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The Adventures of Fagpig Ch 1

2022-06-25 00:00:04


This story is entirely fictional. Any resemblance to or similarities with other persons, places, or events, real or fictional, are purely coincidental.

This story contains graphic de***********ions of sexual activities between men and a fagpig. These activities may include oral and anal sex; scatological and urological play; forced, coercive, or non-consensual sex; vomiting, degredation, and violence.

All depictions are purely fictional and are NOT to be acted upon. This story is a FANTASY for ADULTS and should not be taken as truth or recommendation. DO NOT attempt any of the acts described in this story and do not engage in non-consensual sex of any kind with any one.

Please provide any feedback, good or bad, to [email protected] m a i l.com. Thank you, and enjoy!

❤️, Stacy


Chapter 1 - The Locker Room

“Oh yessssssss” i moaned, his hot piss spilling over my face and into my open mouth. i was on my knees in the showers, surrounded by a small army of cocks, most of whom had already cum in my mouth or ass but some who still needed to. It wasn’t long before the first stream of piss was joined by four more.

“Look at the fucking piss fag—he loves it!” They all laughed as i slowly moved my head side to side, my mouth still open, gulping down as much hot piss as i could. He was right, i DID love it. i LOVE to drink piss! And I’m the filthiest fag slut there is!

They pissed and pissed and it still wasn’t enough. i ran my hands over my smooth body, trying to rub the piss into my filthy cum-soaked whore skin. i wanted to absorb the filth, to take more of it inside me than there already was. My fag asshole was filled to the brim with the combined cum of the 15 guys that had already used me, and only a big black plug was keeping that hot sperm where it belonged—in my cumfag body.

Slowly the streams stopped, but i was insatiable. i crawled over to the nearest cock i could find and hungrily slurped on it, drinking down a few droplets of stray piss as i did. i cooed and giggled like the girly fagcunt i was, which brought a slap from him.

“Mmmmm thank you daddy—isn’t it fun to hurt the stupid pissfag? It’s exactly what i need…see how hard it makes my little clitty?” i pointed down to my tiny cock, rock hard and covered in filth like the rest of me.

“i told you guys, this fucking faggot is the nastiest I’ve ever seen. He fucking gets off on being destroyed over and over—don’t you rapetoy?” Justin asked me tauntingly, turning around as i answered.

“Oh fuck yes daddy—look what gets this stupid fagslut off—watch how fucking disgusting i am!” i grinned like a giddy fucktoy as he shoved his ass in my face. The other guys all laughed as i buried my face in his filthy crack, lapping and licking up the grime and sweat between his cheeks. i made muffled groaning sounds as i used my face as his toilet paper, wiping my tongue over and over his hot hole while he grunted. i felt his puckered asshole open and blast a loud filthy fart in my face, which caused my tiny dicklet to erupt as i inhaled deeply and kept my mouth open. i LOVED eating his farts!

He pulled my face out of his ass and pointed to the floor, where a big load of my fagcum was quickly sliding towards the drain. “Look at the fucking filth you spilled fagcunt! Don’t you dare waste that cum! CLEAN UP YOUR MESS RETARD!” He shoved me to my hands and knees, and i eagerly went belly first to eat my slutty cum. i put my top lip over the front of the cumriver to stop it from going any further, ran my tongue along the filthy shower floor, lapping it up like a starving cumpig—which i was, of course. No amount of semen could ever satisfy my craving for it.

All the guys applauded and laughed at the cum-crazed faggot groveling on the floor for more. i went back on my knees and opened my mouth to show i had swallowed it all. “Does anybody have any more?” i whined. Two huge-cocked black guys walked up, furiously jacking off. i smiled widely and quickly pressed my face against their balls to try to drain them. The first began to shoot off and i held my mouth open wide, letting him pool his cum in my toiletbowl mouth. The second erupted as the first was almost finished, and some started to leak out of my faggot whore mouth. i quickly scooped it up with my hand and shoved his thick nigger cum back in my whore body where it belonged.

By the time all 15 had blown their load at least twice, my body was full of cum--just the way it should be. Justin, my master, looked down at me with a mix of lust and disgust. Kneeling as they all recovered from using me, i made a grand show of pulling the thick black plug out of my whore ass. It was coated in cum and the tip had dipped into my dirty assfilth. It looked like an ice cream cone with chocolate on top. i lewdly smiled at my buttplug treat and licked the tip, then forced it into my mouth and tongued all the asscum and shit i could off it. My gaping butthole dribbled brown-stained cum onto the shower floor as i made out with my plug, showing off how much i love cum and shit to all the hung men watching me.

"You're fucking disgusting, you know that bitch?"

"Yes daddy! I'm the most disgusting faggot rapetoy on the planet! i want to be nastier and nastier every day!"

"Good baby. You know what you get next then, don't you?" i squealed in delight. The other men might not have known what this meant, but i did. Sitting on the filthy floor and leaning back on my palms, i stared up at the ceiling. It wasn't long before Justin's beautiful ass encased me in darkness. i inhaled deeply, smelling the familiar smell of his filthy ass. He never washed it, just for me.

i pulled his asscheeks apart as he ripped another loud fart in my face. The guys all laughed and i smiled, mouth open, to take it gratefully. "Unnnghhh...you hungry pig? Time for your meal!" i didn't answer, just wrapped my lips around his opening asshole as he grunted again and began to expel a thick turd into my waiting mouth.

All the generous cum donors laughed and degraded me as i hungrily sucked his turd like a cock, pulling it into my toilet mouth. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm more daddy" i moaned, my voice muffled by the big dump he was taking in my sewer throat. Justin gladly obliged, forcing out another big turd which i hungrily sucked into my toilet bowl.

i chewed it and kissed his ass, my cock rock hard again as i got used like the toilet faggot i am. He forced another big piece of shit out before i could swallow the mess i had made of the previous two in my mouth, and it landed on my lips as i hungrily swallowed the mouthful he had already given me. i could hear the laughter and the amazement of the other 14 men who had just finished using me as their personal cum dumpster. It only made it hotter knowing all these guys were watching me eat loads and loads of Justin’s shit!

i swallowed my mouthful and opened my mouth back up, allowing his third hard turd to fall into my toilet mouth. i grunted and thanked him and begged for more. He spit on my rock hard little dick as he grunted, farting over and over again into my shit-filled mouth. i left it open for his next deposit. He squeezed out a few more small pieces of shit then turned around to admire his work.

By this time my mouth was full of thick hot nasty shit and my mouth and lower half of my face were covered as well. i looked like a clogged toilet. Justin spit on me as i hungrily chewed his shit down my throat. The nasty waste warmed my cesspool stomach--as a fagslut, i had long ago discovered just how wonderful it felt to eat loads of shit. So natural, like i was born to do it.

Justin recruited the other guys to spit on me as well. My eyes and face soon were covered in big gobs of thick spit from the men as i giggled and chewed down more and more of Justin’s shit. i was insatiable, high on the smell and taste of his filthy ass waste. i reached up and shoved another mouthful in, chewing with my mouth open so all the nice men could see what a good toilet i was.

Justin laughed and pushed me down onto my back. It didn’t take long before another guy squatted over my face. He had a fat hairy ass and clearly had not showered. It was rank and vile. He spread his cheeks and i lifted my head eagerly. As i tongued his sweaty slimy hole he grunted and fed me a truly awful fart. My eyes watered and my tiny cock started to leak precum. Nothing was better for the fagslut than the most disgusting awful use.

“He’s fucking filthy. Nothing is enough for this pig, i swear. He could eat shit all day every day and keep cumming from it. Do it Brad, fucking unload on the worthless faggot pig!” Justin encouraged him. i could hear Brad grunting as he pushed and his dirty ass opened wide. What emerged was the thickest turd i had ever seen!

Opening my toilet mouth was not going to be enough, so i grabbed the corners of my lips with my hands and pulled them as far apart as they would go. Justin smiled with perverse pride at the filth-addicted toilet faggot he had created, so eager to consume filthy shit that i would gape my mouth to take it.

Brad kept grunting and pushing, and the turd didn’t seem like it would end. He clearly had been constipated for some time. Justin was losing patience with his toilet fag. “Stop fucking waiting, you spoiled pig! Get your toilet bowl around his shitter and suck your reward out of him!” He was right, i was being selfish trying to make this nice man shit on his own. i raised my head up still holding my mouth open to accommodate the arm-thick turd pushing out of the fat filthy ass.

i throated the enormous shitlog like a cock, swallowing as i steadily moved my head up closer and closer to his huge hairy ass. The sight of a man’s unwashed and unwiped poophole unloading the hugest turd into my toilet mouth was more than my tiny fagdick could handle and i came hard, spurting another big load all over my stomach that was about to be filled with more yummy shit. Brad saw and laughed at me orgasming from the filth he was donating to me. “You like that shitpig? How does it taste? Unnnghhhhh!” He pushed hard and the turd finally left his body and fell over my face. A good 8” were buried into my throat and still the remainder fell on my face and rendered me totally blind.

Justin was pissing on my little clit as he degraded me. “Blinded by shit--what a worthless fucking toilet faggot. Are you gonna eat all that filth for us, pig?” i nodded, taking my hands from the corners of my mouth to help push the shit down deeper into my disgusting whore body. i pulled the giant log from my face and filled as much as i could into my wide open mouth, totally packed with this man’s shit. Just as i was chewing and living in shitpig heaven, Brad sat all the way down on my face, pressing his nasty unwashed crack right into my nose and cheeks and forehead and mouth.

Being encased in his disgusting shitty ass broke me. Fagpig became Shitpig and lost all humanity--the deranged filth addict needed an unlimited fix. i went crazy tonguing and licking his ass and reached up to stroke his cock. No words left my mouth, only grunts and snorts as i shoveled shit and assfilth into my toilet mouth.

Justin recognized my fugue state and knew Brad's truly disgusting ass would not be enough. As i went insane eating shit he had the other 13 guys squat over me, 2 or 3 at a time, and unload huge shitloads on my chest and stomach and clit and legs. i didn't even notice the filth covering me as i had devolved into a subhuman shit eating machine. Brad's tremendous asslog had nearly been consumed and my tongue was hungrily rooting in his awful ass for more when he stood up and turned around.

My face was coated in absolute filth like the rest of my body. i was violently shoving more of his shit in my mouth and barely chewing before swallowing before he kicked my head and said "eat my babies, shitpig." i opened my toilet bowl as wide as I could so he could unload more cum into me.

He blasted his third load of semen into my whore body and i swallowed it without hesitation. "I fucking hate you. I hope you die eating shit," Brad sneered as he finished dumping his jizz in my gaping mouth hole. His hatred felt so good to the worthless Fagpig that i fell deeper into my shit trance and noticed for the first time all the gifts the men had left me.

"He's fucking gone," Justin told the nice shit donors, "there's nothing he loves more than going retarded for filth." They laughed and a few spit on me before they left to clean themselves.

Justin didn’t leave. He stood and watched me shoveling log after log of hot manshit into my worthless toilet mouth. He was calling me all the awful names i loved but i was too gone to hear them. Shit was my world and filth was my life, just as it should be.