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2022-08-16 00:00:04

I am reassured when he moans, “I won’t be able to hold out for long baby, not long at all,” as I deduce he has not been unfaithful to me.

“Glad you like it baby, I love to please you,” I whisper as I insert a finger into his arse.

“Not long at all baby.”

The noise he makes as I swallow his load is very flattering for me as he tenses and shudders.

Shortly earlier after he arrived home I was determined to pleasure him as I watched him shower and slowly undressed as he watched me. The last things I was wearing were a pair of heels and a tiny g-black string.

“Like my ass baby?” I teased as I turned my back to him, knowing he has a fetish for it and hasn’t seen it for almost three weeks.

Even if I say so myself, it would turn most men on as I looked in the mirror. High heels, and voluptuous arse cheeks framed by my tiny g-string did look good.

He steps out of the shower and still wet, though with a roaring erection, kneels behind me, licks and kisses my ass cheeks as he slides my g-string off.

“Want you baby, bad,” he whispers as he keeps kissing my arse as he slides his arm between my legs and teases my already wet cunt lips with a finger.

What he is doing to me feels good and looks even better in the mirrors.

Still kneeling he turns me around, his hands gripping my ass cheeks and licks my cunt lips, perhaps slurps my cunt lips is a more apt de***********ion as I quickly orgasm twice.

I am feeling just a tad guilty after I was sexually pleasured by a younger couple and returned the favor while he was away (see WHILE MY MAN IS AWAY) without telling him.

“Would you like to share me with another bi-sexual lady next Sunday? We have had a succession of second men for our sexual pleasure,” I tease in the afterglow as a penance.

“I have someone in mind that will please you even more than me I think.

“And I can’t remember the last time you fucked me while I licked another woman. The thought of it has me craving for it.”

I am of French descent, size ten, with a trim figure, a demure business lady by day, with a strong sex drive. A very good ass my man tells me (as well as more than a few others), bilingual, fluent in both French and English and as I recently discovered with a little prompting from my man, bi-sexual, though I didn’t need a great deal of prompting. I am to please and be pleased sexually. And I love having sex with an audience.

At he appointed time on Sunday we are both freshly showered after we trimmed each other’s pubic hair (wonderful foreplay) and sprayed each other with suntan and tense with anticipation at thought of a new shared sexual experience.

“Lori is today’s lady, we are casual friends. Over lunch recently we found that we have very similar and strong sexual drives. And she is a Libran! Very sexy star sign.”

Lori arrives twenty-minutes late which has heightened our anticipation.

She is a very attractive and confident olive skinned size 12-14 brunette a little younger than us.

“You two have an interesting reputation, we are on the same wave length, sexual pleasure in spades, and I am very horny today, very,” she tells us with a big smile. “I am here to please and be pleased by both of you.

“I love expressing my sexuality and sensuality with a male and female, separately and simultaneously.”

“Love your tight slacks and heels,” Roger says ogling her body.

“Good, I hoped you would, take them off for me,” Lori purrs as she steps out of her heels.

I can see Roger’s hands trembling slightly as Lori turns around and places his hand on the zip.

Roger is savoring the moment as he slides her slacks down to her knees, then her ankles.

“Pull them right off for me and put my heels back on for me,” she tells him as he does.

“Like what you see?” she asks still with her back to us.

She is stark naked and tanned all over, apart from a short blouse, with no bikini line.

“My ass is my best feature, forty three inches, well-formed and dimple free,” she smiles immodestly, legs apart with her hands on her hips.

Roger is drooling like a schoolboy and even I am impressed and turned on. She also has terrific legs and thighs highlighted by her heels.

Still with her hand on her hips she turns so we can see her front on.

“Like the way I shave my pussy.”

I must admit I do, very short totally black pubes trimmed just above her cunt. As for Roger his tongue is almost hanging out while he ogles her.

“Show me where the bedroom is and give me a few minutes to get comfortable before you come in,” she tells us as we both take in her glorious ass as she walks away.

When we enter the bedroom Lori is lying totally naked apart from her heels, legs spread, face down propped on her elbows with a huge confident smile.

“Your ass looks even better in that position, fantastic,” Roger tells her.

“Rub some of the oil in that bottle into it for me, both of you one on each side. The insides of my thighs first.

“And get naked for me, both of you.”

I almost feel inadequate as I take in Lori’s more voluptuous body, though it hardens my resolve to give her a really good bi-sexual experience, and hopefully receive the same in return.

“I love having my clitoris stimulated and licked, especially by another woman Sarah, when a man is fucking her from behind. Can I have that?

“And what would he like from me?

I am determined to have Lori please me first as I perch on a high stool with my legs open, still with heels on.

By tacit understanding Roger is standing behind me teasing my very erect nipples.

“I love a sexy woman licking my cunt Lori. Do it for me, now, I want you right now.”

“My pleasure, hold her ass Roger so I can lick Sarah’s nipples, then watch me lick my way down to her cunt lips,” she smiles as she does just that.

“You told me Roger was going to fuck you from behind while you pleasured my cunt with your tongue. Was that a promise?”

“Yes it was, and I will soon,” I moan softly as she slides her tongue along my wet cunt lips, then teases my clitoris with the tip of her tongue.

“I love pleasing a multi-orgasmic woman, love it, especially with her man watching with a roaring erection. His cock is awesome,” she whispers as I quickly cum for the third time while Roger is teasing my nipples with his erection pressing into me.

“I have really been looking forward to this,” Lori tells us as she lies on the bed on her back propped on four pillows.

“I want to watch you kiss Sarah’s ass for me. It looks so good, I love watching.

“Then I want to watch Sarah lick her way up my thighs, then to my cunt as you watch Roger.

“And as her lips make contact with my cunt I want you to grab her ass cheeks and slide your erection into her and fuck her, slowly at first then harder for both of us.”

I am enjoying giving Lori sexual pleasure with my tongue and my ego is intent on demonstrating my bi-sexual prowess for her.

The feel of Roger’s hands on my ass cheeks at the same time is wonderful. As I feel him slowly slide his erection into me I am in sexual heaven as Roger slides his cock all the way to my ass cheeks.

“Love my cunt being licked by a woman while her man is fucking her, so good.

“I can see it all in the mirrors, and I love the one on the ceiling,” Lori tells us as she puts her hands behind her head and urges my tongue and lips into her cunt lips.

“I knew you would be good Sarah, and you are really good.

“So are you Roger.

“I want to blow you later while Sarah watches.”

A little later Lori kept her promise with Roger standing as I stood naked behind him with my arms under his. I am edging him by teasing his nipples with my fingertips as I kiss his neck and watch Lori kissing and licking his balls before she sucks them.

He has a raging erection even before Lori licks and kisses it. “You are magnificent, fucking magnificent and a huge challenge for me,” Lori whispers as she wraps her lips around his erection while she cups his balls in a hand.

“Your pleasure is my pleasure baby, I love watching another woman sucking your cock,” I whisper very aroused as I grind my pubic area into his ass.

“Is she better than me?,” I tease as I lightly pinch his nipples and tongue kiss him.

“I am watching Lori sucking your cock and I like it. What a turn on. I have never seen your cock that big. Fuck him with your mouth Lori. Fuck it! Fuck it!

“Do you want Lori to make you cum?

This appeared to be a challenge for Lori who then increased the pressure of her mouth and tongue and simultaneously used her thumb and forefinger on my man’s bulging, throbbing cock.

“The veins in your cock are bulging baby. How close are you?,” I tease as I pinch his nipples hard, then harder and harder as his whole body tenses.

“Your pleasure is my pleasure baby, I love watching another woman sucking your cock, so good, so fucking good, I am so turned on,” I repeat as fight to hold back my own orgasm.

I watch fascinated as my man has his hands on Lori’s head guiding her pursed lips along the full length of his erection for his ultimate pleasure.

“Harder, harder, nearly there, harder, now, right now,” he is almost screaming as I pinch his nipples very hard, before he and I orgasm in sync.

“Your man should connect with my man soon, very soon,” Lori smiles in the afterglow. “A four-way to savor.”