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Her Pants Were Down Around Her Ankles

2022-06-23 00:00:04

Fbailey story number 485

NOTE: This title was just too good to write only one story about it so I came up with five tales that I hope you enjoy.

Her Pants Were Down Around Her Ankles = Story #1
Incest, Male/Teen Female, Consensual Sex

When I turned the corner I saw a boy humping my daughter. I stepped on a twig and spooked him. He turned to see me and then ran off into the woods. My daughter turned and saw me and then she started crying. There she was with her T-shirt and bra pulled up above her tits and her blue jeans and panties were down around her ankles. I couldn’t help but smile at that old saying, ‘Girls run faster with their skirts up than boys do with their pants down.” The funny thing was that she was practically naked and all he did was pull his tiny cock out of his pants. Obviously she couldn’t get away.

I walked over to her and she kept crying not knowing what to expect from me. I just pushed her back down and slipped my cock into her wet pussy.

Her crying stopped immediately and she started squirming back onto my cock. She said, “Oh Daddy you’re bigger than Freddie is. His little pecker hardly broke my cherry last week.”

I grabbed her hips and thrust into her deeper. As I plowed into her butt I reached up and grabbed her tits with both hands.

I could hardly believe that I was fucking my thirteen-year-old daughter after that damn ten-year-old boy down the road had.

I thrust into her for several minutes. She talked the whole time. She told me that Freddie had fucked her three times before that day but that he didn’t feel as good inside her as I did. She said that her mother had suggested that she start masturbating but that her girlfriends had suggested she just fuck boys instead. They had told her that it was a lot better. She thought that they had been lying to her until I stuck my cock in her. She told me that she would stop letting Freddie fuck her if I would do it. She said that she would be a good girl and that she wouldn’t tell her mother about it either.

I grabbed her tits hard and thrust into her harder, cumming deep inside of her pussy. Then I said, “You better tell your mother. She’s the one that told me to come out here and fuck you.” Then I pinched her nipples and pulled my cock out.

I smiled as I saw the expression on her face change. It was quite obvious that she thought she had fooled her mother. Over the years I had found that nothing gets past her mother.


Her Pants Were Down Around Her Ankles = Story #2
Male/Female, Job/Place-of-Work, Consensual Sex

When I saw a man come running out of the women’s bathroom I pushed the door open to look in. There was my young secretary with her pants down around her ankles. She was bent over holding onto one of the sinks with one hand and furiously rubbing her crotch with the other one. Her eyes were closed and there was cum dripping onto the floor. It was apparent that her boyfriend had not satisfied her during their quickie. I stepped inside to watch.

She opened her eyes and pleaded, “Please fuck me. I’ve got an itch that I just can’t scratch and that worthless bastard wasn’t any help.”

Sure, why not, she was young and sexy. I’d be a fool not too. Even my wife would understand, if I were ever dumb enough to tell her.

I walked up behind her and dropped my pants down around my ankles along with my underwear. I grabbed onto my hard cock and aimed it at her dripping hole as I thrust forward penetrating her easily. She went back to holding onto that sink with both hands.

We quickly got into an opposite push and pull rhythm. For some reason she just wanted my cock inside her pussy and she was trying very hard not to let me pull it out even an inch. It took me a few strokes to figure it out but eventually I grabbed a hold of her and went to town. She was so wet that I lasted forever and apparently that was what she had needed because she did finally succeed in getting her orgasm. It was deeper, longer, and louder than any orgasm that my wife had ever had.

She started out by breathing harshly, shaking violently, and then she started growling deep in her diaphragm. As the sound slowly came up to the surface it became a much higher pitch and it got much louder. When her orgasm finally hit, she was screeching at the top of her lungs but soon it was so high that I could barely hear it. I envisioned male dogs several blocks away looking around and licking their dicks. I had never given my wife that much pleasure before and it felt wonderful to rock my young secretary’s world like that.

After what felt like an incredible long time she said, “Oh my God that was good. It was the best that I have ever had. Thank you so much. You can have me anytime you want me.”

We both pulled our underwear and our pants up and then straightened ourselves up.

I was hoping to escape the women’s bathroom unnoticed but when I opened up the door there before me were two long lines of women lining the hallway. It appeared that she hadn’t been all that quiet after all. I thought I was dead meat, I thought I would be fired, but instead I got a round of applause as I ran the gauntlet back to my office. I got pats on the back, I got ‘you're our hero’, and I got numerous invitations to make love to them too.

I managed to get through the afternoon without leaving the protection of my office however at quitting time I had to come out.

My young secretary smiled and said, “Good night Sir and thank you for earlier.”

When I turned the corner I once again saw the hallway lined with women. That time I stopped to talk to each one of them. I thanked them for their kind offers and told them that I was a happily married man. Most of them replied that if they were married to me that they would be happy too.

As I drove home to my loving wife I was hoping that I could get all the way in the house before I ravaged her. After one long business trip she offered to meet me in the driveway with a mattress. That thought was very appealing at that moment.


Her Pants Were Down Around Her Ankles = Story #3
Male/Female, Wife, Consensual Sex

When I opened the bathroom door there was my new wife sitting on the toilet with her pants down around her ankles pulling the cardboard tampon applicator out of her pussy.

She looked up very surprised and asked, “Can’t a girl have any privacy?”

I smiled and said, “No! When you married me two weeks ago you gave up all that privacy bullshit.”

She just smiled and said, “It looks like you’re shut off for the next four days.”

I replied, “Hell if I am. That’s what they made towels for. Grab one and come to bed.”

She said, “But that’s disgusting.”

I asked, “Who told you that?”

She said, “My mother! My father would never make love to her when she was bleeding.”

I replied, “And my father never missed an opportunity to do it when Mom was on the rag. She always said that she was twice as horny at her time of the month. She even colored in those days on the calendar with a red Crayon as a reminder for Dad.”

Then sheepishly she confessed, “Well I do get extra horny during me periods but I never though a guy would want to do it then. It’s gross.”

I said, “It washes off in the shower, doesn’t it?”

She smiled, kicked her pants and panties off, and grabbed a dark red bath towel saying, “I’ll keep this one around for special occasions.”

She removed her blouse and bra while I undressed. Then I removed her tampon by pulling on the string with my teeth. There was only one tiny drop near the end and she thought that would stop me…hell I saw more blood than that when I took my grade school girlfriend’s cherry back in the fifth grade.

She was dry when I shoved my hard cock in and she complained a little. I reminded her that she had married me for better or worse and that what she was feeling was not even close to worse. She smiled as thoughts ran through her beautiful head.

It didn’t take her pussy very long at all to start secreting some lubrication. A smile came to her face and she said, “I like this, I really do.”

I replied, “Me too. My goal is to make love to you every day of our lives for the first ten years. That’s seven times a week and three hundred and sixty-five times a year.”

She said, “Don’t forget Leap Year.”

I replied, “I intend to make a personal holiday out of Leap Year Day. I really want to thank God for giving me an extra day to make love to you.”

After that neither one of us could speak as our passion built up and we climaxed together.

My wife said, “Oh my, that was good. I didn’t know how badly I needed that. I can’t wait to tell my mother about period sex.”

With my cock still in her I handed her the phone and said, “Invite her over, I don’t mind.”

She replied, “Maybe I want to keep you all to myself.”

I thrust my hard cock back into her with enough force to let her know that I was ready for round two. Then I said, “In that case you had better keep my trouser snake drained of venom so that he won’t bite any unsuspecting females.”

After round three she said, “Maybe I ‘WILL’ need my mother’s help after all. Hand me that phone again.”


Her Pants Were Down Around Her Ankles = Story #4
Incest, Teen Male/Teen Female, Blowjob, Oral Sex, Consensual Sex

The first time that Dad took us all camping was terrible. He and I had been camping for a few years but without the women. We had one big tent and all of the gear so he just bought two more sleeping bags. Of course he and Mom got the new ones. The first thing that he did was to make sure that they zipped together.

So we were off. One thing went wrong after another. We had a flat tire and the spare was buried under the camping gear, our favorite spot was occupied, and we forgot one suitcase…my sisters. Emily was pissed. Dad told Mom and me to share our clothes with her.

We got our campsite all set up just before it started to get dark. Then Mom burned dinner complaining about the wood fire. Finally we went to bed even though no one was really tired because we always stay up late at home.

Then Mom and Dad got frisky in their sleeping bags and Dad sent us kids out to take a walk. We got dressed and took off down the road. Emily put on the clothes that she had worn there. It consisted of a ‘boob tube’ and a pair of really tight blue jeans. I knew that she had panties on because they stuck up above her waist. The boob tube only covered her good size breasts but did nothing to hold them as she walked. It certainly didn’t cover the fact that her nipples were constantly hard either.

Now Emily was thirteen and I was fifteen so we both knew what Mom and Dad were doing. She started asking me questions about sex and I told her what I knew. She knew everything that I knew plus some stuff that only girls get to know at our ages. She told me about her clit and about Mom’s dildo collection. I was impressed that she could make herself cum ten times in a row if she wanted too.

Then she had to take a piss. I had the flashlight so I found her a spot that she liked, turned the light off, and then turned around like a gentleman. I heard her squirt like a racehorse, I heard her sigh in relief, and then I heard her say, “Oh for fucking Christ, I pissed on my pants.”

I turned around, turned on the flashlight, and aimed it toward the ground. My sister was still squatted down with her panties and pants down around her ankles. She was right, they were saturated and her white cotton panties had a yellowish glow to them.

Then I saw her pussy for the very first time. She had a thin patch of golden blonde hairs on her mound and around her lips, her pussy was spread wide open and glistening from being wet, and then I saw her extra large clit sticking out of the top of her slit like a small penis.

I was brought back to reality by, “Hello, hello, Earth to brother, are you in there somewhere.”

I smiled and replied, “I was just amazed at how wonderful your pussy is.”

Emily smiled and said, “I used to be impressed like that too when I first learned to masturbate. Now I’m more interested in seeing what you look like down there. Come on I’ve shown you mine, show me yours.”

For some reason that was exactly what I had wanted to hear. I had wanted to pull my cock out and show her but I never had the chance before. I dropped my pants and underwear to my ankles and stood there proudly with my cock sticking in her face.

Without even asking Emily pulled my cock to her and then she put her mouth over the head of it. I was getting my first blowjob from my sister and it was great. In less that a minute I was spewing cum into her mouth. She made a face but swallowed it anyway. I aimed the flashlight at her pussy again to find her rubbing herself fast.

I squatted down and said, “Here let me do that for you.”

Emily replied, “I was hoping that you would offer.”

After she orgasmed twice she said, “I drank your cum. You should drink some of mine too.”

I pushed her back onto the ground and got between her legs. I was determined to return her favor. I stuck my face in her crotch and I smelled that strong piss odor. I ignored it and opened up her pussy lips and then I stuck my tongue in her. At first the piss taste was strong but then her sweet nectar started to flow onto my tongue. I couldn’t get enough of it and so she started producing more of it for me. I was in heaven drinking from her fountain of youth.

Finally Emily said, “Please stop. I can’t take it anymore. It feels way to good.”

I asked, “Can you suck me off one more time? I’m so hard that it hurts.”

Emily said, “I don’t have the strength. Just fuck me and take care of it yourself.”

I thought about questioning her to see if she was serious about me fucking her but before I could my dick was already inside her and I was thrusting into her. She moaned in pleasure, I moaned in pleasure, and together we moaned in pleasure.

When I cum in her she let me lay there for a while and then asked me to get off of her. My knees had pinned her legs to the ground and her pants had been holding her ankles together cutting off the circulation.

She cleaned up the best she could using leaves, then we walked back to our campsite carrying our pants and our underwear. I figured that if she couldn’t wear her wet clothes then I shouldn’t wear my dry ones either. Outside the tent we heard both of our parents snoring.

Emily said, “I want our sleeping bags zipped together too.”

I asked, “Won’t Mom get suspicious?”

Emily smiled, kissed me on my lips, and then said, “Don’t worry about it. I can control Mom and she can control Dad.”

I asked, “How can you control Mom?”

Emily smiled and said, “I saw her fucking her own brother once. Uncle Ben was giving it to her good too. If she can do, so can I.”


Her Pants Were Down Around Her Ankles = Story #5
Male/Teen Female, Teen Male/Teen Female, Blowjob, Oral Sex, Virginity, Consensual Sex

I could hardly believe my eyes as I looked through the tiny window into Mr. Brown’s classroom. Inside I saw him getting a blowjob from Mary Clark the prettiest and smartest girl in my class. She was on her knees on the floor in front of him with her pants and panties around her ankles. He was sitting on the edge of his desk with his arms back holding himself up. His eyes were closed and his head was back as though he was looking up at the sky. His pants and underwear were down around his ankles too. Mary had his big cock almost all the way in her mouth. I just stood there and watched until he exploded and she swallowed it all. I watched as they both got dressed and walked right toward me opening the door. Apparently she had not seen me until then.

She just smiled and said, “I needed a better grade on that test. If you don’t tell anyone I’ll give you one too.”

I was speechless as she pulled me into the classroom. She took me around the corner where we would not been see from the window.

She said, “Mr. Brown, you don’t mind if I use your room for a couple of minutes, do you? It shouldn’t take very long.”

She dropped my pants and underwear to my ankles without me even knowing it. I was still in shock that she had offered me a blowjob. Mary was the girl of every boy’s dreams.

I finally got my voice back and said, “Drop your pants too.”

Mary replied, “I only do that so Mr. Brown can get a hard-on and you already have one.”

I reached out and undid her pants, and then I pushed her pants and panties down to her ankles.

Mr. Brown said, “Do him sixty-nine, he deserves to taste that sweet honey pot of yours.”

Mary pushed me gently to the floor then she turned around and had me put my arms up between her legs as she pulled herself forward tucking her pants and panties under my neck. It felt strange being that close to a real pussy but I liked the view. Then Mary put her arms between my legs and pulled them up so that her face was directly over my cock. The next thing I knew my cock was in her mouth and her pussy was in my mouth. I had only imagined what it would be like to have sex with Mary Clark but none of my dreams had even come close to reality. Her taste was out of this world and her odor was even better. It was a mixture of wild flowers on a spring day, a gentle summer rain, and that musky odor of used panties…but much better. I got lost in her.

I did hear Mary ask, “What’s taking you so long to cum?”

I had completely forgot that she was sucking me. Apparently I had gone soft in her mouth while paying full attention to her pussy.

Mr. Brown said, “Don’t worry, I don’t have any students this period, take your time.”

I went right back to eating her marvelous pussy. I finally understood that old expression about living on love. Her pussy could not only give life to a baby but it could substation life in me. Food could never taste that good again.

Once my thirst had been quenched I realized that my cock was still in her mouth. I gave it a few thrusts and started cumming in her. She gagged but kept swallowing. I had enough cum to fire off more rounds than I had ever done at night in bed. When I was done Mary carefully untangled herself from me.

Mary finally said, “My jaw is sore and my pussy is sore but you gave me so many orgasms that I lost count.”

Mr. Brown said, “I’d say roughly nine and for that he should certainly become your boyfriend.”

She turned and kissed me, exchanging each other’s bodily fluids with me and said, “Okay.” Then she grabbed my still hard cock and slipped it into her pussy saying, “If you are going to be my first boyfriend then I should give you my virginity.”

She then rode me for the remainder of the period making me cum once but never getting off from me. She had three more orgasms and decided that an even dozen was enough for the time being. I smiled thinking of the time being, meaning that we would do it again and more often too.

The End
Her Pants Were Down Around Her Ankles