like earth but different in so many ways.

Arma was 10 times the size of earth with three continents and 2 polar caps and three moons; each a different size and its own orbit. Using shuttles, the humans started to colonize the planet. They used the lessons learned from the history of earth. Instead of mining on the planet, they took to the moons and the nearby asteroid field to mine what they needed. Using the old technology from earth, they began to build cities. They were able to cut waste to a minimum with the technology of the past. Humanity and civilization started to prosper. However chaos always prevails. Corruption and greed started to become common again.

Arma threw a curveball to the genetic makeup of humanity. After four generations, the changes started to affect the humans. Scientists studied the changes coming to the conclusion that the energy of Arma was causing these changes. After ten generations, humans had finally adjusted.

Most humans were now born with two souls and one conscience. One soul was a human, which was the usually the dominant spirit. The second was an animal spirit. Humans soon learned to control the animal inside them. With control came the ability to use the strengths of these animals to their advantage. The melding of these two souls created an elemental link. With the stronger connections, the humans could partially or fully change their form into that of their spirit; though much larger than the original animal. This link created the term Animal Elemental Users or AE users for short. Powerful links could, for instance, create a Fire Gorilla. Which is an AE user that is able to wield fire as a weapon while taking on the form of a Gorilla. In comparison an A user would be someone who had the dominant soul of an animal but no elemental power. An A user generally took on most of the dominant animal attributes, to include physical appearance. These generally were similar to the old legends, a man that looked like an animal, had all the speed and strength of that animal. An E user would be someone who had no animal spirit but the elemental power. This means normal humans have no rank or class.

Packs And Clans started to form. The animal soul was drawn to those more powerful. Making it more similar to the animal kingdom from ancient earth. The alphas reigned supreme. After five generations Humanity had once again adjusted to the changes. But then another discovery rocked the world, the first mythical animal AE user was found. A wind type gryphon. After that rare mythical creatures were found. 1 in every 32 was a mystical AE user, these people were referred to as MAE users. There were gryphons, hydra, basilisks, and many, many more. There was even a single Unicorn. MAE users had two elemental powers. The gryphons could master Air with Ground. A hydra could use Fire with Water. The single unicorn was found to only have one elemental power. But it was one never before heard of. The unicorn had the ability to manipulate light. The unicorn showed a strong sense of justice. And in his prime created the Arbiter Society. Many things now changed on each continent. Now there were the Arbitrators, a group of non-corruptible AE and MAE users who upheld the global and local laws. The Arbiters were able to travel anywhere they were needed.

With the changes in the genetic makeup, and the new societal structure, a hierarchy arose. The structure of Arma is as follows: MAE users, AE Users, A Users, and E Users, ending with Humans. Everyone with an AE powers was placed in a ranking and class system. Class referred to their animal spirit. The rank referred to their elemental power. There are two types of AE users. If the human spirit is dominant then your class is -D2 and rank is A - B. if you have a “Double Dominant” it means both spirits are dominant and are in perfect harmony your Class is then +D2 and your rank is S - A+. E users are ranked B - D with a class of -D. A users are ranked D - F with a class of D. AE users are ranked S - B with a class of either +/-D2. MAE users are ranked S++ - S with a class of D3. There are exception to this but most are rare. And with training, you can raise above your rank.

Clans areas started to form, and the more powerful the clan the bigger the area of the clan control of the area meant anyone in the area was under their control. The better ranked you are in your area the more likely you were to be recruited. The weak were dominated and made to work like the rest. Humans fall under the protection of their Area Clan, but not all clans are good. There were strict rules concerning Humans now. No one was allowed to use their AE powers on or towards humans. AE powers were not allowed to be used to threaten or intimidate Humans either. Humans are not allowed to enter the home of an AE user without the consent of the homeowner. Humans are Discouraged from leaving their zone without permission and protection of the ruling clan of their area. Humans are allowed and encouraged to travel to the orbital stations and lunar colonies for work and betterment of their families. Humans are allowed to attend school with AE users until the end of High School where they are offer the opportunity to go to a trade school for space studies or an exclusive human college for betterment of their skills to better help the AE users wherever they may settle.
Each continent had many universities. Depending on your power level, you only had so many choices. Though the top three universities were all found on the three continents. The continent Therum was the biggest continent and had the top university of Rales Run. The continent Decrum was the second of the continents and had the top university of Mante Orum. The Continent Ahkrum was the smallest of the three and had the top university of Xaos Reign. Clans from the world over came to these universities to headhunt, offer jobs, and places in clans for those who survived and graduated these places of learning.

Chapter 1

I was awoken as the shuttle pilot, announcing that we were beginning our descent. I rub the sleep from my eyes and look out the window. From the window, Xaos Reigns looks massive below the shuttle as it continues the winding descent. There was a tram system running through, connecting every ring and making it look like a spider weaved its web over the entirety of the university. Even the differences in each ring could be seen; the size and grade of every building. The University grounds come into view as we get closer, the tall prestigious buildings standing proud in the middle of this grand island. The shuttle sets down on the landing pad in the central park. I step off the shuttle onto the grounds of Xaos Reign for the first time. I could have gone to Rales Run. But this was my first choice. Something about this university had drawn me to it. The rush of life from around me was like a breath of fresh air. The monks at the monastery always moved slow and purposefully. Being stuck there for the past 18 years was a good chapter in my life even though it was boring. The night after the triple lunar eclipse, I was dropped off on the doorstep of the monastery. The monks taught me right, teaching me everything they knew and then some. Including secrets that no one knew outside the monastery. A voice brought me out of my ruminations.

An ultra-peppy kid in front of me asked “Are you new here? If so you need to check in at the registration building then proceed to Auditorium 1 for your Orientation Assembly. Thanks and have a great day.”

I pick up my bags, looking around the park I see “Registration” on the front of a big building across the park and start walking toward it. I see a bunch of clans, fraternities and sororities recruiting. Even a few packs here and there. Walking down the walkway, a dozen people around me are called over to talk to various groups. Luckily I am keeping my power and presence down to make it seem like I am a lower A-user. I don’t want anyone here to know what I am capable of yet. I am very grateful at a time like this that the monks taught me how to hide my powers and presence. Reaching the registration building, I see a table out front and head to it. I set my bags on the grass and looks at the cute girl behind the table.

She asks “Name and chosen major please include any minors you are going to try for.”

I look her over before responding with. “Heath Mortimer Dinester, pronounced Din-est-er and I am double majoring in Criminal Justice and Forensic Science.” I carefully recite to her so she doesn't mess it up like so many in the past have done.

She taps a few things into her tablet and nods. “Please put your Percom under the scanner.”

I look at her with confusion “My what?”

She holds up her arm and points to her wrist where there is a band “your personal wrist computer. Everyone has one. Where are you from?”
Looking around “a small island off of Therum called Ouroboros. I am an orphan from the Monastery on the island. We didn’t have much tech on the island. I scored high enough to get an invitation to some universities and here I am.”

She looks me over and nods “ok here is what you do” she hits a few buttons on the tablet and a piece of paper prints out the side with a QR code on it. “Go over to the student store.” Pointing at a building in a different direction. “Over there in that building and tell one of the ladies behind the counter that you need a Percom. They should be able to get you one. Make sure you familiarize yourself with it and use it to scan this and it will upload your information. Please keep in mind orientation is in 2 hours at the orientation Building in Assembly Hall 1A. Be safe and welcome to Xaos Reigns. She paused. “Oh I need to inform you before the assembly, that there is no fighting on the campus grounds.” She remarked almost as an afterthought

I grab my bags and start to walk over towards the building she pointed out. I find walking through the crowds is interesting. Almost all of the clans and packs ignore me, whereas the frats and sororities all sneer or look down their noses at me. I chuckle knowing that they are only doing it because I am hiding my power and presence. If I wasn’t, all these people wouldn’t stop staring at me and trying to find out about me. “Like white on rice” Monk Dormit would say. Looking ahead I stop and stare, I see a gorgeous girl ahead of me standing amongst her clan. Her long silver hair blowing in the soft breeze. I start to walk quickly realizing, I have to pass them to get to the Store. For the first time in my life I am a little nervous, there were very few females at the monastery. As I get closer, her head turns, her deep amethyst eyes sweeping over the crowd. As I move into her range and start walking past her clan, I feel her eyes staying on me; following me as I weave through the crowd. Reaching the store, I look over my shoulders letting my eyes settle on her. I see the intake of her breath Just as someone walks in front of me and I use that moment to walk into the store.

Stepping up to the counter, I see an older woman walking up to the counter. I realize she doesn’t have any AE powers. She is a human. Before she can get to me though, a hand grabs her and makes her turn to a large boar of a man. I see a look of fear cross the older lady’s eyes. Looking him over I analyze him. His animal is dominate causing the animalistic appearance. Feeling him out I know he is not a double dominate. His element power is limited to a Rank B.

“You can help me before you help that little runt.” he says rudely. With a sneer, he said “You got a problem with that?”

Smiling holding up my hands “No but you might want to be careful handling a human like that. I hear the consequences can be quite severe.”

“What are you a cop? Maybe you’re a rat? Going to scurry off and find the police and tattle on me, huh?” He approaches me slowly trying to bulk up to make himself look bigger.

Standing straight, I let my 6’4” height show. He looks me over and sneers. “You think just standing up will make you look more powerful. I barely feel anything from you punk. I know I can beat you to a pulp.” He says as he puts his hoof like hand on my shoulder, trying to push me.

I reach up and grab his hand, twisting it. Using his hand and arms I swing him around and slam his face on the floor. Without a second thought I yank on his arm to dislocate his shoulder. Standing back up I look down on him and comment. “Not a Rat. Just a concerned citizen. Maybe this will teach you not to judge a book by its cover. Next time you might end up in a coffin.”

Just then a couple of security guards come into the store. The lady behind the counter and I spend the next 30 minutes explaining what happened with the security footage backing us up. They quickly march the Boar out of there. After they are done I turn to the lady. “I am sorry about that. I came in here to ask about a Percom. I come from a small island without much technology so I didn’t even know I needed one when I came to the mainland. Can you help me find one?” I ask her.

For the next 30 minutes she takes the time to explain all the differences between the three Percoms that they carry in the store. Pulling my wallet out I look inside to check the credit vouchers I have. Realizing that I don’t have enough credits for even the basic model. Knowing that I have to save as much as I can since I don’t have a source of income yet and got very little extra from the monks. As I turn to leave thanking the lady, I feel a presence behind me accompanied by a voice that says. “Give him the top of the line model. You can charge me for it.”

Turning, I see an older gentleman with stark white hair standing a few feet from me. I look at him and slowly reach out with my senses. It comes to me he is a MAE user ranked S, his animal spirit feels like a large wolf. My body starts to react before I can stop it. His eyes twinkle as he says to me “Not many your age can size a person up like that.” The confusion in my eyes must have been evident. “You just used your senses to read me. Your posture then changed and your power surged before dropping back to where it is now. You have some training, I think this year will be quite.” he paused as if looking for the right word. “Interesting.” He chuckled and looks at the lady behind the counter. “Send the bill to my office.” He says before turning around and walking out of the store.

The lady turns to me and pulls out a tablet and starts registering and initializing the Percom. She helps me set it up. Scanning the slip of paper I was given earlier, my dorm room shows up on my Percom followed by my class schedule and a few random calendar dates. I look it over and ask the lady to help me personalize it. I spend the next 30 minutes making it mine and adjusting it to my wrist as she explains the last few points on the extra features; the wireless transfer of information, the private transfer of information by touching two Percoms together, Wireless access to any closed access networks. Getting the hang of it and finalizing everything I thank the lady, who I find out is named Abby, before grabbing my stuff and heading to the orientation building.

As I leave the building I notice that the silver haired vixens’ head turns quickly in my direction. Her eyes locking on me watching as I start to move. I smile slyly as I nod to her before weaving through the crowds disappearing from her view. I single her out with my senses and feel her start to move after me. Chuckling to myself I pick up the pace. I start to wonder why she is following me my power is contained to the rank of a low level E maybe a High F. My presence is even that of an E user. So why is she following me.
I see the orientation building ahead of me. With a group of people standing outside the building with a sign showing that they are the baggage handlers. I walk over to them and ask about their services I am told they are the bellhops for the university. They will take my luggage to my dorm room so I don’t have to worry about missing the orientation and don’t have to worry about hauling my luggage around with me until after. I ask them how much their services are and what I need to give them. They motion a boy over and tell me to give him my room number and they will take care of everything as the services are free. I set my bags down and stop the boy before he can run off and hand him a 5 credit slip and watch as he smiles and runs off with my luggage.

I turn and look behind me as I feel her eyes watching me. Her eyes lock with mine and I see a look of confusion and interest pass across her eyes. I smile at her and walk away into the crowd looking for something to eat. I see a few of the lesser sororities trying to sell some food to get noticed and try to earn some money to help themselves. I walk through a few grabbing a piece here and there leaving a tip with everything I purchase smiling at all of the girls working. I notice a group guys terrorizing one of the stands. Looking over the girls in the sorority I notice some are quite cute with a mixture of all kinds. A few high end E and A users a couple low AE users and in the center I notice an MAE user feeling her out I can tell she is ranked as an S. The guys are demanding to know why she isn’t with a better group; she shouldn’t be holding herself back with these weaklings. They try to grab her and drag her away when I step behind them and say. “I am pretty sure that she doesn’t want to go with you.”

They all turn around to face me as the leader looks me over and comments. “I don’t think we were asking for an outside opinion. In fact I don’t think we were asking for anything from someone with as low of a class and rank as you.” He gets a couple laughs from that before he continues. “Leave before we have to pay the fine for putting you in your place.” He starts to turn back to the girl.

I see her fully for the first time, her luscious dark obsidian hair flowing across her shoulders. Her eyes were Lust red surrounded by her black eye shadow making her eyes shine in the sunlight. Her pouty red lips matching her eyes. She stood about 5 foot 8 and weighed 152 pounds with a nice full 44DD bust. Her muscled stomach showing with her Black tube top. Her long legs meeting her sensual full hips. She looks at me and whispers “Help Me.”

“Let me rephrase this she doesn’t want to go with you. So let her go before you need an ambulance.” I say letting the deep dominating voice out. Watching their body language I move closer “better yet I will end this before it gets too far, I don’t want them looking at me thinking I am going around starting fights.” I stand fully letting my presence and power flow back to their natural levels. I watch as everyone in the area starts to shake some of the weaker ones dropping to their knees. Those already looking at me look on in fear. Stepping up to the leader and look down as I smell a foul odor noticing that he has pissed his pants. I let out a deep rumbling growl and watch as he turns tail and runs followed quickly by the other four. I withdraw my presence and power returning them to the lower level class and ranks they were at. I nod to the girl before me and turn and walk by their stand the other girls following my approach with their eyes. I point to a hot dog and one of the girls moves quickly and hands it to me. I smile at her and hand her a 20 note knowing that it is nowhere near that much in price. I grin but lose it as I feel the eyes again. Looking over my shoulder, I see her standing there silver hair blowing softly in the breeze. I raise my hand in a hotdog salute before using a finger to point over to the Gothic looking girl on the ground still. Then quickly disappear into the crowd.

Chapter 2

Looking at my wrist I see that it is almost time for the orientation assembly. Moving quickly through the crowd I make good time and walk into the building. I notice there is a display with the map of the entire island that Xaos Reign is on. I tap my Percom to the map and study it waiting for the download to transfer.

The map shows the 7 rings of the island. The inner most one being the university itself it is commonly referred to as Sigma ring. The next ring is Alpha ring which houses and is the grounds for the top three Clans, it also houses the top 3 three fraternities and sororities, which means that the elite of the elite are in Alpha ring. The second ring is Beta ring and houses the seven other clans that ranked in the top ten with the same going for the frats and sororities. The next four rings which are named in order: Delta, Eta, Phi, and Zeta; house the rest of the clans with frequent battles over territory and rankings. The last ring is called the omega ring and is considered the new student and unattached student ring. Many students who stay here for longer than 2 years usually drop out of school at that time. There are exceptions to this as some very smart students who have social disorders tend to stay away from clans so find the Omega ring a perfect home. To move out of Omega ring you must form or join a clan. There are two ways as a clan to move out of Omega. First is you create a guild get successfully get it registered and fight the lowest ranking clan in zeta ring to gain their territory. Second there is a waiting list for new clans for when clans of seniors who are graduating or clans that are taken out therefore creating an open territory for a new clan to move into. Most low ranking clans try to go this route the created waiting list is very long.

There is a vibration from my wrist letting me know it is done. I stand and mingle into the crowd as most of them are heading to the Assembly Hall. Stepping into 1A, I look around and seeing that most of the seats are taken. Noticing the balcony above I look around and seeing a dark corner no one is by, I move over to it. Closing my eyes I pull myself into the darkness and step out on the balcony. Moving out to the middle getting a good seat I sit and close my eyes. Reaching out with my senses I examine everyone below me. Close to 1000 students below me, I start looking them over. Most are lower level AE users, a very few E users, a few more A users, there are roughly 200 high level AE users. I am more surprised by the 25 MAE users. I look over each of them even coming to two familiar users the silver haired Goddess is off to the side of the stage and the Goth goddess is below me with her sorority. She feels a little scared as her sorority is around her protectively. Standing up I bend over the railing to look at her to make sure no one is bothering her. She is fine. No one is around her except for her friends at the moment. As I am about to pull back I see her look up at me. I smile at her and give her a wink and nod before returning to my seat. I feel her start to move but luckily for me a group of people walk out onto the stage.

The older gentleman I met earlier is the one leading them onto the stage. His dark grey eyes sweep the auditorium. He taps his Percom and starts to talk as his voice is amplified over the auditorium. “Hello and Congratulations students, we are happy to welcome you to your first year here at Xaos Reign. I am Headmaster Phineas Teldona. For those of you who were not paying attention,” he says looking at a group of guys off to his left. “That is Headmaster Tel-Doh-Na. I am the Alpha for the university and if for one second you think you are stronger than me and can lead this school better than me I welcome your challenge. Until then you are under my leadership while on university ground or what they refer to as Sigma ring. A few ground rules the humans here are to be treated with the utmost respect and care. We had an incident earlier where a student disrespected one of the delightful ladies at the school store, luckily one of your fellow students stepped up and put the student in hospital with a dislocated shoulder and some broken fingers. So I recommend you be very careful. The Discipline Committee is very harsh towards these kinds of infractions. Also on a side note to the student who stood up for Abby in the Student Store. Please report to the discipline committee tomorrow. The information is being sent to your Percom.” I notice several people looking around to see who it is. I chuckle to myself knowing they won’t see me. The Headmaster starts to talk again. “A few points of reference, since it is your first year here at the university. The clan ranking matches are being broadcast this year at the request of the Council of Clans. They think it might become a sport they everyone might enjoy. This year will be the first Global college ranking which will also be broadcast the top ten clans from each university will be eligible to participate we are also allow one wildcard clan on the recommendation of the headmaster. I will not be choosing the eleventh ranked guild unless they show they are worthy. Now that is all of my announcements. I would like to introduce you to the people I have behind me and then your class rep will talk to you for a minute and you will be released to get ready and get settled into your new housing arrangements. From inside out you have Raish Maliut, he is the head of the judges and referees, and they handle most sporting and inter-collegiate endeavors. Next is Jalenin Del Marik, she is head of Housing. Lesert Herop is next in line. He is the head of the human contingent here a Xaos Reign. And the last in line is your class rep. Her name is Ar’Isa Teldona, and if any of you are wondering yes she is my grand-daughter. She is also Alpha of the clan Yggdrasil. Now last thing before I turn over the mic to your class rep. Please keep in mind the closer you are living to the university the better the restaurants and entertainment centers. The only way to move up is to join or start your own clan and aim for the top. Remember no fighting on Sigma ring only the others are free-for-all. So Good Luck.” With that he steps out waving his grand-daughter to center stage.

I laugh softly as she gives her grandfather a look that can kill. Stepping up the center stage, she taps in a couple commands on her Percom and looks at everyone before she starts talking. I notice how musical her voice sounds. “Welcome fellow students. I am your class rep. A few quick items before I answer any questions. Please everyone memorize your housing unit number in case anything happens to your Percom. That way you can still make it back to your housing unit. Keep in mind all housing numbers are set up the same way. First is your ring followed by your area number then your building number and finally your room number. For all of you, unless you have joined a clan, frat or sorority, those numbers will start with Omega. So an example we have here.” She turns and taps on here Percom and behind her a number shows up on the screen behind her. “The example here Omega-3-2-101 so you would live in Omega ring Area 3 Building 2 Room 101. So please remember this you don’t want to walk into the wrong building and have security called when you try to enter the wrong room. Now as freshman we will be expected to provide our own contingent for the Discipline Committee. From here on if you hear someone saying the DiCe are on the way, they are talking about the Discipline Committee for those of you who can’t put 2 and 2 together.” Someone from the back yells “Well duh the answer is 3.”

Without missing a beat she continues on “And that people is why we wear helmets when we play sports. Now back to the topic at hand if you want to apply for the DiCe. Please turn in your application as soon as possible. Tryouts will be held next Friday. Please keep in mind everyone can apply, they will need all classes and ranks. There will be 20 spots available. You will be tested to get a spot. Each class will be allotted a certain amount of spots so we can patrol our own at any given time. If you need any help the emergency contact button on your Percoms will be updated tonight with a few other updates. Now there are anywhere from 150 to 200 DiCe members so if you are thinking of pulling something and want to take on the 20 DiCe members from our class. Just remember they have 180 more members behind them. And trust me, the DiCe doesn’t take kindly to being messed with as they are a very tight knit pack. On a Final Note about the DiCe before I move on. DiCe members are not eligible for consideration for any clans or frats and sororities. DiCe members must remain impartial. There is one DiCe building in each ring it houses the DiCe members. In addition to a nice jail in the basement which for your information has Abyssal Stone which will neutralize the powers of anyone put into the jail. For your own information you must also keep up your grades. If your grades drop below a 3.0 you will not be allowed to participate in any of the ranked fights. If it is found out your grades are too low and you still fight, your team or clan will be disqualified and made to sit out for the rest of the season. Keep in mind this means if your clan can’t fight they will be dropped to the bottom ranking of clans. This applies to all clans. If you join a top ten clan and fail your classes and your clan is disqualified. That means they are thrown out of the top ten and dropped back to the bottom ranking clan. And personally, I wouldn’t want to be the person to do that to any clan especially if you manage to get into one of the top ten. For all you wondering about food. Food on Sigma ring is free during breakfast, lunch, and dinner periods. If you don’t want to eat here, you have to, and I do mean have to, pay for it. The closer you get to Sigma ring the better the restaurants and the food, also the more expensive things will be. For those of you who don’t have a source of income the local stores and restaurants will start hiring tomorrow. Your only other option for income is the Discipline Committee. They do pay their members as an effort to make up for the danger that they are put into. Now do we have any questions?” she types a command on her Percom and points to a student on the left side of the auditorium.

The students’ voice is magnified as he asks. “I was under the assumption that there would be 21 spot on the DiCe that would be open this year? And do we need to be able to fight to apply for the DiCe?” Ar’Isa nods and responds. “Yes there are 21 spots but it is my understanding that the DiCe is holding one spot for the student who will meet with them this coming Monday . Normally there is a Class Commander of sorts a type of Vice-Captain to the Captain of the entire DiCe. So for our class it is a Freshman Commander. When we move on next year the spot will be called Sophomore Commander. This spot is usually goes to the strongest student in tryouts and let me tell you now, you will be put up against other students to show you have the skills whether it is someone in a higher class or your own fellow freshmen. Now working into your next question no you do not need to be able to fight they do have clerical positions and non-contact guard positions so still feel free to apply it is my understanding there is a couple questions about placing on the application. Those were two great questions, Thank You!”

Ar’Isa points to another student. “How do we register a clan to make it recognized?” I close my eyes and ignore everything for a while dropping into my meditation mindset. I feel the flow of the energies moving around me. I feel two strong AE users moving towards me. One of the AE user’s stops on the stairs around the corner. I realize it is the gothic goddess from earlier, opening my eyes I sneakily look over my shoulder to see her lust red eyes watching me. I smile and notice the other AE user is now standing behind me. Knowing who it is without looking I let my eyes drift back to the stage before saying. “Headmaster Tel-Doh-Na how can I help you today?”

He laughs softly and climbs over a seat and sits next to me “Mr. Dinister do you have a minute to talk? We have a few things we need to go over.”

I look at him and shake my head “Headmaster my last name is pronounced Di-Nest-Er not Dinister. But I hardly go by it call me Heath and what do we need to go over? Am I in trouble for helping the girl earlier?”

He chuckles “No but I do have to say it was an interesting display. I like that you didn’t even let your power reach its peak, cutting it off where you knew they would get a good sense of fear from you. With your double major I think the DiCe would be a good place for you. But are you willing to do what it takes? Or are you afraid of your powers?” I hold up a finger as I hear a guy below me.

“I have a question who do I have to beat to get into your pants? I mean what does a guy have to do to get some of your special attention? Or do we just show up at your place and you take care of us. Because once you get a taste, you won’t want anyone else.” He nudges his friends around him as they all laugh. Ar’Isa’s eyes harden as she opens her mouth to comment. But before she has a chance to I am moving. Feeling time starting to slow as I move, jumping over the railing I land on the hand rest at the end of a row of seats. Running across the back of the seats I jump and land next to the guy. Slamming him with an open palm in his chest. Watching as he starts to fly I quickly launch myself back up to my seat. As I step back over the rail time starts to move regularly. Ar’Isa starts her comment and stops her eyes widening as she watches the guy disappear in a second. A boom sounds across the big room as he slams into the right auditorium wall. He falls unconscious to the floor blood dripping from his mouth. I look over my shoulder as I feel her amethyst eyes locking onto me. I sit down next to her grandfather and say “Do they have a class here on how to keep your mouth shut and your thoughts to yourself? People I ask you don’t your parents teach manners anymore or is stupidity running rampant now?” I look at the headmaster and nod then shake my head wondering what I have gotten into.

The Headmaster laughs deeply and says while smiling. “You should probably introduce yourself.” Shaking my head I notice how quiet it is in the auditorium. I move over the stairway and step around the corner. Seeing the gothic goddess I wink to her. Seeing her legs shake a little I smile and keep walking. As I reach the bottom of the stairs I look over my shoulder and see her holding the railing as she slips slowly to the ground. I lick my lips so she can see it and then continue into the main auditorium. I cross my arms over my chest and put a stern look on my face as I walk down the aisle. Reaching the stage, I jump onto it lightly. Stepping up to Ar’Isa I look deep into her eyes and smile.

“Pardon me Miss Class Rep.” I say to her softly. Ar’Isa taps her Percom to mine then steps back letting me take the floor. Turning around I face the crowd. “Hello everyone, the Headmaster thought it might be a good idea for me to introduce myself. My name is Heath Dinester, I am…” I stop as my wrist vibrates. Opening up the display I see the message that has been sent to me. I close the message and continue on. “I am currently the only freshman DiCe member. From the message I just got I have been approved already. So that being said I will not take anything laying down. You better pray you don’t get on my bad side. You will not win and more than likely you will become acquainted with the university hospital wing. I have already broken up 3 incidents today please keep that in mind when, and I do mean when, you decide you want a piece of me. Thank you and have a nice day.” I press a couple quick buttons and tap my Percom to Ar’Isa’s. Before I can walk away she quickly grabs my wrist and taps a few buttons on my Percom touching it to hers. Looking her in the eyes, I smile before jumping off the stage and starting the walk back to my seat in the balcony. As I pass the row, with the friends of the guy I hit, I hear a bunch of growls. Stopping I look over at the wall were the guy is still laying of the floor and yell “MEDIC!!!” My smile even more malicious towards them, “too bad none of you could have helped him.” Laughing I continue walking.

Reaching the stairs, I see the red eyed beauty sitting with her sorority. With a quick bow of my head, my left arm crosses my chest as a small salute. I continue up the stairs as I turn the corner I see the headmaster still sitting next to my seat. I sit back down next to him. He smiles at me and says. “Throwing down the gauntlet early are we?” I smile at him and nod “If you’re going to throw me under the bus I might as well own up to it. And to answer your earlier question about my powers. I am not afraid of them but everyone else should be.” I give him a sly smile.

He nods and stands “Well Mr. Dinester I must return to my duties. It was nice to sit down with you. I look forward to seeing what you’re capable of. Have a nice day.” With that he turns and walks away. He stops at the top of the stairs “Though I would offer you a small piece of warning. It seems you have caught the attention of my granddaughter and when she sets her eye on something she usually gets whatever she wants. Good Luck.” With that he walks off laughing. Turning back to the assembly I see Ar’Isa done talking and students getting up and leaving. Her eyes watching me. I stand and nod to her before heading downstairs. The gothic goddess is leading her sorority and heading to the stage. I walk out of the auditorium smiling.

Tapping my Percom the holograph displays in front of me. I look over the information in the email from the DiCe and frown, my room has changed. I remember them saying something about the DiCe being housed in their own housing. I contact the bellhop group and inform them of the change of address. Then I accept the program downloads before closing the display and looking around me. Stepping out I see a pretty boy standing in the hallway waiting for me. He stands about 5’10” and 160 pounds with an athletic body type his dirty blond hair, and forest green eyes were very defining for him. As I started to walk by him, he let out a quick chuckle as he stepped in to pace with me, “My name is Kezaban. Ursor, the head of the DiCe told me to meet up with you to give you some pointers before we start with the formal training on Monday. You will be tagging along with me as I do things this weekend so you can see how things work at DiCe. We will more than likely also start receiving applications, for the freshman class DiCe, starting Monday. We will be holding your Audition Monday after breakfast is over here on Sigma ring.”

I nod to him and say “is this weekend supposed to be busy?” He shrugs a little and looks at me. “Sometimes it is ok. Sometimes it can be bad. All the new blood, who think they are the big bad alpha from whatever their hometown is, and then they get here and try to start stupid stuff with the bigger badder Alphas and get put in their place. So most of our activity is within the first semester of the new class coming in. Your class DiCe crew will be put to the test. The juniors and seniors like to wait till the freshmen are on deck before starting anything. Just to see if they can get away with it. Most classes have a few DiCe members who let certain things slide. Don’t become one of those, if Ursor finds out, there will be hell to pay. Come on I will show you to the tram line.” We walk out talking about the inner workings of the DiCe; Paperwork, Detention, how to field requests for DiCe intervention or requests for DiCe supervision of events. He leads me across Sigma ring to the entrance to the university grounds. At the entrance there is a big tram hub with a few pedestrian walkways connecting the Sigma ring to Alpha ring. He leads me into the hub. Looking around I see a few students here and there. He leads me over to a podium next to a gate on the other side of a security station. He taps his Percom to the pedestal before walking through a gate. Looking at me he says “DiCe members are the only ones besides the Headmaster and Arbiters that can bypass security stations anywhere. Just tap your Percom to the pedestal at any security checkpoint and either you pass through the side gate or walk right through the sensor, it will read green for you.” I tap my Percom to the pedestal and the gate opens. I join him on the other side. I feel a vibration and look down at my Percom and notice it has turned Red. He nods to my Percom. “Your Percom just updated letting you know which trams to get on to get to your home. If you set a destination into your Percom. The moment you step through the security at a tram station it will update your directions for the fastest travel. Right now it is telling you that you need to get on Red tram. When you need to switch trams it will vibrate and change colors before entering the station you have to change trams at. Once you get to the closest tram station to your destination it will vibrate twice and return to its regular color.” He tilts his head. “Red tram is over that way I am heading the other direction so I will see you this weekend if we have any calls otherwise I will see you Monday morning . If you get too lost just bring up the directions on your Percom and turn the voice setting on and it will guide you step by step home.”

I nod and turn walking over to the stairway with the Red color leading the way. I make it just in time to hop on the tram. Taking a seat, I pull up the manuals for the DiCe and start reading through them. I switch trams three times before getting off on my stop. Walking out of the tram station I see nothing but walls of grey. All the buildings look alike. You can tell the residential buildings from the business only by their size. I look down at my Percom and find my address. Saying to myself Omega-13-69-1301 so remembering what the class rep said I live at Omega ring, Area 13, Building 69, Room 1301. Looking around I see that I am in front of building four. I start walking following the direction on my Percom.

The sky starts to darken as I approach the DiCe building. Stepping the front door I notice that there are a couple people milling around. A couple of them notice me and stop talking which seems to spread through the group. Walking through the lobby I ignore them as I step up to the lift. I swipe my Percom across the pad on the wall. Watching a disc slide out, I step onto it and wait a second before the lift starts moving upwards. The lift reaches the 13th floor looking around I realize this is the top floor and that it only has one door. Walking off the lift to the door I tap my Percom to the door plate then watch as the door slides back. Stepping in the door I find a short hallway, with a closet on the right, leading to a big open room. The big room turns out to be a living room with an attached dining room which opens into a big kitchen with an island and breakfast bar. Looking to the left I see double doors and a single door. Approaching the single door I see a half bathroom which I assume is for guests. Then walking to the double doors I peek in and am amazed by the size of the bedroom. It has a huge bed and by the looks of it a nice sized walk in closet. Seeing another door off to the left I move over to it and looking in a see a very nice bathroom with a walk in shower and a deep pool which looks like a lap pool. Walking back into the living room I see my bags in the middle of the floor. Spending the next hour unpacking and putting stuff away. By the time I finish it is already the twenty second hour. Figuring that I better get some sleep without knowing what I am in for this weekend. I crawl into the bed and quickly fall to sleep.