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Sarah's new start continued...

2022-09-29 00:51:47

Inside my stomach that desire started churning again. That fire in my loins started burning and I wanted to feel his cock deep in me again. I quietly and gently snuck out of his arms and knelt in front of him. His cock was completely limp and still bigger than any cock that I had ever had before. I reached carefully for his cock, I wanted to feel it in my hands and in my mouth again. I gently wrapped my hand around his shaft and slowly began stroking his cock. I looked up at Lance but he did not wake at the feel of my hand on his cock. I pulled his cock to center and began stroking it slowly, just watching the motion of my hand slide up and down his limp cock. I was mesmerized by this perfectly shaped cock, it was beautiful. I continued to stroke his cock in my hand as I got a little smile on my face. I looked up at Lance again, seeing if he was awakened by my actions and still nothing, sound asleep. I leaned in and opened my mouth and pulled my tongue over his thick head. Lance let out a little grunt, so I pulled back and looked at him as I continued to stroke his cock. Nothing, still passed out. I leaned in again and took his cock head in my mouth and began sucking the tip of his cock. I was quiet and careful not to awaken him; I wanted to see if I could get him fully erect without waking him up. That would be a nice surprise for my black lover, me straddling his cock, riding him until he awoke. I continued stroking and sucking on his cock and amazingly it began to become erect. Lance was moaning but still asleep, so I continued my actions. I loved the way his cock felt in my mouth and on my lips. The dressing mirror was not in a good position for me to see a reflection and I wanted to see what I looked like sucking a black cock. So I got up quietly and turned and maneuvered the door that had the dressing mirror on it until it was at the correct angle for my needs.

I knelt in front of him and to the side and took his cock back in my mouth. I traced my hair back behind my ear on the side of my head closest to the mirror. Lances cock was half erect now and I began taking him to the back of my throat then back to his cockhead. I could barely see our reflection in the mirror but it was enough. I could see my pouty red lips pushing outward as I locked them tight on his shaft. I watched myself go down his cock then as I sucked tight the vacuum pulled my cheeks into my mouth as I pulled back up. The visual stimulation was getting to me, watching myself suck a beautiful black cock and watching it disappear into my mouth was getting my pussy wet. I looked up at Lance and still he was asleep but moaning. I guess he was dreaming of a hot wet mouth sliding up and down his shaft because he was getting harder and harder as I continued.

“Jesus, only that fool would have a hard dick while sleeping” a low voice said.

Panic shot thru my body as I pulled Lances cock from my mouth. I jumped back trying to cover myself as I looked in the direction of the office door, trying to identify who had just walked in the room and saw me sucking on Lance’s dick.

“Oh my God, who is that? Who is in here?” I asked in a high pitched tone.

“Take it easy bitch, it’s me Michigan” he said in his low deep voice.

“How, How, what are you doing here?” I asked, this time my voice higher than before.

“Well, I have been watching you suck his cock for five minutes” he said as he took a step towards me. That churning in my stomach was back and at first I felt my body tense and fill with fear.

“How, how did you get in here, why did security” I began to say then Michigan interrupted me.

“Bitch shut up, would you just settle down for a minute. I fell asleep down in the lobby waiting for Lance, I just came up here to see if he was still here. The security guy went to take a piss I guess, cause when I woke up he wasn’t there and I just got on the elevator and came up here. And the front door was unlocked so I just came in,” Michigan said as he scanned over my body.

I watched Michigan’s face as he scanned my naked body, the fear that was there seconds before diminished and that powerful desire to be used by black men rushed thru my body. I felt my stomach and pussy burning at the thought of Michigan taking me right here and now. That voice in my head came back in a high screech, ‘What the fuck are you doing, run out of here! Why are you getting aroused by this black man standing there looking at your naked body? Get out of here!’

I just sat there feeling the desires rush through my body thinking how fucking crazy it would be to have this new black gangster take me and use me.

“Oh, OK. I am sorry, you just scared the shit out of me,” I said as I began to relax my body. “Where is Gordon and the other guy?” I asked softly.

“Oh they took the limo about three hours ago and went to get something to eat,” Michigan said before he continued, “Damn I guess Lance was right, he knew he was gonna get some pussy off of you. The way you brushed against me in the meeting I figured you was looking to get some black dick, but you were acting so fucking strange I didn’t bother to try.”

“That was an accident!” I said forcefully.

“What was? You giving your pussy up to Lance or you rubbing them nice titties on my arm? Let’s see them titties honey, I been dreaming of them for hours.” Michigan said with a smile.

Without even thinking I lowered my arms and showed Michigan my breasts and said “Rubbing against you, I lost my balance is all.”

Realizing I was showing him my breasts I quickly covered them up again. Michigan looked me over with a smile and grabbed the whiskey off of the couch and took a long pull from it, while with his other hand he began unbuttoning his pants. As I watched him working on his pants a flush of blood ran through my body.

‘Oh my God, this can’t be happening. Does he really expect me to suck his cock after I fucked his friend?’ I asked myself. Then a new question flashed thru my mind. ‘What in the hell am I going to do?’

Michigan finally worked his pants free and they fell to the ground and he stepped a few steps closer to me. Part of me wanted to get up and run but that new side of me was saying ‘Yum, another black cock to please.’ ‘Jesus Christ, what is wrong with me?!’ I thought to myself as I continued to stare at his crotch waiting for his boxers to come off. My new side that was controlled by that desire to have black cock was rushing through my body, my heart was racing and I was breathing harder at the thought of what was about to happen. I was excited, my pussy was tingling and my mouth was getting dry in anticipation. I wanted that cock. I needed it. I wanted to have this man fuck me and take me just as Lance did.

Michigan’s boxers fell down his legs and his cock sprang to center. He kicked his boxers away and he stroked his cock a few times with his hand. He was thicker than Lance was but not as long, from what I could see. I lowered my arms from covering my breasts as I stared at his cock. My mouth began to water and all I wanted to know was how his cock tasted and felt in my mouth.

“You looked damn good on your knees sucking Lance bitch, why don’t you get over here and try this one. I’ve been dreaming of your lips around my cock all day.” Michigan said as he walked to the desk and leaned against it.

“Are you serious?” I asked, more hoping for conformation of the request than hoping Michigan would change his mind.

“Bitch, get your dumb ass over here and suck my cock, now!” Michigan demanded in a deep rough tone. I looked over at Lance who was still asleep. I wondered if when he awoke would he be angry at the site of me sucking his friend’s dick.

“Fuck that light weight, snooze you lose. So get over here and get on this dick.” Michigan said directly.

“Yes Sir,” I said as I got to my hands and knees and slowly and sensually crawled over to Michigan. I crawled slowly with my ass high in the air and my chest low as Lance had told me to do.

“Motherfucker, you are fine as hell woman. I knew you were a little sex kitten when I first laid eyes on you,” Michigan said as his eyes locked to the heart shape of my ass as I crawled to him.

I got to him and got onto my knees. I looked up at him with a wicked smile as I grabbed his black dick in my hand and began stroking it slowly. I brought the tip of his cock close to my mouth then extended my tongue; I pulled my tongue slowly over his head and then licked it. His cock was about an inch or two shorter than Lance but he was thicker by at least an inch. I couldn’t wrap my fingers all the way around it. My second black cock in the same day, the thought of getting to suck two different black cocks sent waves of electricity thru my body. I was turning into exactly what Lance said he would make me, a white slut that loved black cock.

I took Michigan’s head into my mouth and rolled my tongue over his thick fat cockhead. I began sucking tightly on him as I stroked his cock with both of my hands. I began pushing and pulling my mouth deeper and deeper down his shaft, his fat cock pressing my lips wide. I loved the feel of big black cock in my mouth. It was a sensation like I had never known. I sucked him tight and with a hunger that had been dormant within me. I began sucking him faster and faster from his head until his cock pressed against the opening of my throat. I brought one of my hands to my pussy and began rubbing my clit as I continued to suck him greedily. I was burning to feel him in my pussy. I slowed my pace down and pressed his cock head into my throat; I gagged violently and pulled of his dick quickly. I gasped for air and then began licking the underside of his shaft to his balls as I stroked my spit into his cock with my hand. I sucked one of his balls into my mouth and pressed it and massaged it with my tongue.

“Damn girl you a nasty little thing. Hell yeah, suck on those fat balls,” Michigan said as he ran his hand down my back to my ass and began squeezing and massaging my cheeks. As he raised back up straight I took his cock in my mouth and grabbed his hips and pushed my mouth down his shaft until I felt him at my throat. I calmed myself down and breathed through my nose as I forced his huge cock into my throat. I began coking and gagging making my throat vibrate on his dick.

“Ummm, fuck that feels good! I knew you were a good little cock sucker.” Michigan said as he placed his hands on my head and pushed my throat further down his dick. I continued breathing as his much thicker cock strained my throat muscles. Michigan continued to push my head on his cock and so I pulled on his hips and took his cock all the way down my throat.

“Fuck that’s it bitch, take all that dick!” He said as he held my head on his cock. I began choking on his cock as he continued to hold my head. I felt the urge to vomit and my I instinctively swallowed with his cock in my throat.

“Oh fuck! God damn! Do that shit again!” Michigan commanded.

I swallowed again twice, my throat muscles massaging and caressing his big thick cock in waves. I pulled my head back forcefully and Michigan released his grip on my head. I got his cock out of my mouth and began coughing and choking as I tried to pull air into my lungs thru my mouth. As soon as I had a few gulps of air he grabbed my head and thrust his cock into my mouth and throat. I choked and gagged and pulled back hard against his hands but he held me tightly. I had spit all over my tits and was thrashing my legs violently but I loved the sensation of being choked by his thick cock. I pulled hard again and he released my head and I pulled off of him again. Before he could slam his cock back in my mouth I lowered my head and began licking his balls as I gasped and chocked for air. There was spit all over his cock and my face and my chest. I brought my mouth back to his cock and began bobbing on the tip of his cock. I lightly grazed the ridge of his head with my teeth and his cock twitched in my mouth as I licked the pre-cum from his cock slit.

“Damn Lance this little bitch can suck a cock brotha, you shoulda called me earlier!” Michigan said as I greedily bobbed on the tip of his cock.

“Tell me about Big M, this little slut got a sweet mouth on her,” Lance said as he pulled himself out of the couch.

I pulled off Big M’s cock quickly with a surge of fear in my body and said, “Daddy! Is this ok? Is it ok to suck your friends cock?”

Lance walked over to us and leaned on the desk next to Michigan and said, “Hell yes its ok, I was hoping you would want to take care of my boys. But get on this dick too girl or I am walkin out this fucker.”A surge of energy flushed thru my nervous system when I heard Lance say he wanted me to take care of his boys.

‘Oh my God, this is crazy’ I thought to myself as I stroked Big M’s cock in one hand and grabbed Lances with the other.

‘Jesus you ARE a slut girl, look at you, taking on two big black cocks!’ the voice in my mind shouted.

I was more excited than I had been all night with Lance. A day ago I would have never imagined myself being anywhere near a bare black cock, much less sucking one, and here I was on my knees stroking two of the biggest cocks I had ever seen with my small petite white hands. I took Lances cock in my mouth and began sucking him tight and bobbing my mouth up and down the top half of his cock while stroking Big M in my other hand. I sucked on Lance for a minute then pulled his cock from my mouth and took Big M’s in my mouth. I bobbed and sucked them in turns for about five minutes. I was alive with energy. I was sucking two big black cocks and loving it. I was moaning and sucking and devouring them with my wanting mouth.

“Mother fucker this girl sucks good, that shit feels so good.” Michigan said to Lance as I was bobbing my mouth on his cock.

“Hell yeah and that pussy is sweet as candy and tighter than a vice grip to. Lance said as he watched me suck his friends prick. “And look at those beautiful lips wrapping around your cock dude.”

“Um, fuck yeah that shit is hot as hell. I love watching this little cocksucker doing her shit.” Michigan said as he ran his hands through my hair. “Watch this shit man!”

Michigan placed his hands on my head and slowly began pressing my head onto his cock, his prick sinking deeper and deeper in my throat. I began choking and coughing as his cock filled my throat but I remembered to breathe through my nose and relax my throat. A few seconds more and I had his cock all the way in my throat. I swallowed his cock like I did before and continued to swallow.

“Oh fuck! She is swallowing your cock nigga!” Lance said in surprise.

“Fuck yeah, this bitch is a first class cocksucker fool. Let her do it to you.” Michigan said as he removed he hands from the back of my head.

I pulled off of Big M’s cock chocking and coughing with large amount of spit hanging from my lips and running down my chest. I grabbed Lances hips and forced his cock into my mouth and throat and slowly pulled him deep into my throat. I chocked and gagged but he was smaller in girth than Big M so it was easier to take his cock in my throat than what it was earlier. Lance grabbed my head and pushed his cock all the way down my throat. I began swallowing and Lance let out a groan from deep in his throat. I kept swallowing on his cock until I couldn’t take it anymore and needed air. I pulled off of his cock choking and coughing trying to suck some air into my lungs.

“Mother fucker, that shit felt good, where the fuck you learn how to do that slut?” Lance asked as he looked down at me.

Before I could answer BigM said, “She probably figured it out while she was sucking your cock while you were asleep!”

“What, damn crazy ass slut! Sucking my dick while I am asleep, what the fuck baby girl?” Lance asked as he looked at me smiling at him.

“Fuck yeah, she was all over your dick when I walked in, she even set that mirror so she could watch herself sucking you.” Michigan said to Lance.

“God damn crazy ass white bitches, damn they make good black cock sluts,” Lance said as he laughed.

I started sucking them both off in turns as Big M and Lance started talking about how good I sucked cock. Lance told Michigan how tight my pussy was and how he fucked me for two hours straight before shooting his cum down my throat. Both of the cocks felt wonderful in my mouth. I loved the way they felt as they slide in and out of my lips, mouth and throat, I loved the way these two black men were so sexually excited to have me sucking them and I loved knowing that I was going to get more black cock tonight. As I was sucking on Michigan he grabbed my head with his hands and started long stroking his cock into my mouth and throat. The feel of his cock forcing it way into my throat felt so wonderful and I started to rub my clit. Lance got off of the table and got on the floor, sliding his head underneath me. He began licking and sucking on my wet clit as Big M continued to fuck my mouth and throat.

I moaned into Michigan’s cock each time Lances tongue would flick or lick against my clit. As the licking and sucking of my pussy by Lance increased so did my bobbing on Big M’s cock. Michigan began grunting and thrusting his dick in my mouth and after about a minute his cock erupted in my mouth. I continued sucking him with fast motions of my mouth as I sucked tight on his cock as he shot his entire load into me. When the last of his thick cum was shot into my mouth I pulled off his cock and held my mouth open for him to see. Then I swallowed his thick salty cum down my throat.

“Yeah that’s good bitch, swallow that shit” Michigan said to me as he pulled away and sat on the desk.

Lance slid his body from under me and stood up. I turned to face him and took his cock into my mouth and began sucking him from his head to the opening of my throat. That long black dick felt so good in my mouth. Lance placed his hands on the sides of my head and began slowly stroking his black cock into my mouth and throat, the squishing and choking sounds from my throat filling the room. Lance would thrust his cock into my mouth for a few minutes then I would suck him quickly up and down his black shaft from his tip to deep in my throat. Lance slowly walked over to the couch while I continued to suck him or lick on his cockhead. After Lance had sat down I took his dick deep in my throat and held it as my throat gagged on his fat black cock. Michigan came up behind me and grabbed my hips as he leaned down and immediately began licking on my pussy lips and sucking on my clit. I continued sucking Lance as he told me what a good cock sucking slut I was as Michigan’s tongue and sucking action was getting me wet and excited and made me moan heavily into that big black cock of Lances as I took his cock in my mouth and throat.

Michigan then pulled his mouth from my pussy and grabbed my hip with one hand as he began rubbing his thick black head up and down my pussy lips.

“God that dick feels good baby, slide it in nice and slow. I want to feel every inch of that black cock as you fill me up,” I moaned between taking Lances cock in my mouth.

“Fuck yeah little white slut, I am gonna fill that pink pussy full of this black dick,” Michigan said in a deep growl.

Michigan slowly began pressing his head into my pussy, the sensation of having his black cock pressing on my pussy opening and then the feel of it entering me, spreading my pussy wide from his girth froze my body and made me hold my breath for a few seconds. As Big M filled me inch by inch the sensation from my lower body sent a surge of electricity through my body and a long deep moan escaped my throat.

“Oh fucking God, I love feeling big black cock enter me, Jesus,” I moaned before I took Lances cock back into my mouth and began sucking him nice and tight.

“Fucking shit bitch, you look so fucking good getting mounted by my boy as you suck on this dick of mine. We gonna fuck you all night, fill that sweet pussy and mouth full of our black cocks,” Lance said as he pulled my mouth up and down his black cock.

“Damn right, Bra, gonna take this pussy all night and make her beg for us to dick her all night,” Michigan said. “Mother fucker this is some tight pussy Lance, this little slut been saving herself for big black cock.”

Michigan pressed his cock into me until he had my pussy full. My pussy was sending waves of sensations and pleasure up my body as his thick cock pressed my pussy open. His cock was thicker than Lances and was stretching me in places that not even Lances did. My heart raced with passion and lust, I never had two men fuck me at the same time in my life, much less black men. My stomach was churning with that desire to be used by my black lovers. I wanted nothing than to be their black cock slut, let them fuck their little white bitch and use me as their cum slut.

When Michigan had his dick deep in me he slapped my ass as he told me what a tight pussy I had and how good my pussy felt on his big black dick. He held his cock in me for about ten seconds and then pulled his hips back slowly, as he did I could feel that big cock slowly begin to pull out of my cunt. When his head was close to popping out of my pussy he pressed back into me stroking his cock back into my wet cunt. Michigan started to stroke in and out of me as he grabbed my hips tightly. Here I was, twenty four hours earlier I would have been so fearful of these two black men that I would have run from them in desperate need to escape them; and now, here I was on my hands and knees taking two big black cocks, being used by these men as the little slut that my deep desires had always told me I was. Lances cock filling my mouth and throat and Michigan stroking at a deep sustained pace taking me from behind. Michigan began thrusting into me harder and faster. Lance was moaning heavily and telling me how hot and sexy his new slut was with black dick in her lips. My moaning and breathing was heavy and loud. I would pull Lances cock from my mouth and tell him how good his black cock felt in my mouth and throat as his boy fucked my pussy good and fast. I would yell in passionate screams how good Big M’s thick black cock felt in my pussy and would beg him to fuck me deep and hard.

I looked to the dressing mirror that was showing the reflection of me sucking Lances cock and Michigan squatting over my ass as he pounded his cock deep in my pussy. The site sent waves of pleasure through my body, my clit and pussy was surging with electricity as the biggest orgasm built and built in my pussy.

“Damn slut you like watching yourself getting black dicked by two big black cocks, don’t you slut?” Lance said as he watched me moaning and panting as I sucked his cock while I watched myself in the reflection.

I looked to Lance quickly shaking my head up and down before looking back at the mirror.

“Bra, fuck that pussy make this white bitch cum all over that black dick, while she watches herself getting black dicked,” Lance told Big M.

Michigan began fucking me hard, fast and deep as he looked in the dressing mirror. I began grunting and screaming with pleasure, “Yes fuck me baby! Oh my God that cock feels so good!”

After a few seconds of getting that big black cock powerfully thrusting deep in my pussy I felt my orgasm explode, I came so hard that I let out a high squeal as my pussy quaked and covered Michigan’s black cock in my cum as my body trembled.

“Oh fuck that shit feels good you little slut, cum all over this black dick!” Michigan said as he grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth off of Lances cock and pulled my head back as he stroked his cock into my sopping cunt.

Michigan continued to slam into my pussy as my orgasm continued. I took Lances cock back into my mouth and began sucking him fast and with a tight vacuum. Big M continued to stroke into my pussy as I sucked Lance. After a few minutes of sucking Lances cock he grabbed my head and fucked my mouth with long strokes of his dick.

“Bitch get ready, I am going to shove this dick down your throat when I start cumming and you better take all that shit, you hear me you little white slut?” Lance asked as he held his dick in my mouth.

I shook my head up and down quickly as Lance then began fucking my face faster. When he announced that he was going to cum I held my breath and readied to feel his cock deep in my throat. As Lance began stroking his dick into my throat he erupted with a powerful shot of cum into my mouth, shooting the first stream of cum onto my throat. His thick black cock pressed into my throat as he continued to shoot his cum into my throat. I could feel his cum slide down my throat and I could taste his bitter taste on my tongue. I never would have thought I would like a man’s cock jizz but I was loving every sensation and taste of Lances cum in my mouth. Lance pumped my throat full of his cum and then pulled his cock out of my mouth. I sucked and licked his cock clean getting any of his cum off of his cock and held it in my mouth. Big M was still thrusting into my cunt with force and he stroked deep in me hitting my cervix and a deep moan escaped my mouth as I swallowed Lances cum down my throat.

“Fuck Big M, we got a nasty little cum hungry slut! I told you this bitch was craving black dick, I fucking knew this bitch wanted to take black cocks all in her shit,” Lance said to Big M.

Big M only responded with grunts as he continued to fuck my cunt hard and fast, increasing his power and speed with each thrust. I was in heaven, getting fucked and used by these two big dicked black men. Passion and pleasure was flowing through my body, my breathing fast and labored. Michigan exploded into my pussy, not alerting me that he was going to cum, but I didn’t care anymore. I was completely under these men’s control. They could fuck me anywhere and cum on me, in my mouth or in my pussy, just as long as they kept filling me with their big black cocks and using me like the slut I desperately needed to be treated like. Michigan filled my pussy with hot cum and the sensation of his cum slapping against my pussy walls sent another orgasm thru my pussy and thru my body. My head was in Lances lap, my face pressed against Lances half erect cock.

“Fucking slut, let my boy cum in that pussy but not me. Just for that I am fucking that ass sometime tonight and I am gonna fill you full of cum,” Lance said as he pulled my head up by my hair.

“I am sorry Daddy, he didn’t tell me he was going to cum. I was going to take his cum in my mouth, I swear!” I answered in a heaving breathless tone.

Michigan was still in my pussy and he ran his arm under my body and pulled me close at the waist. He carefully sat back on his ass and then leaned back laying on the floor, all the time keeping his cock in my pussy. I laid back on Michigan completely exhausted; my legs open wide with Big M’s cock still deep in my cunt.

“Damn that shit looks good, got us a hot little slut that loves black dick,” Lance said as he scanned my body laying on top of his friend.
Lance sprawled out on the couch and passed out again. I just lay on top of Michigan as he passed out with his cock still in my cunt. Soon I was asleep to, dreams of black cock and the whole evening running thru my mind. All three of us slept for about thirty minutes and then Lance’s phone rang. He spoke with the person on the phone for about five minutes. He never told the person on the other side of the phone that He and Big M had been in here fucking me. He just asked how things were with them and that he and Michigan were still at the law office chilling and waiting for them to get back. I assumed it was Gordon or Ricky. Lance got off the phone and came over to me and looked down at me as I looked at him and his cock from my position I was in.

“Aight slut, Gordon and Ricky gonna be here to pick us up in about an hour and a half so we gonna need to get ready to go.” Lance said as he scanned my body and reached down and massaged one of my breasts in his hands. A shot of anxiety raced thru my body, they were leaving and I didn’t want them to. I still wanted to have them fuck me the rest of the night!

“Daddy, please don’t go! I want to fuck me all night long” I said sitting up quickly still sitting in Michigan’s lap.

“Bitch I didn’t say you weren’t coming with me, gonna take you with us. Believe me, you gonna get all the black cock you want, Lance said as he looked into my eyes.

I pulled myself off of Michigan, his limp cock slipped out of my pussy, and I went to my knees as I said, “Um, thank you Daddy, I promise to be a good little slut for you. I will do everything you order of me baby.” Lance got a wicked smile on his face and stroked my hair. I extended my tongue from my mouth and slowly rolled my tongue in a circle in his cock head and then pulled his head into my mouth as I looked into his eyes.

“Um shit girl, love seeing your lips on my dick but I need a shower. You got a shower in this office?” Lance said as he watched my sucking on his dickhead.

I pulled his cock from my mouth and grabbed it with my hand as I began stroking him as I answered, “Yes Daddy, there is one on the relaxation room.

“Good, go in there and get the shower ready and I’ll be in there in a minute and you can shower me” Lance said as he grabbed me at the arms and slowly pulled me up his body.

“Um, yes Daddy, that will be fun,” I said as I pulled from him and started walking to the relaxation room.

I did as I was told. I got the shower nice and hot and announced to him that the shower was ready. I had stripped off the stockings and my cum and sweat stained skirt. Lance entered and got into the shower and I followed behind him. I soaped him up and lathered his body and then worked on his legs. When I got to his cock he was hard again and I lathered his cock with the soap then stroked his cock as the water from the shower slowly rinsed his cock off. I went to my knees and sucked on his cock. I sucked him for about five minutes and then Lance lathered my breasts with soap and began tit fucking me. Each time his cock head would get to my mouth I would suck him into my mouth or lick his cock head. In about ten minutes Lance erupted on my tits and my tongue. I ate his cum and massaged the cum on my tits into my breasts. Lance held me on my knees as I cleaned his cock again and then rinsed and left the shower. Michigan immediately followed him into the shower and stuck his cock in my mouth. I sucked his black cock for about five minutes before he pulled me up to my feet and turned me around. Michigan bent me over and slid his cock into my pussy and fucked me for five minutes in the shower. Then he picked me up in his arms and bounced me up and down his cock. I had never been picked up by a man before as he fucked my pussy and held me in his arms. I was so excited it was so erotic being lifted in the air and then being slid on this his cock and being fucked completely at Michigan’s control as he bounced me up and down his thick black cock.
Michigan exploded deep in my pussy again and then I cleaned his cock off and soaped him and cleaned him. After he left I washed the cum out of my hair and soaped my body. I was a little soar but still extremely energized knowing that it was still early in the night and I was going to get to fuck and suck Michigan and Lance the rest of the night. I got out of the shower and dried myself and then reapplied my makeup. I put my black stocking back on as well as my black high heel shoes. I walked back into Martins office and saw that Michigan and Lance were dressed and taking turns finishing off the bottle of Crown. They looked at me and stared at my naked body and continued to talk about how much they were going to use me as their little slut and how such a sexy slut I was. I walked around the desk and grabbed my blouse and panties. I hadn’t put on the skirt because it was soaked with cum and I had it soaking in the bathroom sink.

“Nah fuck that shit slut, you are fine like you are. Michigan found you a coat to wear and that’s all you need” Lance said as he threw an old long tan rain coat at me.

“But, daddy, I need to get dressed if we go to a club or something” I answered sheepishly.

“Bitch all you are doing for the rest of the night is sucking black cock or giving that sweet pussy up so you just need the coat to get to the limo.” Lance responded and then began talking to Big M again.