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Intruders in the house

2022-05-26 00:00:04

The alarm rang and she jumped out of her sound sleep. She had been in a dream that hadn’t been particulary pleasant but it was so vivid, when she woke up she was a bit out of it. She lay for a second, she knew she had to get up for work but just 5 minutes more.

She lived alone and had for year worn ear plugs to help her sleep. Her friends had said how unsafe it was but she had never had any issues and thought nothing of it. When wearing these plugs you can hear really loud noises or close by noises. What u couldn’t hear as she was about to find out was the glass cutter cutting through the window at the back of her property. 4 guys waited patiently whilst one worked away at getting them entry into a property they had been watching for a month or so. They worked as a team raping and beating young single women so badly these girls never utter a stutter for fear that their life will come to a brutal and painful end. They are properly warned!!!

Anyway the guy finally pops the window, while she lies completely unawares. One by one they climb through armed with leather ties, ball gags, whips etc; They knew she was alone and wanted to surprise her before the fun began. Her alarm rang and they froze, nearly time.

She reluctantly got up from her cosy comfy bed and stripped off her pj,s, put them under her pillow, made her bed cause it was such a thing for her to come back to a tidyish room when getting ready. She wandered through and turned the shower on, came back to her room and got her makeup out ready for the war paint going on. She grabbed a dressing gown and towel and headed back to bathroom.

Her face was wet, hair soapy, she finally felt awake. She rinsed and stopped water, grabbed towel and stepped out bathroom. Brushed hair out and brushed teeth. She paused, ‘what was that’ she went a bit shivery with nerves. It was nothing she told herself. There it was again, and again. Someone was definitely in the flat with her. She lived alone, no pets - this was wrong.

Her phone was in bedroom and as she started thinking about climbing out the bathroom window the door flew open and in walked this animal - he was huge. She didn’t stand a chance. He got her by the throat and slapped her across the face, ‘Trying to get away fucking bitch’? Slaaaap. She was taking blows to the cheek that knocked her sideways and all the time he had her by the throat. When he stopped she was dazed. He let her go and she went limp so he to her by the hair and started to drag her out the bathroom, the pain of this got her on her feet and was dragged towards bedroom.

The other 4 guys were stood there with no clothes on, pulling on their cocks in preparations for was promised to be a fab morning. These guys had answered an ad on the internet to take part in a domination scenario and had each paid 400 pounds for the pleasure. One guy had been curious and hadn’t really intended to take much part, one guy was totally into the domination, third guy was totally into sm, bdsm and group sex so this was right up his street, The other 2 were trouble through and through. Every opportunity to hurt a women they took. This was their 4th ad and 2 had resulted in the girls dying and the other girl was still hospitalised after 9 weeks, her injuries had been so bad - inflicted on by these 2.

The guy held the girl from behind and pulled a small, insanely sharp knife from his pocket and held it to her neck. She froze and as he cut her skin she yelped but knew to be a quiet as she knew he would keep going. She felt the warm trickle of blood run down her neck, he flicked it again slicing her flesh causing another gash. He told her to ‘shut the fuck up’ or he would really hurt her. ‘she endured another 8 slashes to the neck, breast and stomach area.. He pushed her onto her knees and ordered the other 3 guys to come forward. He instructed them that not an inch of her body was to remain untouched, bruised, slapped, cut - basically however vicious they got was ok with him.

The girl was grabbed by the throat and a thick cock rammned down her throat. She felt an intense pain as one other guy aimed and stuck his cock straight into her asshole, He pumped her and the pain she felt was excruciating but couldn’t express this because she was gasping for breath and vomiting with the cock being rammed down her throat. This carried on for an hour or so where all 4 men patiently violated her holes, her asshole in particular, It was a torn, bleeding mass but they pummelled it repeatedly. The girl lost conciousness but was literally beaten out of it. They lay her on the floor and all 4 pissed hot steamy piss all over her face causing her to struggle for breath. Next they took turns squatting overt her face and shitting stinking mushy excrement all over her face. At the smell of the first guy she vomited and vomited, continuing until she was under a pile of shit which they made her chew and suck on .Lying on the floor she was repeatedly kicked and punched losing conciousness after 5 or 6 seconds.

She awoke in hospital 3 weeks later coming out of a coma, she was stitched, stookied up and was told that she had been found at side of road at some random roadside. She relaxed knowing that she was safe and being watched by staff 24hrs.

She was lying watching tv when she heard the door to her private room in the hospital open but couldn’t see because of the fractured vertebrae and waited for the voice of her nurse,………… nothing!!!!!

She felt an intense burning as the scalpel sliced along her waist and up towards breast area, it was the man who had grabbed her from shower, the knife had sliced into her flesh at least an inch and cut. He sliced off her nipples stuffing them both into her mouth. He then pulled bed sheets back and in one movement sliced her clitoris from her vagina. She was bleeding to death slowly so he quietly pulled sheets back up over her body and left the room. She was found in a pool of blood 20mins later having suffocated on her nipples which had lodged themselves in her throat and couldn’t pull them out because of her broken arms.

This was by far the best lesson they had taught anyone who had survived their beating.

The next one was aleady lined up and he was hard at the thought of making her bleed!