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Fantasy and Reality of a Young woman's Zest for Bestiality and Animal sex

2022-01-18 02:00:04

Story: Fantasy and Reality of a Young woman's Zest for Bestiality and Animal sex


My wife even as a young girl had some incredible fantasy's and some of them were about animals she was always interested in sex and grew up watching old black and white movies and would add her imagination about sex into them. Her mother caught her masturbating at the age of 8! By the age of 11, and do to finding some of her fathers pocket fuck books about females having sex in bondage situations. Along with several stories that had women having sex with animals, mostly big dogs and horses! This had really perked her imagination about such things and the following is one of her first fantasy's about a young girl that was treated like an animal and used in sexual situations!


The title is People pets and the entire story is posted elsewhere under my stories
Its setting is in a gated community, the men who live there are well to do, you know the Mercedes B M W type. This community is like any other, except that they are all yuppy bachelors and instead of having regular pets, all of their pets are attractive young women, and like all pets are cooped up in the house during the day or allowed to run free in there fenced back yards.

Occasionally these pets would climb the fence or wiggle through it, getting loose and creating some sort of mischief in the neighborhood that would cause there masters trouble. They would then be brought home to their masters and punished. This punishment could be any number of things, (let your imagination run wild here).

The suitable attire for these pets would only be a collar, or harness that could of course be attached to a leash. The only other thing they were allowed to wear was a pair of high heels, they after all are pets. They, like all pets would have to be walked through the neighbor hood each evening naked so as to get the proper attention and exercise. They, being cooped up in there back yard or left in the house all day would then be ready and eager to play or go for a walk, being quite excited and waiting, just to please there masters.

These men would then take there pets for a walk, wanting to show them off as to what great pets they have, how attractive, and how well trained they are. They would have them heel, kneel or bend over on command. As they would walk there pets around the neighborhood. They sometimes would trade them with one another, so that there neighbors could enjoy having a different pet to play with, this was a common practice to do in this community. Please read the rest of this story posted elsewhere.

True Story

My wife was around 13 or 14 in the late 50s she, and one of her girlfriends one summer were talked into running nude across the local school yard and back late in the evening! The older girl who had talked them into doing this had a big Labrador retriever that she would let chase the girls. It was great fun quite stimulating and very exciting to be naked and have this dog chase her. The dog like most dogs always seemed to be interested in the girls crotches! She told me it was always quite embarrassing as this dog only seemed to be interested in her, and that she would always have to push him away even when she was dressed, maybe the dog could sense, that she masturbated regularly?

On one occasion while running across the school yard she tripped and fell down, this was followed by the dog burring his nose in between her legs and licking her! This for her was an incredible sensation and so much better than masturbating! Several times after that when she and the dog were alone she did not push him away! There were times when she purposely would sneak out behind her neighbors along their back chain link fence wearing no panties. She would hide in between the bushes raise her dress and pushed her bare little slit up against the fence and let this dog lick her to orgasm! She kind of had an idea that this was wrong, but the feeling of forbidden sex was quite appealing and to her at the time, if this was what animal sex was about, she wanted more!


Another of her fantasy,s is that young women would be brought to and used in a large private game preserve that catered to very rich perverted and sadistic clients, who then paid large sums of money and selected the game they wished to hunt, the game were, naked young women that had been placed in there charge from a variety of questionable sources.
Large breasts or small, buxom or skinny and of course red head blondes or brunettes. They also accepted special orders for specific women. Most had been given freely either by their husbands who consider them sluts that craved more and more sadistic sex, and from slave masters that actually sent them there for additional cruel brutal and sadistic punishment!
They would use trained dogs to help find and chase the girls down as they would in regular animal hunts! The dogs during the hunt were trained to go for the girls bottoms thighs and breasts and especially their pussies by nipping licking or actually biting them, but were trained either to bite hard!.. or they were trained not to bite hard which ever the client wanted!
Their job, the dogs and the training was for the most part to tree them, so that they could be shot with a combination paint ball and tranquilizer gun. Once shot their limp naked bodies would be taken back to the lodge and then be hung up by their ankles, their pussy's would be shaved and there pussies would be eaten either by the hunters or they could let the dogs eat and fuck them along with pictures of the hunters face buried in their muffs showing their conquest or otherwise sadistic abuse and torture of these wild female pets!, after which the hunters could either keep them, or return them to the game preserve wilds to be used over again!

True Story

When I was just out of Marine Corps boot camp and stationed at Camp Pendelton in 1959. Myself and six others enlisted rented a limo and were taken to bars it Tijuana Mexico. Along with all of the topless bars were a lot of white girls who lived in the US San Diego and Chula Vista that regularly went there to dance. At the time it was not legal to do so in the US and was still several years away from the Go Go Dancers of the mid 60s! At One of the bars was an act that had a naked female dancer accosted on stageby a guy wearing a white Gorilla suit that eventually after much theatrics had her on the floor and simulated sexual intercourse it was a fun thing to watch and quite entertaining. While at this this bar one of things we were offered was a live sex show. It was held in a small arena that was used for animal livestock auctions. A blue 55 gallon oil drum that was half buried in the dirt floor that had a folded blanket or part of a mattress on top of it. Two men brought out a naked young Mexican girl around the age of 25 she was a little pudgy and slightly over weight she was squealing, begging and carrying on for them not to do this in broken English! I do not know whether her pleading was for real or for the crowd as they forcefully placed her face down over it and tied her to some stakes in the dirt floor by her wrists and ankles!

Then they brought a donkey in and led him up behind her. We were close enough to see that he had a large cock about 12" to 14" maybe more it was hard as I think the animal was well trained and actually enjoyed doing this to women! They had smeared some sort of Vaseline all over her slit and guided the head of this animals cock into her the animal quickly started humping her as she screamed and yelled again, and again unknown as to whether it was for real!

It did not last to long before the donkey came as he did, one of the men handlers smacked the donkey on his rump with a belt forcing him into her all of the way making her really scream and I think that this part was real! As a young man and not all that well endowed I was not only impressed by the size but was also impressed by the amount of semen that came flooding out, this was really a perverted thing to watch but was also quite a turn on. I as a young boy had witnessed the breeding of horses as my father and our family had a number of horses and ponies growing up. What little of what I had remembered as a young boy was much the same, the squealing of the mare and the hard quick herky jerk of the stud horse that performed the the act and at the time seemed quite brutal, but then I was a young boy!

True Story

About four years later after we were married for about a year, my wife fessed up that she had fantasy's ( this is another story about her) and that she also had fantasy's about animals I told her about what I had seen in Mexico. This was a big turn on for her to fantasize about this when we had sex and led to some great sex as I would threaten to do the same to her!

The most interesting thing about this story was when we were first married we lived with my dad for the first year or so and one of the things my wife loved to do when we were first married was go parking and not to wear much I would usually blindfold her and tie her hands behind her back. I would almost always do this to her before taking her out into the woods or river bottom not far from where we lived.

At the time my father had several Shetland ponies as he loved animals. So with her fantasy's and mine one evening after my dad was asleep I stripped her naked and instead of taking her out to the little cabin behind the house where I usually took her. I led her past it and across the pasture she told me later that as I led her across the pasture she had no idea what I was going to do and once in the barn she knew by the smell where she was. I had led her into one of the horse stalls and had tied her down over a bale of hay she could have easily gotten loose but she was trembling with uncertainty as I led in one of the ponies! I had earlier set everything up!

She was beside herself as the pony brushed up against her bare bottom, but she did not try to move or get loose nor did she ask me to let her go, and not to do this, she stayed right there with her heart pounding! The pony was not horny or even hard and was not trained to do anything like this I tried to get his flaccid dick to do something but was only able to rub the tip across her pussy several times before he wanted no more to do with this situation, so nothing happened. But it was a great thrill for her and I ended up doing her while she was tied over the bale the results was some great sex! The point is I think she would have let the pony do her. She was though at the time very naive and horny and had no real idea of what might really happen nor did I! Many have heard urban legends about such things but I really saw it happen and as a young man was and still am impressed, and if you do not think something like this could really happen or it was not possible just click on some of the Bestiality sites on the web an I can assure you much worse things with young women and animals have occurred, and it did happened!

My wife as I said also has fantasy's about dogs apes Sasquatch and mythical beasts that are half man and half animal she also has a fantasy about the minotaur a monster in Greek mythology that is half man and half bull. Where young virgins are taken for there first sexual experience and are also eaten in more ways than one. But these are stories for another time!