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My real life story Part-6

2022-01-11 02:09:55

Hi, my dear horny readers. How are you all doing? My name is Rohan ,Let me briefly tell you about myself

I’m now 27 years old, 5.95 feet height, athletic body and average looking. I have my Own Business and I’m a Martial Arts and Yoga Trainer in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai gyms. (Why so many places you will know in the stories.

People who may know me might study these stories so I want to keep my identity undisclosed. I’m writing these stories with the permission of few ladies with whom I’m in contact with.

I had Sexual encounters with aged, middle aged, married and many sex starved women who were between 20 and 48 as they are the highest and the least aged in my list coz below 20 are considered as kids in my view. They might reach puberty or mature by 13 or 14th year but a little matured body would always be good to make love J ;).

Okay let me start the Story …

We were eating lunch. She was not saying anything.

I said “aunty I need to tell you something.”

She said “what is it bujji?”

I said “aunty I wanted to tell you this from a very long time but I never got a chance for it.”

She said “tell me what is that straightly bujji.”

Me : aunty I saw vinay fucking lucy and raja fucking lana many times.

Uma: I know vinay. Who is raja?

She winked at me saying that. Because she knows everything about them.

Me: Raja is Lanas boyfriend.

Uma: I know vinay from Lucy only. I know that they are close but I don’t know that they are fuck buddies.

Me: yeah they do. I saw them so many times when I was going to tuitions. I don’t know what exactly they were doing at that time. But after learning and experiencing from you, I got everything.

Uma: so what is your problem now?

Me: no aunty. I just want to bring this to your notice that I know everything about sex.

Uma: so you are you trying to say?

Me: I mean I think my 5 inches dick will fit into your pussy if you allow me to fuck you. I mean I want to make love to you. I mean I would like to fuck you aunty.

Uma was listing to me. She couldn’t say anything like get out or leave as we were eating.

I continued saying “aunty, just one fuck. I will not ask you for anything else or for one more time. Please aunty. “

Me: I want to know how it feels.

At that time i dont know that men will also loose virginity. I dont even know how and what will happen with a virgin pussy and the hymen.

Uma: shut up bujji. If you know everything that doesn’t mean you have to do everything. Whatever you have done till now would be enough. We just better do what we are doing. We don’t have to go any further. I dont want you make you loose your virginity to me.

Uma: more over if I allow you for once, I know that you will not stop doing it again. I don’t want to give you that chance.

I was very very happy at whatever she said. Because she didn’t say anything or any objection for oral sex and she also said that we do this only … superrrr… I was happy nodding at whatever she was saying.

She asked me “why are you laughing?”

I said “nothing aunty. So shall we go into bedroom again after finishing lunch?” I smiled at her and winked.

She said “shut up bujji eat first.”

Me: oh u mean we will have another round after eating?

Uma: Hey idiot, whatever I say you will come to the same topic again.

Uma: aren’t you getting tired?).

Me: we are having lunch to overcome tiredness no aunty).

Uma: idiot shut up and eat first)

Me: tell me aunty, are we going to have another session after lunch?

Uma: okayyyyyyyyy eat first

Me: thank youuuuuuuu aunty thank you very much. I was provoking you for your approval. I’ll eat happily now

I went to her chair, kissed her on her cheeks and said thank you again. I finished my lunch. We cleaned the vessels. I helped her in cleaning the kitchen. I took my books and went inside the bedroom. I opened social and started reading history. I gave some time for digestion. She came inside with some fruits. She was reading some weekly novel and I was reading books. After one hour we finished all the fruits. I had a burp and hard on looking at her.

I placed my books on the table and went to her. I pulled her beside me on to the bed. I made her head to rest on my chest. She adjusted nicely moving her body close to mine. I kissed her cheeks for some time and made her to sleep in my lap. She was lying beside my dick in my lap. I took the book from her hands and placed it aside.

I was talking to her and moving my hands on her belly. I was discussing whatever I have read in the last hour. She was explaining me. I slowly started removing her pallu. I started unhooking her hooks. As it has become her routine she didn’t mind me doing anything. She was busy talking. I moved her aside and moved on to her adjusting myself on her body. I placed my legs between her thighs by separating her legs.

She was rolling her fingers on my face and hair and was talking. I was doing my stuff slowly responding to her once in a while, smiling. I removed all her hooks and started sucking her. I removed my shorts and moved her saree till her thighs. I was pressing her thighs with my dick and pressed her pussy. She moved a little and I lifted her saree completely till her waist. I removed my shirt. I was not muscular but I was fit enough for a tight warm hug.

I started removing her blouse completely from her shoulders. She helped me removing it. She was in good mood. She was co-operating me silently. I was pressing on her panty with my dick by moving my hips.

I tried to bring down her panty but she caught it. I left it and started sucking and kissing her. I inserted my fingers in her panty and fucking her wet pussy with my fingers.
She widened her legs giving me more access to her pussy. She was pressing her thighs close and moving them apart. She was lifting her hips. I was sucking and biting her boobs while finger fucking her. I could actually insert my dick in her. I had that access. I wanted to talk to her about that once again later and I wanted to proceed.

After kissing and pressing for sometime we changed to 69. I started sucking her pussy on her panty. This time I removed her panty lifting her hips in one shot. She didn’t resist. After licking and sucking for more than 15 minutes I started Cumming and moved myself and started fucking her mouth sitting on her shoulders. She also had 2 orgasms.

I fucked her mouth till I finished my last drop. She drank as much as she could and wiped the dripping cum with her saree pallu. She moved away from me, adjusted her saree a little but didn’t hook her blouse. She went to kitchen to wash and clean her face and mouth. I was sitting on the bed in flying mood wearing my dress. Every time I cum I feel flying high and little dizzy.

Only thing which I was not able to do was fucking her. I was not really in a hurry to force her. I wanted to have as many oral sessions as possible before fucking her, at least till she needs more..

She came inside and removed her saree and petticoat standing towards the ward robe. She was completely nude. She took a new saree and matching blouse and started wearing it. She didn’t wear a panty this time. All this while I could see her back. There was a beautiful half nude body standing and changing her dress in front of me. Aweeeeeeeeeeeeeesomeeeeeeee

She came to bed and sat next to me. She didn’t say anything. I said shall we start again. I meant reading.

Uma: Idiot, you’ve just finished, I changed into a new saree too, are you asking for another session?

Me: I mean shall we get back to studies aunty. You have taken me wrong. And if you want to continue our last session again with the new saree, I really don’t have any problem.”

Uma was smiling a little with a cute face and said “shut up bujji, don’t be a smartass now.”

Me: aunty I think you are still in that mood. If you say start I will continue with the last session.

I was going towards her to grab her again.

Uma: aa, aa, aa, naaaa. Enough for today. I understood what you said and let’s study.

We started studying. Uncle will come normally at 7.30 pm. He will take bath and he will do pooja for some time and he will have his dinner. Yeah he does offering prayers 2 times a day. He won’t go into the bedroom till he finishes his dinner once he goes to bathroom. That’s a speed 40 minutes session he will do every day in the evening. I don’t know what he will do when he goes out of station. But when he is at home he will. I’ve calculated his time many times.

Uncle came from the office. She unlocked the door and welcomed him home. He came to bedroom. There were so many books on the bed. He was preparing for his bath and started talking to me about holidays and fun.

We were talking actually. He left for his bath session. Aunty came inside and was asking me to leave.

Me: why aunty? Are you going to fuck uncle today?

She tapped on my mouth a little hard and said slowly shut up bujji.

Me: tell me aunty, why are you guys not having kids? Aren’t you guys having sex? Is there any problem aunty.

Uma: shut up. Uncle is there. If you want to talk we will do it tomorrow. Now leave. And remember don’t ever spill out to anyone which is happening between us.

Me: do you think I’m a fool to do that aunty? You don’t have to worry about me aunty. Now can I have a good night kiss pleaseee…?

I went near her and kissed her on her cheeks. I held her waist and caught her boobs.

She was resisting me a little and said slowly “bujjiii uncle will come. “

Me: I grabbed her boobs again and pulled her close towards me. I whispered in her ears. He will take more than 15 minutes to come inside aunty. Don’t worry. I’ll do it only for 2 minutes.

She wasn’t convinced. She moved away from me and went to kitchen. She arranged everything on the dining table and came inside the bedroom again.

Uma: you didn’t leave yet?

Me: I asked for 2 minutes aunty and it is not completed. Uncle will take time aunty. Please come here.

Uma was not coming. I went near her and walked her towards the corner of the room. I started pressing her boobs and made her to hold my dick. She was not pressing but was watching the door. She was afraid with her husband inside the house. I was pressing her boobs and biting them on the blouse.

I was trying to remove her hooks but she stopped and said “bujji, don’t remove anything now; it will be difficult to adjust.”

I was feeling happy with her encouragement.Because At The End of the day she was allowing me to touch her ;). I was pressing her boobs and ass. I suddenly knelt down and started kissing her naval. I was trying to lift her saree. She stopped me at her knees. I didn’t mind. I moved my hands into her saree till her ass from underneath. She couldn’t stop that. She was trying to keep her legs close and tight. But before that my hand was between her legs. As she was not weaning any panties, I could reach her naked pussy easily.

She was not toooo wet but there was some lubrication to finger her immediately. She was moving away to stop. I thought she was very much afraid and stopped. Reached her face. Held her face in my both hands and kissed her on her lips. They were closed anyways. She pressed her lips tight.

I left my bag there. Waved her goodnight and left. I did all these in less than a minute.
Went home, had dinner and slept thinking about her. I like sleeping with a hard on ;) it takes me into sleep very fast and wakes me up with a nice hard on ;).

Days passed but I could never fuck her. Oral sessions were going on all the holidays. She has never let me fuck her. She had strong towards it.

We almost started removing all the clothes and started having oral sex every day at least 3 times and sometimes 4 and 5 if we were hornier.

I was fingering her, sucking her boobs, biting her ass, I started removing her panty, I used to rub my dick on her pussy, I started tongue fucking her pussy, and I used to drink her cum sometime. It was salty with some taste for some time, but it was fine later. We started doing it everywhere in her house closing all the doors. Sometimes we walk nude in the house.

I was giving her nice lick sessions to her pussy sitting on my knees while she is cooking sometimes. I started fucking as ass creek and Cumming on her ass. I started fingering her anus. She resisted in the beginning but with some Chocó lick sessions she was fine.

We almost used every cream in the house for licking sessions. I used to finger fuck her sometimes when uncle used to be in his 40 minutes evening session. Sometimes I used to make her suck my dick in the bedroom when uncle is there. We used to finish those session in 15 to 20 minutes. We always used to take care that uncle should not enter the bedroom for anything till he finishes his dinner alone, while I was sucking, licking, pressing and kissing her. Being with her close was never boring. I used to stay hugging her most of the time till she gets bored or wants to relax.

I almost completed the portions of 8th and 9th till half year exams. Learning will be very easy when you understand them with some practical knowledge. Not just sex it’s almost about everything.

Lucy and Lana also used to come to umas home sometimes. Uma used to guide them for BeD exams. But when they come I have to sit in a different room that was the condition with Uma.

I was going well with studies. Holidays over. Reached 8th standard. I was 13. I stopped going to Lucy and Lanas tuition center. It was with Uma all the time studying or doing oral. Once in a while I used to go to Lucys home. I never saw vinay or raja at their place. I used to see them in town once in a while. I’ve never bothered about them. I used to hug
Lucy and Lana once in a while when going back home or someone is alone.

They used to feel my different way of touching them. I never went too far so that they have to resist me. I was more than their height. So it was easy to hug them in me and press them on one side of their boobs.

One day when we were having oral, I told Uma “Uma aunty, I think I would like to fuck Lucy and Lana. Both are amazing. They are good. I’m feeling their boobs whenever I’m hugging them.

Uma: idiot, don’t you have sense to say that.

Me: no aunty I love them too.

Uma: what are you doing with me now then?

Me: we are having just oral sex aunty. But I really Love to make love to you. I mean I love you tooo.

Uma: smart huhh.

Me: Smart??? Aunty lets speak frankly. If I didn’t watch you that day with vinay, you might have got fucked by him right? You almost have enjoyed 3 cocks till now. And if you get a chance from a very nice handsome hunk you would definitely like to sleep with him. You told me that it is also a women right as men are doing the same.

So lets be fair aunty. Whats wrong in it. I was sleeping on her nude with my dick rubbing her pussy and pressing her boobs with my hand.

Uma: two things are sure bujji. (1. You have either gone mad. 2. You have become a sex maniac)

Me: true aunty. I have become a maniac a sex maniac. I would like to take sex as my profession in the future. Could you please help me for that? but it is not that i want to fuck everyone and anyone. i would like to fuck with their interest. I would like to say that i love women body a lot. those curves and shapes are intoxicating me ;).

Uma: shut up bujji, don’t talk nonsense. Its true that I like sex. But I don’t want to be a bitch in the society. I’m satisfying myself and my necessities in my own ways. Yeah few may be cheap and wrong in the society but I’m okay with what I have seen in this so called society.

She was saying all everything about society supporting her and I was nodding.

Me: okay lets have a deal aunty. You please help me fucking Lucy and Lana.

Uma: shut up. What do you think about me? I’m not a broker. If they have interest in you they will sleep with you. I don’t have to force them.

I don’t want to spoil our session anyways. I left the topic and was rubbing my dick on her pussy. I went to 69 and started finger fucking her again. I have learnt moving my hips, I mean fucking her mouth in 69 slowly. We finished and I went home.

After 2 months aunty told me that she was pregnant. Don’t worry its uncle anyways. I never fucked her. Mostly I was fucking her mouth, boobs, ass creek, hand jobs and rubbing my dick on her pussy.

I was happy hearing that. One main reason was, I want to drink her milk ;). I mean i always wanted to drink milk from women boobs. She left to her mother’s home for delivery. She almost finished my syllabus. So all I have to do is revising them again and again.

I started going to Lucy and Lana again. Their tuitions were done by 7pm. They will be watching cable TV after that. They will be free.

So I rescheduled my daily activities and started going there after 7Pm so that I can be alone with them watching their stuff. They stopped wearing shorts in front of me. They started wearing inners till I leave. I used to leave by 9.30 or 10 pm. As I was doing a dual that year no body used to bother about me. Where I go and what I do. After school I used to spend my study time at Lucys home.

If Lana is not there I used to hug and sometimes kiss on cheeks of Lucy on some or the other occasion. Sometimes I used to press my hard on to her pussy or her ass. They used to be fully dressed. But they used to wear tights so their curves used to tempt me a loooot.

When her mom or dad used to come and stay with them I used to give them space. Else I almost used to be at their place. I used to like that smile in their face when I answer to their questions. So I never neglected books and games. I used to teach them yoga sometimes. As I almost got trained for 4 years in martial arts and yoga, I was good at them.

There are some asanas for relieving pain during menstrual cycle (Gomukha Asana, Swastika Asana, Baddha-konaasana,Trikona Asana,Svastikasana, Sarvangasana,Matsyasana, Janu Sirsasana, Bhramari Pranayama, Shitali Pranayama, Shavasana) . I used to teach them. I used to tell them uses and stuff which they don’t know. I was also learning bible from them. Ladies and Girls, google those asanas. They will really help you.

Uma aunty and my granny used to preach me “there is nothing like religions. Everything is one. All holy books are same. Only the language and the writers changed.” So I never bothered about any religion shit as I have friends in Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Jains and Sikhs. There are idiots and good people in every religion.

Okay lets get back

I used to press them and hug them sometimes for giving them balance. I used to hold their waist. Never attempted to touch boobs but they used to get brushed and touch my body with and without my knowledge.

I used to think that, as they were allowing me to do all these, don’t mean they will allow me to fuck them waving their pussies at me. I know that I was not a superman. I was not getting any other plans or chances how to proceed further.

How I made my chances will be continued in My Real Sex Life – Part 7
My email address is [email protected] Ladies and Girls you are always welcome ;) and guys please Dont ping me for girls id. I'm not going to disclose them to you anyways. Don’t waste your time on me guys. Try to understand me guys. I’m not your enemy, same way I don’t need enmity from Women.
Stay Fit and Be Horny. Please and Thanq.