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Ladies at Sea

2022-06-22 00:00:04

Throughout the recorded history of man there has been an ongoing fascination with the nude female form, in its erotic response to abuse, and a primal desire to see naked females undergo severe debasing torture. There are hundreds of examples of cultures that openly practiced the sexual debauchment of women on a regular basis.
Drawings on the walls of caves clearly indicated that the breasts and pubic mounds of captured women were a delicacy, eaten directly from the living victim. In Ancient Mesopotamia a new Queen was selected each Spring, and the incumbent and her entire court of attending maidens were stripped, raped and then slowly impaled on huge stakes, with one end driven into the ground and the other end into their puckered rectums. The naked queen and her screaming female attendants died a slow, painful and degrading death in the public square of the ancient city, on the sight of the modern Baghdad.
In Sodom and Gomorrah, the houses of prostitution were noted for the "Butcher Block" diversions, in which beautiful small girls were impaled through their assholes on the long penises of muscular men, and in this position they were tortured, severely pierced, and then limb by limb were slowly dismembered to the howling delight of the drunken patrons.
While captured naked women were attacked and slaughtered in the Roman Coliseum, under the stands patrons could, for two copper coins, take a whip with sharp metal barbs embedded along its length to the naked flesh of a voluptuous bound woman for ten blows. This type of treatment was very popular and is well recorded. One scroll documents a big woman who survived twelve clients before succumbing to the cruel attentions of the thirteenth.
The dark ages are rich in examples of beautiful young maidens disappearing forever into the torture chambers of huge castles. Knights would often raid villages and farm houses for the wives and daughters of helpless peasants to briefly populate the underground pens beside the torture chambers, to enjoy the screams of others until it was their own turn.
Beautiful busty Ladies of the Court who populated the lavish castles could quickly fall from grace on a whim when the Lord of the castle thought of a diversion of horror for her. During the cold and blustery winters, the warmth of subterrestrial torture chambers with their pits of flaming coals with their glowing branding irons, and were often the center of entertainment and diversion.
It was not unusual for hundreds of females to be absorbed into a single castle over a winter. With hundreds of such castles throughout Europe, the prodigious reproduction of the peasants kept the forest villages well stocked with live bitch meat for these terminal torture sessions.
In modern times, often those with the power to do so have set up money making private situations in which the very wealthy can witness the most bizarre exhibitions of attractive young women being brutally and often terminally tortured. These highly erotic and exotic entertainment killings are usually filmed or video-taped for distribution on the very profitable snuff video market.
The sex cruise ships that sail regularly from Scandinavian countries offer such an opportunity, by taking the debauched passengers safely away from the eyes and jurisdiction of laws and presenting for their entertainment the acts of horror they are both willing and anxious to pay for.
The beautiful young girls and well built women brought aboard as "entertainers" are exposed to the horrors of sexual violence acts designed by the most infamous minds of the crime organization that control the ships. The beautiful and shapely female victims are raped, beaten, whipped and tortured in the most heinous carnal exhibitions ever devised. The acts are carefully devised to incorporate eroticism and horror in a delicate and enchanting Balance.
The eroticism is the prime motivator. Sexual craving is the driving force, and raw sadistic blood-lust permits the acts to be carried through to their horrendous catastrophic (for the participants) conclusion. Violent death is the only possible ending for the beautiful women and lovely young girls who participate in the debauched entertainments on these evil cruise ships.
It was on such a ship that Jennifer now found herself.
Jennifer had chosen Copenhagen because she had read a book in the library where she worked in Ohio that described the bizarre Danish sex shows for the tourist who knew where to look. She expected to find her thrills down some dark ally, through a door beyond the reach of the street lights. She had never been to Denmark before, and had never heard of the special sex show cruise ships on which absolutely anything goes. These were a purely European phenomenon, and had flourished since their inception in the early twenties, the flapper era when skirts were short, morals were loose and the law forbid both sex and gambling.
The first of these ships had begun as a floating gambling den, operating outside the jurisdiction of the laws of the European countries from which it sailed. The popular idea had quickly caught on, and with a hiatus for the Second World War, they resumed activity in 1946, with a different objective. There had been a shift in moral laws, allowing gambling, but with much more restrictive laws regarding sex, particularly explicit female abusive acts, so the cruise ships soon became the home of stern sexual entertainment.
The style of entertainment aboard the ships had kept ahead of the legalization of sexual entertainment in Northern European countries, so that when liberal laws permitted staged fornication in night clubs, the ships that were to survive kept their audiences by featuring real torture.
Among the common entertainment tortures one could easily find being performed in a public club were whipping and flogging, the use of hot candle wax, painful flesh clamps, and piercing of the breasts, vagina, and any tender flesh with long sharp needles. Some clubs were more creative, and performed more adventuresome acts on the bound ladies such as anal extension to the point of rupture, belly-swelling enemas, and vagina stuffing with a wine bottle, which would then be shattered, to the cheering of the audience.
Any females could be tortured, as long as they signed a release, permitting the club and its employees to do as they saw fit to her once she was bound. Sometimes young girls could be enticed into signing for just for the kicks, and others would sign in return for drugs, but most often the releases were penned by girls with a gun at their head or a knife at their throat. The single inhibition to the popular club sport was a law that female subjects could not be permanently mutilated.
This restrictive law had followed a long and highly publicized court case, in which a club owner was fined three hundred dollars for allowing an employee to burn off the nipples and clit of a sixteen year old entertainer. Although the beautiful young girl had signed a release form permitting unrestrained physical abuse, the inexperienced young man working her had become carried away during the torture performance by the vocal encouragement of the cafe's rowdy customers.
Another case was dismissed when the club operator successfully argued that when he burned holes with a glowing cigarette through the inner labia of a fifteen year old entertainer in his club, what he did was similar to what she had done to her ears with a hot needle when she had them pierced.
Another owner was successful in his case when it was clearly demonstrated that the broken nose, arm, and cracked ribs of a twelve year old girl who had agreed to a fight naked with a professional boxer were not permanent injuries. Although the child was much too young to be a client in such an establishment, there was no provision in law to prevent her from entertaining there.
When the underground live torture dens became common in the Scandinavian countries, in order to keep ahead of the game, the ships'operators had to provide much more violent brutality. They introduced a new variation, in which naked little girls in erotic body decorations were used to serve liquor and food, and within a year even these innocent children were, by popular demand, incorporated into some of the violent sex acts.
Naked children being subjected to bizarre and brutal treatment remained a popular feature, but soon the competition became so fierce that the acts of sexual violence proceeded to the ultimate limit.
No female entertainers went willingly onto the cruise ships, because they were reputed to be far too rough, and there was a rumor that women who went aboard as employees never left the ship alive. None of it was ever proven, of course, but the operators engaged special recruiters to provide female sex slaves to stock their holding pens, and the professional procurers delivered only the best prime cunt meat in all of Europe.
By the mid-eighties there were three ships sailing weekly out of Copenhagen which were equipped with large grinders for the safe disposal at sea of the bodies of victims of their more extreme sexual entertainments.
It was on one of these evil and exciting ships that Jennifer now found herself. She had not been told the full nature of the ship's operation. That's why she was not prepared for the kind of exciting down and dirty action that she found on board this bizarre sex show ship cruising through international waters, beyond the jurisdiction of any country.
Here the laws of countries were not a concern, because in international waters, the captain of the ship was the law. Whatever he allowed to happen to the female entertainers on board was perfectly legal. This particular sex show cruise ship belonged to the largest international pornography and flesh marketing organization in the world, and the gorgeous women who were brought on board to entertain at sea could expect the worst.
Its bizarre sexual entertainment events provided an excellent opportunity for the very wealthy to let it all hang out, to experience the most depraved events imaginable, with no regard for the safety or comfort of the beautiful specially procured female subjects.
The ship was exceedingly well organized, to maximize the enjoyment of the rich passengers and to make the most of what happened on its several stages of all sizes, and its innermost showplace, the arena in the heart of the large vessel. All of its debauched acts were recorded on video for later distribution in the highly illegal underground market. These were no ordinary sex acts, they were brutal sexual violence sessions in which the victims were often tortured to death. The Organization's policy was to provide aboard this high security cruise ship the most degenerate displays of sexual perversity to be found anywhere in the world.
Here they exceeded even the excessive sexual debauchery practiced on captive white slave women by the Arab sheiks, or the prolonged brutal violence that the Viet Cong were known to have practiced on captured American nurses before they mercilessly butchered them.
The captain of this ship had explicit orders to provide for his paying passengers the most bizarre and depraved acts of human debasement imaginable, and to ensure that the worst fears of the experience captive bitches were realized, to provide valuable tapes of the degenerate events from the lenses of the multiple hidden video cameras. The ships clients were the wealthy of several nations whose sexual appetites were jaded to extreme, and who both needed and demanded spectacular and gut wrenching spectacle and debauchery to get their rocks off. For them nothing was to extreme, violent or perverse. They paid well to see the ships beautiful young women being mastered, humiliated, sexually debased and terrified with unimaginable horrors, and finally as a climax, to see those horrors fulfilled.
This perspective was not apparent to Jennifer when she accepted her invitation to take this cruise, and from the first things she saw she had no inclination of how far the people on the sex-cruise ship were going to go in their pursuit of the ultimate sex thrill.
Tony had picked her up in the hotel bar in Copenhagen, with an offer of some fast excitement and fast money. He had recognized the aloof vain look of the American bitch right away. This kind of woman was always alone in the bars, because they were always too good for the men who would take the time and trouble to pick them up. They always ended up missing the fun they were looking for, and he had perfected the technique for getting them to come along with him. Tony was a pro, and had made a fair business of procurement. The girls he abducted were always "safe" women, with no connections, and none of them ever left the ship alive, so he was never faced with the risk of running into them accidentally later on. The biggest money for Tony was in coming up with a very special woman who would have a special role on the cruise.
She would begin as a regular passenger, and would be drawn into the acts, deeper and deeper while everyone else on board was aware that she was being "educated" into more and more depraved behavior, until at last she actually performed a bizarre sexual killing in front of an audience.
She would be known to everyone on the ship as The Selected Woman, and although she would be unaware of the process herself, all of the other passengers would know that she would be the featured victim in the grand finale of the week-long cruise. This was the secret that everyone knew of but her. They would know she would take part willingly, not being aware of the full extent of the ship's ultimate entertainment, nor its outcome. Jennifer was the perfect woman for the "main event", the final act to be performed on the cruise, which capped all of the depraved exhibitions the guests would witness all week in the many small theaters spread throughout the ship.
In this multi-layered climax event in the ship's large central death pit arena, the specially selected victim was supposed to be slowly and spectacularly butchered. What made this big event so special for all the other passengers was watching chosen woman being pampered in the earlier part of the cruise, and the rapid building of her depraved behavior as her vanity was pumped up. This greatly enhanced the anticipation of the final event, in which her downfall would be complete, and therefore would be most satisfying for the guests.
Tony set her up well. All he told Jennifer was that there would be a exciting fight for betting purposes between two trained animals. Popular animal fights were legal at sea, and her job would be to wear a very skimpy and sexy but classy little costume, revealing her remarkable legs and magnificent breasts, with her sex organ barely concealed, and he told her she would be anonymous, wearing a flamboyant bird mask.
Not that it mattered, she thought bitterly to herself, because nobody this side of the Atlantic would ever recognize her anyway, she was just another beautiful face. She would handle one of the big animals as it was taken into the fight arena. The beautiful cunt's potential vanity had been read perfectly. She was so sexually turned on at the idea of being seen in the skimpy costume that she was a ready and easy mark.
Jennifer, like many such bitches, had the body to go with her incredible vanity. Tony knew he could make her remarkable figure and her inflated ego work for him very well before it all blew up in her beautiful face. He had assured her that her job would not be dangerous, because the animals were all familiar with people and their natural instinct was to fight each other. not the people. She would be a fancy showpiece to bring special class to the bizarre fight ring. That was enough for her to know for now.
He also explained that the animals were well trained to be handled on a fine gold chain, and if they paid her any attention, it would be real affection. When she asked what protection she would have, he promised that to protect her, armed men would have their guns trained on the animals to kill them if hey threatened her in the least. He sealed the deal with an offer of $1,000 cash to take part in the animal act, to spend just ten or fifteen minutes in the pit for a full grand, with a full week long cruise tossed in to boot.
Jennifer was very excited at the thought of doing something so very daring, so dangerous, so illegal, and so completely against the moral principles she had grown up with. When she asked what kind of animals would be involved, he said that they changed them for every fight, but they were usually strange combinations of medium sized beasts to make it exciting. She had no idea what was medium size for beasts. He said that whatever, it would be perfectly safe for her down in the pit, and everybody on the ship would watching and admiring her gorgeous big tits.
He made her feel he was in her power by pointing out he thought she was a very sexy lady with a beautiful face and an incredible figure. With that one comment Tony had her. He was so crude, and yet she found him irresistible. He had told her that there would be some exhibitions of both raw and brutal sex on the cruise, all of the illegal stuff, providing the best in kicks, because that's what paying passengers on the cruises were there for.
He assured her she shouldn't worry, because the people doing it were all in it for the money, just like her, and that she wouldn't be expected to watch any of the rough stuff if she wasn't interested. He had her attention. He mentioned that there would also be a chance for her to pick up a bundle of extra cash with that great figure of hers if she wanted to, but said he'd explain all of that later. She had been sitting it that damned Copenhagen bar for nearly a week, and anything seemed better than a vacation completely ruined because there was no action.
She didn't like all that she heard from this creep Tony, some of the things he said made her flesh crawl, but he had a way about him that made it all seem so distanced, that none of it would affect her if she decided that it wasn't going to.
So now she found herself as a passenger aboard the lawless sex cruise liner, well out to sea in international waters and away from the prying eyes of the anti-pornography people, and the first two days had been a real eye opener for her. Tony had told her that her act wasn't to take place until the sixth day of the cruise, so on the first few days he let her earn a little extra bread while having a good time.
She found it all exciting.
He started to use her to assist in other acts, breaking her in slowly, letting her get deeper and deeper into it without her noticing too severe a change in her level of involvement. He'd started her out easy. For the first two days she just had to swim in the "B" deck pool, wearing her micro bikini, and to lounge around on the deck tanning, showing off to the paying passengers her lean but full breasted figure. She had bought a couple of very expensive and daring string bikinis in Copenhagen, and this gave her a chance to show them off. Both of the very brief and sexy bikinis showed her pubic curls and ran up inside her ass crack.
She loved the attention she drew in the nothing little G-string and nipple cover, and by the afternoon of the first day she was ready to take off her super-mini bikini top to show off and tan all of her big full bulging tits. They were magnificent, and drew the attention of everyone who passed the pool. Jennifer reasoned to herself that it was okay to show them, because all of the other girls were doing it, so she was just conforming her behavior.
She knew that people were even telling others about the raving beauty at the "B" deck pool, because several times she heard people asking others "Is this the one?" and hearing an affirmative reply as they openly ogled her sensuous beauty. She was, however, a little curious when a young woman asked the hunk with her "Is it going to be that vain one over there," as she pointed at her. Then she realized the word must be out all over the ship that she was the sexy woman who was going to be handling one of the animals in the fight pit. She was on the right track, but would have jumped ship in terror if she'd had the least idea of what else they all knew.
Jennifer agreed to share Tony's bed the on the very first night, knowing this was probably the only chance she would have to experience sex on her holidays, so she decided she had better make the most of the opportunity. He wasn't such a bad looking guy, for a Wop.
He convinced her that he would make it worth her while to allow him to butt fuck her. She was excited at the outrageous prospect of taking a man's penis into her anus, because the thought of anal sex was so depraved. Tony got her cooperation by getting the covers off the bed so that she could watch her own debasement in the full wall mirror which was part of every stateroom on the ship. Jennifer felt herself turned on by the gross degeneracy of the act, which was totally in line with the debauched acts she saw that were the big attraction on this cruise. She felt a twist of excitement in her gut as Tony told her more about the vicious animal fight while he thrust his thick penis deep into her tight greased anus.
He had made the shots of pain in her colon easier to take by giving her a snort of coke. She was surprised she could actually concentrate on what he told her as he heaved into her with that rigid oversized dong.
He said that because the audience was on this cruise to see the most shocking acts possible, the animals would likely fight until one of them was killed. Before they started to fight, she would have a chain around the neck of her animal to hold it back while they sniffed each other.
This thought brought a shiver down her spine as she imagined the runting beasts sniffing each at other's organs, then baring their fangs as they made threatening snarls, pulling at the restraining leashes held by their human handlers, about to do deadly battle.
On the wall above the washroom mirror hung the extravagant feathered bird mask she would wear in the animal fight pit. It was imposing and had an almost evil look of authority to it. She imagined herself wearing it, with not much else to hide her fabulous figure, and she felt excited anticipation with the sexy image that filled her mind. Tony told her that in the fight ring she would wear a daring loin cloth without a crotch strap to hide her organs, just strips of heavy material that flapped down in front, with none behind. She would go into the large fight pit bare breasted, with her prominent nipples rouged, with sexy high cut spike heeled boots and the bizarre bird-mask to complete her costume.
He also told her she would have further protection in the form of a knife stuck in her belt in case she needed to defend herself. She was startled, as she was not in the least interested in using a knife as a weapon, and certainly not on a ferocious animal in the process of attacking her. As he mentioned the knife he thrust his thick prick deeper into her, heaving with the powerful jabs into her stretched anus, letting the grip of the tight sphincter ring on his penis pump at the base of the thick fuck-pole. She was admiring her kneeling figure in the wall mirror as the attractive muscular nude Italian kneeling behind her rammed his rigid rod relentlessly into her.
Tony suddenly tensed, then he thrust deep into her and climaxed inside the smooth colon of the beautiful kneeling woman. He bellowed like a wounded bull as he suddenly thrust rapidly and shot great gobs of his hot spunk deep into her packed bung hole. To make it special for him she heaved her butt back against his bucking groin and moaned as if he were delivering her biggest and best fuck ever.
When he had charged her guts with a full load of his hot spurting spunk, he surprised her by leaving his still huge and firm cock buried deep in her asshole. He lay down on his side, pulling her down in front of him, and roughly grasped and twisted her full breasts as he talked to her, painfully mashing and squeezing them together while reassuring her about her role in the vicious animal fight.
Tony told her that the man in charge of all the performers and entertainers was very impressed with the way she displayed herself at pool side, and wanted to see her get more involved. He said the man had told him all of the passengers found her very attractive and sexy, and wanted to see more of her. He said he thought this would be a terrific opportunity for her to make even more money and also get more excitement.
She said she would think it over. In fact the idea appealed to her, and the more she thought of the people admiring her fantastic face and figure the more interested she became. As she though of this he told her he had a special surprise for her. While he held her by the breasts with his firm penis still buried deep in her colon he asked her how she would like a special gold ring. She was interested. He asked her if it had hurt when she had her ears pierced. She was surprised at the question, and said it had been done by a professional.
She said the man had squeezed her ear lobes first, so hard that there was no feeling in them when he had pierced the sensitive flesh. The needle had gone clean through. It had burned a bit afterward, but was not enough to be disturbing. It had been worth the mild discomfort, if that was what he meant. She was not sure why he asked the question.
While she was speaking he rolled onto his back, pulling her over so that she lay on top of him, face up. He brought his legs up between hers and forced her legs apart, inter-twined with his so that she could not close them. Then he hit a switch on the bedside table.
In a moment a woman entered. She wore the simple but very sexy uniform of the service staff, a loose fitting shift which did nothing to hide the sexuality of the woman's large breasted figure.
The pleated skirt was very short, and she wore the spike heeled shoes that accentuated her muscular sexy legs. She carried a small tool box which she opened as she sat on the foot of the bed between the spread legs of the two. Tony explained to Jennifer that he wanted to give her a special gold ring that would show off her beautiful vagina when she displayed it for the enjoyment of others.
She gasped at the lewd suggestion and at the imminent mutilation of her beautiful sex organ, and she struggled desperately but uselessly. Tony assured her the ring would not interfere with her ability to have sex, but instead it would stimulate her vagina into easy arousal.
The staff woman grasped the fleshy hood of Jennifer's erect clitoris, and pulled the loose flesh up severely from her sex mound, stretching it to the limit. Then without squeezing it to numb the flesh she pressed a sharp needle deep into the restrained young woman's sex meat, clearly demonstrating there was no bond between women here.
Jennifer screamed, as much at the indignity of being physically abused by another woman as at the pain. She knew that men were often disposed to dominating and abusing women, and she understood this to be a natural process. For a woman to abuse her sex organ so painfully without her consent was extremely degrading. The staff woman withdrew the needle. A droplet of blood slowly grew, filling the new opening, then it trickled down across her slightly curled pink cunt lips. The woman produced from her bag an inch wide thick gold ring, which had an opening on one side.
One end was pointed and the other was hollowed, so that they could be permanently locked together when the ring was forced closed. She placed the opening over Jennifer's clitoris, which was excited and erect from the raw obscenity of the violent and profane act she was experiencing. With a special tool that resembled pliers she forced the ends of the thick gold ring into the fresh pierce hole, and squeezed the ring completely and closed in Jennifer's sex flesh, permanently marking her as Tony's property.
She sprayed a disinfectant onto the pierced cunt which flushed away the gleaming droplets of her blood. The voluptuous woman put her tools away, closed the tool bag and then silently left. Tony released his tight grip on Jennifer's big breasts, allowing her to sit upright, her anus still impaled on his thick penis.
She saw her clit standing out through the large gold ring, and quickly realized that the gleaming gold decoration actually did enhance the appearance of her sex organ. It was at that instant that she saw the name TONY engraved in the thick gold ring. She was clearly and permanently marked as a possession. Jennifer was startled at the calm that came with this sudden realization, a curious sense of belonging that came with this distinction.
That realization did nothing to quell her anger at the forced invasion of her intimate privacy, the humiliation of being brutalized by another woman, and the piercing of her delicate sex meat without her consent. At the same time, she was startled to notice she was really pleased with the beauty of the device, and the bold statement the man had made in marking her as his own personal property with the aggressive gesture.
With a shock Jennifer realized that she found the brutality of the assault on her sexual privacy was thrilling to her. Now she understood what Tony meant by excitement. She wondered how much the coke she had snorted had to do with what was going on in her head.
On the second evening at sea Tony treated Jennifer by taking her to see one of the most delightfully debauched entertainments Jennifer could imagine: it was a beauty contest for pretty little European tots aged from five to seven.
The kiddie show was staged in a small intimate lower deck theater that seated about a hundred and fifty guests. When they arrived they got two of the last few remaining empty seats left in the theater. Although they were mostly European children, the event was all in English, which Jennifer later learned was the language common to most of the guests, so it was used throughout the ship. I was the little girls'distinctive accents that identified their nationality.
The mistress of ceremonies was a beautiful busty French girl in her mid-teens. She wore a sleek silver gown that squeezed her large beautiful breasts up and together. It's hem line was more than a foot above her shapely knees. Her legs were naked, and she wore a pair of very sexy silver spike-heeled shoes which gracefully accentuated her long and shapely legs.
She carried a school mistress's pointer, and she had a very stern look on her face, which the easily influenced children were likely to respect. The pretty girls began by coming on stage one by one, twirling to display their pretty dresses and hair, then stood in a line across the back of the stage. The beautiful young mistress of ceremonies turned her back, revealing a daring slit up the back of the skirt that went all the way up to the belt line, although there was an overlap of a couple of inches, so that except when she walked, the seam of her ass crack was discretely covered. Everyone quickly noted, as she moved revealing flashes of her pale round buttocks, that she wore no panties.
Then she startled everyone by bending over as she talked to the children, with her back to the audience, spreading the slit in her skirt wide, revealing to the audience her bare round buttocks, her puckered naked pink anus and her lightly bearded and open pink lined vagina. Jennifer was excited not only by the daring nature of the dress the girl wore, but even more by the raw and unashamed exhibitionism of the beautiful and well built young French girl wearing the more than suggestive outfit.
She was both shocked and excited at the overt display by the immodest girl of her beautifully formed sex organ, particularly in the presence of these young children, who were of course not able to see what the audience saw. This kind of daring thrilled Jennifer, and got her sexual juices really flowing. Jennifer was surprised at herself, startled that she could be sexually aroused at the sight of another female.
One by one the little girls stepped forward to deliver brief recitations of limericks they had memorized. Clearly they did not understand the words they were delivering in their cute little voices, for the short poems they recited were disgustingly filthy. What made the filthy limericks so interesting was to hear them being so coyly told by the innocent young girls. The children had been carefully coached to emphasize the right words and to give the coy smiles and knowing looks as they innocently spoke the obscene words.
An attractive little blonde five year old began the session with:
A dirty old lecher named Brent
Had a dong so long that it bent
To save himself trouble
He put it in double
And instead of cumming, He went.
When the laughter subsided it was redoubled by her careful and innocently delivered explanation: "When he ejaculated his semen splashed on his own testicles."
She curtsied politely at the applause she received, then stood aside for the second little girl, who recited:
A mechanic serviced a wench
At arms length, head turned, with a wrench
He explained with chagrin
As he twisted it in
He simply could not stand the stench
"He was masturbating the woman in her vagina with the wrench," the little child explained, completely unaware of the meaning of what she was saying, "and he found the putrid aroma of fish emanating from her vagina to be highly disgusting."
And so it went, the attractive slender little European girls in their pretty dresses, white socks and shiny shoes pleasing the responsive audience with their filthy limericks and blindly memorized explanations.
When all of the limericks had been delivered the little girls were all politely and expectantly standing along the front of the stage, accepting the applause from the audience and ready to perform in the next part of the program. The next event was a high kick contest. All of the girls were to kick up as high as she could, and the winner was the girl who kicked her foot higher than the top of her head.
The audience was of course more interested in seeing the thinly covered little crotches, revealed with their skirts raised with the hairless little pussies barely concealed by the tightly stretched panties. The best of the girls was one of the seven year old girls. She not only kicked higher than the other girls, but she managed to kick so hard that her panties slipped to one side, completely revealing her pert cuntlet. Two of the others had also given the audience a view of their bare little slits, but the panties had covered them again quickly. They had been unable to hold their high kick in the air as long as the winner, who gave the audience a chance to study her fully exposed pussy by standing on tiptoe with the other leg held high for several seconds. Jennifer was enthralled at the sheer novelty of the forbidden form of sexual entertainment. It was so daring to sit with these people to watch these children being sexually exploited.
Jennifer was starting to notice how interesting she found this delightfully suggestive form of child sexual usage, which was not quite abuse, and she was anticipating the more brazen acts she believed it was all leading to. She noticed that she found this kind of child sex display to be highly stimulating, and realized that these kiddies had all been fully prepared by special training for this spicy act which was now approaching child pornography.
She proved to be right in her guess about the direction the performance would take. The high kick event was followed by a daring panty peeing contest, and the girls stood at the front of the stage, spread their knees and lifted their skirts, waiting for the signal. When the French woman dropped her raised arm the children all strained, trying to produce urine on demand. They had all been given half a bottle of warm beer to drink an hour before the show began, so all of their bladders were well primed. The audience scanned the row of panties watching expectantly for the first tell-tale sign of darkening moisture.
The smallest of the young girls produced her pee first, with a sudden spread of warm wetness darkening of the white panties. Then a trickle spilled through the material followed by the overflow around the edges when the full flow rate exceeded the ability of the fabric to pass the warm clear liquid. Before she was done the others were all splashing their pee onto the floor, although some of the younger girls had pulled their panties down and two were squatting to pee because they couldn't do it in the unfamiliar standing position. Now that the panties were all pee soaked, they clearly revealed the fleshy folds they were designed to hide.
A pair of the voluptuous staff women in their simple costumes of red shifts and high heels, brought in mops and quickly cleaned up cooling kiddie piss from the floor. When the clean-up women left the stage there was a dirty dancing contest, for which the little girls had been thoroughly trained to do a provocative strip tease. These small girls had been well schooled in all of the sensuous, provocative and erotic moves of strippers, with heavy bumps and grinds, sensuous twisting and spread legged posing, and as the heavy driving beat of Quincy Jones'"Killer Joe" began to play, they went into their act, two at a time.
The oldest and youngest of the young girls were paired up first, and they began their erotic and sexually stimulating gyrations to the sensual beat of the recorded music. The taller girl lay on her back and sensuously humped and writhed as she removed first her shoes and then her white socks.
Then she stood up, raised her arms and slowly pulled her dress up, rotating her hips, revealing her pretty piss-soaked panties. She twirled, gyrated and thrust her narrow hips as she had been carefully coached to do by professional dancers, in the most stark and sexual moves she could generate. This daring show of overt sexuality by the pretty little girl brought cheers from the appreciative audience. Then she revealed her tight tummy and ribs as the now highly provocative little girl's dress continued to slide upward. The dress came right over her head and she flung it aside, now twisting and posturing her near-naked body unencumbered. As she pulled the waist band of her panties out and began to twist out of them, the teenaged French girl screamed at the smaller of the little girls "Take your clothes off!"
The small child was doing the moves she had been taught flawlessly, but had forgotten to strip as she danced. The well built French girl slashed downward with her pointer, striking the little girl across the buttocks. The child was so startled at this display of anger she screamed, then she sat down on the lip of the stage and began removing her clothes, forgetting her training, not remembering that she was expected to strip and do the sexy dance at the same time.
She and the other girl were finally naked at the same time, and as the music changed to acid rock they began the posing part of their routine, striking the poses of adult women Jennifer had seen so often in the erotic men's magazines. Jennifer was shocked at the aggressive sexuality of these pretty little girls, and as she watched she was mesmerized by their erotic appearance. She was also interested to see how the violent slash at the child's buttocks with the pointer gave her an erotic response. She felt that provocative described perfectly the little girls'effect on her, with the raw sexual stimulation she was experiencing.
As she watched the first pair she could imagine herself pumping a thick dildo up the slender ass of the taller girl while driving her tongue up into the tight cleavage of the smaller child's puffed out little cuntlet. She was surprised at herself, because she had never experienced lesbian feelings before, had never noticed being aroused by little girls, and certainly not ever considered sex with children. Now these kiddies were turning her on as much as they were the rest of the audience, and none of the others seemed shocked or disturbed, so it seemed to Jennifer that in this setting the sexually stimulating performance of the kiddies seemed to be all right. If everyone was enjoying it so much and the children were all doing these dirty things by themselves, it hardly seemed that this kind of stimulating adult entertainment could be called child abuse.
The next pair of little girls were turning on the audience with their erotic stripping. They recognized the danger of the French mistress's pointer, and were quickly completely nude, posturing to expose the pretty twin holes in their naked crotches for the delight of the totally degenerate and clearly stimulated audience. The double exposure was more fun than Jennifer could imagine. She was having the time of her life, and found herself fitting right in with the rest of the crowd. When all of the small kiddies had stripped, the beautiful French mistress wheeled out a low table covered with long narrow objects of various sizes and descriptions. The largest was a banana, and with it she demonstrated to the naked kiddies what was expected of them. She slipped out of her sleek sexy gown, revealing her own nakedness, and stood in her spike heeled shoes facing the audience. She spread her knees wide and placed the tip of the banana into the folds of her vagina, pressing at the opening of her fuck chute, and then, without peeling it, she pressed the yellow fruit up into her moist gripping sex meat.
The little girls selected ball point and fountain pens of various sizes, cigar tubes, and sections of wooden broom handles with rounded ends, and began to deflower themselves as the audience watched in fascination. The little girls had no idea that they were different from the French woman inside their wombs, and that in order to successfully insert the tools they had selected, they would have to penetrate a layer of membrane that would bleed. What they did know was that they would all have to complete the task once they had started it, or the pointer would be used on them. They had also been told that the audience was not going to be satisfied until the last little virgin hole had been violated by its owner.
Although the girls screamed at the pain of the process, they continued, and as she watched in fascination, Jennifer remembered her own deflowering by her first boyfriend, but she had been much older than these kids at the time. As she remembered, she was nine or maybe even ten, because she was in grade four at the time of her sexual initiation. It had been rough, because she had refused the twelve year old grade six boy so often that he had finally brutally raped her. She had lived in a new district, and she had been lured with candy into a new house that was not quite completed. He had brought along a pair of his big friends, and they had held her as he ripped off her skirt and panties. He had slapped her face, and then spanked her little cuntlet, stinging it until the reddened petals opened.
Then he violently thrust his big prick into her, painfully ripping the membrane and causing her to bleed profusely. She was frightened by her flow of blood, and had been told that if she told anybody what he had done he would tell the owners of the house that it was her that had bled on the new beige carpet. Now the children on the stage were bleeding as well, screaming as they purposefully deflowered themselves, with the slow girls being viciously battered with the flailing pointer. They were making great progress, and the whole audience was standing up, excitedly cheering them on. As Jennifer caught herself encouraging the smallest girl, she suddenly realized that the morality she had always pretended to was nothing but a sham, and that her true feelings were of lust and sensuality.
She now knew that the fun the audience had was more important than the minor inconvenience to the kids. With this new understanding of herself she felt liberated.
On the third day she agreed to move up to "A" deck, where about a dozen gorgeous girls swam and frolicked naked, simply as part of the ship's decoration. She found that being naked, displaying herself in front of all of the men and women who came to watch was even more exciting for her than she had thought it would be. Although this was clearly not Jennifer's regular kind of behavior, on this deck it was the norm, and she knew she would stand out if she wore her swim suit while the other girls lay and posed with their legs apart, displaying their nude forms and sex organs.
Instead she stood out from the other girls because of her perfect beauty, and to her that was only natural. Even the gorgeous rich bitch with the enormous tits stood by the railing watching her, admiring her sleek athletic figure that she took so much pride in. None of the passengers who stood at the rail watching seemed to be surprised that the fleshy hood at the top of her vagina bore the gold ring. When Jennifer noticed someone giving her lingering glances and moving around to get a better look at her as she lay tanning, she would pretend not to notice, but would shift around and move a leg to provide an unobstructed view of her flared lipped and ringed vagina.
Also when she moved she noticed people at the rail moving also, to not lose the view of her nakedness they favored. She had learned as a teenager to make her delicate inner pussy lips flare out by rubbing them as she sat naked on the edge of her bed, holding a mirror so that she could watch her pretty sex organ unfold like a large morning flower with her growing sexual excitement. She was so intrigued with the warm moist and excitable organ that she had for years bought men's magazines to compare her hot cunt with the immodestly exposed sex organs of professional models. Reflecting back, she could not remember any of those wanton women in the magazines wearing jewelry in their openly displayed sex organs.
She had studied the carefully posed split beaver shots in Hustler and Club magazines, imagining a young photographer's assistant peeling the beautiful and artfully posed model's cuntlips carefully apart for each shot, and adding glisten to the engorged organ with a moisturizing jelly.
She had tried it herself many times, rubbing and stretching the inner vagina lips with her fingers while imagining a professional photographer focusing his lens on her displayed crotch to show it to the world. All of this exceptional attention had developed the cunt lips so that they were now easily gorged and flared to more than twice the size of the other girls'flesh-petals. Now, lying at pool side naked before admiring men and women, she found that it was as exciting as she had imagined displaying her naked body, with her long slender legs, her beautiful tits and inflamed and now ringed sex meat.
The highly attractive American librarian runted her hips in the most direct sexual movement she could imagine. She enjoyed the rush it gave her, and she realized with satisfaction how easily overt exhibitionism came to her and how very good it made her feel. After lunch she had found a bottle of rubber cement, and after rubbing up her generous inner cuntlips she used the rubbery glue to hold the engorged flesh petals wide spread. This simple trick made her the most admired nude at the pool that afternoon. As the heat of the day increased and more and more of the passers by stopped to admire her private charms, her vagina muscle relaxed, and the spread of the sex lips revealed the light colored muscle and dark open hole inside her womb.
When she noticed someone examining her exposed cunt, she heaved her insides so that the exposed inner meat rolled and momentarily opened, sucking in air and then squeezing it out, producing hilarious loud cunt farts. She had learned this amusing but disgusting trick as a teenager in her room, and she now performed like a professional sex entertainer.
Jennifer was having a ball.
By evening of that third day Jennifer was ready to move indoors into the show bar where special tables had been set up for the display nudes to lounge on top of them under tanning lights. Here she and the other women lay and posed naked, turning on the male and female customers who sat right up to the tanning tables. Although they were separated from the show girls by a handrail, the patrons were able to reach over and caress the supple nude bodies of the women at will. The gorgeous women were truly nothing but desirable sex objects, and Jennifer found this to be highly erotic.
Soon perspiration slicked her visibly tanning flesh, and in the heat of the lamps and the inner heat of shamelessly exhibiting herself at such close quarters, her large breasts and open vulva swelled naturally. The gleaming gold ring stood up as her clitoris swelled and stood out through it, making her look particularly sexually stimulated and stimulating. She got a special kick out of teasing them with her sensuously gyrating figure and a show of her flared cunt and pretty asshole, warming the clients up to frolic with the gorgeous whores and studs who worked the F deck.
She took a tip from one of the experienced girls in the dressing room during a brief break, and squeezed a whole tube of creamy white suntan lotion up into her twat. While she was lying out on display in the tanning machine, she kept going with her hand to that private well, then sensuously rubbing her naked body with the moisturizer. The customers thought she was basting her body with her own love juices, and they brought others over to take a look at the amazing American woman.
She was only once shocked and embarrassed, when one of the men slid his hand across her ass, then quite suddenly thrust his middle finger roughly up into her asshole. She squealed as if with delight, but was disgusted at the rapid finger fuck by the perfect stranger. She quickly rolled over so that his finger was forced out of her, and offered her cunt to him to view and caress instead. What saved the humiliating situation was a bouncer who skillfully steered the man toward the F deck, offering him a free fuck with the prostitute of his choice. She was startled to hear the bouncer explain to the man that "this is the selected one, and she's not to be marked until her time."
The feeling of being invaded soon faded as several other people moved over to her table to admire and touch her delightful exposed charms.
Tony picked Jennifer up after her shift, waited she got into a sexy dress, then took her to see another more aggressive and shocking demonstration. He knew she was ready to see some real brutality now, to further her development toward becoming a show feature.
This show was a contest between a pair of extremely muscular body building women, each armed with a long carriage whip. These brutal weapons were designed to bring a sharp sting to the flesh of a horse, right through its thick hide. Jennifer could readily see how much more severe they would be when used on the naked flesh of a woman. She would be startled at how devastating they could be in the hands of these powerful women.
These women, who appeared to be in their mid-twenties, could easily have been world body building champions, they were so well developed. Their muscles had been shot full of steroids and they had built huge muscles with incredible form and definition. The only difference between these fine specimens and real competition body builders was that their breasts had also been pumped up, either with silicone or with some natural tissue builder.
They both sported huge well developed round and erect breasts, with stout firm nipples pushing out through the nipple holes in the very brief halters they wore, rather than having the flat chests common with female body builders. Through a slit in their thin fabric in their bikini panties their flared cunts were clearly defined, and their markedly enlarged clits pushed through the slit cloth and stood outward, demonstrating that their pleasure buds had also been specially enlarged and developed.
The engorged clits pushed through the flesh folds at the top of the exposed cunts and stood erect and rigid like slick little boys'penises. They were spectacular, and the audience was anxious to see what damage they would do to each other. A pair of well built teen-aged girls wearing jeans, white frilly blouses and high heeled shoes were brought onto the stage. Suddenly the audience realized that the women would not fight each other, but instead these two were going to be the human targets for the whips in the brutal competition.
Jennifer was startled to see that one of them was the French girl who had been on stage with the little girls. Jennifer was pleased to see her again, because she had admired the girl's well shaped body, and was interested in seeing the girl who had been so stern with the children being reduced to a plaything for the entertainment of the audience, to become nothing but a whip target, a sexual toy to be dallied with, brutalized, and then cast aside. Little did she realize the significance of her casual thought. The two well built girls were introduced as Hannah and Jennine. Hannah was a blonde Nordic girl, with very light blonde hair. Jennine was the black haired French beauty, who's hair had flowed in curls over her shoulders. Now both had their hair in inverse braids, the type that tucked the hair inside out of sight, with a woven ridge down the back of their heads. This would keep their beautiful long hair out of the way of the flailing whips.
The two girls stripped down naked, leaving on only the high heeled shoes. Jennifer was struck by how much more sexual Jennine's naked figure was than she remembered in that tight silver dress she had worn the night before. She also noted how similar the two girls were in build. This close balance in the amount of living girl-meat would make the brutal girl-whipping experiment valid. She wondered to herself how much those beautiful smooth skinned bodies of the lovely naked teenagers would be marked by the vicious whips.
Each of the gorgeous girls was bound to a pair of closely placed stakes at one side of the stage. Each pair of stakes was about a foot apart, and served as a rack to keep the girls bound to them facing in the right direction. The girls'legs were spread around the posts, so that their crotches were opened to expose their delicate sex organs to the whips as well as their bodies. They were both well tanned, although the French girl had white bikini marks Jennifer had seen during the kiddie show.
Their ruddy appearance was enhance by the color of the lighting and the sheen of their specially oiled bodies. Hannah was bound with her back to the whippers, with her breasts pressed firmly against her pair of posts, and with her long hair braided up it would keep out of the way, so that the whip would have full access to her back and shoulders. Nothing was to interfere with the intent of the exhibition. Her face was turned with her cheek pressed against the post so that the audience could see it and watch her reactions and screams with each blow.
Jennine was bound with her back to the stake, facing her whipper and presenting her delicious cunt, tight belly, round breasts and gorgeous face to the whip. The object of the demonstration was to discover which side of a woman was more vulnerable to attack, her front or back. It was an old question, whether it was wiser to face or turn your back to a beating or whipping, and this brutal whipping exhibition was designed to solve it once and for all.
The decision would be made according to which of the brutalized girls passed out from the whipping first. The muscular whip women wore their competition bikinis with pride and class. The nipple holes and the ingenious vagina slits gave the minimal costumes no covering value. In fact the thin strands of fabric in the slit crotch were drawn tightly on the outside of their inner cunt lips so that they forced the exposed flared sex meat to flower, spreading wide and revealing the inner pink meat and the dark mysterious holes of their vaginas when they moved.
The two women whippers with their fantastic bodies strode with authority across the stage, armed and ready to use the long horse whips.
On a signal they swung their long whips back and the brutal bitch-whipping contest was on. Hannah could not see the blows coming, so that when the first one struck she was startled and therefore was the first to scream. The whip angled across her bare back from her right buttock across her shoulder blade and the small of her back, and slapped noisily across her left shoulder. It raised a quick angry welt that was just a red streak at first but which visibly grew into a firm ridge. Clearly the woman wielding the whip had incredible strength. Jennine took a similar blow at the same time, but it bounced her right breast wildly when it struck, then crossed her navel and actually cut her left hip-bone.
Amazingly, she resisted the impulse to scream.
She was clearly a feisty bitch, and was going to provide them with some real entertainment before she was whipped into unconsciousness. The muscular women recoiled their long whips, and concentrated on the line they wished to draw with the next. The maximum effect would be obtained by letting the young resilient bodies absorb the blows and then let the girls anticipate the next, so they were spacing them out at about thirty seconds.
As the two muscular women swung the whips back to deliver the second blow Jennifer noticed how erotically their big breasts swung, and she was sure the large mammaries were real. There was no way that mammary implants would move so naturally. They must have developed their tit muscles too, she decided, probably with steroids. The second blow to each girl was identical but opposite to the first, crossing Hannah in the small of her back, and the French girl almost exactly at her navel. This time Jennine's left nipple was severely split, and drops of her blood trickled down across her breast. Again she refrained from screaming by biting her lip, and again Hannah's shrill scream filled the small theater.
Jennifer looked at Tony, with momentary concern crossing her face. "This is terrible, they are really hurting these two girls," she said.
"They're up there because they're being well paid for it," he said. "Both of them agreed to do this, and signed releases to prove it. Of course it hurts," he added, "that's the whole point of the show."
"But they're tied up, and can't get out of it if it gets too rough for them," she protested.
"Of course they're tied up," Tony said. "You can't have a girl backing out of the middle of a performance, just because it isn't fun anymore. They both agreed to it, now they're in it right to the end."
The third blow was brought up viciously between the girls'spread legs, blasting the tightly woven leather whips with a snap against their delicate organs. Within seconds droplets of crimson blood was dripping from damage to both their fleshy cunts and tight anus rings. This time the French girl was unable to hold back her scream, and as the sudden pain of the whip against her tender sex meat shot up through her body she was clearly shaken by the violence of the brutal act in which she was trapped.
Tony looked at Jennifer, checking her attitude.
"That was a great shot," she said. "It really got to them."
"Aren't you worried about them being hurt?" he asked.
"Like you said, they knew what they were getting into, and they'll be paid for it, won't they? Isn't this what they're on this cruise for?"
"Absolutely," he said. But doesn't their bleeding bother you?"
"It's only a small trickles, it isn't as if they were really bleeding, and anyway, the blood shows up whip marks better, like a visual representation of their pain."
Just then the next crack of the whips sounded, followed by the jolting of the two bodies, and the fresh unrestrained screaming of them both.
"Did they know when they agreed to this whipping that their privates were going to be targets?" Jennifer asked.
"I didn't make the arrangements, but my guess is the French bitch didn't know she was going to have her front whipped.
"The thing is," he continued, "is that they both agreed in principle, and whatever they get on this stage that has to do with whipping is all within the bounds of the agreement," he said, "And besides, as I said, they're being well paid."
"Are there going to be any surprises for me in the animal fight pit?" she asked.
"What could that be?" he asked in mock astonishment. "You know everything will be as I said it would."
"But what didn't you say?"
Just then the twin whips landed again, and the air was split with fresh shrill screams as the nude bound bodies of the beautiful young girls bucked under the impact. Jennifer noted with interest that Jennine's big tits and tight belly were taking the beating incredibly well, and her screams were easily as strong as Hannah's. Neither of the attractive young bitches was showing any sign of fading.