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Stephanie: As Raped As Can Be

2022-05-24 00:00:04

Her name was Stephanie. I met her in highschool in Orange County, California, where she was the lead cheerleader and, the legend is true: The lead cheerleader is always an annoying bitch. But extremely hot. She was easily one of the top 5 girls I've ever seen in my life. She was 17 years old, 5'10 and blonde She weighed 100 pounds. She had the cutest face and gorgeous blue eyes, nice full lips. For a cheerleader she had pretty decent tits, about C32s! Her ass was like a peach, nice and plump and just the right size. One of the most perfect asses I've ever seen! Especially when she wore her booty shorts during practice I'd watch her ass move about and jiggle as she danced and flipped around. So that her tits didn't bounce around and make her routines difficult, she had a sports bra that pushed them against her chest and and they looked fuller. I wanted to take a bite out of them! Her tummy was nice and flat. Her legs were nice and long, smooth and defined. She had the healthiest skin!

I was 18 and graduating that year. I'm Asian and 5'9. My cock was only about 5 inches. Although I did martial arts so I was well build and athletic, my ex GF told everyone that my cock was small, so I was kind of a loser and no chick wanted to date me.

Stephanie started dating one of the biggest douche bags of the school. His name was Ben, and he was one of the receivers for the football team. He was 6'2 and buff as hell. Scary to be honest.

One day during lunch he walked past me and pushed my tray upwards as I was holding it and all my food spilled onto my chest.

"That's for checking out my girl during her practice!" said Ben as his friends and Stephanie started laughing. I swung at him and punched him in the mouth. My strike was pretty damaging, as I did korean martial arts my whole childhood. He was bleeding from his bottom lip. He swung at me until he landed a punch on my nose and said "You're gonna pay for this you small pricked fucking chink!" he said and he left.

I was jumped later that day by him and his friends. 2 guys held me as I was beaten repeatedly by Ben. He punched my face over and over again. Then out of nowhere Stephanie appeared. They brought me to the ground and open my legs spread eagle. Stephanie then kicked me in the nuts as hard as she could and said. "Never hurt my boyfriend again, or next time I'll kick until both your balls are broken, not that you'd need them anyway." Stephanie said and they then left me there and drove off. I just laid there for about an hour, trying to ignore the pain.

That's the story on why I hate her. And now the revenge. I graduated and joined the police force. She was still in highschool on her last year. I had been stalking her through Facebook. She was still dating that asshole. I wanted to rape her but had no clue how. Then the idea hit me as I was doing apprentice police work.

"They got Razor!!" said a gang member. "Let him go please!" My senior and I were arresting a drug lord suspect. This was one of the biggest latino gangs in California, the name I cannot say.

"I can't help you man, I'm not even a real cop yet!" I said.

"I'll give you money man! We need him! He's Family, let him go!" the gang member said again.

"I cant do anything about it though!" I said. Then I left the gang's turf along with my senior and the other 12 police cars.

The year after that I was done with my training and I was a real cop, finally. The case of the drug lord was handed over to my by my senior as he was also promoted. I had been dreaming up her her rape for a year. Knowing one day it will happen, I bought the most expensive dick enlargement pills in the market and had been taking them daily for over 10 months. My cock was now a massive 9.5 inches long. I say massive because the girth was also exceptionally huge. About the diameter of a door knob.

I had the balls to go to the turf again. "Hey, it's one of the cops from last year!!!" A guy yelled and they scattered. "No, I just want to, talk!" I said. Three guys pointed guns at me.

"What makes you think we won't shoot you right now?" said one of the gangsters.

"BECAUSE I CAN RELEASE RAZOR NOW, DON'T SHOOT!" I yelled. "I am in charge of the case now, but I don't want money."

"What do you want then, pig?" the gangster asked.

"I need you to help me rape a girl. I want no less than 100 of your people to rape her with me, I have studied your gang for over a year now, I know you can EASILY gather 100 or more of your guys, you have thousands in your gang."

"Even if I give you 100 people, how will we know you will give us Razor? Bring him to us first." he said.

"No, my friend. You are less trustworthy than I am. You help me rape her first, then I will release him from the prison. You are free to videotape the part where I rape her. If I don't break Razor out, show the video to the cops and I will be locked up for being involved. You guys at least get free pussy. Trust me, she is one of the hottest chicks alive." I told them. I showed them a picture of Stephanie.

"DAMN!!! She is FINE! Okay, but this one is for Razor! And since you studied us, I'm sure you know what we'll do to you if you don't give us Razor. Us showing the video to the cops should be the least of your concern." the gangster said.

"Don't worry, If I have to get my own ass arrested to break out Razor, I'll do it. As long as I get to rape Stephanie, I could die the day after for all I care. I'll still be satisfied. Give me your number and I will call you when I have the bitch in my trunk. Where is a safe place to do this?" I told them.

"In an underground lair in Los Angeles, no one will be able to hear her or disturb us. Here are the directions." he hands me a peice of paper. "Pleasure doing business." he said and we split.

"Oh, and by the way, this is happening tonight. I expect your men at the lair in a few hours." I told him and drove off.

It was 11pm. I looked up Stephanie C. in the police computer and scrolled down till I found the right one. She was an hour away from turning 19, but I already knew that. At midnight its her 19th birthday and I want to ruin it. That's why I picked tonight. She graduated and is actually training to be a Victoria's Secret Model now, interesting. I kept looking until I found her address. Bingo.

I called her from my office. A lady answered. "Hello?".

It was Stephanie. I know her voice too well. I hung up and drove there. I made sure to cover most my face with my police hat by tilting it down and I knocked on her door. "This is the police!" I said in a deep voice she answered the door confused.

"I was sleeping! I didn't do anything wrong. What the fuck do you want, pig?! I have a big day tomorrow." said Stephanie

"Yes you do, YES YOU DO... Stephanie." I grabbed her wrist, twisted it and tazed her neck with my stun gun and she dropped limp. I started duct taping her mouth and cuffed her wrists to ankles behind her back. It took 3 pairs of cuffs. I made sure she didn't see me because I wanted her to be more submissive in the beginning of her rape, you'll see why. But if she knew it was me, she'd resist too much. I put her in the trunk and went back in the house to look and find anyone who lives there that might follow me, such as her mom. I looked upstairs and found Ben, sleeping. Bitch lives with him now? I pistol whipped him and he woke up. "WHAT THE FUCK?!?!" He yelled holding his head. I grab him by the neck.

"Remember me? Motherfucker? I am gonna rape the shit out of Stephanie, go on, tell the cops, they'll never find her in time. Don't worry, you'll get her back alive. Pregnant, but alive." I told him. He sprung up and started throwing punches at me I blocked most and landed a straight right punch to his balls. As he was hunched over I said "Since you think striking a man in the balls is fair, there you go." I pistol whipped him once more in the head and he blacked out. I cuffed him to a pipe and taped his mouth so that he didn't snitch before I broke Razor out.

I drove to the lair and found not 100, but about 200 men! The pic I gave the original gangster must have caught alot of eyes...

I explained "Here are the rules!
1. Do not beat her in any way that is not open handed, slap her as much as you want, but don't hit her otherwise. In other words no unnecessary violence. I want her body as preserved as possible for as long as possible.
2. The first thing we are gonna do is line up in an estimated line of smallest to biggest dick so that she gets more and more cock as it goes along. I get dibs though!
3. So that we all get blow jobs, we will lie to her and say that if she sucks every single one of us off and swallows the cum, we will let her go without raping her. She can't know it's me so I will wear a mask only in the beginning.
4. When she's done sucking us all off, we rip off any clothes left on her and we rape her anyway! In all holes. Am I clear!?"

They all cheer and say "YEAH!!!!!!" I pulled the bitch out of the trunk and she was wearing a black tank top and pajama pants. I carried her to a private room and I uncuffed her ankles but left her hands cuffed behind her. I had a "Jason" style hockey mask on.

"Listen honey, you are really beautiful, that's why I kidnapped you, I just want us all to get some head, I PROMISE I will let you go without touching any other hole. If you don't, that pussy and ass will be destroyed, and we will kill you." I told her as I held her with a hand full of her hair. I dropped her to her knees. "And 2 more things. You can't use your hands, and you have to swallow ALL the cum." I pulled my massive cock out, it was already hard from the idea and it sprung out and was less than an inch from her face. A tear dropped down her eye as she watched the huge cock practically staring at her. She was looking right at her doom. I pulled the tape off her mouth.

"Please don't make me do this, I'm sure we can figure someth-mhhhfff!" She said as I stuffed her mouth with the cock, afraid to be killed, she let it in. I was so huge, she was only sucking off my head. After a bit of slurping she pulled me out to get some air and I stuffed it back in her, hitting her throat. She coughed and gagged. By this time I had so much pre cum her throat entrance was lubricated.

"Swallow the pre cum, babe." I commanded. She looked up at me with those gorgeous blue frightened eyes, and she swallowed what was almost a teaspoon of precum juice. Now her whole throat was lubed up. I shoved the cock in her throat. It took a bit of strength, but I was finally able to force the head in her throat. She gagged and coughed really loud, stood up and pushed me away with her knee.

"That fucking hurts! Let me fucking breathe!" She whimpered and and sobbed for a bit.

"Don't worry, you're almost done with this one, the biggest one, the rest of the cocks are alot easier I promise. I'm about to cum so get back on it!" I told her and dropped her back to her knees. As she sobbed, she sucked my massive cock's head for another minute straight. The pills I took also increased how rapidly I produce cum, so I probably had the biggest load out of all of the guys. "Look up at me as you do it, babe!" I said as I slapped her. The second she looked up and her gorgeous blue eyes made eye contact with my eyes, I busted and pumped 2 tablespoons of hot white cum right into her mouth. I pulled her chin up with my finger and said "Swallow it." She closed her eyes and swallowed the whole load, then coughed a bit at the end. Guess it didn't taste very good. "Good girl." I gave her one last pat on the cheek, started to leave the room.

"That was some good shit, holmes!" a gangster says with a camcorder.

"What!? You didn't say you were gonna film anything!" Stephanie said, worried. I ignored her. "DON'T FILM ANY MORE OF THIS PLEASE!!!" she cried and burst in tears.

There was ten guys in the room that she have me head in. I hope she doesn't actually believe she will only suck off 10 guys, she had not yet seen the others. She tried to hide her face from the camera. One guy grabbed her by the hair and tilted her face to the camera "Say hi to the camera, pretty girl!" he said and the guys in the room started laughing at her. At that point I closed the door behind me. I walked out, and past the door there was a stretch, and there was a line of another 20 guys lined up against the wall. I kept walking and turned the corner and there was the other approximate 170 men, in a seemingly endless line.