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2023-01-21 01:33:25

“I have clients, males and females. who would pay very well to have you.”

“Very tempting, very,” I told her aroused at the thought.

A week later Ada phoned me to follow up.

“We need to take some photographs of you if you want to take up my offer.”

“Do you want me naked, or semi-naked?

“Male or female photographer?”

“What is your preference Sylvia?”

“Are you going to watch Ada?”

Two days later I am in my element as Ada watches me posing for Jim, a much younger professional, male photographer.

For the first few shots I was fully clothed in an above the knee, back dress, heels and black stockings.

Then Ada helped me off with the dress, leaving me with just my heels, stockings, garter belt and cupless bra.

“I made love to you a week ago Sylvia. Can I have you again, while Jim takes some shots for just you and I, Ada asks as she licks my nipples.

What red-blooded woman hasn’t wanted to be photographed while making love?

A real sexual buzz being photographed while a very sexy naked woman was doing wonderful things to my naked body with her tongue.

A week later Ada has organized my first assignment. A wealthy, attractive couple in their early forties from interstate who both wanted to have me while the other watched.

And they did. I much preferred the woman though, the way she licked me was exquisite. She had me twice, the first time before her man had me and a second time after she showered with me.

For my second assignment a week after that, Ada asked if I would like to meet two French couples in their thirties. “They are here on a trade mission and they loved your pics. And they are bisexual and apparently seriously kinky. If their expectations of you make you uncomfortable don’t be afraid to say no. Or pander to them and ask for an extra fee.”

I have never had a French lover. The French are renowned lovers, the thought of two French bisexual couples in their thirties, perhaps kinky lovers, had me intrigued so I readily agreed. And they are younger than me, something that appeals to the the cougar in me.

Little did I realize at that stage just how kinky they were. And that I would be able to double my prepaid fee, then receive a very generous tip on top of that.

When I arrived at their well known international hotel at two in the afternoon I was wearing heels, a short, tight skirt and a designer jacket. Determined to make a dramatic entrance for my clients, in the lift on the way to their floor I adjusted the jacket so just the lowest button was holding it closed, to display my ample cleavage.

“I am Justine and this Pierre,” a very attractive woman with a strong French accent tells me. “And that is Michelle and Jean, sitting on the sofa,” she tells me as they stand to meet me.

The two women are just what I imagined they would be, slim size-ten, average height and oozing sex appeal. The men are slim and very attractive, despite or because of their typically French noses. Miguelle is average build and Jean smaller, perhaps the build of a jockey.

“Ada speaks highly of you. You are here for our sexual pleasure and yours we hope,” Justine whispers as she undoes the button on my jacked and opens it. “Ces’t magnifique, what a pair of tits. And those nipples,” she exclaims as she delicately licks and sucks them with three others watching. She is good, very good. I like it and I especially like three people watching another woman licking and sucking my nipples while I soak up the sexual pleasure.

Michelle is standing behind me kissing my neck as she removes my jacket, then slides my skirt to the floor. Apart from my heels I am completely naked with two rapt men watching.

“Wow, a blond cougar with jet black, beautifully trimmed pubic hair.

“Ada told us you like having your ass licked and kissed. Just like this Cherie?,” she murmurs as she licks and kisses each of my ass cheeks in turn with three people watching on.

“And she told us you love it when a woman licks your almost bald cunt with a man watching. How about two men watching? Would you like that Cherie?,” she teases.

“Before the men have you I want to give you my special pleasure. Sit on my face while Justine licks and sucks your nipples while the men watch.

New levels of sexual pleasure for me as I readily comply with the two men watching intently. Miguelle is the first man to expose his average size erection for me. Jean follows and despite his small build he has a huge erection.

“Our men have some special needs, very special needs,” Michelle tells me as she suddenly has a paddle in her hand. “They love being spanked by a naked woman with two other naked women watching, especially an older one they have just met who is as sexy as you.”

This really is becoming kinky I muse as the men are kissing each other as Justine handcuffs them together, one cuff on each arm. Though my kinky side is enjoying new sexual boundaries unfolding.

Jean, despite his small build, has a huge erection, which Miguelle is sucking on as he bends over a small table with his ass exposed.

“How many do want from me, Jean?,” Michelle asks as she lands the first, noisy blow on his ass.

“How many?,” she repeats a second, then third and fourth time.

“Six, then six from Sylvia,” he mutters as Jean’s erection slides out from between his lips, before he takes it in again.

“Do you like watching me licking Sylvia while Michelle is spanking you?,” Justine teases.

“Did you enjoy watching me spanking him? Now he wants six from you Sylvia, are you fine with that?,” Michelle asks as I return her deep tongue kisses.

I was fine with that and excited at the thought of it when Michelle pointed to a wad of banknotes on the table.

“Harder Sylvia, harder, much harder,” Michelle kept telling me as I learnt how to spank while he bought Jean to orgasm.

“Now you Sylvia, would you like six?,” Michelle asked as she handcuffed me and leaned me over the table with my legs spread.

“You have the perfect ass for a spanking Sylvia, absolutely magnificent, just glorious,” she whispers as she licks and kisses it. Then the shock and noise of the first blow.

“Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq,” a little harder each time, a whole new sexual experience for me and I am enjoying the pleasure and pain while handcuffed.

My ass cheeks are quivering as I wait for the next blow of the paddle. Then as it lands I have the most incredible, noisy orgasm.

Then a short breather as they converse rapidly in French.

“The men would like a golden shower while we watch, are you fine with that Sylvia?,” Michelle asked with a big smile.

I was fine with that and especially excited at the thought of it when Miguelle pointed to a second wad of banknotes on another table.

He and Jean were still handcuffed together as they lay side-by-side on the tiled bathroom floor.

All eyes were on my naked body as I stood, then squatted over Miguelle’s erection. The men are kissing each other as I position myself.

“Un, deux, trois,” someone is repeating very slowly while I tease my cunt lips with a fingertip as I tense before I release in a trickle, then increase the flow.

I love being an exhibitionist, this will be hard to top, I muse as someone is muttering, “Oh wow,” as I wiggle my hips to direct my flow along his now very erect cock.

I can see myself in the bathroom wall mirror and the self-satisfied smirk on my face is something entirely new to me.

Michelle and Justine have their hands all over each other’s naked bodies as revel in being a sexual exhibitionist for both sexes.

“That was awesome Sylvia, you are the ultimate cougar. Justine, you and I without the men next week,” Michelle whispers as she kisses me goodbye and hands me a large bag of banknotes. “And I must have a golden shower. Promise me?”

“Perhaps,” I tease as I kiss her passionately.