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How I Had Three Sisters

2022-11-06 14:14:44

Some years back I worked with a little Vietnamese girl who was about a decade older than me. Despite being a bit older, she was a little spitfire of energy always running around hyping everyone up. She was super friendly with everyone which included me. We often stayed late after work playing games together.

She would host team parties at her house and loved a good drink, always making sure everyone was enjoying one too. I was kind of new to drinking any kind of alcohol and she delighted in getting me drunk enough to make the room spin. Instead of having me drive home drunk, she had me stay the night at her place after the party ended and everyone else left.

I thought I'd be fine just sleeping it off on the sofa with a blanket, but when she turned off the heat to the house, it got quite cold in that living room. Being a bit shy and not wanting to cause a fuss, I was going to go out to my car and crank up the heat in it and just sleep there a bit. However, she must have had some amazing radar ears and she heard me jingle my car keys when I picked them up and came storming out of her room immediately yelling at me for thinking about driving home impaired.

I explained I just wanted to warm up a bit and she apologized for jumping to conclusions. After a moment of thinking, she grabbed my hand and pulled me back to her bedroom, and ordered me to take my shoes off. I complied and she pulled the blankets back of her King size bed for me to get in. I just wanted to get warm, so I started to get in, but then she stopped me.

"Take off your pants and shirt. I just washed these sheets." she insisted and turned to face away from me.

I complied and undressed down to my underwear and quickly got into the bed, shivering from the cold air of the house. She also undressed down to her underwear and bra and got into bed with me. She could feel me shaking still and grabbed onto me with her arms and legs trying to warm me up with her body. I hugged her back. At first, it was just for warmth, but then really enjoyed the feeling of her skin, running my hands up and down her small body.

In the process of rubbing my body to warm me up her hand brushed over my underwear a few times and at some point, she must have felt that I was getting a hard-on and just quickly pulled down my underwear and pulled out my cock and started stroking it, much to my surprised delight. Suddenly I didn't care about the cold at all! I started feeling her ass and breasts with my hands as well. She stopped stroking me for a moment and quickly undid her bra and tossed it off into the darkness of her room. Still wearing her silky smooth panties she mounted me, still under the thick comforter and blankets. She started grinding her covered pussy against my cock with her bare tits rubbing against my body as well.

"Getting warm yet?" she joked as I had forgotten all about my previous frigid discomfort.

I tried to kiss her but she pulled away quickly and disappeared under the blankets completely. Suddenly I felt her warm mouth wrap around my cock and she started sucking my cock in a way that was unlike anything I'd ever experienced before. She was stroking the base of my cock with the upper part moving quickly in and out of her mouth while she twisted her as she sucked me. It was amazing. I was in heaven. I tried to reach down and around to rub her pussy at the same time, but she moved away from my reach and just kept working furiously on my pleasuring my cock until after a few short minutes I exploded into her mouth and she drank up every last drop of my cum.

After having finished me so quickly, she finally popped up her head from under the blankets and just curled up on me with her head on my chest, holding onto me once again.

"Good night," she said which made me realize that she had swallowed all of my cum.

I said goodnight as well and just held her close. My mind was racing all over the place. I had heard of lots of coworkers spending the night at her place after one of her parties. I wondered if all of them had gotten the same royal treatment I had just received. I didn't really care much either way. I just considered myself lucky, but I didn't know then that this was the start of a lot more luck that was going to come my way.

I started going to her place after work a lot, under the guise of playing games together but inevitably every night we always ended up back in her bed. Thankfully many of those times were when the house heat was still on and we didn't have to hide under the blankets for warmth. I got to enjoy her body in plain view, sucking on her breasts and rubbing her pussy until she got nice and wet.

However every time, just when things were getting really hot between us and I was about to try getting inside her warm wet pussy, she would always pull away and instead pin me down for another mind-blowing blowjob. It felt a little unfair that she wasn't letting me fully pleasure her while on the flip side she was giving me such intense orgasms in her mouth every time, but I followed her lead. She was the boss.

We started hanging out on weekends too and I got to spend time with the rest of her family. She had two youngest sisters. The middle sister was actually the same age as me. In contrast to the dark skin of her older sister, the middle sister had very light skin and was a bit taller. She also had some really amazingly large breasts, but I did my best not to stare too much. The youngest sister was the tallest, with medium size breasts and skin that was not as dark as the oldest but tanner than the middle sister. All three sisters had the same long straight black hair and similar facial features.

Even though I'd been getting quite intimate with the oldest sister, we'd never really talked about our relationship or put labels on it except I think a few times she may have casually referred to me as her guy. Regardless, the family welcomed me wholeheartedly. We hung out a lot around their parent's house and on outings to various parks and pools. It was pretty exciting seeing all three sisters in their bikinis. I think I may have failed trying not to stare at the middle sister's large tits struggling to hide under her bikini and we exchanged some long gazes and smiles. She must have realized how turned on I was seeing all of them, and took me out to the car and gave me one of her quickie blowjobs. It never ceased to amaze me how quickly she could get me off. And we went right back to hanging out with her family as if nothing happened.

That skill for giving casual blowjobs was something I started to experiment with more and more. She sucked me off in parking lots, movie theaters, restaurants, bars, and even at her cousin's wedding. Not every blowjob from her was a quickie either. When we were alone with lots of time to kill she'd often give me epic long blowjobs that would last for hours while we watched tv together on the sofa. She could sense when I was getting close to cumming without me making a sound and would back off just in time, keeping on the edge without letting me cum until she wanted me to. She just had amazing oral skills all around, the likes of which I'm sure I'll never find again in another girl.

Quite a while had gone by and we still had not fully had sex. Every time I tried to do it or even talk about it with her she avoided it and just used her amazing skills to satisfy me instead. I couldn't really complain, as I was more than satisfied sexually, but it did still feel a bit unbalanced, to say the least. On my birthday though, she seemingly indulged me. She was grinding on top of me with her silky underwear, as she often did before giving me oral, but then she just moved her underwear to the side and slid my cock into her waiting wet pussy.

It felt incredible, but I'll admit that given how small she was overall, I expected her pussy to be much tighter. I let her ride me for a bit before rolling over on top of her and doing her missionary position. While I was moving in and out of her though, I could see on her face that she was visibly uncomfortable each time I pushed inside her. I asked her multiple times if she was okay and she just told me to keep going. I was concerned but I complied. She was the boss. I turned her around for doggy style and doing her that way I came almost immediately which seemed like a relief to her.

As she clearly was not very comfortable with sex itself, I didn't really pursue that further. Instead, I told her about my main fetish which is sharing my girls with other guys. Like most girls she thought it was pretty unusual, saying that most guys get too jealous for that. But I convinced her that it really was an interest of mine and that the sharing could be any form, be it letting guys see or touch or getting pleasured.

She immediately suggested I should share her oral skill with other guys which sounded great to me because I was sure she was going to rock their worlds the same way she had been doing with me. So I arranged for her to give oral to my friends, to some of my old coworkers, to my cousins, and lots and lots of strangers. They all said she was the best they'd ever had. Those were great times. I would brag about her oral skill in bars and if they wanted proof, she'd happily demonstrate and it was no big deal to her. On the flip side, she loved all the positive attention it got her from everyone.

I'd shared other girls before and they usually made a much bigger deal about it. Granted many of them were doing a lot more than just oral, but still, I was amazed by how fearlessly she was getting guys off without even undressing or screwing anyone. She was just pleasuring guys with her magical lips and hands. Sometimes in the bigger groups, some guys would get a bit handsy feeling her body a bit while she was sucking someone off. That would make her stop sucking and whoever was suddenly getting denied that heavenly oral would usually persuade the impatient groper to knock it off. But there was one time that didn't happen.

One time I was sharing her at a bar. There was this pool room in the back where she was just going to town sucking off one guy after another. She was wearing a t-shirt and shorts and in just a few minutes had already made 2 guys cum. She was working on a third guy when one of the others started to get impatient and felt her ass. The rest of the guys thought that was super hot and encouraged him to feel her more. I was kind of surprised she didn't protest but thought maybe she was also enjoying hearing the positive comments from the other guys about how hot it was.

He got bolder and reach around and cupped her breasts and that got her to stop sucking and turn to tell him a piece of her mind. But when she was facing him he just quickly lifted her shirt and bra up in one quick move and everyone got a good look at her tits. Another guy quickly reached in and grabbed one too while another stepped in and started feeling up her legs up to her ass. Other guys joined in on the groping, feeling her up all over. They pulled her shorts and underwear off revealing her ass and pussy for the first time in public. They lifted her up on the edge of the pool table and one guy stepped between her legs and quickly got his cock out and shoved it into her.

He started fucking her hard as she reluctantly moaned and screamed with each thrust. I felt bad for her but I couldn't help but find it hot to see her finally fucking other guys. He was jackhammering her pussy at a rapid pace for a couple of minutes with her tits bouncing as he did. Suddenly he froze deep inside her. After a moment he pulled out of her and stepped back. Immediately another guy took his place and resume fucking her. The second guy took a fair bit longer with her. Maybe he was a bit put off by the sloppy seconds.

"There's so much cum!" I remember him remarking while he was fucking her.

After a few minutes, he unloaded inside pussy as well. When he pulled out and stepped aside, the others just marveled as cum came leaking out of her pussy onto the table. One of the guys picked up her underwear and started wiping it off of her. Then when he pulled out his cock to fuck her, she quickly slipped to the floor on her knees and started sucking him instead. You could tell from the look on his face he didn't care one bit that he was in her mouth instead of her pussy. He just stood there and let her work her magic on his cock.

She managed to put her shorts back (without the panties he was holding) while still sucking him. Once her shorts were back on she started rapidly stroking the guy and sucking the tip of his cock with her usual twisting action and sure enough, he came very quickly. Unlike the first guys whom she had swallowed she just spit out his cum on the floor and pushed through the other guys toward me. The guy waved her cum covered panties.

"You forgot something." he declared.

"Keep them." she sneered in reply and we left together.

That was the last time I shared her with strangers. She didn't blame me for what happened and we didn't talk about it much afterward. She still continued to give oral to my friends which they were most grateful for. A few times she swallowed so much cum from my friends and me she later complained that she got an upset stomach but that didn't really stop her from doing it again the next time we hung out with my friends. Even when some of my friends started dating other girls, they always told her that she gave better blowjobs than the girls they were dating. She would get super happy, hearing that and it just motivated her to rock their worlds even more.

The Middle Sister

We also still hung out a lot with her family a lot. I got to know her sisters very well. The middle sister, who was my age, often would go to movies and shows with me if it was something the oldest didn't want to do. One night I took her out to a movie and we had dinner afterward. We held hands as we walked in the street together and when I brought her home, she kind of lingered at the front door facing me instead of unlocking the door. I realized everything felt a lot more like a date than the other times we had gone to the movies together. She suddenly leaned forward and kissed me and I immediately noted how much easier it was for her to kiss me, being taller than her older sister.

Even though I was surprised, I still kissed her back. Her kissing style was much more tender than her older sister's. While her older sister's tongue would dance circles around mine in my mouth, the middle sister's tongue just gently slid back and forth alongside mine both in my mouth and in hers. My hands which were on her hips started to slide up her body and when I had her massive breasts held in my hands I saw her eyes widen. She abruptly stopped kissing me.

"This didn't happen." That's what she said and quickly turned and unlocked the door and went inside, closing the door behind her.

And sure enough, when we all hung out again the next time, she acted completely like it never happened. She was still friendly and joking with me like usual, but nothing more. A couple of months later though I was having dinner with the whole family and out of nowhere, their mother asked me if I liked the middle sister. I said sure I did. So she declared I should date her instead of the oldest sister and everyone actually agreed (even the oldest sister).

So I took the middle sister out again, just for dinner and we went back to my place and immediately started making out and stripping each other's clothes off as we got to my bedroom. We were both down to our underwear and we got on the bed still kissing and humping each other. She pulled down my underwear and started sucking my cock. I was sadly disappointed she wasn't as good as her older sister, but I'm kind of thinking that maybe no one is. She put in some good effort though, and she let me pull off her underwear and eat her pussy in return. She squirmed all over the bed as I did which just encouraged me further to dive my tongue as deep into her pussy as it could go.

I was super horny at that point and just quickly moved up on top of her and slid my cock into her wet pussy. She gasped and shrieked just a little but told me to keep going. Her pussy was really tight and it felt incredible to be fucking again after months of just getting oral from the oldest sister. She was really getting into it too, moving her body against me. When I felt my cum building up, I stopped moving but she kept going and that was getting close to driving me over the edge. So I quickly pulled out and just straddled her for a bit letting the feeling die down a bit.

I grabbed her huge tits in both hands. They felt great. So I got an idea and moved a little higher up and lay my cock between her tits and pushed them together. I was slow titty fucking her, while right on the edge of cumming. I haven't had much luck doing that with other girls since most of them were Asian with much smaller tits. It felt good having her tits really securely holding my cock as it moved between them and for a moment I sped up cause it was feeling so good and suddenly cum was shooting from my cock all over her face while she giggled and laughed. Her face was a mess with gobs of my cum all over it, but she still smiled and wanted to kiss. I used a sheet to clean off her face quickly and then granted her that kiss she wanted.

When I drove her home the next morning to the family's house, the oldest sister was there. She directly asked if we had fun last night. We both smiled and said yes while nodding. I was surprised by how much the sisters shared regarding what they had done with me. Apparently, no one had ever told them not to kiss and tell. It was almost like they were comparing notes on me. I was kind of grateful, Lily was sharing all these things she's learned about me. I just wished she could teach her sister her secrets of how to give such incredible oral, but maybe some things like that cannot be entirely taught.

The oldest sister asked the middle sister if it was okay for her to still "play" with me now and then. In my experience, most girls get too jealous to share me with another girl even if I was sharing them with lots of other guys. So I was surprised to hear that it was okay with the reason being that we had dated first so it was understandable that it might still be natural to play together now and then. So this meant I got the best of both worlds. I continued to get the best oral I'd ever known from the oldest sister and then got to have sex with the middle sister with her lovely large tits.

I wasn't exactly having threesomes with them. That would have been awesome! But there were plenty of times when the oldest would give me oral first and then I'd have sex with the middle sister. The middle sister did get jealous one time and she let me know it. The three of us were watching a movie together on the sofa and in the movie, there was a love scene with a girl straddling a guy on a sofa. As we were all sitting on a sofa, the oldest sister got inspired and mockingly started imitating the movie, straddling me and kissing me in a similar fashion but in a very joking and exaggerated manner. The middle sister next to me did not think it was so funny and later explained she was fine with us enjoying each other, but that kissing was something very personal. So she asked us not to kiss in the future.

Things got a little more complicated later when I told the middle sister about my fetish for sharing my girls with other guys. She wasn't quite as adventurous or experienced as her older sister so she was quite hesitant to try it. But we hung out with my friends who had already had some fun with the oldest sister, they often made it obvious that they would like to try things with her as well. I took the wrong approach when I tried sharing her early on. Since the oldest had mainly just given blowjobs to my friends, I thought to just have her try that as well. That was a big mistake because my friends couldn't help but compare her to her sister who just give the best blowjobs in the world. So they didn't exactly give her feedback that would encourage her.

Things improved a lot when I got her to let guys handle her beautiful breasts. They were as impressed as I was and she certainly loved hearing that. So a lot of the times we hung out with my friends they were playing with her tits and she was giving handjobs and blowjobs, but any time one of my friends got super horny and try to have sex with her she would initially play along but then would stop part way through and apologize over and over for stopping. We always told her it was okay and we were all happy with whatever she wanted to do, but she was always kind of down on herself for not going through with it all the way.

Then one night she was working late alone in the office with her boss and he came onto her. She thought about how much I wanted to share her and that it would probably be pretty good for her career there, so she let him fuck her right on her desk there at work. She told me all the juicy details that night and it sounded pretty hot. She had sucked him hard first like a good girl and then lay back on her desk so he could return the favor for her. Then he started fucking her on the desk at first, but the vigorous activity was shaking the desk so much they worried they might break it. So she just bent over and leaned against her desk while he fucked her from behind. I wondered a bit if there were any security cameras that got a good view of the action but didn't ask her. There did end up being one bad detail at the end though. He came inside her. And that one time turned out to be enough, as he got her pregnant. So they ended up getting married. The rest of the family felt bad for me, especially the youngest sister.

The Youngest Sister

The youngest sister had been sheltered by the family for many years because back when the whole family still lived in Vietnam a photographer had convinced her that she could be a model and that turned into her doing sexual favors for his help arranging modeling gigs. Well, it turned out the jobs weren't really legit and he'd just been basically paying to have sex with her. So after that the family kind of kept her away from all men. She was pretty much not allowed to even do any dating. So me hanging out with their family so much I was one of the few guys she'd ever really spent much time with outside of guys at school of course. So since I was single again, she wanted to start dating me in secret. I was happy to do it under any terms she wanted as she was quite a hottie.

She was the tallest of all the sisters and I dare say the most open-minded sexually. I guess that photographer sure taught her some good moves because she really seemed to know what she was doing despite not having been doing any dating. She didn't have the oral skill of the oldest or the huge tits of the middle sister, but she had this really nice soft skin and she was quite a horny devil always wanting to try having sex in dangerous situations. We did it a lot in public like at parks, movie theaters, and parking lots. And we even risked doing it at the family house sometimes. Luckily she could keep pretty quiet while we slowly enjoyed each other and the adrenaline rush from the risk of being caught seemed to give us even stronger orgasms.

I can't say I had as good of a connection overall with the youngest sister. Maybe it was because we always had to keep our relationship a secret or we just didn't click the same way I did with the middle sister even though they acted quite similar in a lot of ways. But the sex was really great and she actually warmed up to the idea of being shared very quickly as well. I guess she felt she was making up for lost time since she had not really gotten to experience much with guys for many years. So my friends and I helped her catch up a lot. This time they were careful not to compare her to her sisters and she always had a great time with them even when we all fucked her together as a group.

Indulging her desires to also be fucking in risky situations did get us in some trouble. Sometimes we got caught doing it in public and had to make a quick getaway. One time I was fucking her just off a park trail on a picnic table and a couple of guys came up behind me and started watching us. They didn't say anything. One guy gave me a thumbs up and they both had big smiles. So I just kept going. She was bent over the table facing away from them and didn't even notice as they started to rub themselves inside their pants while they watched me having a good time with her. Then one bravely just pulled out his cock and was openly stroking it next to me and indicated that he wanted to take my place. It was pretty sketchy, but since she'd been so eager to do my friends I rationalized it was okay. So I pulled out and stepped back and he slid right into her without missing a beat. She didn't even turn around as she was enjoying herself so much.

He was fucking her for a good five minutes or so and then he started grunting a bit from the effort. And since he didn't sound like me, that's when she turned around and realized a stranger was fucking her. She wasn't quite as happy about it as I had hoped. She freaked out a fair bit, but I quickly sat down next to her and held her hands. Not that I really needed to hold her down or anything as he had a pretty good grip on her hips as he was pounding away into her. After a little bit, the panic in her subsided and she just relaxed and ended up letting both of the guys take turns fucking her and she loved it. When each of them was ready to cum they told her and she quickly turned around and sucked up all their cum like a good girl. We talked about it a lot and even though she thought it was super exciting she preferred I only share her with my close friends from then on.

A good while after that I was visiting their family's house one day and the oldest sister was giving me one of her long epic blowjobs while we watched tv together. She got interrupted by a phone call and had to leave suddenly. I was super horny because she had been keeping me right on the edge for so long. So I went to the youngest sister's room and woke her up and told her that we were alone in the house. She quickly stripped naked and I immediately climbed on top of her and started fucking her. I didn't last long though, since I'd been edging for so long. In just a few short minutes I pulled out of her and covered her with my warm cum. She giggled and then declared it was too early to be awake and closed her eyes to go back to sleep. So I went back to watching TV in the other room.

Not long after that, the oldest sister came back and wanted to pick up where she left off. I told her she didn't have to, but she insisted. So I finally relented and unfortunately, she must have been able to taste something on my cock because she looked up at me quickly with an alarmed look on her face. As the youngest sister was the only one else in the house at the time, she went to her room and found that she was still laying naked in bed. There was a big fight and I was no longer welcome at their family house anymore after that.

So that's how I had three sisters. So far I haven't met anyone else who has also had three sisters, so it kind of feels like a big life accomplishment. Even though I messed it up badly in the end it was great while it lasted.