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My Pregnancy Fetishism - Chapter 3

2022-05-25 00:00:04

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Well, I got my Exam results last week for my Biology class, I scored an A+ of course keeping my GPA at a steady 3.8. Laura will be back tomorrow so I can finally finish my business with her.

From my last story, you've learned that I wasn't perfect. But guess what; no1's perfect. Not me, or you, or your role model who you look up to. We all are destined to make mistakes. That's how God made us. But it's up to us to learn from our mistakes so it won't happen again. A murderer who gets caught will learn from his mistakes after spending time behind bars, so next time (if they plan on killing again), they will think about their first mistake and learn on how to not do it again.

The girl who I had sex with last story, did not get pregnant. This was probably the biggest fear I had the weeks after my second rape, that she would become pregnant and have to tell her parents about the father of the child putting a manhunt and investigation into effect. But after watching Emily for 5 months, it was obvious she wasn't pregnant by her routine. Her life went back to normal, just like it was before I met her.

But almost getting Emily pregnant leaves me to tell you another story.


On Saturday morning. I was on my way to DownTown to check out on a potential victim. Of course, it was much more cheaper to use public transit rather than driving there due to all the traffic there. While waiting for the bus to arrive, there were two girls behind me talking.

The first girls name (I later found out) was Geng Li. She was an Asian woman, 5'6, 22 years old, average looking, living with her parents etc. Her friend however caught my eye.

She was a blonde girl by the name of Brittany Pachouris. A 23 year old girl, 5'8, long and straight blonde hair, skinny, and was pregnant. What caught my attention was their conversation the two girls were having.

"Almost 7 months," Brittany said aloud to Geng Li.

"Wow, do you feel him kick?" Geng asked.

"Of course, but it's a girl, not a boy." Brittany told Geng Li.

I guess that conversation intrigued me because I never thought about pregnant people much. I mean, could pregnant woman have sex? I guess so. But how does it feel was the question that came into my mind. I mean, sex is interesting and the curiosity is what makes people want to have sex at a young age. When you have sex too much with one person or the same type, you get bored of the same thing and want something different. I think that's why people choose to cheat on their spouse, they get bored of the same sex with the same person over and over again. They should try being swinger couples or try threesomes.

For me, a pregnant woman is someone who I've never had sex with and would most definitely want to have a little bit of fun with. The excitement was imaginable.

So I started by getting to know the life of Brittany Pachouris. She lived in a small townhouse with her parents. Her boyfriend left her after he impregnated her almost destroying her life. She went through a depression stage when she found out she was pregnant. Now she is doing just fine, wanting to raise her child by herself and enjoying the moments of pregnancy. I kept track of her patterns from the time she sleeps to the friends she has and talks to. Once I knew everything about her, my Dark Passenger gave me a buzz throughout my body to start my process.


The planning was all done, the equipment was all set, the final thing left to do was to orchestrate the procedure.

I looked at my watch, almost 12:27am. It was now Winter here in Canada. The snow was out, the weather was cool, and I was ready for my first rape in the snowy atmosphere. I don't think I'm actually raping people, I mean, I wear a condom if they comply and if they don't, they pay the price. Of course I am nice, and I am willing to give second chances to people. Tonight's victim would be my 21st fuck since I started to follow my Dark Passenger few months back.

I was so excited about this one however. I mean, I think a lot of men have wanted to fuck a pregnant woman but just can't get a chance for whatever reason. It's probably a weird fetish, a pregnancy fetishism if I recall correctly where men wish to have sex with a pregnant woman. People have weird fetishes, but nobody is the same and we all must come to the realization that we are all normal human beings and every fetish is normal.

I glanced down at my watch again, 12:30am now. It was time.

I removed my watch, my cell phone, and my wallet and put it in my car compartment. I grabbed my back-pack which had every possible thing needed for this heist. I pressed the lever which unlocked my car trunk, I opened my driver side door, and I excited the car. It was a chilly cool day today. Wind blowing snow on my face made me re-think things, but my Dark Passenger pressured me to continue. My Dark Passenger was never wrong.

Usually I would go to the home and start the process to seize the home. But I had to keep my composure and know the circumstances. I opened my car trunk and took out a big plastic snow shovel from Wal-Mart. It was the cheapest one, knowing that if someone found it, they wouldn't suspect anything. As I headed towards the Pachouris home, I felt this sense of thrill hit me. I couldn't wait to fuck a pregnant woman.

As I approached the home, I knew I couldn't go onto the grass as that would leave my foot-prints. So I went straight through the front driveway of the home. It was a dark night, and you couldn't see much because of the snow which actually benefited me. The house had a motion detected light which would shine as someone would walk onto their property, but I knew from watching the home a few nights back that it was broken.

I crept onto the front porch. I also knew that the house didn't have an alarm. The family lived there for 25 years, I guess they never thought that something would happen to their home, but people really need to think twice. Better safe than sorry should come into their minds. I took out two small needles from my back-pack. Using the first needle as leverage inside the bottom keyhole of the lock, I put the second needle at the top of the keyhole. I rotated the top needle counter-clockwise until I felt the wooden lock moving as I rotated. Just like that, I opened the door and let myself into the Pachouris home.

The home was clean, quiet, and dark. I took off my wet clothes; shoes, jacket, and rain pants and placed them OUTSIDE the home on their chair. I also left my shovel outside the home. I'm sure you know why I did this.

I closed the front door afterwards. "What a beautiful home," I whispered as I turned on my night vision goggles. Some murderers would walk around the whole house to find their victims, but that's a stupid and dangerous method. I already knew the layout of the home. Brittany used to sleep on the second floor, but because it got cold up top during the Winter season, she had her own room on the first floor. I walked carefully past the stairs, looking at the living room and kitchen wondering how lucky they were to have a wonderful home. After passing the washroom, there I was, standing in-front of Brittany's bedroom door.

I wasn't scared that her bedroom door may be locked, what petrified me would be seeing Brittany awake. I know that sometimes pregnant woman can't sleep for a variety of reasons; baby kicking for one. I twisted her bedroom doorknob and realized it wasn't locked. I took a deep breath and slowly pushed the door open. I could see Brittany sleeping on her right side, just like what the doctors tell their pregnant patients to sleep. Her eyes were closed. But I knew I had to act fast. I walked towards her really quickly, took out my M99 Etorphine Hydrochloride needle, and quickly planted it into her neck squeezing every bit out into her body.

I closed her bedroom door, locked it, and made sure her room was safe from any early baby monitors. I looked at Brittany Pachouris. 21 years old and pregnant. A position which young female adults doesn't want to be in. I removed her blanket and looked at her clothing. All she wore was a loose robe, which covered her shoulders to her knees. I grabbed her robe and started to untie it from behind. I memorized the way I took the robe off as I knew I would have to put it back on her the same way. Once it was all untied, I slipped it off carefully. Next, I laid Brittany on her back and started tying her arms and feet to the bedposts.


"OOuuOUU," Brittany moaned as I awakened her using ammonia capsules. She was tied up, nude, and her mouth was shut due to duck tape. She started to panic and it took a minute for her to calm down.

"Calm down, girl." I said to her walking towards her bed. "What do you think I'm going to do to you?"

She was now crying, sweating, and her face was all pink.

"I don't want to harm you or your child, and I won't if you listen to me." I said to her. "Understand?"

She nodded, still crying. I waited until she started to regain her composure.

"Okay, all I came here for is to have sex with you. Now, if you choose not to listen and obey, your worst nightmare will occur, got it?"

She nodded and started moaning.

"Calm down." I waited until she stopped crying and started to relax her body.

"Here's what can happen. I can untie your legs, and we can have sex but you must not attack me. That's what I came here to do only. Or what can happen is you attack me and I do something that will destroy your life, got it?"

She nodded over and over again. I already knew the outcome, she would comply with me. Because she wants the baby, she needs the baby, and her baby is her life right now.

I went over to her bed and untied her legs from the bedposts. She started to shake her feet but didn't hurt me. I went in between her legs and looked down at her body. She was beautiful. Her body was glowing. Her stomach was really big compared to her skinny body. She had long blonde hair, blue eyes, and her body was very clear. She was just a couple of years older than me, and I loved her so much. Her pussy was shaved, and her breasts were huge.

Usually at this point, I take out my penis and start fucking her. But I chose to remove my shirt and pants from my body. This would be the first time I took off my clothing during my heist. I was almost completely nude except my face which was covered with a black mask and night vision goggles. Brittany was staring at me. I opened my back pack and took out my lubricant.

"I don't want to hurt you." I said to her as I lubricated my penis and her pussy. My penis started to get hard real quick as I lined it up to her cunt. Once I found her hole, I pushed my penis slowly inside of her big cunt. Her pussy was really loose and my 6 inch uncircumcised cock went in quite easily.

We both let out a groan as my cock pushed its way inside Brittany's cunt. It was so warm inside there and I slowly started pushing in and pulling out slowly. The feeling of fucking a pregnant woman was amazing. As my penis reached the end zone and my balls hit her ass, I let out a loud groan. I didn't want to cum now but everything felt so nice. I was fucking a woman who had a baby growing inside of her. She had her eyes closed and was moaning also. I sped up my fucking going in and out faster and faster in her wet and juicy cunt.

"Oh, ou ye," I groaned as I felt my semen boiling to find it's exit. I gave my cock one final push all the way inside Brittany's dewy cunt and ejaculated into her pussy. The thought of my sperms inside her cunt touching her baby came and filled my body with even more pleasure. I dumped everything I thought I had inside of Brittany's cunt. "That was fucking fantastic." I said aloud. I pulled my penis out of her cunt along with some of my cum. I wish this feeling would last all my life, it was like a feeling that time has stopped while you are about to orgasm.

I looked down at my penis, it was still hard. My Dark Passenger was telling me to fuck her again. Brittany looked over at me. I went over her body and untied the ropes from the bedpost to her hands. This was the first time I removed the hands of someone from the handle of the ropes. She put her hands down. She still had duck tape on her mouth but she didn't remove it. She looked at me.

I lined up my penis with her dripping wet cunt and pushed my cock back inside of her. I started fucking her faster and faster, unstoppable. This time I put my body on top of hers and started to suck her beautiful boobs. As I sucked her breasts, milk started spraying into my mouth. The feeling of drinking a womans milk while fucking her pregnant cunt, was so amazing. We were both moaning so and sweating so much as I felt her pussy muscles tense up and her pussy juices escaped from her body. Her eyes were looking up at the ceiling now as her body was exploding from the pleasure.

I kept fucking her faster and faster. I continued to suckle her nipples while doing this as the pleasure was getting to me again. Her milk tasted salty but sweet and I kept squeezing as I fucked her simultaneously. I felt my penis start to tense up. I could feel the last of my sperms about to come out. We both let out a groan as she cum again while I pulled my penis out of her pussy, and cum on Brittany's 7 month pregnant stomach. We were both sweating so much and everything was complete. This was the best fuck I've had in my life.

I looked at my semen I ejaculated onto Brittany's big belly. I rubbed my hands on her belly and spread my cum out all over it. Then all of a sudden, I felt a thump come from her belly which hit my hand and scared me. "Wow," was the only thing I could say as I rubbed my hands over her stomach feeling the baby kicking.

I looked at Brittany who stared at me. I was done my heist.

I took out another needle and poked Brittany again on her neck to put her to sleep. I cleaned up her body, I put the robe back on Brittany making sure to put it back the way it was before, and I made sure everything was the way as I came in. I exited her room really quietly and exit the home. I used my two needles to lock the door as I left. I put on the clothes I had left outside before I entered. The cool feeling hitting my sweaty body felt amazing. I grabbed my shovel and I walked back to my car which was parked a few blocks away, using the shovel to clear a pathway so my footprints couldn't be seen.

As I entered my car, I could feel my heart beating so hard. I successfully completed my best heist and I got the best fucking in the world as reward. My fetish was completed, with amazing results. All I have to say, is that anything is possible in life. Even on a cold breezy day, I managed to pull out a successful heist.


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