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The Further Adventures of Agent Trixie Daniels Ch 1

2022-09-21 00:01:35

The Further Adventures of Agent Trixie Daniels

Chapter One

Trixie’s New Team

The standing ovation was prolonged as Special Agent Trixie Daniels walked into Black New World Order PD. The diminutive blond smiled and nodded as a throng of black officers, including some of the black queens, congratulated the agent on her latest bust. An all white frat of 12 caucasian breeders had just been convicted and sentenced so this praise was well earned.

“You go girl!”, the busty and beautiful Officer Kimble said as she gave Trixie a warm hug, her bountiful and firm black breasts dwarfing small woman’s little A cups. Agent Daniels was elated to receive praise from a black woman, maybe her devotion to black kings was finally winning over the African queens.

“Thanks Officer Kimble”, Trixie replied as she pressed her young body against the 25 year old nubian’s firm physique. The thick black woman pulled back and locked eyes with the up and coming star agent then kissed the smaller white girl full on the mouth, her big sexy lips engulfing the blonde’s pink mouth.

“Call me Denise cutie”, said the mahogany beauty as she broke their embrace, “you gonna go see the Chief?”, Denise asked, her dark nipples straining against her tight BNWO uniform.

Agent Daniels was a little woozy from the lip-lock she had just received from this superior black goddess but recovered enough to nod her platinum haired head. “Yep, gonna check in and see what the next mission is…”, Trixie replied.

“Well dont let me distract you girl, youre doin so much good for the cause!”, Denise smiled as she picked up her phone and informed the Chief that Special Agent Trixie Daniels was heading his way. Officer Kimble signalled to Trixie as the blonde girl walked towards the Chief’s Office. Agent Daniels stopped outside the Chiefs door to check herself out in the mirror. Gotta look presentable for my black daddy she thought as she double checked her hair and makeup. Once she was satisfied that Chief Rufus Washington would be satisfied the small woman rang the buzzer on the Chief’s door.

“Come on in Special Agent”, the booming voice inside the office called to the tiny white girl making Trixie’s little blonde pussy churn. It had been 2 days since her little vagina had enjoyed black dick and knowing the Chief her BBC free streak was about to continue.

The Chief was standing behind his desk looking out a large window as Trixie entered the room. The agent was immediately intoxicated by the sight of the black bull’s meaty ass hidden by his designer slacks. Agent Daniel’s mouth watered as she pictured her little white face buried in the ebony king’s dark buttocks, her little pink tongue flicking his puckered black asshole. The blonde girl fought through her white girl fantasy and sat down across from the Chief’s big oak desk, her tight little twat frothing at the thought of Rufus Washington’s tasty anus. Special Agent Daniels had developed somewhat of an addiction to rimming black alpha men.

“You’re doing fine work out there Daniels”, the huge black man said as he continued to glare out the window, “but unfortunately our work is never done”, he continued as he turned towards his desk and handed a large file to the slender agent. Chief Washington seated himself on his desk, his bulging crotch just a few feet from the horny white girl. Trixie’s little stomach turned as she opened the file and began to see multiple pictures of pregnant white couples. How could this happen? the small blonde asked herself. Eventually she realized the issue but the Chief said it outloud.

“The Norse Compound a white breeding center...too many honkies in the Utah mountains and they just keep fucking”, the Chief smiled at Trixie’s obvious disgust at the thought of unathorized caucsian reproduction, “unfortunately the Utah office needs our help and they want a full team of white boy traps on it naturally I thought of you Daniels. Can you build me and be ready to go undercover in 3 days? Im afraid the public is just too concerned about all these damned white babies”.

A team? Trixie thought, her mind racing thinking whether or not she could get the job done in 3 days. Realizing how many young white pussies and wombs were at risk from being infected with a white man’s sperm she just nodded, “Anything for my black daddy”, the thin woman assured the large black stud wondering how she would accomplish this feat in three days.

“Here’s a file on the best candidates”, the Chief continued placing another thick folder in the agent’s tiny hand, “I need you to hand pick the best 3 prospects out of this group of recruits”, concluded the Chief.

Daniels flipped through the file noting it was full of beautiful young 18 yr old girls fresh out of high school all hoping to join the BNWO secret police. The future is bright the little blonde thought as she glanced at all the different white girls pleasing large black cocks with every orifice of their tight young bodies. Seeing all those amazing black cocks fucking those pretty white girls got Trixie’s tight cunt dripping for relief.

“Do you need me to help you with anything else black daddy?”, the slender blonde girl asked her hand moving toward Rufus’ impressive heavy bulge.

The Chief’s strong black hands caught the tiny white girl’s before she reached his massive black cock. “Not today Trixie, today I have a special friend coming into the office”, Rufus said as he rebuffed the young woman’s advances, “besides you have work to do. Send in Mrs Norse please”, the Chief ordered into the intercom as the door burst open.

Disappointed that the Chief had turned her down Agent Daniels stood up to leave only to come face to face with Angelica Norse, the wife of the leader of the Norse Compound, the very white breeding camp Trixie’s new team had just been assigned to investigate.

Angelica Norse was completely nude, her long blonde hair was tangled and unkempt. She wore no makeup but her natural beauty was evident though fading. Her once proud blue eyes looked only downward as she had learned the hard way about making unwarranted eye contact with her black superiors. Best yet, the tall model looking former white supremacist was clearly in the early stages of pregnancy and to cap it off the swastika tattoo the white mother had proudly displayed on her left shoulder was now covered by the proper “Queen of Spades” indicating the baby in her belly was properly mixed with strong black genes.

Trixie watched as Mrs Norse, formerly a hardcore white supremacist, walked right past her in a near zombielike trance and knelt before the Chief’s desk awaiting further instructions. The large black man rose from his seat and addressed the naked white woman, “Why you in here hoe?”, the ebony stud asked.

“I just want you to use me daddy”, the former racist cracker replied, her once proud clear blue eyes welling up with tears, “I just want to please you sir...you and every black man I see”, the blonde beauty replied as she sobbed and began rubbing the Chief’s growing bulge. Trixie’s mouth dropped open as Mrs Norse pulled her boss’ hard 12 inch black snake from his pants.

“You need anything else Agent Daniels?”, the Chief asked as Angelica’s horny mouth closed around his throbbing black rod, her red lips leaving a sheen of white girl spit down the length of his girthy meatstick. Rufus continued to glare at Trixie as the formerly bigoted white wife gobbled his shaft.

Taking the hint Trixie smiled and held up the files her boss had given her as she turned to leave his office she couldnt help but be jealous of Angelica. A white supremacist who was now black pregnant, what an improvement in life. Trixie’s one regret was not being allowed to carry a black child until her usefullness as a white trap was exhausted. It not fair! Thought the agent as she closed the door.

Special Agent Daniels’ little blonde pussy was dripping once she sat her toned ass in her office chair as she settled in to review the potential recruits the Chief had suggested. The erstwhile agent knew she had to put together a team dedicated to the Black New World Order but she knew she had to find the right girls. Every candidate was laudable as they had all clearly made the correct decision in spurning tiny white boy peepees in favor of being black cock only, but it was gonna take more than accepting white inferiority to make Trixie’s crack squad of BBC owned tramps. Much to her disappointment the first hour of her search was a wash...till she opened the file to Hannah Smith and had her first trainee.

Hannah Smith was a bubbly 18 year old brunette soccer star in her high school in rural Kentucky. Her light brown hair was fixed in a ponytail and her skin was tanned from playing on the pitch. Trixie marveled at the girl’s bikini shots which showed off her well toned ass. Hannah’s gallery included various pics of her black classmates admiring her big white bubble butt.

Trixie made a note to review Hannah’s submission video and continued looking at qualified candidates. Next on the list a familiar face, Traci Nguyen. Special Agent Daniels had met Traci at Tammi Omalley’s last pool party where the blonde agent had helped the little Asian teen milk several huge black dicks so she knew Traci had that part down at least.

After three exhausting hours Trixie finally found her last candidate, a woman from Utah, the same general area where the Norse compound was located. The recruit’s name was MaryAnne Jennings and was the picture of pure white beauty. Baby blue eyes and long flowing blonde hair coupled with an amazing tight young body. What intrigued Trixie about Ms Jennings the most however was her audition tape which read “Two less white dicks”, which immediately made the experienced agent’s little pussy wet.

“Imma watch that one last”, the tiny blonde muttered to herself as clicked the link to Hannah’s audition which was titled “Hannah lets the whole team hit it. ALL 18+”. Trxie lifted her little black skirt and began toying with her horny clitoris as the video began.

Hannah Smith’s tape opened with a shot of Hannah in a locker room changing out of her dirty soccer uniform. Her athletic body sweaty from the recent match. Trixie paused the video when Hannah removed her jersey leaving just her white sports bra noting that the young teen’s breasts were much larger than Trixi originally thought. At least DD’s, the blonde thought as she rubbed on her had clit.

The busty brunette continued to disrobe when the door opened and 3 large black teens walked into the locker room. “Hell yeah slut”, the agent whispered to herself as Hannah not only continued undressing in the black boy’s presence but motioned for them to do the same. Trixie liked where this was going as her big pink nipples pushed up against her tight white sports bra.

On the video Hannah had finished undressing and the black boys were now surrounding the white teen fondling her amazing breasts. Her pale pink areola were large, capped with eraser sized nipples that the black teen studs took turns sucking as their massive erections began to pulsate near Hannah’s well manicured dark pubic mound. Trixie’s little hand was working frantically on her love button as she reached for her little silver vibe No penetration before a mission, the tiny blonde thought as she turned up the volume on the video and the level on her vibe, moaning as she stroked her little clit, her little pink pussy famished in need of black meat.

On the video the doors of the lockeroom were now wide open as a crowd of black men, including some older than the 18 yr old teens currently pawing at Hannah’s titties, were gathered around the naked teen slut as she worked her mouth on every black dick in the room. The white girl’s young mouth stretched around a fat black teen’s girthy hog as Hannah’s spit dripped down onto her enormous white jugs. “POP!” she pulled her beautiful face away from the black man’s groin and yelled out “DONT LET IN ANY WHITE BOYS!” as the crowd of black studs cheered. They had won again.

“GUUUUUHHH”, Agent Daniels yelped as her little pussy had its first orgasm of the day sending white girl cream squirting onto her chair and desk at the thought of this trophy white girl declaring to be black only. On the video young Hannah was just getting started.

A large fat black man in a suit stepped forward and closed the door on the throng of white wimps trying to join in on the action. “Sorry honkies you aint invited”, said the fat black man as he barred the door shut and turned to the 18 yr old soccer star who was now alternating between two rock hard black dicks.

“Thank you Principal Johnson”, Hannah said in between gulps of the black rods she held in each of her manicured white hands, “why dont you come over here and let me thank you sir?”, Hannah begged as the fat older black man began to remove his clothes. The principal was at least 50 and had to weigh close to 350 pounds, his black ass was huge, Trixie noted as he got down to his boxers for the eager white slut Hannah.

“You sure youre 18?”, the obese black man asked as the pretty tan white girl rubbed her enormous milky white breasts on his hardening ebony member. The contrast of the girls tan shoulders but pale titties was making the old black man’s cock feel like he was 21 again. Hannah pulled down Principal Johnson’s boxers and cooed as his turgid black cock bobbed up and down tantalizing her wet pink mouth. The soccer star locked onto the black Principal’s dark eyes with her green ones as she flicked her wet pink tongue along his dark glands under his purple cockhead.

“Yessir Mr Johnson”, the brown haired teen reassured him as her tongue traced the crown of his swollen black organ, “turned 18 three days ago”, she added as she made she first attempt to throat his rigid 9 inch cock, holding up his fat black belly as she worked down his pulsing shaft.

Trixie sat amazed as the rest of the video featured Hannah being gangbanged by every black man that entered the lockeroom starting with her principal who came inside the soccer star as she yelled “FUCK THE WHITE RACE BREED ME DADDY BREED ME BLACK!” as the fat older black man emptied his thick nut into the willing girl’s pink pussy.

The Principal’s cock slid out of Hannah’s wet cunt and was immediately replaced by one of the young bulls gathered around the white slut. One by one a very black male in that room used Hannah’s pretty face, tight pussy and open anus until all three holes were red gaping and drolling with African sperm.

“She’s in”, Trixie said as she clicked the link for Traci Nguyen’s audition video. Trixie smiled as the first pic was a group shot of the Omalley’s pool party which included Trixie herself and her African Daddy Monobo. Trixie thought fondly of the ungly older black warrior with the immense 10 inch uncircumcised cock and tasty African jizz.

Traci’s video continued with a montage of the Vietnamese beauty stripping and twerking, her fit Asian body was gorgeous as was her pretty face. Long straight dark hair and perky B cups with small dark brown nipples the tight Asian girl moved her thick ass to the beat of many different songs.

After the dance montage Traci employed another montage of the pretty little Asian as she kicked random men in the balls. Some white some Asian and at least one Latino. “This is what I think of non-black dicks”, the cheeky Asian laughed as she punted the random men’s vulnerable sacks multiple times. One white boy in particular was screaming as Traci stomped on his tiny pink balls until he passed out, his tiny penis and testicles bruised and bleeding.

The final video was of Traci and Tammi Omalley, one of Trixie’s best friends now, sharing a large black cock. The chubby Tammi’s large red lipped mouth meeting Traci’s little Asian lips at the massive purple cock head their tongues dancing together in a fresh black man’s load. The final frame faded to Traci Nguyen who was stark naked rubbing her black haired twat.

“Im Traci Nguyen, Im 18 and this pussy is a weapon against non-blacks!”, Traci exclaimed as she fingered her wet cunt, “no white, Asian or Latino boys will ever feel this tight Asian pussy!”, she said as the video ended.

Trixie sat back and thought as she had expected more from a whore like Traci but decided to include her as a favor to Tammi, which is clearly why the Asian slut had included that dual blowjob sequence in the audition tape. Clever girl.

Special Agent Daniels had already cum twice when she started up the final video, the one titled “Two Less White Dicks” but Trixie was immediately sickened as the first shot in the frame was two naked white boys, one fat and one in good shape, shackled side by side on a couch, their little pink cocklettes sticking in the air lonely and untouched. Trixie almost turned the video off but a voice off camera kept her watching.

“OK peckerwoods what are your names?”, asked an unseen but strong young feminine voice

“Brian Oreilly”, the fat white boy muttered, his tiny pink cock straining in it’s 2.5 inches of glory, barely visible over the fat choade’s overgrown pubes. Trixie was revolted at the look of this white pigboy who was not only fat but hairy as well.

The other honkey was no better as Trixie could feel her young pussy drying up from the sight of his 4 inch pink dingus. “Im Johnny Logan”, the more attractive white boy admitted his head staring straight down at his inferior little boy prick. Trixie looked closer and realized little Johnny was crying.

“And why are you little dicked wimps tied to this couch?”, the female voice asked again clearly taunting the trapped caucasians. Both of the white prisoner’s pink penises were oozing weak clear precum onto their useless white balls. Neither replied.

“I SAID WHY ARE YOU HERE PIGS?”, the woman demanded loudly as the scared honkies quaked their tiny balls contracting with fear.

“I-We...we thought we were gonna fuck you maam”, the fat one answered over Johnny’s sobs.

“They thought they were gonna fuck me!”, the woman now entered the frame and Trixie saw that the girl was indeed her recruit MaryAnne Jennings, the beautiful Mormon girl turned black cock whore, her blue eyes sparkled as she continued to tease her confused and scared piggies, their tiny pink dickies trembling and dripping their inferior pig slop.

“And now whats gonna happen?”, the blonde girl asked as a large naked muscled very dark black man entered the frame. The black stud held his massive rod in his strong black hand as he stroked it near the pretty blonde.

“We’re gonna watch you…” Brian moaned his tiny white peepee too turned on to mask his desire to watch this alpha black man pound this pretty white girl’s tight pink pussy.

MaryAnne removed her dress and knelt in front of the black man her tiny pale hand cupping his saggy black nuts as her other began slowly stroking his heavy shaft. Trixie noted his cock had to be at least 12 maybe 13 inches, his immense black cock dwarfing the Mormon girl’s delicate white hands. The young blonde rubbed her little thumb along the underside of Malik's wollen purple cockhead causing a thick drop of superior black seed to drip out which the young whore caught on her wet pink tongue, savoring the pungent flavor as she flicked the swollen cockhead.

“Please let me go...I...Im sorry I tried to fuck you. I dont even care if you fuck this nigg---”, Johnny tried to mutter between his sobs but his racism was met with a sharp punch from the large black man. Johnny yelped as his eye began to swell.

“You see how Malik handles you racist white boys?”, the blonde teen asked as she pulled her mouth off Malik’s amazing member just long enough to communicate with the two doomed white dogs.

With the rules made clear MaryAnne Jennings began to work Malik’s large black fuckstick in earnest licking his saggy ebony nutsack and nearly deepthroating his foot long hog. The white boys shivered and fought against their shackles as the pretty blonde girl worked up her black lover’s shaft until she had a mouthful of spit and precum for each white boy’s pathetic dicklette.

MaryAnne’s cute little cheeks bowed out as she delivered each load to the trapped honkies quivering little baby dicks. The Mormon beauty delivered a warm gift of black man’s splooge and white girl spit to each of the tiny white cocks displayed on the couch then the whore bent over in front of Malik and locked eyes with her white victims. The Mormon girl enjoyed toying with delusional white boys. Nothing made her tight pussy hornier than the look of shame on the faces of loser crackers as she gobbled big African cocks.

“OK losers heres the deal, Malik is gonna fuck my little while pussy while you pigs watch”, said the white slut as Malik positioned his massive rod at her dripping cunt hole, “and if either of you can make it through our session you can keep your little white weewees….but if not…”, the blonde moaned as Malik slowly entered her tight pussy but she still managed to make a cutting motion indicating if the white boys didnt make it all the way through her fuck session they would lose their genitals.

The video was exactly what Trixie had hoped for as her little blonde twat was now gushing in anticipation of these filthy white boys losing their pathetic little dingdongs on camera. Trixie began working her vibe up and down on her little pussy again as Malik entered MaryAnne fully making the blonde girl yell out.

“OH GOD MALIK POUND MY PINK PUSSY WITH YOUR FAT BLACK COCK!”, the gorgeous blond screamed out as the sweaty stud rammed her pussy with a ferocity Trixie was all too familiar with. The black king was hate fucking this white whore, taking out years of aggression on this symbol of white privilege.

“GUH----uhhhhhh”, the more fit white boy moaned as he came just 3 minutes into Malik’s amazing animalistic fuck session with this demure Mormon girl. The worthless honkeys face changed from ecstasy to horror in a flash.

“OK, take him out”, MaryAnne moaned as from off camera a BNWO Med Response team began to remove the still spasming white boy from his position on the couch. The large black men on the Med team had no problem subduing the struggling white boy as both Malik and MaryAnne jeered at his fate.

“One less cracka messin up the species”, Malik snorted as his big black hand came down on MaryAnne’s white ass with a THWACK!, the pain made the teen look back with a smile as the stud just kept pounding her little white pussy.

“NO! I didnt mean to---I mean I---you cant take my balls I---”, Johnny protested as the med team removed him from the scene leaving only Brian his little dick turning red as he tied to hold back from spilling his worthless white seed on the floor where it belonged.

MaryAnne laughed as Malik turned her over into missionary position, “Its always the racist white boys that cum the quickest”, she moaned as her ebony lover buried his full foot long black snake in her tight white body. The tight young blonde shivered as her black king ruined her young twat forever for Caucasian use.

Maryanne Jannings continued to fuck her large black companion for about 2 more minutes when the fatter white boy’s little cocklette began to spurt without a single touch. The obese honkey just kept yelling “IM SORRY! IM SORRY!” as his disgusting seed hit the floor. “Another one done”, Malik muttered as he brought MaryAnne to her third orgasm on his thick black hog, her creamy white juices running down the length of his dark meat dripping off his swollen ebony ballsack, “get him outta here”, he grunted between deep strokes his meaty wet shaft making a loud "SPLORCH" sound as he jackhammered home in the young blonde girl.

With that the video ended as the Med team gathered up the fat naked white boy and ushered him into the next room for his procedure. Trixie came at the thought of this 18 year old girl eliminating two useless whities from the breeding pool. Well done she thought, her third orgasm sending a shiver down her spine. Trixie’s phone rang and interrupting the blonde’s post orgasm bliss. “Hello, Chief?”, the agent said recognizing the number on the ID, “I have my squad master.”

“Excellent work Special Agent, we will bring them in and yall cann head out next Monday”, the deep voice on the line replied, “oh and Im assigning Officer Kimble as a liaison, that many slutty white girls on a mission together yall gonna need a sista to keep yall straight”, the Chief chimed.

Keep it straight Trixie thought to herself having already pictured the Officer Denise Kimble’s gorgeous dark lips on her blonde pussy….I dont know if that will work, she thought. “You girls ship out at 10AM monday, keep that pussy tight Agent, we’re counting on you”, the Chief said before hanging up. Trixie frowned realizing it would be days maybe weeks before her next dose of black cock.