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Lisa... in a world that isn't but ought to be..

2022-10-01 00:35:17

Chapter One

"Hi Mister… want sum company?"

Lisa batted her brown silken lashes and cocked her smooth white legs just so. She wasn’t sure the fat man even knew she was there… he was sprawled on the parkbench with his coat draped over his lap and his moist blubbery lips hung slack and his red swollen eyes were little slits. Lisa watched as his coat moved up and down in a slow steady rhythm.

"He's probably been jerking on his cock all night long.." Lisa thought as she inched her way closer till she was standing right next to him, close enough for him to grab if he wanted. She hiked her short plaid school skirt up to her bellybutton and rubbed her fingers round and round her soft poochy tummy down into her crotch... she’d taken off her tight cotton panties in the bushes and her little hairless uncut prick dangled out pink and swollen.

"Mah wiener's still all puffy from my Daddy sucking on it all night long.." she lied in her best farm-hick drawl. Her Daddy was who knows where and no one had sucked on Lisa's little prick for over a week.

She wiggled her smooth round butt and felt around for her balls but in the cool October morning air they’d sucked-up inside her so deep there was nothing to display, just a small shriveled sack of empty nutmeat. The old man stared at Lisa’s slim young fingers working her ballsack and her little pink prick bobbing this way and that and his coat started jumping up and down like he was flailing a toad. Lisa knew she had him, but not for long. She stretched out her dicklet a couple of times and pouted.

“Gosh, it sure feels good pulling on mah clitty like this stretching it out making it get all puffy… ah know it’s naughty but ah'm such a dirty little slut ah just can’t help mahself..” she sighed squeezing it tight a couple of times, feeling it throb. She pulled back the foreskin and smiled as she rubbed a drop of precum all over her tiny magenta knob.

Her prick was only a couple of inches long, kind of stubby at the base where her little cherry balls snuggled it tight, smooth and pink and snout-like where the foreskin bunched over her thimble-sized knob. She wished it was bigger so she could slap it against her milk white thighs like the gurls she saw on the internet… hot sluts with such big cocks they could wiggle their hips and slap their big slabs of swollen dickmeat against either thigh with a loud 'smack! smack! smack!'. She knew that got guys hot 'cause it got her hot too... her prick would tingle and swell-up stiff without her even touching it. They'd say things like "Bet your girlfriend doesn't have one of these.." or “Umm, you wanta feel my gurl clit get ripe between your lips?” and they’d peel back their foreskin and hunch their engorged cock-knobs right at the camera opening and closing their peeslits like moist little mouths. Lisa would imagine she was on her knees staring up doe-eyed while they slapped her face back and forth with their horse cocks and tell her to French kiss their peeslits and suck out all the yummy juice… and her eyes would roll white and she'd tremble and moan and her tiny prick would buck and spray hot globs of gurly cream up her tummy and all over her pink budding titties. Lisa was only 9 but her little cherry balls were awesome cum machines… when her stiffy started spraying sperm it kept pumping it out till every cell in Lisa's nubile body felt drained.

"Can you help me Mister? Ah gotta peepee soo bad mah wiener's 'bout to burst... do you know a place where ah can squat like a girl dog and just let it puddle in the dirt?"

She clenched her butthole and her little pointed prick jumped, bobbing like a worm on a hook. The old man's eyes flared and his coat jumped fast a few times and he gasped. Lisa watched his legs spasm and she knew she'd lost him. She sighed and dropped her skirt.

"Darn! Now what am I gonna do for lunch money?" she fretted. She looked around the clearing at the empty benches and the playground beyond... the old man was the only pervert in the park this morning and he'd just shot his load.

"You need money, ya fairy whore? I'll give you a couple of bucks to lick up this slop.." she heard him say and turned to see him staring at her holding up his coat. His shirt was pulled up and his zipper was open all the way down to his crack... creamy white globs of fresh-spurted cum clung to the hairs of his big fat hairy belly and pooled in the folds of his crotch. His big ballsack slouched on the bench and his thick cum-glazed cock drooped to the side from its nest of long salt 'n' pepper jizz-matted pubes.

"C'mon slut, you know the drill.."

Lisa didn't have much choice. The school bell would ring soon and her stomach was already growling. She clamored to her knees in the dirt and stuck her face into the old man's crotch. It smelled of stale piss and dirty butt and the delicious ammonia scent of fresh dissolving cum. Lisa breathed deep and almost lost it… she loved the smell and taste of fresh spurted cum so much but the old man's load was so enormous she didn't know where to start! She sniffed and licked at it, she pursed her lips and sucked up a little and rolled it around in her mouth before swallowing it down.

"Gosh Mister, you sure shoot a lot of cum.." she said looking up at him admiringly. He just scowled and grabbed her by the hair.

"Fucking whore, mop it up!" He wiped her face back and forth in the goo and pushed it into his crotch. "Cockwhore, dirty fucking butt-hump fairy slut... this is what your cute little smiling face is good for.."

Lisa was docile and quiet and just let him do what he wanted. She whimpered when he dragged her nose along his distended cock... it felt so warm and his cum tasted so good her lips trembled, she wanted to clamp them around his engorged knob and work them slowly down his shaft till her nose was buried in his cum-wet pubes and her chin snuggled tight in the saggy folds of his ballsack. But she didn't have the time, she had to get to school. She slurped and lapped her tongue through the slime spooning it up and swallowing it down making yum-yum noises. When he finally relaxed his grip she looked up at him with pleading eyes. A big glob of creamy cum oozed from her nostril. The old man laughed.

"You look like a glazed donut."
"Ple-eez Miss-ter... a-ah'm already late for school.."
"Oh, is that so? You think I give a shit? Do your job or you won't get a dime.."

Lisa was quiet. She slurped the goo out of the folds in his crotch and lapped her tongue in the slime eeking down his big protruding belly, she licked up and down his cock and suckled on his hairy balls one after the other staring up at him doe-eyed. He called her names and asked if she liked her work as a cumrag and if his sperm didn't taste delicious. Lisa nodded and smiled and made more slurping noises.

Her mommy always left her lunch money on the kitchen table, but not today. Mommy had gone out last night and brought home some guy from the bar. Lisa heard them laughing and drinking in the living room, stumbling down the hallway past her door. She lay on her bed naked jerking her prick furiously listening to mommy's low animal groans and the whap-whap-whap of the man's big cum-filled balls slapping against mommy's gaping cunt as he drilled her good and hard up the ass. Lisa loved listening to mommy moan real low when she took dick up her butt. Lisa edged her tiny prick up stiff again and again, but she fell asleep without spurting and woke the next morning in a daze late for school. Her little dicklet was sore from all her jerking and her tiny balls were so heavy with gurl cream they ached. When she found the kitchen table empty and no purse around she grabbed her schoolbooks and hurried to the park.

She'd only arrived in the small seaside town of Oceanside a couple months before. One of the little neighborhood girls told her there were always perverts hanging out in the park near the playground waiting for the services of young cuties… fat old men mostly, lonely men whose wives had died or refused to give them the depraved sex they wanted and needed. Lisa liked older guys 'cause they knew what they wanted and didn't hesitate making her do it. It made her little prick so stiff and tingly to be totally in their control. She loved how they cursed her and jerked her by the hair and forced their cocks into her mouth and fucked it twisting her head this way and that till they got their engorged knobs in her throat. She'd feel a pop and hear the man groan "Oh yeah, oh yeah.." and she'd trance out while he skewered her throat fuckhole feeling like a virgin getting her hymen popped and plundered again and again. Some of them would fuck her throat so long and hard she'd gag and even puke before they shot their hot sticky loads in her mouth or all over her face but she didn't mind, that's what she was there for, anything their depraved imaginations wanted. And if one of them felt sorry for her she'd quickly try to put him at ease by staring up at him teary-eyed sniffling and opening her mouth wide pleading "Pleez Mister, pleeeaz... it feels soo good, do it sum more..". That usually got them spurting pretty quick. She liked to imagine she was doing a civic service or filling a public need... and after all, she was getting paid a whole $2 or $3 so Lisa was determined to do the very best she could.

Men had been sticking their dicks in her mouth for as long as she could remember. When she was born mommy had to ask the nurses if she was a boy or a girl... they all sighed and shook their heads 'cause Lisa's prick was no bigger than a thimble. Daddy and mommy both knew Lisa's tiny nub would never satisfy a woman and started feminizing her right away. Daddy would fuck mommy's mouth while Lisa suckled her milk-swollen tit and spurt his warm gooey cum all over it and sweep his thick creamy juice into her hungry mouth with his cock. She slept naked snuggled between their sweaty bodies and if Daddy woke up in the middle of the night with a boner he'd stick his knob between her lips and jerk-off in her mouth. As she got older it was her job to lick mommy's cunt and asshole clean after Daddy had fucked her like a dog and squirted her hole full of hot jizz… sometimes mommy just laid there with her legs open and sometimes she would squat over Lisa's open mouth and watch the globs dribble into Lisa's little mouth. Lisa associated the smell of a warm sweaty crotch and the taste of fresh spurted cum with everything that was warm and comfy. When a guy blew his load in her mouth she'd roll the slimy goo around inside like it was some fine wine before swallowing the yummy pearls of goo down a little at a time.

Her soft blonde hair grew long and silky and she wore pretty blouses and short skirts and little cotton panties that snugged tight in her crotch. And in the summer she'd wear cute ruffly bikini's when she went to the public pool or played in the sprinklers with her little friends. Her body was changing, her legs were getting longer and her hips were shapelier and her bottom stuck out more, plump and round… her poochy little tummy was still somewhere between a little boy and girl but her titties had started to sprout and her nipples were already big and spongy like mommy's.

Back in Oklahoma she went to the park with her little brown girlfriends all the time. They serviced the Mexican pervs there for candy money… Lisa with her blonde hair and soft white skin and tiny pink uncut prick was a big favorite with the Mexican pervs, most had never fondled a cute little white slut like her before… sometimes all she had to do was lift her skirt and show them her smooth white thighs and pull her panties to the side and show them her soft pink prick and they'd pop their cumload quick. Her girlfriends nicknamed her 'the closer' because the pervs never failed to spurt soon after she showed them what was beneath her skirt.

But her white skin was hardly special to the California pervs… they were all mostly older and white themselves and they'd been doing nasty things to little white sluts all their lives. They were meaner and rougher than the Mexicans and that scared Lisa at first. As far as they were concerned she was just another cheap white tramp peddling her ass in the park for a couple of bucks. Lisa felt she had to prove herself every time she sucked on a dick.

Her real Daddy left when she was four and mommy cried for a month. Then she started going out drinking almost every night and bringing home guys from the bars. Most of them were younger than mommy and when Lisa asked her about it she just laughed and said "Because young men's dicks are always hard!" They never stayed around for very long, but Lisa always thought of them as her 'temporary Daddys' and like any good little girl she did whatever they told her to.

Sometimes mommy would get so drunk she'd proclaim her little girl was special and make Lisa pose and take off her clothes slow and sexy and stand naked before them pulling and stretching out her little prick. They'd laugh and make jokes and mommy's boyfriend would want to pull on her tiny dick to see if it got hard and of course it always did... Lisa's cock would swell-up like an hors d'oeuvre sausage at the slightest provocation. She never minded these humiliations because being humiliated made her the center of attention and mommy's boyfriend's hungry eyes made her feel so appreciated and desired and like she was part of a family again.

Mommy would tell her to sing the jump-rope song and hop up and down and Lisa's hair would jounce and her stiff little prick would bounce up and down and mommy's boyfriend's eyes would enflame and mommy would unzip his fly and pull out his engorged cock and suck it down to his balls right in front of her. After that it was just a matter of time. When mommy wasn't looking her boyfriend would take Lisa into the bathroom and jerk down her panties and sit her on the sink and clench his lips around her tiny dick and suck it up fast and hard. He'd unzip his fly and shove his big swollen knob in her mouth and hold her head down on it and fuck her throat as hard and fast as he could till he shot off his load. After that he was hooked and pretty soon Lisa was swallowing more of his cum than mommy was and they'd fight and mommy would threaten to call the cops and he'd be gone.

"What in the world were you thinking, you little slut?!?"
"But mommy! He said he only wanted to watch me pee... I didn't think you'd mind.."
Mommy would curse and cry and call her filthy names, but in a day or two she'd get dressed up real pretty and go to a bar and come home drunk and deliriously happy with a brand new boyfriend.

Lisa spooned-up a mouthful of the fat man's cum with her tongue and swallowed it down with a big gulp… she wanted him to know she was a good slut and cum-whore and was working extra hard on his behalf.

"Suck on my balls you nasty slut.." and she did, staring up at him doe-eyed making yum-yum noises while he rubbed his wet cock all over her face.
"Bow your head and grovel, thank me bitch.."
"B-but Mister, ah've gotta get to school.." Lisa whined.
"Don't backtalk me. DO IT!"
Lisa lowered her head and mumbled something appropriately servile… she thanked him for letting her suck on his big fat balls and slurp-up his delicious cum. She sniffled and whimpered and all the while she felt him tugging on her hair and damp strands of it falling about her face. She didn't dare look up, she just knelt there quiet staring down at the wet spot her drool had made in the dirt.

"Oh yeah... goood.." he sighed, "..now look at me whore..". Lisa gazed up at him plaintively. There was still heat in the old man's red watery eyes, spent fire and simmering heat wanting to ignite again and Lisa thought he might grab her by the hair again and stuff his dick in her mouth and make her pull her lips back and forth on it till his big balls disgorged another thick creamy load of nutjuice to get any money at all… but that'd take forever and she just didn't have the time.

"Kiss it like a dog, you filthy mutt.." Lisa obediently kissed his cock then clasped her kewpie-doll lips over the head and sucked the last of the old man's creamy ooze out of his gaping piss-slit.

"Uhhnnn… good fucking faggot.."

He lifted his balls and tucked his meat into his fly and zipped it up. Lisa just knelt there and stared… she always felt a little sad and deprived when men put their cocks away. She knew in her heart that guys dicks belonged in her mouth, that's what young girls holes were for. He took $2 from his pocket, spit on one and stuck it to her forehead and shoved the other in the corner of her mouth.

"There you go cutie. I'm finished with you." Lisa sighed with relief. She sat in the dirt and her tiny prick was so hard it was pushing up her skirt like a tentpole. She looked at the bills and tucked them away. She was hoping for a tip but knew if she asked or looked at him he'd probably get mad, so she approached it another way.

"Mister, can you please give me a ride to school? I'm gonna be in big trouble if I don't get there before the last bell.."
"You've gotta be joking," he laughed and threw his coat over his shoulder. Lisa sniffled and wiped her forearm across her face. The old man just chuckled.
"Ahhh, you're a good kid, here's another buck."
"Oh! Thank you, Mister!" Lisa exclaimed.

He wasn't a bad man, none of the old men who hung out in the park looking for young girls and boys to satisfy their depraved hungers were, they were pretty much like everyone else Lisa had ever met... mommy and her boyfriends, her relatives and neighbors, her teachers, the high school boys who'd follow her sniffing the air like dogs, guys who pulled their cars to the curb with their dicks sticking straight up out of their pants offering her a ride, clerks and janitors who smiled at her luridly and made sure she saw their swollen dick bulges, the drunks behind the Seven Eleven who'd whip it out and piss her name on the side of a dumpster... and her Daddy, of course. One thing was certain, her tummy wasn’t growling anymore.

“Gosh, I must have swallowed a cupful of cum..” she smiled to herself feeling the juicy stew slogging in her tummy. She grabbed her bag and hurried thru the bushes to the street.