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Submissive Nanny part 1

2022-08-02 00:00:03

I retired and decided I needed extra income to help supplement the retirement. So I registered with a service for nannies. After all I had raised kids and babysat my grandchildren so just how hard could it be.

Well, the first call was not to my liking because they wanted me to live at their home and that was fine at first. Soon I became a mother to these kids for entire weekends and that was supposed to be my time off. I did not mind if I had been compensated but never was there anything extra for those extended times of care.

So, back to the agency but there wasn’t anything registered with them at this time. I got a call about a single dad needing someone to care for his 6 year old daughter. He had run off three nannies with his strong discipline issues. I took it thinking I always believed children should be brought up to respect and be disciplined when necessary. Plus I needed the money badly.

I arrived to meet a precious little girl by the name of Emily. Her father was older more around my age actually and told me that he did use the paddle when he felt it was needed to correct the behavior. Did I have a problem with this issue? “No, I said I felt children should be disciplined when need be though I use other forms of discipline myself.

The first week was well spent with me getting to know the child and learn the likes and dislikes of the father. By the second week the child spilled a class of kool-aid on the den floor and she was not suppose to bring the drink into the den. I tried getting it out of the rug but it just did not want to come up totally so when her father came home I reported it to him.

He called Emily to him and ask that I watch. She told her to take the position and she removed her little panties and raised her dress as she bent over the coffee table. Not a tear was shed from her as she spread herself for her dad’s and mine view.

“Emily, why are you getting this spanking?”

“I took drink into the den when that is a rule in this house for me not to do.”

“Do you think you deserve this punishment Emily?”

“Yes Daddy, please spank my bottom because I have been bad.”

I am thinking this sounds strange from a 6 year old but continue to watch from the chair I am sitting in.

“Daddy is going to give you 5 spanks on the bare bottom.”

He raised his small little paddle and landed a hard on her little bottom making me cringe at the pain. She whimpered but took all five then waited for her dad to tell her she could stand.

“I am sorry daddy,” between sobs.

“It is okay baby I know you won’t do it again. Now go get in the bath and ready yourself for bed.”

David waited till she had left then turned to me. “I pay you to take care of her and watch her. What were you doing when she brought the kool-aid into the den?”

I looked at him stunned for a moment and said I did not see her take it into the den.

“I think you need to be more observant of what my child is doing. Please come here and receive your punishment also. You will get the same as she did, now bare your bottom.”

I just looked at him and then laughed because this must be a joke right.

He walked over to where I sat and told me in a very harsh voice, “NOW, if you plan on working here.”

I hesitated when I realized he was serious but stood before him.

“Better, now take down your slacks and bend over the end of the sofa for me.”

I still was dazed and did not think this could be happening. Suddenly the agencies words came to mind that he had run off several nannies because of his strong discipline actions. Well, I needed this job too much to be run off.

I pulled my slacks and panties down to my knees and bent over the sofa and waited.

“Kay, why do you need to punished?”

Remembering the routine little Emily had gone through, “because I let Emily take drink into the den when that was against the rules.”

“That is right and now I will give you 5 spanks of the paddle to remind you to keep better eyes on my daughter.”

He waited. I suddenly realized I had to respond as Emily had.

“David, please discipline me because I deserve to be punished.”

“I will and you will thank me for making you a better person.

Thoughts were reeling in my mind as that hard smack made it’s mark. Then the next four did the same and I felt like a child being spanked but also a warm felling deep inside me.

“Thank you for spanking me,” I said, though I fought the tears as I realized I was completely humiliated.”

“Stand before me.”

I did as I was told with my pants dropping to the floor. He looked down and smiled as I stood in such a submissive state.

“These are the rules that apply to you and spanking or discipline. If Emily gets spanked then you do too.”

“Yes, sir,” I spoke as I tried to cover myself.

“Secondly and most important is that if I find that you are not telling me of Emily’s misbehaviors to prevent her and yourself from spankings then you will submit to me and take a punishment worse than you have seen today. Is that understood?”

“Yes sir,” I whispered.

“Thirdly, we are both adults and I see this as a possible prelude to your submission to me in other ways. It has to be you submitting as I will not force my will upon you. I won’t you to submit to my sexual needs when you want to and this will play much better on your discipline. In other words though you still will be spanked and humiliated you won’t find it as bad if you agree to submit to anything I desire of you. Once you submit then you are my submissive and I will use you regularly as I see fit. Your bedroom door must never be locked or I will punish you for denying me my needs.”

“You have earned a raise tonight for submitting to your first test in my form of life around my home, if you agree to all I have said and care to stay on?”

My head is reeling again and I can’t think straight. I just stand there not speaking just looking at this mad man. What have I gotten myself into? Do I need the money this badly? I do need the money just to pay the premiums on my supplemental insurance and the extras I want for my kids and grandkids. I don’t have a choice and yet I have been a Master’s submissive before so I know what is expected of me.
“I submit to you tonight for your use,” I hear myself saying.

A smile goes over David as he stares at me. “Begin by stripping off the rest of your clothes while I go put Emily to bed. Stand there till I return and take my first night of your submission. Just think of what it might entail and you will never know what I will ask of you.”

“Yes sir,” I answer with my head lowered.

He leaves the room to tuck Emily in bed and I remove my blouse and bra. I am standing naked in the den where this all began.

What seems like forever I am standing there submitting to a man who could be really evil and hurtful but I have chosen this path and will follow it through. He finally enters the room and sits in a chair. “Come before me now, slave.”

I stand before him and look down not facing him. “Good you know your position, now kneel before me.” I kneel down facing him but looking down.

“What does my slave want to do for her Master,” he says in a very deep voice.

“I want to please Him and do as He tells me to do.”

“Good slave. You have been a submissive before haven’t you?”

“Yes sir.”

“I want you to get in doggy position in the middle of the floor because Master wants to explore your body He now owns.”

I move to the middle of the floor and let his hand explore every part of my body, sometimes hands and fingers probe a bit deep and make me whimper a bit.

He leaves me in that position and tells me “I will be spanked daily to remind me of my position. You need to submit after a good spanking on your ass each and every day that you are here. If on your day off you do not leave the house you will still be my slave to do with as I please,” he tells me.

“Yes sir.”

He walks behind me and rubs my ass with his hand then I feel the paddle hit me again much harder than before. He rubs my ass again then another swing. I take it and seem to be spacing out. I don’t know how many before he tells me to kneel in front of him again and suck his cock dry.

I scoot over and realize at some point his has stripped naked too. He begins directing me how he likes it. Pulls my hair to the rhythm he likes and I am enjoying this act more than I wanted to. I suck him and lick his balls and suck his hard cock till I feel his pre-cum.

“May I suck it down or does Master want it on my face?”

“I want to see it dripping off of your face today.”

I pull back and with my hand direct it to my face. Cum is dripping down onto my tits and I slip my tongue out to taste his cum.

“You have done well tonight for your first of many more and I allow you to go shower and rest. If I get a need during the night I will come to your room and you will spread your ass cheeks for your next use. Is that understood?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good now go.”