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Gym Time

2022-01-13 02:00:04

A few years ago, in the late summer just when the kids went off to college we had some more time in our schedules, my wife Nora and I joined a local gym. She was already in better shape than me but when she put her mind to something, she was relentless. I, on the other hand, wanted to get in better shape as my life had become pretty sedentary. I worked long hours and commuted into the city and had little time. I started to go to the gym two to three nights a week after work and got a little aerobic and weight lifting in.

Nora went to the gym pretty much every day except the weekends. Depending on what was happening with us she would occasionally go on a Saturday, but rarely. She was an at home mom at the time even though all the kids were out of the house. She had the time so she used it at the gym.

We never went to the gym together. The time there was our individual “me” time. On the rare occasion we went on the same day, we would go in separate cars and do our own thing. It worked out well. Nora made friends with various women at the gym in the same situation as she was; all stay at home moms.

Except for Rachel. Nora and Rachel met when both of them had just finished working out. They both were in the women’s locker room changing and started talking about girl shit. They saw each other again and again at the gym and eventually starting meeting up and working out together.

Rachel was in her mid-thirties and not married. She was about five foot five inches tall and had shoulder length dirty blonde hair. She had a nice firm set of breasts and a round ass. She had a boyfriend named Ray who she lived with in a small house not far from the gym. She didn’t have any children and worked locally at one of those Pet supply places. Even though she was nearly twenty years younger than Nora they had a lot of the same interests and became close very quickly.

Now that it was just the two of us at home with the kids away at school whenever I worked late or missed dinner, Nora would hang out with Rachel and grab dinner with her.

One of those times was when I was meeting a group of my old friends for dinner and drinks in our old town. It was a Saturday and Nora had made plans to meet Rachel at the gym, work out, and go to the Rachel’s house to shower and change. They had planned a night out as well.

That day they met at the gym and had a nice work out. After they were done they packed up their gear and went over to Rachel’s house. Her house was about two miles away. Nora left her car in the gym parking lot and road with Rachel.

Their plan was to shower at Rachel’s, have a few drinks there and grab some dinner. Once they got there the wine bottles were opened and the drinks started flowing. They hadn’t eaten yet so after a few glasses of wine, both of them were starting to feel a buzz.

After about forty minutes of drinking and talking, Nora said she was taking a shower. Rachel’s house was a ranch style and had a huge bathroom with a large walk in shower. Nora took off her gym clothes walked in the shower and started the water. She had brought her own towels and wash cloth because she didn’t want to impose on Rachel.

The warm water felt good on her sweaty body and she had good buzz on. Nora started lathering and massaging her scalp and her hair. Nora was about five feet three inches tall and had an average but stocky body. The addition of using weights in her workouts added to the toning of her early fifties body. She had firm breasts and when she got aroused her nipples stood out like a good two inches. Her round ass looked like it belonged to a much younger woman. She had a small wisp of brown hair on her otherwise clean shaven pussy.

She continued to lather her hair keeping her eyes closed to avoid any shampoo getting in them. Suddenly the shower door opened and Nora quickly washed the shampoo out of her eyes to see what was happening. It was Rachel!

She said “I figured if we showered together it would save some time”. Rachel giggled and Nora smelled the sweet smell of weed. Rachel grabbed her shampoo and started lathering her hair. As she did she said “Wow Nora you have a really hot body!” Nora still buzzed from the wine blushed and as the two women faced each other Rachel smiled seductively.

Rachel had a solid body and flower tattoo across her front left shoulder. Her breasts were firm and she had the body of a novice bodybuilder. She had washboard abdominal muscles and Nora was surprised as she couldn’t tell how nice of a body Rachel had by how she dressed when they were at the gym. Her pussy was clean shaven. Nora was trembling and blushing at the same time…she hadn’t been naked with another female since she was a kid with her sister.

As Rachel looked down at Nora’s slowly hardening nipples, she smiled through her wine and pot buzz. She slowly and sensually rubbed Nora’s right nipple. Nora backed away a little but Rachel put her left arm around Nora’s waist and pulled her Nora’s lips to hers.

She softly and deeply kissed Nora. The thought of kissing another woman was foreign to her, but Nora couldn’t pull away, and didn’t seem to want to. Rachel’s kisses were so soft and tender that Nora’s nipples were bursting and her clit was starting to harden. All of it; the warm water hitting them, Rachel’s warm soft tongue and her breasts rubbing against Nora’s all added to the moment.

Rachel lowered her right hand to Nora’s tingling pubic mound. Rachel’s strong hand first slowly, then progressively faster, rubbed Nora’s slowly stiffening nub. Nora moaned as their tongues rolled over each other’s. Nora was dripping all over Rachel’s right hand.

The two of them were oblivious to everything except what was going on in the shower. As Rachel commanded the situation, Nora continued to orgasm, her pussy continually manipulated by Rachel’s right hand.

A third person was watching the scene from inside the bathroom door. It was Ray, Rachel’s boyfriend. Ray was a light skinned black man in his mid-thirties. He was six feet five inches tall and a semi pro bodybuilder. He was massive. His head was clean shaven and because he competed as a bodybuilder, his entire body was hairless.

As he watched his girlfriend and this other older woman, who he only knew by name, he began to undress. He was naked now and was slowly stroking his large cock. It had to be ten inches long!

Rachel slowly turned Nora around so that her back was to Ray now. Nora was too excited and aroused to notice Ray or anything else. Ray slowly opened the shower door.

Ray quickly placed both of his huge hands behind Nora’s knees and effortlessly lifted her up into the air. Startled, Nora fell back against Ray’s muscled chest, her arms flailing and trying to grab anything close. Her hands found Ray’s arms and she grabbed hold.

Nora’s legs were spread wide now and her dripping pussy was exposed and wide open. As Ray raised Nora into the air, Rachel came forward and grabbed hold of Ray’s now fully erect ten-inch cock. Rachel smiled as she guided that black cock into Nora’s shaven slit.

As Ray slowly pushed inch after inch into her pussy, Nora squealed and moaned louder and louder. As he impaled her and repeatedly drove his huge black cock into her, Nora’s head bobbed up and down. As she began to orgasm, she began trembling and squirting. She had never experienced anything like this sexually! The combination of the wine and Ray’s huge cock made her moan and squirt uncontrollably… as her head bobbed up and down her eyes rolled with each gush from her pussy.

Rachel cupped Ray’s huge balls and began rubbing Nora’s clit furiously as Ray continued his pounding. It was a tag team assault on Nora’s erupting pussy!

After about ten minutes, with his cock still in her, Ray carried Nora into the bedroom which was adjacent to the bathroom. At the same time, there was a knock at the door. Whoever it was knocked and walked right in. The person yelled out, “Ray? Rachel?” Rachel responded, “In the bedroom Sal”!

Sal was in his mid-twenties and a good friend of Ray and Rachel’s. Sal was a white guy and was also a competing bodybuilder. He was younger than Ray but about the same height. Sal had a more sinewy and vascular body. He had long shoulder length black hair and his body was shaved and hairless like Ray’s because of their competitions. Sal started undressing as he headed toward the bedroom.

When Sal walked into the bedroom Ray was lifting Nora off of his cock and spinning her to face him. Nora was still buzzed from the wine and trying to gather her wits when Ray, now facing her and still holding her up, reentered her pussy with his rock-hard cock…Nora squealed as Ray’s cock stretched her dripping pussy again. Ray said “Hi Nora. I’m very happy that we’re finally meeting”. As he finished the sentence, Nora’s legs wrapped around his hips and her pounding restarted. Ray was kissing her now and running his tongue around Nora’s right ear and neck with each of his thrusts. Her hair was still wet from the shower and her body glistened. Despite her reluctance of the situation she instinctively responded by passionately kissing him back.

Rachel went up to Sal and deeply tongue kissed him. Rachel giggled and said, “Sal, this is my good friend Nora. We are showing her a real good time tonight and inviting her into our family.”

Just as she finished her words, Ray said “So tight” as his hips started to spasm quickly. He let out a guttural cry as his hips spasmed and his round ass cheeks tightened… he exploded his juice into Nora’s pussy. Rachel squealed and rushed over to them. She massaged Ray’s balls from the side as he drained his cock into Nora’s pussy ensuring every drop made it into her. Her creampie was complete.

Ray placed Nora on the bed and she dropped down, exhausted. Nora was on her back with her legs still spread. Rachel ran over and began licking and sucking Ray’s juices from Nora, circling her tongue around Nora’s clit in the process. Her hands circled Nora’s breasts and nipples slowly. Nora’s break time was cut short. It was Rachel’s turn now.

Rachel sucked all of Ray’s juices from Nora’s pussy. Rachel continued to eat Nora and she obliged her by spreading her legs wider. Rachel paid specific attention to Nora’s virgin asshole. Nora was moaning and her pussy began squirting again.

In their more intimate conversations in the gym, Nora admitted never having anal sex and her reluctance to try it. Rachel told her she should try everything once. Although not her idea, this was Nora’s first lesbian experience…

Rachel hopped up onto the bed and changed her position. She was now about to sit on Nora’s face and go to town on her pussy. Rachel slipped her hand under her pillow and retrieved a small vibrator.

She slowly lowered her pussy to about two inches above Nora’s mouth.

Nora was petrified as she was looking straight at Rachel’s clean-shaven slit! She wasn’t sure what to do! She was about to get up but Rachel quickly laid on top of her and started on her clit with the pulsating vibrator. Nora felt the impulses immediately. They were now in a sixty-nine position and Rachel alternated with the vibrator, her strong fingers and forceful licks to Nora’s clit. Nora was falling into the orgasm zone again.

As Nora moaned she began to rub Rachel’s pussy in return. Rachel’s back arched and she moaned. Rachel pushed back against Nora’s hand. Surprisingly, Nora began to mirror Rachel, and she started to lick Rachel’s clit. As Rachel moaned and moaned on Nora’s tongue, this made Nora even hotter. They both undulated their pussies to each other’s tongues.

Sal and Ray were standing around them just watching. Sal muttered, “This is so fucking hot”, as he continued stroking his cock and waited for his turn. Ray nodded and said “It sure is”. Ray was also beginning to get hard again.

Sal couldn’t take it any longer and went over to the bed. He bent down near Nora’s face and licked Rachel’s pussy. Then he grabbed Nora’s face and began tongue kissing her. Ray approached as well and pulled Rachel off of Nora. Rachel yelled “Hey! What the fuck Ray!” He just laughed and said “Me and Sal need to get busy here”.

Sal while still kissing her, put both hands under Nora’s arms and lifted her off the bed. She was like a toy in this young giant’s hands. Ray sat down on the edge of the bed and Sal placed her onto Ray’s now standing erect ten-inch cock. Her eyes widened as her pussy lips wrapped around it again.

Ray grabbed Nora’s arms and pulled them behind her back and held them there. He began to thrust his hips into her. Her head began to wobble and sway and her eyes started rolling.

This time though Sal’s erect cock was facing her mouth. He guided the head towards Nora’s mouth. At first she kept her lips closed and tried to move away from it. She tried to pull away but Sal just put his hand around her neck and held her head in place. He rubbed the head of his nine-inch cock across her lips. On the second pass, Nora opened her mouth and accepted his rock-hard cock.

Sal put his hands behind his back and watched Nora take his cock. He pushed his cock forward and she accepted. Ray was relentlessly pounding her pussy. It was a blur of constant movement… her head bobbing while her throat was being fucked by Sal; her breasts bouncing to the rhythm of Ray’s thrusts.

Rachel was watching it all and couldn’t help but rub her clit.

The sound of Nora gurgling on Sal’s cock and moaning with each thrust of Ray’s black cock had Rachel close to her own climax!

Sal was the first to cum. He was on the sidelines the longest and as Nora sucked him, his hips began their spasmodic thrusts. As he began to spurt his load, Nora tried pulling away but Sal was quicker and he brought both his hands to hold her head in place.

As Nora’s mouth and throat filled with Sal’s hot jism, her eyes widened and she relented. She slowly swallowed all of Sal’s juices. Ray was cumming now. As he started to cum, Ray released Nora’s arms and held onto her hips. The bed shook violently as this black giant shot his hot liquid into her pussy. Nora continued to squirt as Ray came, his long black cock showing her white foamy residue.

Rachel walked over to Sal carrying a bottle of KY jelly. She said, “Hey Sal, did you know that Nora is an anal virgin?” Sal’s eyes lit up. As he grabbed the KY jelly from her hand he said, “No Rachel, I didn’t. Let’s see if we can change that”.

During the time since the shower with Rachel, Nora hadn’t a chance to get her mind clear. The wine and all the sex had her confused and bewildered. She still had that feeling of anxiousness and arousal. When she heard what Rachel said to Sal and although she was nervous, her pussy started to tingle.

Sal picked her up off of Ray’s lap and began kissing her again. He lifted her up to his mouth and her naked body dangled; she was a foot off the ground.

He placed her on the bed and began his oral assault on her pussy and ass. He licked and slurped and probed her with his large fingers. Nora began whimpering as Sal took control. He spread her pussy lips with his left hand and rolled his tongue across her clit, then down her slit. He shoved his tongue into her asshole and she let out a scream of pleasure. As he circled her asshole with his tongue he slowly put the fingers of his right hand into her ass.

Sal was hard now and Rachel seeing this grabbed the KY jelly and rubbed it onto Sal’s cock. He moaned a little and sat up. He grabbed Nora and sat her up. Her head bounced as she was still in a muddled state.

Sal put his muscular arms under Nora’s legs and hoisted her into the air and onto his lap. She was now facing Rachel with her legs dangling over Sal’s massive forearms and her pussy and puckered asshole exposed. Nora grabbed onto Sal’s muscled arms. Rachel as she had done earlier for Ray guided Sal’s stiff cock into Nora’s asshole.

As Rachel slowly pushed the head of Sal’s cock into her ass Nora’s face was filled with both panic and excitement. Rachel smiled and said, “You’re gonna love this Nora”, as the head of Sal’s cock disappeared into Nora’s asshole.

Sal then stood up and slowly began his assault on Nora’s ass. As Sal pushed his nine inches in and out of her ass, Nora’s legs and feet dangled up and down. With each of Sal’s thrusts and grunts, Nora’s toes opened and closed as if she was trying to grab something with her feet. Sal’s muscled body tightened with every thrust into Nora’s tight virgin asshole. His thrusts got harder and harder as his cock slipped into her now accommodating ass.

Rachel let out a loud gasp as Nora’s pussy started to squirt with each thrust of Sal’s nine inches. She yelled out, “You see Nora! I knew you were gonna love it”! Nora squealed and squealed as her head bobbed and her legs swung up and down with each of Sal’s hard thrusts.

Suddenly Sal’s thrusts became faster and faster. His ass muscles started to contract and as he exploded his hot juice into Nora’s ass he let out a loud moan. As Sal came, Nora squirted again.

As Sal’s spent cock fell out of Nora’s ass, a long stream of his white juice trickled down her ass crack onto the carpet.

Rachel and Ray went over to Nora and kissed her on her cheeks. They both said, almost in unison, “Welcome to the family Nora”. Nora just smiled. She was exhausted.

The next morning during our breakfast Nora told me about her new sexual adventure. As she explained her evening she also explained that she wanted to repeat her adventure every month and she wanted me to watch…Who am I to argue…you know the old saying…”Happy wife, happy life!”