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Kelsey part 2

2022-06-21 00:00:03

I made sure to keep everything else as normal as possible. Nothing had happened earlier today, of course not. And I had to force myself to behave normally for four and a half more months, when I knew full well how many days would be left.

I guess that Kelsey had the same idea to count the days, because two weeks later she sent me a pic, similar to her yearly birthday offerings: a provocative pose, with a note saying "4 more months!"

Well, I'm glad she hadn't changed her mind about me...

She did the same for three, two, and one more month left. Aside from the monthly pics, I didn't see her at all; not when I picked up Shawna for carpooling, not at work, nothing. Shawna didn't even talk about her very much.

But I had a feeling that Kelsey wouldn't stop at just the one-month mark....

Sure enough, I got a pic at the one-week timeline. Then the six-day, five-day, four-day, etc. She was counting down just as much as I was! Such a relief for my libido... Finally, it was getting close to the day she would turn 18. She sent me a text the day before her birthday:

'less than 24 hours!' I couldn't help but smile. And I was very glad that I didn't have to work for the next three days...

By the time 9:00 PM rolled around, she started texting me hourly updates, '3 hours left' 'only 2 hours' '1 hour now!!' And finally she texted me immediately after midnight.

'hooray i'm legal now! ready for some fun? i have a party today, we have to wait until tomorrow, sorry!' I was disappointed, sure, but the very idea that I could legally do something to her now was... amazing. And I understood; it would be odd for her to not have a large party, but that would also mean that she and I couldn't get any time alone together without arising serious suspicion. And I was patient enough to wait until tomorrow.... if I could get to sleep at least. I had to keep myself busy on her birthday to not obsess over the situation.


I was just getting out of the gym. I had had a good workout - a very good way to distract myself from what awaited me. I was just about to start my car and head home, when my phone rang. I didn't recognize the number; it wasn't stored in my phone.

"Hello?" I said. I was quite expecting it to be a wrong number or something.

"Hi Phil, this is John, Kelsey's dad." Fuck fuck fuck FUCK, why was he calling me on his daughter's 18th birthday?! This could not be a good sign...."Um, hi, how's it going?" I was hoping I didn't sound too nervous.

"Well, you and I need to talk." Oh shit. "I know what Kelsey's been doing, and I know what the two of you are planning." FUCKFUCKFUCK I'm a dead man. Her dad was going to beat me to death with my own arm or something. "I want you to know that I'm OK with it."

Wait, what?

"Yeah, you heard me right. I don't like it, but I'm OK with it. Basically, I'd rather it be somebody I know, somebody I trust. Somebody I know will treat my little girl like she deserves to be treated." He was obviously having difficulty saying this to me. "I don't want some pathetic dweeb being her... first; if I had to choose, it would be you, and thankfully she agrees with me."

I was stunned. Speechless. I think I kind of gasped and fumbled with my words. He seemed to take the hint.

"You don't need to worry. Like I said, I'm not too fond of the idea of her being with anybody at all, ever, but I'd be a fool to think it'll never happen. She's told me how much she likes you; she's even told me that she tried to get you... tried to get it done a few months ago, and told me about your self-restraint. I appreciate and respect that, thank you. But now you don't need to hold back. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that. OK?"

I was still speechless. I think I said a few non-words before finally settling on "Yeah, OK, thank you sir!"

"Please, don't 'sir' me. This isn't some favor, this is my daughter we're talking about, not a damn present!"

"Yes, of course, I just mean..." I was tripping over my own tongue.

"I know, please, can we just stop talking about this? I've said my peace, and now I'm going to have a stiff drink. Bye." He seemed calm enough.

"Bye." I just said. He hung up first. I think I understood what just happened...


I wasn't sure where "it" was going to take place, so I spent the rest of the day cleaning up my apartment. Finally everything was in place...

I had to take some serious sleeping aids that night. My imagination was in over-drive, and I wanted to get to bed early enough so that just about any time Kelsey was ready at a reasonable hour, I would be too.

I woke up at about 9:30. I didn't doubt that Kelsey still had some friends at her house, so I didn't expect her for at least a couple hours. Had to distract myself... Breakfast! That'll do, I'll make a nice, big breakfast to kill the time! Not to mention giving me the energy for later... activities...

It was nearly noon, when I got a picture message on my phone. It was from Kelsey. It took me a second to recognize what I was looking at, but then it struck me: the number on my apartment door! I rushed over to it, opened the door, and sure enough, Kelsey was standing there, looking amazing.

She was wearing a simple pale-blue babydoll shirt. She had short-short jeans on, and her fantastic legs ended in sneakers. I was staring wide-eyed at the vision before me.

"Well?!" I was mesmerized; her exclamation brought me back, and I let her inside.

"Kelsey, you look... fuckin' awesome!" was all I could come up with.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, take off your damn clothes!" Well, who was I to argue? She had already kicked off her sneakers, and was pulling her shirt off. I undressed as quickly as I could.

I was staring at that amazing round ass as she wiggled out of her shirt and bra. I walked up behind her, my own pants still on. I grabbed her from behind, letting my hands run over her smooth tummy. I started kissing her shoulder; she immediately started breathing heavily. My hands made their way up to her chest.

Each breast was perfectly-sized for my hand. I squeezed them gently, savoring the sensation. Her nipples were already getting harder; I could feel them constricting against my palms. My mouth was making its way up her neck, and eventually I turned her around. We locked in a passionate kiss. Our hands were running up and down each others' backs; the sheer softness of her skin, the taste of her lips, it was all intoxicating. She broke the kiss first.

"This is great and all, but it's not really what I came here for." I took the hint easily enough. I led her to my bed. She quickly stripped out of her shorts; I was staring at her backside again. She twisted and looked at me.

"Like what you see? I wouldn't have pegged you for an ass-man!" She was running her hands across that fantastic ass.

"I'm not, actually; you just haven't turned around yet!"

"Well, what're your pants still doing on?" OK, that's all I needed, and soon enough I had shed my clothes. We were both completely naked together, standing next to my bed. Kelsey was taking me in; she hadn't turned, and was carefully covering anything I might be able to see.

"Hmm, not what I was expecting. Then again, I'm not really sure what I was expecting. Plus, you've been going to the gym!" I glanced down; my erection was sticking straight out. I had trimmed this morning in the shower, after breakfast. Admittedly, I wasn't much to look at "downtown" but hey, dick is dick right? At least she wasn't laughing...

"Well, you've seen mine... quid pro quo?" I said. I was dying to get a full view of her fantastic 18-year-old body. She turned around, and it was just as perfect as I ever could've imagined. She wasn't too pale, but also not a sun worshiper. And thankfully, she had done quite a bit of trimming "down there" as well. I've always preferred a smooth workspace; she had a faint, tightly-trimmed sharp arrow of hair just above her perfect little slit. I walked towards her, hypnotized. I stretched my arms out, wrapping them around her waist, down to her cheeks, and gave them a little squeeze. She squeaked at me, and squeezed my butt too.

I swiftly turned and swept her off her feet - literally - and promptly put her down on my bed. I moved her so that I was standing between her legs. I leaned over her, kissing her, and moving my mouth down to each nipple, giving them each quite a bit of oral attention. She was pressing her chest into my face, loving the feeling I was giving her. But I wasn't done yet...

I began to kiss down her midline, past her belly-button, and finally over the remaining patch of blond hair. I kissed the patch, just for good measure, before moving down the inside of her left thigh. I was raising her leg so I could get better access to all her sweet spots (but not getting too close to her Honey Pot - at least, not yet!).

She was writhing at the sensations of having my lips run around such a sensitive area. I was savoring the sensation myself; the whole experience of having such a fantastic opportunity all to myself! The smell of her skin, the taste of her thighs, the litheness of her legs. Perfection.

I moved closer to her labia, began kissing and lightly licking around it, not yet going inside. She had grabbed my head and was trying to push me deeper, trying to get me to skip ahead. Now that wasn't fair, she had been teasing me for how many years, and I couldn't get a few minutes?!

Finally, I allowed my tongue to penetrate her outer lips. She gasped as she registered the pleasure of having my mouth give her such a sensation. I ran my tongue up and down her slit, not venturing in too far yet. Eventually, after I had had enough of her nails digging into my scalp, I brought my tongue to the top of her lips, and curled it around the little nub of her clitoris.

"Mmmm!!! Oh, fuck, MORE!!!" I started to suck on it, play with it with my tongue, then move attention back down to her slit. I spread her lips, letting my tongue run along the inside, and once again wrapped it around her clit. I toyed with it for a minute, then started humming; this brought an immediate reaction of her back arching completely off the bed. I kept it up, alternating between the clit and momentarily giving her labia attention. Eventually I just concentrated on the nub; I had long ago discovered that my tongue had a particular talent of being able to roll around, while curled up, and up until now I had been dying to try it out on this particular piece of female anatomy. It clearly had the desired effect: the combination of all the sensations sent spasms through Kelsey's body.

She was convulsing with an orgasm, and I rode her out the entire time, locked onto her clit. I could tell she was having a hard time breathing; eventually, the waves wound down. I slowly worked my line of kisses back up, pausing for a few seconds at each nipple, before finding my lips pressed against hers. She kissed me back equally passionately. She was panting, even after our lips unlocked.

"Fuck! That was amazing!" I was happy she enjoyed herself.

"You're telling me! I'm glad you liked it!" She looked into my eyes.

"I think I'm ready now." She didn't have to explain.

I stood up, taking her hands in mine. The bed was the perfect height; neither of us needed to adjust for me to enter her. I lined up, leaning in slightly, pressing the head against her opening. I looked at her, held her gaze; she gave me a little nod, and I thrust into her virgin pussy. I could feel the hymen breaking; the pain on her face was quick, but I didn't doubt that she was still hurting. I left my member buried in her for a while as she got accustomed to its presence. I wanted this to be as painless as possible, and I imagined that immediate thrusting would not feel particularly good.

Slowly, her expression changed; she was getting used to the discomfort. I bent down and kissed her, holding her hands above her head. I started thrusting, and I could feel her face scrunching up again in pain. Once again, I thrust into her and left it inside; I started kissing her down her chest, lifting her up to get better access at her nipples. I was amazed that I hadn't blown my load inside her, although I was concentrating on a few other things at the same time.

But holy FUCK did it feel absolutely amazing!! It was about all I could do to not just thrust with all my might, no matter what she felt, as the walls of her pussy were tight around my cock. But that was selfish; I wasn't here for myself. Even just being inside her, the warmth and pressure around my dick, was just about the best thing I'd ever experienced!

"Keep going," she whispered in my ear. And once again, I didn't need further prompting. I resumed my actions; I could feel her whole body tensing up with each thrust, but I couldn't help but noticed how fantastic it felt for me! It didn't take too long for me to reach my peak, and I blew a massive load inside her.

I almost collapsed on top of her, but managed to roll to the side, bringing her on top of me.

"Thank you!" Kelsey whispered in my ear. She was playing with my hair.

"Right back at ya, kid!" My own hands were busy caressing her soft back, drinking in her sensuality. Her body was warm against my skin. I didn't want this to end. Thankfully, Kelsey felt the same way. After a few minutes of laying there, she stood up, and started walking out of the bedroom. She turned and looked at me; I had been staring, enjoying watching her walk away.

"Well, are you coming or not?" I don't think I've ever jumped out of bed faster.

She led me to the bathroom, and started the shower. I was liking where this was going...

Kelsey stepped into the shower; I had a transparent curtain, so I could see everything she was doing, which began with her holding up her finger, indicating that I was to wait. So like a good little boy, I just enjoyed the show.

She started by thoroughly wetting down, the water flowing across her skin, hugging her curves, accentuating her every perfection. She was rubbing her hands all over her body, making sure the water covered everything. She stuck her head directly under the shower head, and let the water fall around her face, down her hair. I was enraptured. In a dramatic sweep, she flung the water off her head, opened the curtain, and beckoned me to join her. Obviously, I obliged.

She started by shoving me under the water, running her hands over my body in the same way she had done to herself. She seemed to be purposefully avoiding my boner, which had been at attention since she first stepped into the shower. We switched places and she started rubbing between her legs, barely flicking her fingers into her slit. I began stroking my cock in response. Then she turned around, leaned forward with her arms against the front of the tub, and stuck her ass as far out as possible. I didn't need an invitation.

I walked up behind her, placing my cock atop her asscrack. I slid it back and forth a few times, reveling in the sensation. Kelsey was moaning slightly, and started wagging her butt side-to-side, pushing into me. Finally I pulled back and repositioned my cock at the entrance to her vag. I grabbed her cheeks, squeezing slightly; she moaned louder at this attention. Then I thrust myself inside her. She let out a throaty groan, and started pushing back and forth on her own against my groin.

I couldn't let her do all the work, so I started thrusting in accord to her rhythm. She was so tight; again I found myself amazed that I didn't cum on the first thrust, it was so fantastic.

I bent over her lithe form, reaching around, and started to finger her clit. She in turn increased the frequency of her own movements, no longer moaning but clearly panting at the exertion. I made little circles around her clit, rubbing it. I could feel her walls begin to tighten around my member; she was about to cum again. I picked up my own pace, both with my thrusts and against her nub. She started grunting against the front of the shower wall, and just as I thought I was about to lose myself, I felt her begin to spasm, starting in her legs and moving up to her torso, shaking uncontrollably.

I couldn't hold it any longer, and I popped another load into her fresh pussy. The heat from the water, coupled with our own exhaustion, made it seem as though the world had stopped moving; there was no sound, no sight, nothing outside of this shower tub. No sensation aside from the heat of our bodies wrapped around each other, and the sensuous flow of water as it melted us together.

Slowly, the rest of the world began to reform around us. We were both quite spent, but we had enough energy to actually wash each other clean - with soap and everything! We left the shower together; I was thankful that I had an extra-large, super-soft towel that could hold us both together. We dried off, slowly dabbing each other's bodies until we no longer glistened. I picked her up again, and took her once more to my bed.

This time, I set her down, and laid down beside her. She rolled herself onto my arm. We fiddled with each other, played with hair, kissed, tickled a little; there was pillow-talk involved. At this moment, we seemed the perfect match, and neither of us wanted it to end. But we each knew that time is fleeting - we had to make the most of what was left, before we had to go our separate ways.

We were clean, and naked, and Kelsey seemed determined to get us nice and dirty again. Her hand took hold of my semi-erect cock, which hardened rather quickly in her grip. Slowly she began stroking up and down, squeezing me almost too tightly. She was kissing me, and suddenly her mouth was around the tip of my dick. GOOD GOD she'd done this before, and the practice had certainly made her perfect! Her tongue made swirls around the head, then started rubbing my frenum up and down. Soon enough she had her left hand pressing down on the base of my shaft, while her right hand continued to stroke me, and her perfect, petite, wet lips were wrapped around my glans. She was like a goddess giving head!

"Fuck! I'm going to lose it!" And by the Almighty, true to her nature of perfection, she took my entire length into her mouth, and I blew my third load down her throat! She was sucking and swallowing every spasm of cum I could pump out, and I never wanted her to stop!

Ultimately, however, I was spent, at least for the moment. After she was sure she'd gotten every last drop sucked out of me, she looked into my eyes, smiled, and opened wide, just to reassure me that she'd taken everything happily. She crawled back up to me, and after a mere moment of hesitation on my part, we embraced in another deep, passionate kiss.

I couldn't help but let my fingers wander down to her lucious pussy lips; she was already quite lubed up, and I took advantage, making sure my fingers were nice and wet before attempting insertion. My thumb started rubbing around her clit; she was starting to moan through our kiss. I parted her lips, felt my middle finger slide into her opening. She gasped a little - she had already started to tighten back up after our shower fuck, and I had to work a little to get my finger even half-way deep. I started kissing her again, as I let my thumb rub her nub and my finger wiggle inside her.

Unfortunately, I wasn't at the best angle to do what needed to be done - I had to break off from that luscious mouth, so I could concentrate on her "southern" lips - and my tongue went straight for her little clit, poking out from under its hood. By now I had worked my entire finger into her, and she was obviously enjoying the "come here" movement I was using. But I felt she needed more, so I eased my index finger into her, stretching her out a bit more. My left hand had been fondling her fantastic tits, but after putting two fingers into her, she took to sucking on the fingers of my available hand, and I wasn't going to complain!

Slowly, as her climax built, she let go of my hand, and I was able to return to squeezing her nipples, taking full handfuls of her breasts, or simply running it all over her lithe, wonderful body. So soft and smooth, with everything going on I almost didn't notice my hard-on had returned! I figured there wasn't any harm in giving a little stroke every once in a while, although with what he'd just been through, it wasn't what my dick was aching for! I was brought back to full focus when Kelsey once again grabbed the back of my head, pushing my face harder into her lovely labia.

"God! Don't stop! Right-fucking-there! UUGHHH!" She was bucking again, grinding into my mouth, my fingers barely able to move as her pussy squeezed and spasmed around them, rocking her in the biggest orgasm I'd given her thus far! But this time, she didn't slow down, panting, tired. No, this time she was only a few contractions in, when she sat up, somehow managed to reach over and all but drag me, dick first, above her waiting stomach.

"I want you to cum on me! Hurry, God, hurry! Keep fucking me, and cum on me!"

I re-positioned a bit, fingers still sliding in-and-out, still feeling her pulsing around them, and with her hands working my already-excited member, I blew my fourth and final load onto her chest, down to her belly button.

"Fuck yes!" She had a death-grip on my dick, pumping it back and forth; all I could do was grunt repeatedly as every spurt I could muster dripped onto her silky-smooth skin. I pulled my fingers out of her vag, smelled them, then started licking them clean, and at the same time, Kelsey was wiping up my spunk, licking it off her fingers, making very contented sounds. She looked up at me, and I pressed my fingers, still wet with some of her own pussy juices, into her mouth, which she gladly began to suck and clean off completely.

"You are so fucking, unbelievably, insanely fucking amazing!!" It was about the best compliment my mind (which had been thoroughly blown) could come up with, but she seemed to enjoy it, as she just smiled all the wider, still licking my fingers.

And then it hit me - I was exhausted. Like I'd been at the gym for the last eight hours or so. I looked at the clock, and amazingly we had been going at it for nearly three hours! I promptly face-planted next to Kelsey on the bed, sigh and all. She started lightly stroking my back.

"Tired are you? I don't blame you! Even through the excitement, I can tell I'm about to fall over too!" She was purring into my ear, and I drank in the sound of her voice.

"Hmm, and don't forget, I'm an old geezer! I can't keep up with you, ya whipper-snapper!" This prompted a sharp *smack!* on my ass; it stung like hell, but I forgave her instantly.

"You know, I believe you still owe me an orgasm! You came more than I did! That's not fair!" Dammit, she was using a pouty-voice!

"The mind is willing, but the body is weak!" I don't think I could roll over, let alone go for another round!

"Hmm, that's OK I guess, you'll just have to owe me. I'll put it on your tab. We're starting a tab." She was still caressing, and had gone back to purring. And true to her word, she laid down, right on top of me. I could feel her pressed into me, her warmth on my back; I could barely make out her slowly-softening nipples. And the last thing I remember thinking was,

'I just fucked an ultra-hot 18-year-old into exhaustion. AWESOME!!'