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The Vine pt3

2022-06-20 01:10:04

Recap from part 2
Oh my, is this how it feels when a guy first enters me. I can feel how tight she is, and how wet her pussy is. As she is squeezing me as I start slowly thrusting in and out of her.

Zeta hugs her, up running her arms up her sides under her arms and holds her shoulders. Looking her in her eyes as she grinds into her with small circles. She gasps under Zeta as she trails her fingers down Zetas’ sides as Zeta starts to thrust harder and faster. Enjoying the new feelings that she feels, zeta sits up and pushes the girls legs wider so they both can watch the vine penis go in and out and the girls swollen pussy lips hugging it on each stroke. The girl shutters and screams as she climaxes. The look of pure lust in her eyes as she says harder. Fuck me harder don’t stop. Every time zeta thrusts in the vine sucks up the girls juices. The young girl pulls her legs up to her head and behind her shoulders. Letting zeta to plunge into her without mercy, you can hear as their bodies slap together. The young girl goes uh, uh, uh, uh. As she feels another orgasm starts to build. Zeta has a strange feeling of her own, her lower abdomen muscles start to twitch and contract and she has a feeling deep inside of her. Her legs stiffen as she starts to gasp of her own with each thrust until she screams and her cock vine explodes deep in the young pussy as they climax the same time. Zetas body jerks with each squirt inside as the young girl’s pussy milks her vine cock. Zeta stops and enjoys the feeling the young girl pussy is doing to her as the vine feeds on her pussy juices before she rolls off gasping for breath next to the young girl.

The young girl tells zeta I have to have one of those. Zeta tells her that there is a price, but not what you think. We will leave soon as Jill and your friend are done lets watch them. Jill lies on her back as the other young girl kisses down Jill’s body. Jill opens her legs wide inviting the young for a taste of her as she smiles up at Jill before she begins to dine at the Y. Jill moans and caresses her breasts as the young girls tongue is making Jill’s juices flow. The young girl says this is the sweetest pussy I have ever had and dives back in. Jill breathing is getting harder and her body jerks as her orgasm is close. Jill then rewards her young friend by squirting hard and flooding her mouth. The young girl asks Jill if she can do what zeta done. Before the girl has finished with her request she watches the vine push out Jill’s pussy. Until Jill also has a nice hard, long vine cock. The young girl grasps it and strokes it as Jill feels the sensation of it, as the young girl takes it in her mouth and swirls her tongue around the head before going deep. Jill gasps and says oh my god. The young girls head bobs up and down from slow and fast. Jill’s body jerks and shakes from the pleasure.

The young girl looks up with a smile and says. I am going for a ride, and she straddles Jill and lowers herself onto the hard large vine cock. Jill watches the young girl’s pussy lips part she lowers herself slowly and steadily gasps until she has it all inside her Jill and the young girls’ eyes lock. The young girl slowly rises up and down on the vine cock. Jill thinks to herself she has nice strong legs, as the young girls’ pussy milks the vine cock. Faster and harder as the young girl’s orgasm is building her juices flowing down the vine cock. Jill screams what is happing to me as her orgasm peaks. Jill feels each time that the vine cock squirts in the young pussy. One, two, three... Six times jill says don’t stop as the young girl orgasms hard, the vine feeding on the juices. The young girl lies down on top of Jill and kisses her hungry on the lips as they are nipple to nipple. Jill’s plump nipples seem to be alive as they both feel as Jill’s nipples attach to the young girls nipples sucking them hard they both gasp. Jill spreads her legs slightly so she can start thrusting up into the wet pussy. Jill’s grasps the young girl’s ass as she goes faster and harder.

The young girl gasps with each thrust, until the young girl orgasms hard. Jill can feel the young girls juices run down between her legs. The young girl gasping says fuck me from behind. Jill’s nipples release, the young girl quickly gets on her knees and laying flat on her chest with her inviting ass in the air. Jill moving around admiring the view, as she runs her fingers across the young girl’s lower part of her back and over her ass. Jill places the vine cock at her pussy and enters her quickly. Wasting no time Jill starts fucking the young girl faster and harder. The young girls’ ass ripples with each thrust. The young girl gasping with each thrust saying I am Cuming. This sets Jill off as Jill orgasms again pumping into the young girls’ pussy again. The young girl says I need one of these where can I get one. As they all sit close. Zeta and Jill explain the deal the girls have to make. They agree and they get dressed and go to zeta’s Jill’s house. They go to the bed room the vine comes to zeta and Jill as the vines they had fall off their bodies. The vine reminds them that it wasn’t permanent yet and enters their wet pussy and attaching to their nipples to milk them. The young girls look amazed and start removing their clothes as the vine enters their pussy. They say oh my god this is great. The vine tells them that they will become one, and will also be able to make vine seeds when you want to give a vine to another. The process will take about two days to be complete, let me know when you are ready. Zeta and Jill talk to the other girls they find out their names Sue and Becky. Zeta asks are there any thing about their bodies they would like to change. They think a bit and say not right now but maybe later. When can we start? We aren’t sure we can handle a two day orgasm but would love to have one.

What a sight four super sexy naked women walk to the bedroom side by side as they enter the room the vine has made a chair for each to sit in as they each pick one and sit down and spread their legs wide as the vine wraps them up, tying their ankles up their legs. Each woman gasps in anticipation, as each feels a vine teasing their pussy before sliding in. The vine then wets down each girl as a vine runs between one ass cheek and another. The juices start to flow from each girl. The vine enters each waiting ass, as each girl breathing is getting harder. Their breasts sway with each thrust of the vine. The vine explodes in each girl as it floods each pussy and ass the girls scream with pleasure as the vine pushes into each womb and plunging deeper into each ass. Each girl sees the other in pure pleasure as the vine attaches to each breast starting to suck on them. A small vine enter each girls mouth and oozes fluid to keep each girl from dehydrating from all the sweating they will be doing, and keep their energy up. The girls shake and quiver as one after another they each orgasm hard one of many they will have.

The vine not letting up we see Sue. The vine sucking hard on her nipples and with each thrust in her pussy we can see a bulge expanding up and down in her stomach. The chair that she is in disappears from under her as it holds her above the floor. It pulls her legs up to her shoulders as if opens her completely. The vine pulls out of her pussy then thrusts in again. Out and in out and in. you can hear her pussy making squishing noises each time. It goes faster and faster, harder and harder. Sue orgasms again gasping as her breathing is labored. The vine does this to each other girl as it releases super sensitive smell which affects the girl’s within a breath. The vine has them orgasm all night enjoying their pleasure. As the sun comes up on day two the vine explodes in frenzy on the girls as they scream with pleasure as the vines on their nipples shoot needle like barbs into them and oozing liquid in them. The vine keeps releasing the pleasure enhancing smell. The girls can feel the hair like fibers running through their breasts and fan out through their entire body to start bonding with them. The vine keeps plunging in their dripping pusses and asses as the vines on their nipples detach leaving the fibers in them. You can see them rippling under their skin all over their bodies.

The vine spins Becky over at about a forty degree angle. A perfect view of her ass where she is folded up like the others it is tight. The vine starts flogging her ass with vines you can hear them smack on her cheeks. Every now and then a vine will slap her wet pussy, Becky screams at the pleasure she feels from it, until her cheeks are blood red then the vines shoot back into her pussy and ass at the same time the vine enjoying the pleasure it is giving her does the other three the same. Just imagine walking into a room and seeing and hearing four girls in the room dunk with pure pleasure. The day is almost over as the vine lays them down and untying them. Their bodies seem to glow as it drinks from each until they wake up the next morning. They each get up and can tell they have changed they can feel everything around them and each other. As they caress themselves and each other. The vine tells them to enjoy the gift it has given them. They will go out and enjoy others drinking from them and then returning here for me.

Zeta and Jill think about their purple greenish outfit and it comes out every pore of their body and covers them. Sue and Becky think and out from Becky’s pores an outfit of metallic red. Sue wants a metallic black and out her right hand a black whip like vine that she snaps. All four girls admire each other’s outfit that hugs every curve of their bodies. The girls walk out the door thinking where shall we go. They smile and say to college I have always wanted a higher education. They pick the most popular one full of prissy young women each of the four start emitting a smell that effects every girl who comes in contact with making them light headed and very horny. As the girls walk in the house the others close all the doors and windows and come into the main hall. Imagine a house full of over twenty horny women. The four say we can have a free for all with us together or a few at a time the college girls moan and groan saying all together and start removing their clothes the four fan out each taking on a group of college girls. The four girl’s outfits flow back into their skin leaving then naked as the other girls as they all start kissing one another and caressing each other as they all lay down on the carpet. Some don’t waste any time as some of the girls lie on their back and open their legs wide as others start licking pussy. Others suck on breasts or finger a pussy or ass no girl is left out. The smell of sex and moans of pleasure are throughout the room. The college girls suck on the fours breasts and kiss and lick them all over them, can taste the sweetness of the girls and want more.

As the girls slide over one another one of the college girls says wish I had a hard cock to ride. Becky says as you wish and the college girl gasps as a vine cock pushes out of Becky’s wet pussy. The girl wastes no time and straddles her taking in inside her swiftly and completely and leans over until her nipples are rubbing Becky’s, as she rides. Becky puts her hands on the girl’s hips and pulls her into her more as Becky’s nipples attach to the collage girls. She gasps as the vine comes out each girl’s pores and spreads out wrapping all the girls up into one. There are vines going in every hole and to every breast. The college girl gasps as she feels another vine cock slip into her ass.

As the juices start flowing from the college girls the four vines starts drinking up their juices storing it in the fours wombs and breasts. After the four have exhausted the college girls they leave then where they lay and return to the vine. As they enter the house their outfits disappear and they each walk into the wall of vine as it embraces them attaching to their breasts and entering their pusses to drink from them. Having emptied them says did you enjoy yourselves. The four says yes I think they would want to join the group if asked. We will each pick one to enjoy and ask. As they melt into each other, lick and suck as the vines come out their pores and explore each other before entering each other as they sleep as the main vine feels a presence nearby and goes to check out the intruder. As the silhouette gets closer to the house the vine can tell it’s a young woman. The vine can tell by her scent that she might be one of the girls from college. Looks like the one that was riding Becky. The vine says I think I will have her and shoots a barb into her. She slaps herself like she got bitten by a bug. Walks a few steps then she falls down to the ground. Then falls over on her side, she can still feel everything but can’t move or scream loud just moan. The vine wraps around her ankle and pulls her leg apart then ties the other one up and does each wrist until she is spread eagled on the lawn. The vine runs up her leg, under her short shorts then cutting then off her then moving up under her tight tee shirt out her arms and cutting it from her. The vine flings the cut clothing off her leaving her naked on the grass and starts wrapping up her breasts and squeezing them making her nipples supper hard. She moans and gasps as it attaches to her nipples and pulls them. Then two small vines run between her wet pussy lips and follow the crack of her ass up her back and wrap around her upper arms. Then they spread her lips and ass cheeks apart exposing her pink inviting pussy and tender little asshole.

A small vine teases her clit before running into her pussy she gasps and moans as it enters her and teases her cervix as a larger vine enter her ass. The vine contracts and expands entering her ass more each time then it enters her womb. She gasps and her eyes roll back in her head. As her orgasm starts her juices squirt out around the vine. The vine drinks her juices and realizes she is ripe for a seed and searches for her egg to combine it with its own. The vine finds it and harvests it, and changes it. Until it is ready it will feast in her pleasure as it starts by putting a larger vine into that nice pink pussy. Her lips surround the vine as it starts fucking her slow and deep. The vine keeps her on the edge of orgasm as it increases its speed in both holes, going in and out at opposite times. Then thrusting deep in her ass again and exploding deep inside her. which sets her off as she has another orgasm of her own the vine stops fucking her ass and just stays there and picks up in her pussy hard and fast taking her it the edge again then pulling out. Her pussy just quivers on the edge of her release as it squeezes and sucking on her breasts again. When she calms down some the vine thrusts in her fully and pulls out. The vine does this to her for over an hour in and out. You can hear her dripping pussy making squishing noises each time when she is at the peak of orgasm the vine pumps into her fast her breasts ripple with each thrust as she orgasms the hardest she has ever done before. The vine shoots the golf ball size seed into her womb she can feel the walls of her pussy ripple from it moving in her as is then pumps her full of its fluid. It pulls out to the entrance of her pussy to let her womb close up before releasing her.

She lays there in the grass naked and breathing hard as she falls asleep. Morning comes and the four of them wakes up and their vines retract back into their bodies as zeta goes to the window and looks out. She says look there is a naked girl in our back yard and go out to check on her. The vine tells them that she came over after they went to sleep and it feasted on her pleasure. The girls gently wake her up and she says I followed you home to ask you where I could get an outfit like that. Then she feels the tightness in her stomach and says I thought it was a dream last night. Nope it’s not the four say come inside where we can talk and get you some clothes. They take her in and explain everything to her. She says great I was visiting a friend at the collage you were at yesterday. I am from the west coast and, I am from an all girl school and would love it if you visited us. The four say we won’t have to unless you want us to. You will have a vine of your own to enjoy soon. How do I take care of it she asks? Don’t worry the four say it will tell you all you need to know before it is ready for its new home. They give her some clothes and caress her belly as her bulge disappears to give her a normal appearance until she gets home. But that is another story.

The four girls decide to go back and each brings another girl home to enjoy. As they walk to the college they decide to try some full figured cubby girls. As they walk around getting lots of stares and whistles. They fine a house in the not so popular area of the college; you know the area where the “in crowd” doesn’t go to. They walk around seeing lots of nice looking woman not perfect tens. They hear lots of voices in the back yard of one of the houses and they peek in to where they can see but not be seen. They smile at what they see going on there. A nice very plump chubby woman on her back on a pick nick table heavily oiled up. As about 10 guys are lined up taking turns at her. She has long black hair and breasts about the size of half a basketball and ass cheeks to match. One guy is throat fucking her as two more are manhandling her breasts and sucking her nipples. She has her legs spread wide as two other guys help hold them apart. The other are taking turns plowing her dripping wet pussy.

The rougher they are to her the more she likes it. Each one steps up and starts fucking her hard not stopping until the fill her pussy full then the other steps up. A few of the guys take her ass also and pumping it full also before moving for the next guy. Each guy throat fucks her and pumping into her mouth. Until all have been drained or can’t go on anymore leave her lying on the table with cum oozing out all of her holes and dripping off her breasts. There she is lying there jerking with lingering orgasms and gasping for air. The four come up to her and ask her if she alright. She smiles between breaths saying yes I asked them to do it and I enjoyed it. The four says it looked dam good, and gently caress her. Smiling at her Jill says do you want to come home with us so we can play together. The chubby girl says sure but let me rest a little first and give me a taste of want I will be getting later as she moans and stretches. The four says we are looking for three more like you then we will leave. The chubby girl says you can follow me home I have a whole house full of women just like me, who are hungry for sex and sex and more sex. The four say you do now let’s clean you up then and start licking cum off her body. As they start licking from her neck and face, her breasts, her stomach, and her legs. They each take turns licking cum from her pussy and ass until they are none left. The chubby girl tells them we are going to have so much fun and by the way my name is Meg.

They each introduce one another and off to Meg’s house they go. Her ass giggles as she walks and her breasts sway as they follow her inside. Meg calls out for Tina and Peggy who appear at the top of the stairs saying what. The four gasping in surprise saying you didn’t tell up you were triplets. Meg says surprise and we each are as horny as the other. Meg says I am going to get a shower and get dressed then we can go Peggy and Tina takes them to the living room and talk as Meg cleans up. The four say you three are just perfect. Tina and Peggy say we love your outfits where can we get one. Zeta says if you like what happens later you can have one, we need one more girl. As Tina and Peggy touch them and say I will want one. The sisters say get Sammy she needs to have some fun. Peggy goes and gets Sammy. As they come into the room Sammy says hi in a shy as Meg comes bouncing down the stairs in a mini skirt and shirt just like her sisters and say ok I am ready. They all go back the fours house and talk all the way giggling. Once inside they say very nice place as they tour the house and go into the back yard where the vine is all over the walls. The sisters say let’s get naked and start to strip as Sammy looks to the ground. Zeta puts her arm around her and says want is wrong. Sammy says I am ugly who will want me. Zeta says we do or you wouldn’t be here as she caresses her arm. Zeta whispers to her trust us and you will have the best time ever I promise you but keep an open mind. As zetas outfit seems to flow into her body, Sammy says wow as zeta leans into her and kisses her gently on the lips. Then again and again each time Sammy lets herself go.

The sisters say what about up as Jill and Becky say come over here as Tina and Peggy run over to them Meg says want about me. Zeta says remember what we said about our outfits then meet the maker of them as the vine wraps around her ankles and start wrapping up her legs. Becky says you have never had pleasure like never before until now. Every experience before will seem like bad foreplay. It wraps up each ass cheek up her body until she falls backwards onto the ground as the vine wraps up each breast squeezing them until her nipples get red. It then spreads her legs wide tighten her ass cheeks. She gasps as the vine slaps her legs with vine like whips getting closer and closer to her wet pussy. The vine knows she likes and wants to rough and is not doing to disappoint her. The vine slaps her pussy each time she gasps and jerks. The vine then slaps each breast paying attention to her nipples getting them super sensitive as her moaning gets louder and her breathing harder wanting more. The vine squirts fluid over her body to slick her up as it attaches the mouth like flowers onto her breasts and sucking then deep into them before attaching the smaller ones to her nipples and sucking hard on them as she screams out with pleasure. Small vines run down her pussy teasing her before showing her a very large cock-like vine that was over two foot long and looked like the thickness of a coke can. Her eyes got wide as she saw it rise up like a snake ready to strike. Just as it squeezed and sucked hard on her breasts it shots hard and fast in to her pussy. Meg screamed as it went in then back out. Shots back in again deeper each time. Bring her to the brink of orgasm, then pulling back not giving her release yet. The others watch this as they see her react to the vine. Meg sees them with a drunken look of pleasure on her face as the vine starts fucking her pussy faster and faster. Then it explodes squirting hard into her pussy causing her to arches her back and screams hard as her body shakes and quivers with her first orgasm. The vine doesn’t stop and keeps going. It adds to her pleasure by adding a smaller vine into her ass but this one looks like it has golf balls in it. One at a time each golf ball like ripple gets swallowed up by her ass until she has about fifteen in her then the vine quickly pulls three out and quickly puts two back in. it even sometimes pulls all the way out and shoots back in, driving her wild as her juices start to flow.

Tina and Peggy gasp as the outfits on Jill and Becky’s outfits melt back in to their bodies as they each pick one and start kissing and caressing the other as they lay in the ground. Tina and Peggy ask when is it our turn. Now if you want us to fuck you or the vine or both. You first then the vine as they spread their legs wide inviting them to dine at the Y. Jill and Becky waste no time and start licking pussy like Tina and Peggy have never been licked before. Tina and Peggy gasp and say you have a long tongue I have never been licked so deeply before. Jill and Becky’s tongue grow to over four inches as they plunge deep into the pusses. They each flicker their tongues fast and suck on their clits and pussy lips their hands fan out Tina and Peggy sides and their fingers turn into flesh colored vines that wrap up their breasts their tongues go deeper into the pusses and push in to their wombs. The girls gasp and shutter as Jill and Becky’s tongue flickers wildly inside as the scream and cum hard into Jill’s and Becky’s mouth. Zeta and Jill release Tina and Becky’s and moves up their bodies to kiss them saying we have another surprise for you as a large cock-like vine pushes put their pusses not seen by them as they shift their bodies to enter the awaiting pusses. Tina and Peggy gasp loudly as they are penetrated with the same size as Meg was. All the way until they are pelvis to pelvis and start grinding into the other, Tina and Peggy reach up and grab their ankles and pull them up under their arms as Jill and Becky seem to go in another two inches. Jill tells Peggy we are going to fuck you both the same way at the same time. They then start grinding into their pussies as Becky’s and Jill’s hands grasp Peggy’s and Tina’s breasts a small vine comes out the palm of their hands and attaches to their nipples as they squeeze them.

Jill and Becky start thrusting into the chubby girls harder and harder until the chubby girls scream harder. They cum hard and shake hard as they get the hunger of wanting more on their faces. They pull off their breasts you can hear then as pull off their nipples. As they sit up and say you want hard and fast we will give you hard and fast.